Mansfield Weekly News - September and October, 1891

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Mansfield Weekly News - September and October, 1891


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Transcribed and submitted by Jean and Faye (9/07)


Mansfield, O., Thursday, September 3, 1891.


SPECIAL NOTICE - All correspondents are requested to send their letters in time for them to reach this office by Tuesday morning, and in no event later than Wednesday morning.  In case of news of extraordinary importance correspondents may telephone the news to this office as late as 8 a. m. Thursday.


G M. Wilkerson and wife, of Mansfield, visited her mother, Mrs. Colman, Sunday. 

Mrs Hinkle, of Cincinnati, is visiting Mrs. Colman, her aunt.

Charles Carey, of Mansfield, was recreating in Lexington Aug. 29-30.

Mrs Charles Dickey and children, of St. Joseph, Mo., visited John B. Williams’ family Friday and Saturday.

Mrs Ella Trimble, of Mt. Vernon, daughter of James Dickey, and Miss Anna Dickey, of Knoxville, Ia., daughter of William Dickey, many years ago a resident of Lexington, were recently the guests of Mr. Williams’ family.

William Woods and wife, of Mansfield, visited relatives here Sunday.

Charles Reed, of Bucyrus, was the guest of M. S. Moore’s family Aug. 28.

Mrs Frank Lantz and children, of Indianapolis, are visiting B. F. Lantz’s family.

Mrs William Jackson, of Colorado Springs, Col., has been in Lexington, her former home, several days.  She has shipped the household goods of Mrs.  Minerva Jackson, her mother-in-law, who will stay permanently in Colorado.

Col R. C. Brown offers his residence on Delaware street for sale.  He will move to Mansfield, Oct. 1, having rented a house on First street.

Bloomer Sowers has rented his warehouse to W. W. Cockley and Barney Beverstock for the storage of the products of their mill.

Miss May Stough, of Bucyrus, who had visited Miss Mamie Moore, her cousin, since Aug 6, returned to her home Saturday.

John Held, a Johnsville merchant, was here Aug. 28.

A very felicitous event was the entertainment given by Mrs. William Wilson, Friday evening, to a large number of her friends, and Mrs. Mansfield’s party was also a noted event in social circles.

Prof D. K. Andrews and wife, of Hayesville, recently visited her parents Thomas Brown and wife.

Mrs Amanda Blair, of Fredericktown, has been the guest of Mrs. C. King since Friday

Miss Davis, of Galion, has visited Miss Mary Walker.

Charles Lantz, of Mansfield, was recreating here Sunday.

Mrs H. S. Moore and Mrs. W. Lindsey visited Mrs. W. R. McKee, Mrs. Moore’s daughter, at Mansfield, Aug. 26. 

There was a public sale Aug. 29 of the goods of S. Fleming, deceased.

There was a large number at the picnic under the auspices of the ladies of the Congregational church at Walker’s lake Aug. 26.

Mrs S. B. Joslin entertained a large number of her friends Aug. 26.

D L. King has been dangerously prostrated for a week with a chronic kidney disease

Harvey Strome has materially improved.

Mrs Bidle, of Stark county, is visiting the family of Vincent Lewis, her son-in-law, of this vicinity.

Alva Delamater, of Westerville, has visited his mother, Mrs. H. Delamater.

William Lantz, of Galion, has recently been the guest of B. F. Lantz and wife, his parents

Mrs William Lanehart and daughter, Cleva, visited relatives in Mansfield Aug. 26.

Mrs Wintrode recently visited Mrs. John H. Leiter, her daughter, in Lucas.

Mrs John H. Hamilton, of Shiloh, has visited J. D. Hamilton’s family.

Cyrus George, of Morrow county, visited William George, Sr., his father, Aug. 27.

John Mills and wife were the guests of William Woods, in Mansfield, Aug. 27.


Mrs Libbie Weagley and family, of Galion, are spending a couple of weeks at her sister’s Miss Nannie Ferguson.

Miss Mary Barry has been dangerously sick with intermittent fever but is a little better now.

Mrs Carey Osbun is visiting friends at Lorain.

Mrs Lou Bayles, nee Buffington, of North Baltimore, spent last week at Wesley Ferees’.

Misses Vancha and Cora McElhenny returned last Friday from a visit at Revenna.

Miss Mame McNeal, from Mansfield, has been a guest of the Misses Robinson.

Walter Hand, of Reedsburg, is visiting his aunt, Mrs. E. Osbun.

Allen Oswalt, of near Epworth, ahs returned from Missouri.

Miss Millie Gunsaullus, of Plymouth, has been the guest of Miss Mary Osbun for awhile

A company of friends from this place and Mansfield met together and enjoyed a picnic at Walker’s lake last Saturday.  Not a man among them plied the oar with more vigor than your townsman, H. R. Smith.  The whole party enjoyed the boating, fishing, etc., very much.

The Richel family gave a concert at the Franklin church last Saturday evening.

Miss Minnie Hale is spending a couple of weeks in Mansfield with friends.

Albert Damback has returned from Bloomville in very poor health.


Miss Sadie Harris, of Mansfield, was the guest of her brother, Will Harris, recently. 

Charlie Wiles attended to H. K .Parry’s store while the latter was at Detroit.

John Rohne is having an addition built to his house and other improvements to his property

John Rider, of Hastings, was here the past week calling on his tenants.

M Mowery, superintendent at the home for children, gave our village a call the past week.

Last Saturday a goodly number of the members of the Lutheran church gathered at the church and put up new hitching rails.  The ladies prepared dinner for the men in the basement of the church and a general good time was had.

On Friday Charley Wiles made a trip overland to Ashland on business.

Jacob Marks is finishing the second story of his shop.

Ed Smart, of Galion, was here visiting his grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bahney.

Mrs. James Ross is not able to go to work yet.

Among those from this place that attended the reunion of Co. B, 120th regiment, at Jacob Goon’s near Lexington, on Saturday were G. H. Wilson and wife, Lewis Hoops, James M. First, C.C. Arehart, Lank Culler and M. L. Mowers and wife

L L. Loomis is sick.

W S. Mecklem is repairing his house.

Mrs Pulver, of Washington, is visiting her son, A. V. Pulver.

Mark Wilson went to Galion on Monday where he has secured a position on the Erie railroad

C Staman moved into the house lately vacated by the widow McCreary. 

C Baer is hauling the new bridge from the station to the place where it is to be put up.

Joe Holmes, of Mansfield, is dressing the walnut logs for shipping.


Some of the farmers have sown their wheat.

W W. Robinson and wife and Sherman Valentine and wife, of Mansfield, were guests at G. W. Robinson’s, Sunday.

Born - Aug. 25, to Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly, a 9-pound boy.

Ralph Leppo, of Bellville, is visiting his aunt, Mrs. M. E. Schlosser.

Joseph McGreggor’s pension has been increased from $8 to $12 per month.

J J. McPhern moved his saw mill to Mifflin township last week.

Quite a number of persons will be taken into the Congregational church next Sunday.

Sickness seems to be a general thing here at present.  Among those last week and this are Mrs. Sarah Hamilton, Josiah Norrick, W. E. Sirpless, G. W. Robinson, William T. Pollock and Warren McPhern.

William Banks will move on Mr. Mowery’s farm in Madison township, this week.

Born, Aug. 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Banks, a daughter.

Miss Edith Pluck, of Mansfield, is visiting at Thomas McPhern’s.

Another wedding occurred here Tuesday evening, Aug. 25.  This time the contracting parties were Elzie Richey and Miss Lizzie E. banks.  We wish them a happy and successful married life.

How about that reunion of the NEWS correspondents?

Charles Barr claims to have the largest yield of potatoes per acre of any one in this vicinity

Quite a number of the country schools in this township will commence earlier than usual this year.

Jackson Township.

The church at Taylortown will hold its annual communion and feet washing next Sunday  The Rev. S. Kline is nearing the close of his year’s pastorate at this place.

Mrs and Miss Gump, of Huron county, near Plymouth, visited Mrs. John Stover last week

Mr and Mrs. Charles Hayes visited fiends in Coldwater, Mich., last week.

Mrs Wallace Moore, of Shelby, was in Jackson on business last Friday.

It is astonishing to see the loads of wheat going to the Shelby market at $1 per bushel

A number of our farmers attended the Presbyterian Sabbath school picnic at the grove near Buck’s school house in Cass township last Wednesday.

Mount Bethel Sabath school picnicked at Walker’s lake last Saturday.

Jerry Sheldon say he had his picture taken in the crowd that picnicked at Walker’s Lake last Saturday.  He says it’s a good one, too.

Harry Rhodes, Sr., and daughter, Mrs. George Arnold, will visit friends in Indiana and Michigan this week and will be absent a few weeks.

R B. Hayes spent Sunday with his parents in Jackson.

George Finicle is preparing to build a house on the 30 accres of land bught of J. F. Roush


We congratulate the Hon. George Hildebrand on his unanimous renomination to the senatorship of this district.  It is a worthy compliment bestowed upon a worthy public servant

The Rev. G. W. Smith, of the Lutheran church, has returned from a four weeks’ vacation.

Prof C. E. Bird and George Grunewald have begun a successful term of select school in this place and at Buckeye hall respectively.

The donation at the U. B. church last Friday was successful in every respect.  The worthy pastor’s granary and larder were amply replenished.

Mrs Sherrick, a pioneer lady of this place, aged 70 years, died last Friday night and was buried at Mt. Zion last Sabbath, the Rev. G. W. Smith officiating at the funeral.

Mifflin township sent a large delegation of earnest Republicans to the county convention at Ashland last Saturday.

The Wilson-Query reunion at Widowsville was attended by a large number of relatives and friends from this place.

Mrs J. K. Myers and family and Mrs. Price, of Galion, visited at M. E. Myers’ of this place last Sabbath.

Mr and Mrs. Wilbur Johnson, of Ashland, were here last Sabbath calling on the brother of the latter, Dr. C. E. Loucks.

Bloominggrove - Morrow County.

Bloominggrove has three empty houses.  We would call the attention of those persons who have children to educate to this fact, as the fathers of education have decided that school shall not being until Nov. 9, and the children can have ample street advantages while most village children are confined in a school.

Mrs Belle Baughman and family moved to Iberia Wednesday, where she will teach the primary school for nine months.

Dennis Chambers and Ethel Crispin started to the new school at Iberia Monday.

Mrs J. Lootcher, Keokuk, Ia., is visiting Bloominggrove friends.

John Stone and wife and daughter, Ozella, Mansfield, and Charley Stone and wife and child, Barnes, visited relatives in Bloominggrove Thursday and Friday.

Mrs F. E. Dille and children, Mansfield, visited at her parents, Dr. McFarland’s last week.

Miss Maud Wyant, Galion, is visting Bloominggrove friends this week.


Mansfield, O., Thursday, September 10, 1891.


SPECIAL NOTICE - All correspondents are requested to send their letters in time for them to reach this office by Tuesday morning, and in no event later than Wednesday morning.  In case of news of extraordinary importance correspondents may telephone the news to this office as late as 8 a. m. Thursday.


Enoch France and wife, of Bloomville, visited with James Ross over Sunday.

Samuel Dent, of Loudonville, spent a few days the past week with acquaintances here.

L L. Loomis is able to be about again to attend to business.

Ex-Auditor Moreland, of Holmes county, paid our town a visit on Saturday.

Sheriff Tressel was here on Saturday night serving the papers on those persons that were wanted as witnesses in the David Balliett case.

Mrs O. E. Swigart, of Toledo, is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Silas Rummel

Mrs Harry Lorow was called to Mansfiled last Tuesday on account of the serious illness of her sister, Miss Gaul.

Born, Sept. 5, to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Parry, a daughter.

Robert Gallagher and family have moved to Galion.

Joseph Hanna says that he as applied for divorce.

Jacob Marks had his foot hurt which causes him much inconvenience.

Lucas gossip could not complain of the past week being a dull one for the arrest of David Balliett and the return of Dr. Boles’ wife, has kept all busy bodies occupied discussing things pro and con.

Mrs George Swann wen to Ada to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. David Henry.

R S. Runyan, of Chicago Junction, a former merchant of our town, was here.

Mrs Nettie Smart, of Galion, was here attending the funeral of her father-in-law, Perry Smart.

The boys say that E. E. Cunning went to the picnic at Samuel Wilson’s grove on last Satruday by the way of William Peterson’s.

Mrs Annie Banks, of Washington, is visiting here this week.

The Rev. John Richardson, of Bellville, was here on Monday calling on his Universalist friends.

Miss Eliza Riblett, of Poverty Barrens, was the guest of Elmer Cunning on last Sunday

Ed Zingling, of Mansfield, was here on Monday.

Our public schools begin next Monday.

The Baker Stone Company has had a car on the side track here for about two weeks that is loaded with powder and dynamite and having had the experience with such material as we have had in the past two years we would like to know what our officials are about that they will allow it to remain where it is, endangering the lives of our citizens and their property.


John Conrad died Sunday at his home, two miles east of Lexington.  The deceased was aged 84 years and had lived in this vicinity more than 40 years.

Mrs Butterfield died Aug. 31 of consumption at the home of James Ferguson, her father

Miss Carrie Dickey and Miss Mamie Crawford, of Mansfield, visited Miss Mary Beverstock from Tuesday till Sunday.

Miss Ethel Moore, of Sandusky, is visiting Mrs. H. S. Moore, her grandmother.

John G. Walker and wife went to Lima Saturday to visit the family of Rollin Boon, their son-in-law, who moved there from Mansfield recently.

Mrs William Bonham and Mrs. M. S. Moore visited in Crestline from Wednesday till Friday

Miss Grace Street, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Street and wife, departed Thursday for Milwaukee where she will attend school several months.

The two Misses Sheffler, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Henry Sheffler, of New York city, who had visited Mrs. Dise several weeks, returned to their homes recently.

The Rev. Mr. Davies visited in Fredericksburg, Wayne county, several days last week

Work is progressing on the third story of the Odd Fellows building.

The guests who were present at Miss Mary Walker’s party Sept. 3, are much eleated over the courtesy of the hostess and rich profusion of viands dispensed.  Those present from abroad were Miss Madden, of Columbus, and Miss Moore, of Sandusky

Mrs Samuel Mitchell was called to Mansfield recently by the serious illness of her sister, Mrs. Appleman.

Peter Homerick is in Garrett, Ind.

J G. D. Tucker has returned from Oberlin, where he pursued a course of special studies two months.

Mrs Smith, of Delaware, and Mr. Covert and wife, of Loudonville, visited Dr. H. H. Smith’s family last week.

Dr Dennis, of Indiana, has visited Charles Dennis, his brother.

Harvey Strome is able to be out again.

Davidson L. King has materially improved recently.

Thomas Miller is recovering from a severe attack of rheumatism.

Jackson Township.

Mr and Mrs. John Wallace, of Morrison, Ill., are here visiting their mother.

The Lutheran churches of Jackson and Franklin have nearly completed arrangements for a new pastor, the Rev. John Lee, who comes from Montpelier, Williams county to this place.

Wheat sowing will commence this week.  A large amount of phosphate will be used this year.

Miss Clara Pifer has returned from a visit to Columbus.

Miss Clara LeMars, of Iowa, is visiting with Mrs. Isaac Bricker and family.

Two of the young bloods of Taylortown have left for parts unknown.

Homer Laser, Esq., of California, is visiting his brother and friends here.

A little child of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Baker, about a year old, was buried last Wednesday  The grief-stricken parents have the sympathy of their neighbors and friends in this sad hour.

Lewis Lauer, blacksmith at Spring Mills, has sold out to William Iler.

Mrs L. C. Hayes went to Cleveland last Monday to visit her daughter, Mrs. John R. Brooks, who is sick.  Her sister, Mrs. Mary J. Roberts, went with her.

David Drake, of Mansfield, was the guest of his mother, Mrs. John Drake, last week.


Miss Minta A. Carroll, daughter of D. E. and Mary A. Carroll, died last Saturday, aged 16 years.  Funeral service last Monday.  The Rev. W. G. Smith officiated at the funeral.  Six young lady friends of the deceased acted as pall bearers.  The coffin wa covered with a number of beautiful floral pieces.

Mrs J. Mowry, an aged pioneer lady of this township, died last Saturday and was buried at Mt. Zion the following Monday, the Rev. W. G. Smith officiating at the funeral

C .C. Mowry is seriously ill with typho-malarial fever.

Miss Minta Miller is sick with the same disease.

Mrs C. V. Landis is also very sick, although at this writing some better.

The rest of the sick in this vicinity are slowly recovering.

“Aunt Polly” Plum sustained a severe sprain of her ankle in falling on a street crossing.  She is confined to her room.

Mifflin was well represented at the Ashland fair.  S. M .Coe carried away several premiums on horses.

Mrs H. N. Staman and daughter, Mrs. J. W. Buchanan, of Smithville, and Dr. J. F. Grabill, of East Townshend, visited at J. K. Staman’s last week.

Miss Nettie Swan, of Upper Sandusky, called upon her friends, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Robinson last Sunday.

A number of Mansfield people attended the funeral of Miss Minta Carroll last Monday

Miss Bertha Roland and Miss Rosa Carroll, of Buffalo, Ind., arrived here just in time to see their sister buried.

The children and friends of John Baker, our village balcksmith, gave that gentleman a very pleasant birthday party.

The union Sabbath school picnic at Mount Zion was not so well attended from this place as it would have been had the weather been more propitious.

Marion Bittinger was thrown from his cart recently and fractured two of his ribs.

A collision took place on our streets last Sunday night by two buggies, doing considerable damage to one of them.  The occupants escaped injury.


Ed Crabbs and sister, of Wooster, who were visting old friends and neighbors for over a week, returned home last week.

Next Sunday will be the Rev. J. H. Barron’s last Sunday in this conference year for this place.  We would like to have him back again for another year.

Cyrus Fike came out with a great big smile on his face last Thursday.  He says a new son came to his house.

Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rylan, a daughter.

Last Friday as the 12-year-old- son of Frank Vantilburg was harrowing, he drove through and under a tree and a big blacksnake 4 feet 10 inches long, jumped on him and threw him off the horse.  In scuffling around the boy got in front of the horse and the horse grabbed the snake and pulled it off, after it had coiled three times around his neck.  The boy killed the snake.  Its mate was not far away, but it concealed itself before they could get it.  [This is quite a snake story for so late in the season. -Ed.]

Henry Zehner, who lived 11/2 miles east of here, died last Sudnay and was bruied Tuesday.  He was a pioneer, having lived for 60 years on the farm where he died.


W E. Sirpless has been quite sick with diptheria, but is some better.  Dr. J. H. Craig is attending him.

The school house will be finished with a new black-board and stove this fall.

Seventeen persons united with the Congregational church last Sunday.

The bulk of the wheat will be sown this week.

Elzie Richey and wife will occupy the house, vacated by William Banks, until spring.

Grandmother Hamilton is able to be around again.

J B. Leppo and wife, and daughter, Edith, of Bellville, were in this vicinity last Monday.

Walter McPhern is working for his grandfather in Mansfield.

David Hamilton will return to his home in Van Wert in a couple of weeks.

Every Sunday a gang from Mansfield may be seen in this vicinity trespassing on people’s farms, taking elderberries, fruit or mot anything else.  This should be stopped.

Bloominggrove - Morrow County.

Frank Rhinehart and wife attended the soldiers’ reunion at Kenton last week.

E M. Cantwell has gone to Columbus to spend the winter.

George Day, who has been attending school at Ada, came home sick last week.

Miss Zella Stone, who has been visiting relatives at this place, returned to her home at Mansfield the forepart of the week.

Miss Myrtle Evans spent last week with relatives in Iberia.

Mrs Ed Cook and children visited her parents in Galion last week.

Miss Rosa and Verda Paste and Miss Nellie Stevens visited M. L. Morton’s family at Crestline, Sunday.

Simon Badgley and family attended the wedding of Mrs. B.’s niece, Miss Kittie McManns, of Galion, Tuesday morning.

Mrs Crouse and daughter, Glenn, of Marion, visited at George Kirkpatrick’s last week.

Miss Gertrude Kirkpatrick went to Marion last Friday where she will teach school the coming year.

Mrs Kate Bachman and children, Lexington, visited her sister-in-law, Mrs. Christy Williams, last week.


A concert in German and English, and an elocutionary entertainment will be given in the M. E. church Tuesday evening, Sept. 15.  Grandmother Leiter will also give some choice selections on the organ with vocal accompaniments.  A small admission fee will be charged.

It is said one of our Democrats talks People’s party to every Republican he meets who will take the time to listen.  It is wagered that he could not be induced to vote the People’s ticket for the best calf in the township.

A band wagon load from Galion made their annual visit to our home last Tuesday.  As they always bring with them lots of good things to eat, we look for their coming with glad expectations.

Findlay Walker says his chip hat has gone to seed and the two upper stories have dropped off.  He hopes the hat will now have a rest.

Mrs J. H. Munnel surprised her husband a few evenings since by inviting a number of their neighbors to help him celebrate his 52d birthday.

Franklin Township.

Miss Mattie Ferree returned from Fostoria last Saturday where she was visiting friends

Mrs Frank Ward, of Kenton, is visiting friends in Franklin township.

Yes, Brother Jackson Scribe, we are in earnest, but the trouble is we have locked the stable after the horse has been stolen.

This is fair week at Mansfield and Franklin township will be well represented with short-horn cattle from James McMeekin’s Beaver Dam herd.

Champion Hill school under the government of Miss Mary Chew, of Rives, is just passing through one of the most successful terms it has ever had.

Well, well, just listen to what they are going to do with the NEWS reporter from Franklin for denouncing lawlessness.  We expected some person would squeak.  Now if you guess the right person you need not fear to tackle him.  He won’t deny it.


Mrs Francis Ward, of Kenton, has come to pay a visit of several weeks with friends here.

Messrs Elliott and Stitts, of Ontario, with their wives, drove over and spent the Sabbath with the Rev. J. H. Barron and wife.

Ward Smith, wife and daughter, from the city, were guests at C. W. Palmer’s on Sabbath.

Mrs Ellen Hughes, of Windsor, has sold her farm to William McCormick.  She has not decided on her future course as yet.

George Hout and wife, of Mansfield, are spending some time at William Wells’.

Miss Tressa Hale has returned to her school at Crestline.


Died, Sept. 3, youngest child of George and Amanda Smith.

C Reinhart and family, of this place, moved to their farm of 80 acres north of Mansfield, Sept. 12.

The protracted meeting at the m. E. church, which commenced Aug. 21, still continues  Fifteen conversions have already resulted under the ministry of the Rev. John West.

Urias Willis, of Mansfield, was immersed by the Rev. John Bonebreak of the Worthington chapel United Brethren last Sunday.

Alonz Gleason is very poorly at present.


Mansfield, O., Thursday, September 17, 1891.


SPECIAL NOTICE - All correspondents are requested to send their letters in time for them to reach this office by Tuesday morning, and in no event later than Wednesday morning.  In case of news of extraordinary importance correspondents may telephone the news to this office as late as 8 a. m. Thursday.


Miss Watts, of Akron, and Miss Bertha Grabill, of Mansfield, were Sunday and Monday the guests of Mrs. W. Lanehart.

’Squire John Ward, of near Pavonia, was the guest Sunday of George Miller, a friend of his youthful days.

Miss Lilly Leiter, of Lucas, visited Mrs. Wintrode, her grandmother, Friday.

Charlie Brown went to Mansfield, Sept. 14, to being studies at the public schools.

Isaiah Hammel, more than 40 years ago a well known resident of Mansfield, visited H. S Moore’s family Sept. 9 and 10.

James D. Colwell, of Mansfield, was recreating in Lexington, his former home, Sept. 10

Mrs William Bonham and Mrs. M. S. Moore visited Mrs. Bonham’s sister in Mansfield from Wednesday till Friday.

Willard Bachelder, manager of a telegraph office at Logansport, Ind., has visited B. Bachelder and wife, his parents, two weeks.

Prof Tucker, is principal of the schools, which began Sept. 14, and Miss Belle Doty and Miss Jane Shallabarger have been employed again in their respective departments

Miss Ada Ford, of Mansfield, visited Miss Mary Beverstock a few days last week.

Seymour Lindsey is exuberant over the advent of a bouncing boy at his home.

Preston Conrad, of Anderson, Ind., has been at his former home near Lexington several days  He came to attend the obsequies of his father whose remains were taken to Mansfield for interment.

Albert C. Stewart, administrator of the estate of Jane Cracraft, will sell the residence on Delaware street belonging to the decedent.

R D. Dickson, a colored man of Kentucky, lectured here Thrusday night on his experience as a slave.  Mr. Dickson, who was a chattel of Jeff Davis, also sang inspiring plantation songs.

Robert Richey, of this vicinity, was dangerously prostrated with paralysis while at work in the field Sept. 8.  His condition is improved.

Allen W. Horn, cashier of an express company at Kansas City, Mo., came Saturday and is the guest of his mother.

Mrs H. Abernethy, of Newark, has been the guest of Mrs. William Stough, her aunt.

The Rev. D. B. Turney, a former pastor of the M. P. church near Lexington, has been nominated for supreme judge by the Prohibition party of Iowa.

Joseph Doty and H. Post are delegates to the Bourbon senatorial convention at Ashland.

Miss Galbraith, of Pennsylvania, visited Robert Galbraith, her uncle, recently.

Mrs G. M. Sowers has visited Mrs. William Lockhart, her daughter, in Bellville.

James Hiskey has gone to Mansfield to work at the cooper trade.

Mrs James M. Bair has returned to her home in Fredericktown after two weeks’ visit with Mrs. C. King.

D L. King has had a relapse.


The first annual reunion of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Association of Ashland county was a grand success.  About 300 veterans of the late war were present representing over 60 organizations.  The forenoon was spent in social intercourse, renewing of old acquaintances, perfecting the organization and electing officers for the coming year.  The following officers were elected:  President, Dr. Benjamin Myers, of Ashland; vice president, Capt. H. H. Eberhart, of Perry township; secretary, C. F. Engle, of Mifflin; treasurer, G. B. Masters, of Savannah; marshal, Capt. Ezekiel Moores, of McZena.  Dinner was in the shape of a basket picnic, supplemented with hot coffee by the executive committee.  Afternoon exercises were opened with prayer by the Rev. George Mather, of the M. E. church, of Ashland, followed by music by the Ashland quartet.  Owing to the sickness of Mayor Sampsel and the unavoidable absence of R. M. Campbell the addresses of welcome and response had to be omitted  A good programme consisting of ten minute speeches, songs and music had been prepared and was successfully rendered.  The Ashland cornet band and drum corps furnished the music for the occasion while the Ashland gun squad added relish to the occasion by the thunder of its artillery.  The weather could not have been finer and everybody was happy.  The next annual reunion will be held one year hence at the college campus at Hayesville. 

The Rev. D. F. Reynolds nad wife, of Winfield, are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Murray Myers, of this place.

The Rev. J. Krebs, of  Mansfield, made us a very pleasant call last week.

During the high gale of wind that prevailed all day Tuesday several pages of the very excellent correspondence from out Mifflin correspondent went sailing out of the window from the editor’s desk - never to return.  This in explanation and apology to correspondent and Mifflin patrons. -ED.]


Our public schools opened Monday with Ed Williams as principal and Charles Wiles and Miss Olive Swigart as assistants.  Two members of the school board and a few of the house holders were present.  Short and appropriate addresses were given by Ed Williams, W. S. Mecklem, John Gallagher and E. Pitts.

 John Applegate and wife were at John McFarland’s Monday and when Mrs. Applegate got into the buggy to go home, the horse became unmanageable, slightly hurting Applegate and breaking the buggy so badly that he had to get another one to get home in.

[Our Lucas correspondent’s manuscript, barring one sheet, went flying with the Mifflin letter. - ED.]


The Sunday school of the Congregation church will hold a picnic next Saturday.

Henry Geddess, of Knox county, visited at Josiah Norrick’s last Sunday.

W E. Sirpliss is able to be about again.

Ollie Norrick spent last week with her grandmother in Mansfield.

David Banks has the cellar wall for a new house almost completed.

Mrs R. A. Charles will move on her farm south of the village, soon.

Charles Crumb, of Van Wert, spent a few days in the village recently.

Wallace Schlosser and John Brandt are attending the state fair at Columbus this week.

The school board took no action in regard to the school book law recently enacted.

The Leppo farm has been appraised at $60 per acre.  It consists of 120 acres.

A G. McGregor called on his parents last Sunday.  He is working with a traveling bridge gang on the N. Y. P. & O.

Senator Kerr and wife were in the village Sept. 14.


About noon Wednesday and during a very high wind, while the threshers were at work at the residence of J. W. Lewis, a spark from the engine set fire to the barn and burned the barn, house and several out buildings with all their contents besides 600 bushels of wheat, hay and other grain.  The fire burned very rapidly and some of the men barely escaped with their lives, not having time to get their coats out, which were burned in the fire.  The thresher and two head of horses belonging to Charles and Elsie Smith were also burned in the fire.  The total loss will reach about $3,000, the only insurance carried being $600 by Mr. Lewis on his house.


William Harter and wife, of Wood county, are visting friends and relatives in this neighborhood

Will Smith, who moved to Indiana last spring brought his family back last week, and is living in the house with his brother-in-law, Albert Etz.

Barley Fulton was at home from Crawford county one night last week.

Charley Secrist, who has been working in Seneca county this summer, has been visiting at home the past few days.

Communion services at the Mt. Olive church last Sunday.

C H. Miller and wife visited friends in Bellville last Sunday.

Mrs George Bierly has been quite sick the past few days.

O M. McCready bought himself a fine gold watch last week.

Jackson Township.

Coming from the fair last Thursday, one of James Picking’s horses made a misstep and broke its leg.  A Shelby veterinary is trying to set the bone.

G A. Kuhn, our central committeeman, was in Mansfield, Saturday.  He is one of our best Republican workers. 

D Clark has put up a new wind mill. 


Mansfield, O., Thursday, September 17, 1891.


SPECIAL NOTICE - All correspondents are requested to send their letters in time for them to reach this office by Tuesday morning, and in no event later than Wednesday morning.  In case of news of extraordinary importance correspondents may telephone the news to this office as late as 8 a. m. Thursday.


Smith McCune has received intelligence of the death of John McCune, his brother, at Denver, Col.  The deceased was aged 69 years and was formerly a prominent citizen of Lexington

Dr Thomas Sager arrived from Mansfield Sept. 21.  He will take charge of the practice of Dr. C. Sager, who will, about Wednesday, depart on a trip of business and pleasure to Baltimore and Washington. 

Ralph Andrews is in Cleveland.

D W. Wilson, of Bellville, was the guest of B. Sowers Saturday.

Mr Brooks, of Missouri, has returned after an absence of 26 years and is the guest of Frank Brooks, his brother.

Miss Mamie Moore and Miss Ethel Moore visited Mrs. W. R. McKee, their aunt, in Mansfield, from Friday till Sunday.

The directors of the Lexington Live Stock company met Friday and elected Jerry Needham president, to succeed W. W. Cockley, who resigned.  William R. McKee, of Mansfield, who was here, is vice-president, and Barney Beverstock is secretary and treasurer of the company.  

Frank Herring and Charlie Martin, of Mansfield, visited M. S. Moore’s family Sunday.

A child of Mr. McIntire, who lives a few miles east of Lexington, was buried here Sunday.

The Rev. J. P. Davies, pastor of the Congregational church, exchanged pulpits with the Rev. R. H. Edmonds, of Mansfield, Sunday.

Ed M. Garrett is the administrator of the estate of Jane Garrett, his aunt.

Miss Jessie Smurr was elected assistant teacher of the schools.

M S. Moore is here superintending the tin and galvanized iron work of the Odd Fellows’ building for Martin & Herring.

Fred Beverstock, Jr., has gone to Kansas to visit two weeks.

Mrs D. K. Andrews, of Hayesville, is visiting Thomas Brown and wife, her parents.

Mrs Wolford, of Berea, came recently and will visit in Lexington, her former home, and Perry township two or three weeks.

Arthur Lindsey, of Mansfield, was here Wednesday and Thursday.

Mrs Harry McClurg went to Monroe township Sept. 17 to visit friends.

The festival in the Park Saturday evening under the auspices of the G. A. R. was a very felicitous event.

W R. McKee, of Mansfield, as the guest of M. S. Moore Sunday.

B Bachelder was in Toledo last week.

A Willison, of near Galion, last week, moved on to the Strasbaugh mill farm that he bought of William and Phil Kyner.

Mrs Kate Davis, of Ashland county, has visited William George, Sr., her father.

Mrs Lu Taylor and daughter, of Allegheny, N. Y., who visited George Miller and wife, her parents, recently, are now with Mr. Taylor recreating in Toronto, Can.

There were many present at the sociable of the Congregational church at the home of Carter L. Cook, near Lexington, Wednesday night.

Miss Alma Spalding, of Mansfield, visited in Lexington, her former home, recently.

Henry Spohn, the released freight train robber, was in Lexington Sept. 16.

Mrs Frank Rhodes, of Mansfield, visited Levi Rhodes’ family last week.

Thomas Miller has recovered and resumed work in Mansfield.

Robert Richey is recovering from an attack of paralysis.

The Hon. Robert Barnett is quite feeble from an attack of paralysis and infirmities, incident to his age, 79 years. 


Among the notable events which have transpired upon the historical “Big Hill” long to be remembered was the gathering together, on the 19th inst., of friends and relatives, from the laughing grandchild of a few months to the old time friends of more than three score years and ten, to celebrate with Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson their 34th wedding anniversary.  Nearly 100 guests, from a radius of ten miles, partook of the good cheer and exchanged cordial greetings with them.  The children presented their parents with a beautiful oak bible stand, others with two handsome chairs, a lovely brass lamp, silver spoons and many other nice and useful testimonials of regard were placed upon the table.  After a bounteous and palatable dinner was partaken of the Rev. J. H. Barron, H. E. Smith, John Ward, Ezra Osbun and F. R. Palmer, all entertained the guests with a talk, each one relating some pithy incident in the life of the host, he having been born 64 years ago upon nearly the same sot where the speakers stood.  Mr. and Mrs. Robinson both arose and responded to the remarks in a feeling manner.  As the friends wended their homeward way along the leafy winding roads each one left a heartfelt wish for the future prosperity of the worthy couple and family.

The guests attending the above entertainment from the city were Ira Haverfield and wife, Eckels McCoy and wife, H. R. Smith and wife, Joseph Holmes and wife, James Hughes and wife, E. Bitner and wife and John Ward; also W. Palmer and wife from near Lexington.

Miss Clara Charles is in Wooster attending school, expecting to be gone the school year

Dank Hainly and wife, of Maumee, are spending a while with Mrs. Louisa Hughes.  Hainly has resigned his position at Maumee, and has not decided upon his future course

Mr Haskett, of Rome, has been the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Will Burns, recently

Miss Minnie Rhodes has returned to school ast Mansfield, accompanied by Miss Florence Cotter, who will engage in dressmaking.

The Rev. J. H. Barron preached his last sermon before conference, at Milton, last Sabbath  He has been in this charge for three years, but many of his parishioners express a desire for his return.

Messrs Stamen and wives, from Mifflin, spent last Sabbath with Samuel Shively and family

Miss Maude Palmer has commenced a nine months’ term of school at Olivesburg

The Rev. J. H. Barron married at his home last Wednesday evening Miss Dell Kohler and Martin Landis.

One of Windsor’s most estimable young ladies, Miss Altha Cotter, was married last Thurday to Daniel Burus.  They took a short wedding trip to Bucyrus to visit friends. 

E T. Osbun expects to move soon with his family to Round Oak, Ga.  Mr. Osbun will pursue his business there.

Joseph Ward, of Clintonward, S. C., sent by express to Miss Luella Palmer a box of scuppernong grapes, as an experiment as to their shipping qualities.  They arrived in excellent condition.


The windows of the NEWS building should be looked after immediately, as we don’t want any more accidents.  First Ed Netscher took an aerial flight out of one of them; next the Mifflin and Lucas correspondence.  Next we shall probably hear that Editor Cappeller, himself, shall take his exit by way of a hurricane route through an open window; by the way, wouldn’t that tickle the ‘ficial organ?

D E. Carroll, his son Charles, and his stepdaughter, Miss Bertha Roland, have gone to White county, Ind., with a view of locating there in the near future.

Cyrus Hout feels proud of three premiums received on his mare and colt at the Mansfield fair; the same may be said of S. M. Coe, who received a like number of premiums at the Ashland fair on a mare and two colts.  Mifflin takes the cookie.

E L. Davis, of this place, received the sad intelligence of the death of his father at Craig, Mo.  He was for many years a prominent citizen of this place.

Those whom we reported sick in former letters have recovered except Olin Starrrett, who is convalescent.

The judges and clerks of election appointed under the new ballot law for Mifflin precinct have qualified by taking the prescribed oath of office.

Our druggist, J. C. Robinson, and his family attended the Robinson family reunion east of Lucas on last Saturday. 

The sick reported last week are improving except Olin Starrett, whose disease has developed into a regular case of typhoid fever.

Leonard Eighinger and Arthur E. Engle are additional to last week’s sick list, the former with congestive chills, the latter malarial fever.

Items escaped through the editorial window last week and recovered at Mifflin; strong breeze, wasn’t it?

Miss Russell, of Paulding, O., visited friends in the southern part of the township.

The Rev. David Kosht ahs been returned to this circuit by the U. B. conference at Beach City, O.

George Eighinger is canvassing this place in the interest of E. J. Potter for pictures of the new churches in this place.

Postmaster Deshong, of Ashland, visited this place recently in the interest of the post-office department;  he found everything O. K. at the Mifflin post-office.  We knew he would.

The Mansfield fair was largely attended from this place.

Slight frosts recently were followed by a new edition of midsummer.

Marion Bittinger fell from his cart recently and fractured two of his ribs.

Olin Starrett, Ed and Harry Black and Herman Query were down with malarial fever.

The Rev. Mr. Conklin, of Cleveland, and the Rev. D. F. Reynolds, of Winfield, occupied the pulpit of the U. B. church Sabbath afternoon and evening respectively.

Messrs Samuel and Abraham Lantz, of Lexington, Miss Helen Shivley and Mrs. Ora Hale, of Pavonia, visited at J. K. Staman’s recently.

Len Ridgely and family, of Ashland, visited at J. S. Selby’s last week.

Now close the window, as this is in the region of the equinoctial storm.

Jackson Township.

The youngest and only daughter, at home, of Mr. and Mrs. James Hoffman was married last Thursday night and one of the many presents was the old fashioned belling at night. 

Daniel Cooper, Jr, was awarded the contract of filling up the abutments of the county bridge in No. 3 for $32.99.

The heirs of R. P. Foster estate had public sale last Wednesday and the property sold at a bargain.

B Picking’s horse that broke his leg coming from the fair at Mansfield, last week, died Saturday night.

George B. Smith and his brother were called to Wood county to see their sick mother last week, who is said to be quite ill.

Mr Wallace, who has been visiting his mother-in-law, has returned to Illinois.

The B. & O. railroad has laid the side track to the bicycle grounds at Shelby, and the building will soon go up.

The Rev. G. A. Reeder, Jr., will close his five years labor at the Shelby M. E. church next Sunday.  The Rev. S. Kline preached his farewell sermon at the church at Taylortown last Sunday night.

Mr and Mrs. Frank Hill, of Van Wert county, are visiting their many friends here.  Mr. Hill is one of our old apprentice boys an is one of those jovial hearted young men whom we are glad to meet.

W A. Shaw is making some needed improvements at his barn in the way of grading the ground at the road.

Bloominggrove - Morrow County.

Locke Ericson and wife rejoice in the possession of a new 12-pound boy.

Mrs V. B. Stevens and Mrs. May Stevens Ingalls and son, left this neighborhood last week to return to their home in California.  Bert Stevens, of this place, goes with them to spend the winter.

Willard Flint and family, of Kenton, were called here the latter part of last week by the death of Mr. Flint’s father.

Miss Lou Dickerson is visting friends in Crestline.

Mrs William S. Paul and granddaughter, Ollie Knnard, of Forest, were visting her sister, Mrs. D. McFarland from Friday until Monday.

Miss Annie Stevens went to Columbus last week to spend the winter.  She is engaged in missionary work for the Seventh Day Adventists.

Will Evans and family, of Iberia, spent Sunday at this place the guests of Abram Evans

John Baker is improving the looks of his house on South street as it is now a two-story house in place of a story-and-a-half, and has a slate roof and large double windows

Miss Emma Mitchell, of Falion, was the guest of Miss Ada Dickerson, Sunday.

Mrs Snell, Iberia, visited her sister, Mrs. David Snyder, the fore part of this week

Mrs Martha Baker Caskey, of Crestline, was visting her parents at this place last week.

Mrs Mary Ann Harding will move this week into the house vacated by Mrs. Belle Bachman

Mr Morrison, wife and child, of North Robison, visited Mrs. M.’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warner, on Monday.

E M. Flint died at the home of his daughter Saturday morning, Sept. 19, 1891.  Mr Flint was born in Wayne county, Pa., Nov. 4, 1809; moved to Mansfield in 1818; some years after settled on a farm in the north part of Springfield township, where he resided for a number of years, when he sold his farm and removed to Kenton where he engaged in the hardware business for a few years.  For the last 12 or more years he has been living near Bloominggrove with his son-in-law, L. D. Harding, of Corsica, and Willard Flint, of Kenton.  He was a consistent christian and an exemplary member of the Baptist church.  His funeral occurred Sunday, Sept. 20, at the Baptist church.  Services were conducted by the Rev. Dr. McFarland.

There will be a concert at the M. E. church next Sunday evening, Sept. 27.


I Shafer’s baby is quite sick.

Mrs Isaac Hess is confined to her bed with stomach trouble.

J B. Pearce is able to be on the streets again after a severe sickness.

Rev Stull goes to Napoleon and Rev. Bane comes here for the Evangelical association

J L. Barr is shipping potatoes in car lots.

Truman Davidson and wife, of Mt. Vernon, visited friends in town Monday.

C W. Etz, of Mansfield, was in town Tuesday.

George Clapper and wife, were the guests of Mrs. Clapper’s parents over Sunday

John D. Snyder has moved back from Crestline onto his farm.

John Staley, of Pittsburg, has been visiting friends here for a week or so.

Hundereds of bushels of peaches have been taken from this point during the last two weeks

Quite a number from this place attended the Knights of the Golden Eagle reunion Tuesday night at Lucas.

Mrs .A. C. Kile left for her home in Vandalia, Ill., after quite a prolonged visit with friends here, last Monday morning.

H B. McClellan has sold his restaurant to Saul Stewart.

Rev Chalfant will be returned here by the M. P. conference and will fill the pulpit next Sunday morning and evening.

Last Saturday about 150 friends and relatives gathered at the home of William Norris to celebrate his 75th brithday.  Quite a number from town, including the Independence brass band, were present.  W. E. Jacobs, photographer of Mansfield, was present and took some views.  Quite a number of relatives were presetn from a distance.  At noon a bounteous dinner was partaken of furnished by the friends and hostess.  A number of presents were given.  The presentation speech was made by the Rev. Daniel Banebrake and responded to by Mr. Norris.  The young folks stayed and enjoyed a pleasant party in the evening.  Everyone went home feeling it had been good to be there and wishing Mr. Norris many more such happy birthdays.


A B. Sirpless, of Lawrence, Kan., is visiting relatives and friends here.  Mr. Sirpless is sationary engineer and is working for a lubmer and furnishing company.  He reports good crops and fair prices in the “grasshopper” state, and that the Farmers’ Alliance is rapidly losing ground.

On the evening of Sept. 15, Miss Alice Pollock was going from G. W. Robinson’s to her home in Mansfield, the harness broke and the horse she was driving became unmanageable and ran away, smashing the buggy to pieces.  Miss Pollock jumped from the buggy and escaped injury.

W E. Sirpless and wife visited at Mrs. Sirpless’ father at Lexington the evening of the 15th.

Everybody agrees that we need rain.

Thomas McPhern returned home from Illinois last Friday.  He has been following threshing during his stay there and says the crops are excellent and that the machine he was with threshed 1,600 bushels of oats in one half day, and more than 1,000 bushels of wheat in one day.

Cel Taylor and his sister, Ida, of Spring Mills, spent Saturday and Sunday in this vicinity.

Quite a number of Republicans heard R. Q. Mills at Mansfield last Saturday but we know of no converts that he made.  And they all think he was mistaken when he said “that the Democrats were always right and the Republicans were always wrong.”  Let us all stop and think about that statement.

John M. Swigart will start for California next week to be gone 30 days.

Thomas Banks is having his house painted inside this week.

We are under obligations to Secretary of State Ryan for a copy of the late ballot law.

Mrs J. W. Taylor and daughter, Bertha, is spending a few days at Frank Sanner’s, near Bellville.

The picnic held last Saturday was not very well attended.  There was no music or speaking on the grounds.

John H. Hoss and his mother, of Bellville, were in the neighborhood Saturday and Sunday


Miss Annie Lohr has returned from Danville, Ill., where she had been with her grandmother for the last two years.

The poverty social at Charlie Nazor’s Tuesday evening was a unique affair.  An old time supper was served at a poor man’s price.

Mrs B. Lohr and her mother, Mrs. Fate, are visiting friends in Wyandotte county.

Wonder what is the matter with some Democratic friends who were at Mansfield last Saturday?  They seem to be “kinder down hearted like.

Considerable dissatisfaction exists at the way prizes were awarded at the Galion fair last Friday, it is said J. T. Crabbs, of Mansfield, one of the judges on horses, withdrew and left the ring in which the horses were exhibited with some complimentary (?) remarks

The railroad company’s new depot is nearly completed.  Two lap switches will be placed to be operated by the agent.  The new depot is built about an eighth of a mile west of where the old one stood, which will necessitate driving along the track that distance, unless a new street is opened, which is talked if the land can be bought on the east line off the Taylor estate.


Henry Stevens and wife are visiting relatives at Widowsville.

Mrs Painter was here recently, the guest of T. J. Vermillion.

The Rev. John Richardson, of Bellville, peached Wednesday eveing, Sept. 23, at the Congregational church.  Subject, “Universalist Idea of the Atonement.”

Our band boys had a large crowd at their festival Saturday night.

R S. Boles has put up a new flag staff which will be of little use to him after McKinley is elected, unless he changes his political views.

Mrs R. H. Myers was at Toledo last week visting friends.

George Stevens and wife, of Mansfield, visited Mrs. Stevens’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Vermillion.

L L. Loomis is sick again.

Harvey Wallace shipped two cats to Rome, Ga., last week.

Born Sept. 20, to Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stotts, a daughter.  This makes just an even dozen of children for them - six girls and six boys all alive and well and Charlie is not content, he says, until it is a baker’s dozen, which is 13.

Three children of John Sivet’s family are very sick with typhoid fever.

Mansfield, O., Thursday, October 1, 1891.


SPECIAL NOTICE - All correspondents are requested to send their letters in time for them to reach this office by Tuesday morning, and in no event later than Wednesday morning.  In case of news of extraordinary importance correspondents may telephone the news to this office as late as 8 a. m. Thursday.


The venerable Mrs. Baggs, whose sudden death occurred here, was the mother of Mrs. S. Mitchell, at whose home she died.  The deceased lived in Bloominggrove.

Mrs S. S. Lindsley and son, Carey, of Mansfield, were here Sunday.

Frank Herring of Mansfield, was recreating in Lexington Sunday.

Mrs Jane Barker returned Sept. 24 from Cleveland, Tenn., where she had visited Mrs C. Coates, her daughter, since Oct. 1890.  She was accompanied by S. P. Coates, her grandson, who returned to Tennessee, Saturday..

Levi Rider and wife are in Johnstown, Pa.

G V. Frye and wife, of Chicago, arrived Saturday and will occupy in a few days their very capacious summer residence recently finished by Thomas Bloor.

Dr Jacob Lowe, of Johnsville, was recreating here Friday.

Miss Ethel Moore, of Sandusky, who had visited Mrs. H. S. Moore, her grandmother, and M. S. Moore, her uncle, three weeks, returned to her home Sept. 24.

The Clover Literary Club met at Colonel Brown’s recently and elected Miss Sybil Street president to succeed Miss Helen Brown, who resigned.  Miss Belle Doty is vice president and Miss Grace Miller secretary and treasurer of the club.

Mrs B. F. Lantz visited her son, Will, in Galion, several days recently.  She was accompanied by her granddaughter, Mattie.

A very noted event in social circles was the party given by Miss Fanny Liley Friday evening, 35 guests being present on the occasion.

Mrs William Lockhart, of Bellville, visited Mrs. G. Sowers, her mother, Thursday.

Mrs Colman, of Bellville, visited Mrs. Wilson, her sister, Sept. 24.

Peter Homerick has returned from Garrett, Ind.

The Rev. David Street has been elected to the pastorate of the Presbyterian church another year.

The Rev. J. B. Daniels will continue in the pastorate of the Congregational church.

The butter and cheese company paid $150 for the acre of land which they bought of Mrs G. M. Sowers, who also sold a small tract to Mike Cahill.

Mrs John B. Williams has visited Mrs. Charles Lantz, her daughter, in Mansfield.

Miss Fringle, of Crestline, has visited Dr. G. Mansfield and wife, whose niece she is

Miss Effie Heyser, has visited relatives in Washington township.

A Lindsey, with Bristor & Rumpler, of Mansfield, visited his parents Sept. 24.

John Mohler has finished the brick work of the Odd Fellows building.

Seymour Lindsey and company are now engaged in painting Levi Ritter’s new residence

William Remy is recovering from the severe injuries sustained by falling headfirst down a steep declivity 35 feet at the brick yard.

Mayor King is again able to perform the duties of his office.


D B. Jones, of Mansfield, was here Tuesday.

A Harsh, of Chicago, called on his friends here recently.

The Rev. G. M. Grau, of Bucyrus, preached in the Lutheran church Sunday evening.

Sherman Ross, of Toledo, was here Sunday.

Mrs Kate Parry, of Ft. Wayne, was visiting here the past week.

Master Harry Brown, of Allegheny, Pa. is visiting relatives here.

Jacob Miller has returned from Indiana.

Jacob Marks is making some extensive improvements to his dwelling house.

Miss Katie, Miss Eva and Miss Annie Green, of Sulphur Springs, visited Mr. and Mrs. E. Pitts a few days the past week.

Mrs S. B. Leiter and son, Hoy, left Tuesday for Mentone, Ind., for a few weeks’ visit with Mrs. Leiter’s brother, W. S. Charles.

Jacob Leiter and wife have returned from the state of Washington where they have been the past six months visiting a daughter.

Will Gallagher has moved into a house in Baker’s addition.

Isaac Miller’s house caught fire and burned down last Friday.  Fire originated from some defect of the flue.  Loss about $500; insured for $200.

Mrs Norman Wolfe, of Mansfield, is visiting relatives here this week.

The Rev. George Schafer, the pastor of the Lutheran church, will be absent the coming Sunday in attendance at synod.

There will be no preaching at the Lutheran church next Sunday.

Mrs Rebecca Neireiter and two daughters, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., after a four weeks’ visit with her brother, E. Pitts, left on Tuesday for Sherwood, where she expects to visit another brother. 


E Heyser and wife of Lexington visited in the village last week.

J W. Taylor’s daughter, Bertha, has been quite sick, but is better.

Mrs Margaret Armstrong, of Mount Vernon, is visiting relatives here.

J J. McPhern is building a barn for Mr. Kerr, near Mount Zion.

Joseph Stone is working for Charles Marks on the Culver farm.

The frame work of David Bank’s new house is up.

A B. Sirpless visited his sister, Mrs. Nellie Beeler, at Canton, Tuesday.

While Annie Taylor was swinging in a hammock last Sunday evening one of the fastenings at the end gave way throwing her to the ground and breaking her collar bone.  Dr Mecklem reduced the fracture, and she is getting along as well as could be expected

The Prohibition meeting held at the school house last Monday night was pretty well attended, but we think Washington township will cast no more than her usual quota of prohibition votes.

Bloominggrove - Morrow County.

Miss Lou Dickerson is teaching a fall term of school east of  North Robison, Crawford county.

Charlie Gibson, of Crawford county, and Miss Ella Woods were married last Wednesday evening at 7:30 o’clock at the home of the bride’s mother southwest of the village, the Rev. Dr. McFarland officiating.

Miss Ethel Crispin, who is attending school at Iberia, was at home over Sunday.  She was accompanied by her roommate, Miss Cora Campbell.

Free Smith and family, of Upper Sandusky, are visiting parents and friends at Pleasant Valley and Bloominggrove.

Miss Ida Finney is visiting with friends in Mansfield.

Alma Cantwell returned home from Bellville last Saturday.

Nettie Briggs and Seppie Williams were visiting friends in Bucyrus last week.

Mr Kirkpatrick and wife visited their daughter, Mrs. S. R. Ronhouser, at Mt. Gilead last week.

Isabel Killgore baggs was born near Carlisle in Poth Valley, Penn., on Sunday, Dec. 16, 1804, and died on Sunday Sept. 20, 1891, and resided on the same place 1½  miles east of Bloominggrove fro 68 years.  She was a faithful member in the United Presbyterian church until the disbanding of the old Troy church near Lexington, after which she united with the M. E. church at Bloominggrove.  The funeral took place at the home of her son, George Baggs, Tuesday, the Rev. Dr. McFarland conducting the services.


James Tremanis and wife, of Lexington, visited William Hoover last Sunday.

The Rev. John Bane, the new Evangelical minister in this circuit, preached his first sermon at the frame church last Sunday.

W M. Harter and wife, of Wood county, who have been visiting in this vicinity the past month, returned home Tuesday.

Died - Sunday last, at the residence of her son, Andrews, at the advanced age of 85 years, Mrs. Barbara Charles, one of the pioneers of this vicinity.  Funeral services and interment at Mt. Olive, conducted by the Rev. S. S. Kaufman.

There will be an Alliance picnic at the Pleasant Valley church, Saturday, Oct. 10.  Speakers from each of the four political parties, besides good Alliance speakers will be in attendance.  Senator Kerr will speak for the Republicans.

Jackson Township.

The extreme dry weather has obliged many farmers to haul water for their stock.

Daniel Rhodes lost a valuable horse last week by its striking his head against the door as it was running out of the stable.

Isaac Livesparger has improved his house in modern style.

Mr and Mrs. Andrew Laird were in Mansfield on last Sunday attending the North Ohio conference of the M. E. church.

Mr and Mrs. William Arnold spent Sunday with J. F. Roush and wife.

Taylortown was somewhat excited over a tongue-lashing between two women and a young man whom the former accused of talking about them.  There was no serious harm done.

G U. Kuhn and C. W. Picking attended the Republican meeting at Mansfield last Monday night.


The early sown wheat seems to be on the decline for want of rain.

Mrs E. A. Underhill visited in Loudonville over Sunday.  She expects to return to her home in Iowa soon.

J D. Snider has moved back on his farm.  Keeping hotel in Crestline was not what he expected it to be. .

J C. Stewart, John Hammon and C. E. Forbes appraised the goods and chattels of Alonzo Gleason, deceased, Sept. 19.

This place will be well represented at the Loudonville free fair next week.

W A. Stewart will sell at public sale, Oct. 7, 1891, the goods an chattels of Alonzo Gleason, deceased.  Sale to commence at 10 o’clock a.m.


Mansfield, O., Thursday, October 8, 1891.


SPECIAL NOTICE - All correspondents are requested to send their letters in time for them to reach this office by Tuesday morning, and in no event later than Wednesday morning.  In case of news of extraordinary importance correspondents may telephone the news to this office as late as 8 a. m. Thursday.


Prof. David K. Andrews, of Hayesville, visited Thomas Brown’s family Saturday and Sunday.

G V. Frye and wife went Saturday to visit his sisters, Mrs. Clara Beach and Mrs. Sackett, near New London.

The nuptials of Ed Brown of Lexington, and Miss McHenry, of Cambridge, were celebrated recently.  Mr. Brown has resumed his medical studies at Cincinnati.

Miss Minnie Schwarts, of Mansfield, was the guest of Samuel Schwarts Saturday and Sunday

Charles Lantz, wife and son, of Mansfield, visited John B. Williams and wife, her parents, from Saturday till Monday.

Col R. C. Brown’s family have moved to Mansfield, their residence being on First street.

The Rev. D. Street, who, two weeks ago, was elected to the pastorate of the Presbyterian church another year, has announced his resignation.

The Rev. John Gaily has gone to Mansfield to reside.

Mr Shively and wife, of Chesterville, were the guests of William Reininger’s family Saturday.

The Rev. Mr. Street was in Cleveland recently.

Mrs Ring, Miss McFarland and Mrs. Frank Tolbert, of Crestline, visited M. S. Moore’s family Saturday.

Tobias Fike and wife, William Lanehart and W. Bonham attended the installation of the Knights of Pythias at Perrysville recently.

Charles Moore has accepted a position with Martin & Herring, of Mansfield. 

Samuel Stough, Sr., and wife returned Wednesday after a visit of three months with their son, James, of Bucyrus.

The galvanized iron and tin work of the Odd Fellow building are finished and the plastering will begin this week.

Charles Hout, of Crestline, was the guest of M. S. Moore’s family Sept. 30.

W E. Jacobs, the photographer, of Mansfield, was here recently taking views of the summer residence of G. V. Frye, of Chicago.

John J. Stout, of near Ruggles, Ashland county, was the guest of friends here last week  Mr. Stout will buy a farm south of Lexington and will reside here or in Johnsville till spring.

E Heyser and wife recently visited in the village of Washington.

Dr G. Mansfield was quite prostrated last week with an acute malady.

John Morgan has been confined to the house with illness a few days.

Mrs Hamblin, of Mansfield, was the guest of Mrs. T. Fike recently.

Mr Burntett and children, of Altoona, Pa., who visited W. Reininger, of Lexington, and friends in the vicinity several weeks, returned to their home recently.


Mr and Mrs. George W. Powers, of Nova, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Lutz, of Jeromeville, members of the Ashland Times correspondents’ association passed through this place recently and made us a very pleasant call.

Prof H. A. Thomas, of Ashland, was down here a few days ago shaking hands with old friends and looking after his business fences.

The Rev. W. G. Smith and C. C. Staman were in attendance at the late session of Wittenberg synod at Tiffin.

Martin Landis and Miss Dell Kohler were untied in the holy bonds of wedlock by the Rev J. H. Barron, of Pavonia.

Sickness prevails to such an extent that our physicians are kept very busy attending to their patients.

Ollin Starrett died at the residence of his parents, Saturday, Sept. 26, aged 13 years  He was buried the following Sabbath, the Rev. David Kosht officiating.

Daniel Barr, a veteran of the late war, rejoices in the advent of a young protectionist at his place.

Mr and Mrs. J. J. Burns also hails the arrival of a little stranger to gladden their home.

Mrs Zehner and Mrs. Bacheldor have been sick since our last report.  Both are convalescent

Howard Koogle seriously cut his knee with a corn cutter.  He is under the treatment of Dr. Sackett.

Professor Budd has organized a reading circle which meets each Friday evening.

On Wednesday morning of last week the barn of Joseph Lunday burned with all its contents, consisting of hay, unthreshed grain, nine bushels clover see, two fanning mills, a wagon harness and a set of platform scales.  Loss on building about $800, insured in the Ohio Farmers for $700.  Loss on contents about $600, no insurance. 

Mrs Leah Shemberger, of Vermillion township, was buried here last Friday forenoon and Miss Samantha Wolf, of Richland county, in the afternoon.  The Rev. W. G. Smith officiated at both funerals.

Dock Loucks, Harry Lemon and John Giffin have organized themselves into a drum corps  They are ready at any time to respond to calls for service in their line.

The friends of Dr. J. F. Culler, of Lucas, in this place received cards of invitation to the wedding of the doctor and Miss Hattie First which took place last Tuesday

Sheriff Tressel and wife were in town last Friday attending the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Shemberger.

Benjamin Hostetter was in Ashland last Thursday attending the wedding of his cousin, Miss Ida Moore, daughter of ex-sheriff Moore.

A Young People’s Christian union was organized at the U. B. church last week.  The following officers were chosen:  President, Benjamin Hostetter; vice-president, Miss Flora Stevens; recording secretary, Miss Emma Engle; corresponding secretary, Miss Millie Baker; treasurer, James Hawks; class leader, Allen Amend

Mrs Kate Reeder, of Atlantic, pa., is visiting friends in this vicinity.

Gottlieb Koch has gone to DeKalb county, Ind., to visit friends and look after some business interests.

Mr and Mrs. J. W. Lemon attended the Morrow-Moore wedding at Ashland last Thursday

The Rev. David Kosht exchanged pulpits last Sabbath with the Rev. J. G. Baldwin.

The sick list still seems to lengthen out; the following are additional to what we have already mentioned:  Miss Nettie Query, Marion Bittinger, a child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bittinger, Mrs. R. Landis, Mrs. J. Croninger, Mrs. P. Croninger and Joseph Hostetter.


The W. H. M. S. with a number of other friends assembled together at the M. E. parsonage on Tuesday evening of last week to spend a few good bye hours with the pastor and wife.  After chatting awhile, in behalf of the society and friends, one of the members presented to Mrs. Barron a lovely quilt.  She arose and in her pleasant manner responded with thanks.  The Rev. J. H. Barron then talked in an earnest and impressive manner to his parishioners after which we listened to some beautiful songs by our pastor and wife, finally all joining in “Blest be the Tie that Binds.”  Much sorrow and regret is expressed by friends here that they will lose their pastor and wife.

Mrs Enos Roberts, from near Ashland, formerly of this place, passed through here a few days since, en route for home, from Chicago, where she has been visiting a half-brother.

There are several severe cases of typhoid fever in this vicinity.

Gaily Roberts is in the west, having gone last week on an excursion to Missouri and Iowa

Mrs King, of near Kenton, is visiting friends in this neighborhood.

Mr and Mrs. John Hale expect to attend the fair and visit friends at Akron this week

The Rev. Painter preached his first sermon at Milton on last Sabbath, and it was well received.

Miss Mina Derr has been for two weeks very dangerously sick with typhoid fever, attended by Dr. Anderson.

The summer term of school closed at Windsor on last Saturday with quite a number, in fact a majority of the scholars, grading high in their studies.  At the close, Miss Nellie Rhodes and Miss Grace Cotter stepped up and in behalf of the school presented the teacher, Miss Luella palmer, with a lovely watch charm, which she prizes highly.

Franklin Township.

The Rev. John Fields, who dedicated the Pleasant Valley church a few weeks since, will deliver a lecture at Franklin M. E. church Friday evening, Oct. 9.  Subject, “Old Quartz from new Quarries.”

On the evening of Sept. 29, 104 of the friends and neighbors of Levi Stevenson and sisters gathered at their home and gave them a genuine surprise.  Mr. Stevenson was presented with a beautiful chair and the three sisters received a fine hanging lamp and last, but not least, five boys who were members of Miss M’s Sunday school class, presented her with a silver card receiver.  The occasion was one long to be remembered. 

If our old friend and veteran, William Shade, moves back to Franklin next spring he must not leave his cider barrel out doors in sugar making time.

The case of arbitration between Mr. Ferree and a young man by the name of Smith McMeeken (who came to this state about a year ago from California) was held a few days since and the result the same as it usually is in arbitration.  The cause of the trouble we spoke of some time ago about some young man running over two young ladies coming from Milton church.  While there was not evidence sufficient to prove McMeeken guilty and on the other side not evidence sufficient to prove not guilty it must be laid to rest a mystery in the minds of many.

Mrs Hiram King, of Kenton, was visiting in Franklin last week.

Nathaniel Whisler, of Wood county, is visiting old friends in Franklin township.


The great world’s fair is over and the 37th annual exhibition is a thing of the past.  The attendance this year was good, being estimated at about 5000 people on Thursday and less than half that number Friday.  The entries in the fine art department were larger than usual as also the fancy goods department.  The stock and poultry were good, especially the latter.  The balloon ascension and parachute jump at 4 p.m., Thursday and Friday, were the great drawing cards of the fair.  The Prof. Fogleson, of Shelby, made both serial trips and descended in safety about a quarter of a mile north of the grounds both days.  The gamblers this year confined their games to the saloons and it is said they reaped a rich harvest.  We should judge that Mansfield was deserted, as regards this class of people, this week.  An effort was made by the business men to keep the dust down this year by getting a sprinkler from Shelby but the clouds of dust that continually hovered over the streets showed that a sprinkler was a small affair to tackle two or three inches of dust.

Charles Ackerman and Norm Wolff, of Mansfield, were busy putting fleas in the old grangers’ ears during the fair.


L Mengert, of Butler, was here last Tuesday calling on S. B. Leiter.

The Rev. G. M. Grau has moved from Bucyrus to his farm east of here.

Nathaniel Mitchell, of Steam Corners, visited his daughter, Mrs. David Good.

Rob Gallagher, of Galion, was here the past week nursing a crushed hand which he received in railroad yards at Galion.

James Bell, of Butler, was here last week trying to purchase a dog of the hound breed

Milton McGary moved to Mansfield last Thursday.

Henry Harris, Mrs. Dell Shafer, Mrs. Aaron Fitz and Miss Mamie McCready, of Mansfield, were visiting relatives and friends here recently.

Mrs Nettie Smart, of Galion, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bahney, over Sunday.

Mrs S. B. Leiter and son, Hoy, returned on Saturday evening from Mentone, Ind.

Mrs Fanny Harsh, of Toledo, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Rhone a few days the past week.

Albert Maffett, of Widowsville, was calling on fiends here recently.

Curtis Rhone and daughter, of Galion, spent Sunday here.

Postmaster Fletcher has purchased a horse and we need not be surprised if we should hear of his joining a trotting association.

Lather Young and wife, of Mifflin, were in town on Monday.


Mrs Robinson, of Pinhook, is spending a few weeks at the home of her son, G. W. Robinson

There is considerable wheat to sow here yet.

C J. Ford, of Chicago, was here a few days last week on business.

A surprise party was given Miss Flora Brandt last Tuesday evening.

Josiah Norrick has commenced work for C. H. Au, on the Sturges farm.

Nov 3 the Republicans should all turn out and make one mark (X) with black lead pencil or ink at the left of the name “Republican Ticket.”

R B. Ray, who has been preaching at Marshville, Can., is home on a week’s vacation.  He returns Friday.

We had the pleasure of meeting William Robinson, of Weller township, our candidate for infirmary director.  Mr. Robinson is an intelligent gentleman, a representative farmer and an honest man.  He is deserving the support of the farmers and business men of the county.  He is a brother of Gen. James Robinson, ex-secretary of state


The Rev. A. E. Thomas, the new minister, preached to a large and attentive audience at the M. E. church last Sunday.

Captain and Mrs. Au are both sick with the grip.

The Ladies’ Aid Society of the Presbyterian church will give a conundrum social at the home of William Wiley, Friday evening, Oct. 16.

Miss Nettie Condon is at Crestline learning the dress making business.

Wilbert Walker has been appointed night agent on the Erie at Madison.

Mr and Mrs. J. W. Prindel went to Martel Saturday to visit Mrs. Prindel’s sister, Mrs. Clark, who is quite sick, returning Sunday evening.

Alex Burns, of Galion, was in town Monday on business.

Sherm Au and wife, of Mansfield, were the guests of his parents Sunday.

The Rev. R. C. Criswell returned from Tennessee Saturday.

Bloominggrove - Morrow County.

Mr Reeder, of Michigan, is visiting, his aunt, Mrs. J. C. Johnston.

George Edwards and family, of Jersey City, are spending a few weeks with their parents and relatives in Morrow county.

Miss Gertie Kirkpatrick was home from Marion a few days last week.

Mrs Tom Mitchel, of Galion, is visiting her mother and other relatives in this vicinity

Mrs Simon Badgley is staying in Galion with her mother-in-law who is sick.

Miss Ella Day is home from Mansfield for a few days.

Mrs Moeglish, of Columbus, and Mrs. Dr. Barbour, of Galion, were visiting Mrs. Dr. McFarland last week.

The speech by Colonel Felter on Monday evening was very interesting.

Jackson Township.

Ed Bricker reports having grain taken from his granary the other night.

Mrs Mary Jane Roberts and daughter, of Shelby, spent Sunday with Mrs. L. C. Hayes.

Corn husking has commenced.

George Lantz, Jr., has been quite sick for some weeks but is better.


Mansfield, O., Thursday, October 29, 1891.


SPECIAL NOTICE - All correspondents are requested to send their letters in time for them to reach this office by Tuesday morning, and in no event later than Wednesday morning.  In case of news of extraordinary importance correspondents may telephone the news to this office as late as 8 a. m. Thursday.


Mrs Henry Wills and daughter, of Freeport, Mich., are visiting relatives here.

George Swasick last Tuesday moved from Spring Run into the house lately vacated by Mark Wilson on West Main street.

Lewis Hoops has moved into Warren McCready’s house.

Mack Hamblin and family, of Woodville, were here Sunday calling on friends.

Abraham Harris, wife and daughter, Sadie, of Mansfield, were visiting friends here recently

James Parry was visiting with his daughter, Mrs. John Wilson, at Mansfield, last week

Considerable thieving is being done here of late.  Silas Rummel had a calf killed and stolen from his field recently.  Complaints of corn being stolen from the fields of farmers are frequent.  Some parties suspected are being watched and no doubt before long the miscreants will be captured.

Walter Fox has his new house completed and with his bride commenced housekeeping last Thursday.  May prosperity and happiness be with you, Walter.

C W. Etz, candidate for county commissioner, was here last week looking after his interests.

The Rev. F. B. Heibertshausen and wife, of Carey, were here calling on their many friends recently.

Hiram Baker is putting in machinery for sawing stone at his grist mill.

Walter Fletcher is having plans made for a two-story warehouse 40x60.  He intends branching out next season.  This is what we like to see.  Mr. Fletcher is coming up Phoenix like out of the great fire which destroyed all he had about two years ago.  We need more such men and Lucas would have such a boom that would astonish the natives 

Mr and Mrs. Siece, of Canton, visited their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Leiter the past week.

Miss Annie Vermillion is very sick.

A Miss Patterson, of Chicago, spent Sunday with Miss Hattie Barr.

John Fox has erected a new veranda at his residence.

Mrs Frank Wallace has been very sick for the last week.

Miss Jennie Baker and Miss Carrie Ross started to canvass for pictures Monday for the Zanesville Portrait Company.

 Isaac Bahney went to work for the Toledo and Walhonding railroad this week.

The family hereby desire to return their sincere thanks to all those who so kindly assisted through the sickness and death of Mrs. Samuel Swaney.

S M. Douglass and H. E. Bell, of Mansfield, were here to instruct us of the rural districts how to vote the kangaroo ballot.

If those young parties who drive out this way every pleasant Sunday from Mansfield would make less noise they would be much more thought of if not so likely to be seen, or, at least they ought to be taught that persons living in the country have some rights that might be respected.

Walter Fletcher is at Columbus as a delegate of the Congregational church to the central Ohio conference.

John McFarland is spending the week with Huron county friends.

Curt Hacket, of Mansfield, was the guest of L. E. Parry Sunday.

W S. Mecklem has his new house under cover.

The Rev. A. D. Barber is attending conference at Columbus this week.

Misses Lena and Jennie Robinson are very sick at this writing.

Howard Rummel was at Ashland Monday to see and hear Campbell.

John Miller, of New Washington, is here this week.

Milton McGary, of Mansfield, came here Monday to see the boys.

Deputy Sheriff Robinson came through here from Ashland Monday evening.  He let his team run against another man’s buggy and broke the neck yoke to the buggy he was driving.


Mrs R. Goff died Sunday from blood poisoning that resulted from an injury to an arm  The deceased was quite advanced in age.

A son of Albert Shauck and wife, of Mansfield, was buried here Oct. 22.  The Rev. R. H. Edmonds, of Mansfield, a former pastor of the Congregational church of Lexington, officiated in the obsequies of the deceased, whose age was 7 years.

Mrs Street and son, Edward, went to Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 26.

Philip Kyner and wife went Saturday on a visit to Mrs. Jacob Baughman, her sister, in Cardington.

Miss Nellie Sipe departed Oct. 23 on a visit to her father in Indiana.

Charles Lantz and wife, of Mansfield, were Sunday the guests of John B. Williams and wife, her parents.

George M. Galbraith was in Cleveland recently.

Alexander Baughman, a former resident of Lexington and Mansfield, whose wife died at Larimore, N. Dak., June 24, 1889, was again recently married in Cardington.

Miss Boon, of Fredericktown, sister of Rollin Boon, was Saturday the guest of John G Walker’s family.

William George, Sr., and Octavius Gass have been nominated for justice of the peace by the Republicans.  Joseph Day and W. Earhart are the Democratic candidates for justice

Mrs Eliza McClellan, of Auburn, Ind., came recently on a visit to her sister, Mrs. P. Kyner.

A very felicitous event was the party given by Charles Moore and Miss Mamie Moore, Friday night.  Forty-seven guests were present and ice cream and tropical luxuries were dispensed in liberal profusion.

Miss Huldah Bowers’ party was also a noted event in social coteries.

The Rev. David Street has returned from a few weeks absence in Monticello, Ia., where he will accept the pastorate of a Presbyterian church.

Mrs George Maxwell, Sr., has recently been the guest of the family of Prof. A. Shauck, her son-in-law, in Mansfield.

H Johnson, of Iowa, formerly of Troy township, has been here several days.

Mr Getz, of Fredericktown, was here recently on business.

Miss Anna McClure has been seriously sick for a week with typhoid fever.

Arthur Lindsey, of Mansfield, who has been sick with typhoid fever at the home of his parents, William Lindsey and wife, several weeks, has not materially improved.

A booth has been erected at William Wilson’s drug store for practice on the Australian plan of voting.

Dr G. Mansfield and wife attended the Methodist services in Mansfield Sunday.


J F. Benninghoff has shown us some very pretty specimens of white glass, stained with “Pik-ron,” which method he employs in repairing the windows of the Hayesville churches, that were damaged by the hail storm last June.  They look as well as the best cathedral glass.

B J. Aby has returned from Michigan with the head of one deer.  Byron is a good shot, but he says deer hunting in Michigan is up-hill business, as his party of four only secured one deer.

Mrs E. E. Staman, Miss Artie Staman, Miss Dora Lemon, of Lucas, and Mrs. J. P. Culler, of Mansfield, visited in this place last week.

C C. Staman, while out hunting last week, met with a painful and serious accident  While in the act of discharging  his gun, it recoiled and the hammer struck him in the eye, injuring that organ to such an extent that its sight may be destroyed  The accident occurred near Mt. Zion and Dr. J. F. Culler, of Lucas, was summoned to attend to the injured man.

The entire family of Joseph Hostetter is down with malarial fever and the place has the appearance of a hospital.  Dr. C. D. Sacket is in attendance.

Mrs George Stillwagon had another severe and nearly fatal attack of heart trouble.  Dr. Loucks, of Ashland, was telephoned for.  At this writing she is somewhat improved

Henry Sites had a stroke of paralysis on last Saturday.  Dr. Harkins was called, and while there is some hope, M. S. is in a very critical condition.

Many Republicans from this place and vicinity attended the Foster meeting at Ashland

Charly Goard held up the fast waning interests of Governor Campbell at this place last Saturday evening.

T J. Kines left some very fine specimens of corn at the post-office last Saturday  Jeff has a fine crop of that cereal and , while he is a Democrat, he is not a calamity howler at this time.

The chopping and saw mill of J. K. Staman is shut down for repairs.  Mr. S. shipped his famous Leffel wheel to Springfield for a general overhauling, and he will soon be prepared to attend to the wants of his patrons.

Mr and Mrs. Levi Zehner, Mrs. Sweet and Miss Mary Sweet visited friends at Galion last Sabbath.

Miss Maggie Bartley is dangerously ill with typhoid fever.


Republicans should get to the polls and vote next Thursday.

School at the village commenced last Monday.

W E. Sirpless and wife and Miss Flora Bell visited at Mr. Overly’s, near Bloominggrove, last week.

A G. McGregor and wife called on the former’s parents Sunday.

The type setter made us say last week that Mrs. McFarland was teaching school in Madison township, when it is Mr. McFarland.

Mr and Mrs. John Taylor and daughter, Mabel, of Springfield township, are spending a few days here.

Mr Cashel will not complete his new house until spring.

Capt W. S. Bradford and James Reed will speak at the school house in the interest of the Republican party next Saturday night, Oct. 31.  Everybody invited.

William Baer and wife, of Lucas, spent Sunday with the former’s brother, Henry

Farmers should look up the taxation amendment to be voted upon at the coming election.  It is of much interest to them.

Jessie Robinson, while in Mansfield at her aunt’s, was taken sick with diphtheria  She is better now and will soon be able to come home.

F E. Taylor left on last Tuesday for Lawrence, Kan.  He expects to attend the university at that place.

A new ballot box has been ordered for this township.

Mr Gladden and wife, of Monroe township, visited at G. W. Robinson’s Sunday

George Fishack, of Lucas, is plastering David Banks’ new house.

Norman Fleming, of Mansfield, will stay with his uncle, Samuel McFarland, and go to school this winter.

A A. Pulver and wife, of Bellville, were in the village Oct. 25.

Joseph Taylor and wife, of Spring Mills, visited relatives here on Wednesday.

There is a good deal of opposition in this township to the Australian system of voting  Those who are opposed to it, and think it a useless bill of expense, should bear in mind that the bill was passed by a Democratic legislature.

Miss Nina Altgeld is visiting in Chicago.

Miss Nellie Taylor, of Spring Mills, and Miss Shirley Smith, of Plymouth, are visiting here this week.


Mrs Sarah Frease, of this place, and Moses Andrews, of Butler, are reported to have been united in the holy bonds of matrimony on last Sunday.

Miss Lutheria Fast is visiting friends and relatives in the western part of the state

It is our opinion that after next Tuesday the Democrats will have the board (bored) of elections all to themselves.

Mrs E. O. McConkie visited her parents and other relatives at Jeromeville the fore part of the week.

William Pealer’s new house on the Butler road is rapidly taking the shape of a dwelling and ere long “Billy” will be living in his own home.

Fred Mengert and family visited J. M. Hosfield and family last Sunday.

Talk about the apple crop being a failure!  Philetus Dow of this place picked 20 bushels of winter apples from one tree.  Who can beat it?

We often wonder how it comes that the good people of this country have to be afflicted to such an extent with such diseases as consumption, diphtheria and other throat and lung troubles, but we had it very clearly explained in a circular mailed us by some kind Democratic friend at Mansfield.  He says it is cause by the McKinley bill.

J W. McConkie, S. K. Davis and J. H. Trease went to Mt. Vernon Monday to hear Major McKinley make the tariff and other issues of the day so plain that an ordinary Richland county Democrat ought to understand them.

Joseph McCurdy went to Pennsylvania to buy some blooded sheep.  Joe is a good “Dem.” and says he thinks they (that is the Democrats) will pass a new tariff bill this winter and wool will be a good price next year.

The green goods man is now looking for his fall crop of suckers.  Different persons at this place have received his circulars, etc., during the last two weeks, but was are glad to say that we have no one among us so mean as to work that game if he could, nor have we got anyone foolish enough to bite at a man’s own game.

We still think that the Republicans of this county know enough to vote the kangaroo ballot mixed if they want to; at least we have not seen anything in the Republican press telling them or even hinting, as was done some time ago in the ’ficial organ that they had better not try it, as they would in all probability lose their vote.


Mr and Mrs. C. D. Hagerman has purchased the Cotter property in the village of Windsor, and will move there this fall.

Mrs Ellen Hughes and daughters expect to spend the winter with friends in Pennsylvania

Misses Carried and Elsie Osbun, have been spending a few days with friends at Reedsburg, Wayne county.

Miss Josie McKinny, of Lanark, Ill., has been the guest of Miss Mamie Hale for the past week.

Charles Bitner was the guest of Charlie Robinson a day or two lately.

Miss Mamie Hale gave a party last Friday evening in honor of Miss McKinny, of Lanark  An enjoyable evening was passed by all.

About 50 young people assembled at the home of Miss Kate Robinson last Saturday evening as a good bye visit before she leaves home for the winter.  She and Miss Nellie Holmes go to Toledo next week to attend the Tri-State business college there.  Many good wishes go with the young ladies.

Newton Charles has moved into Ed T. Osbun’s house.

J W. Palmer and Parke Osbun took a drive across the country to Wooster last week and spent a few days with friends.

Miss Jennie Colwell closed a successful term of school at Excelsior with some exercises Saturday, week.

Messrs Fred and Frank Hughes, Omer Harnly and Orrin Oswalt all expect to depart for California in the course of a week or so.  May success go with them.

E T. Osbun writes from his home in Georgia as being well pleased with his southern home.

Bloominggrove (Morrow county.)

Mrs Chandler, of Mansfield, visited her sister, Mrs. Amos Day, last week.

Mr and Mrs. S. Baker accompanied their daughter, Mrs. Caskey, to Crestline, Monday  Mr. and Mrs. Caskey moved to Ft. Wayne, Tuesday, where they will make their home for the winter.

Mrs Kate Bachman, of Lexington, is spending a few days with Bloominggrove friends.

Mrs David Snyder and son, Frank, visited friends in Mansfield last week.

Miss Adrian returned home from Galion Saturday, where she had spent several days with her niece, Mrs. Homer Lamb.

Mr Hoffman, living two miles south of the village, moved to Galion Monday.

Ethel Crispin spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents.  Miss C. is attending school at Iberia.

Jacob Wyrick, living near Steam corners, crossed over the river to the other shore at 2 a.m. Monday, Oct. 26.  He had a stroke of apoplexy Thursday evening.  He had the first stroke about 11 months ago.  Mr. Wyrick was 65 years of age.

Wheeler Dickerson has bought the Morton property on South street.

Jackson Township.

John Lantz was thrown from his wagon last Friday and sustained a broken leg.  Dr. Hyde is attending him.

A voting school will be opened at the township house Wednesday night.

The winter schools will open the second Monday in November.

Miss Clara Brown is home from the fall term of school at Ada.

Miss Addie Sanders visited Mrs. L. C. Hayes last Tuesday.

Mr and Mrs. John Adams were called to the bedside of Mrs. Mutersbaugh, of Shelby, a sister of Mrs. Adams, who is very ill.

A W. Myers addressed the People’s party followers in Jackson township Oct 26.

The Rev. Mr. Dickerhoff, the new pastor, will preach at Taylortown chapel the first Sunday in November.


Miss Emma Maglott who has been in Butler the past month, returned home Monday.

Miss Verda Harter is visiting relatives in Indiana.

O M. McCready began his school at Cherry Valley Monday of this week.

Miss Lizzie Maglott is working for Mrs. Samuel Oberlin.

There was a dance one night last week at the home of Albert Etz.

Henderson Flemming and wife, of King’s Corners, visited Emanuel Harter last Sunday

Mrs George Kiefer, of Butler, visited at C. H. Miller’s over Sunday.

A W. Myers, editor of the “People’s Advocate” of Shelby, spoke in the interest of his party at the Pleasant Hall school house last Friday evening.

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