Mansfield Weekly News - 23 April 1891

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Mansfield Weekly News - 23 April 1891


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        About 30 of the neighbors of Mrs. Peter Zehner called upon her recently and made an attack upon her supply of carpet-rags which they speedily converted into something that looked very much like varicolored cannon balls.

        The Misses Iona and Mabel Balliett, of Pulaski, Ky., are spending a few pleasant weeks  here visiting friends.

        E L. Davis has gone to Craig, Mo., to visit his father, who is lying on his death-bed.

        Mr and Mrs. David Grabill visited at J. K. Staman’s last week.

        Hiram Sweet, William Bachelder and Ben Black, who have been sick, are convalescent.

        Mother Lemon is slowly but surely approaching the shores of the silver river.

        S M. Coe, Frank Coe and C. F. Engle attended the G. A. R. quadrennial celebration at Ashland last Wednesday evening.

        Otis Keightly has gone to Kirby to start a barber shop.

        J C. Black has gone to Findlay and Byron Keightly to Adam’s Ridge, Defiance county, to work.

        W A. Bachelder has been elected school director, vice J. C. Hart.

        After several abortive experiments Doc. Carroll has again been put in charge of the public highways here.

        For some unexplained cause the Law and Order meeting on last Saturday evening did not materialize.

        Prof H. U. Johnson will give an illustrated lecture on the “underground railroad” of ante-bellum times next Thursday evening. 

        Prof Frank S. Fox, the elocutionist, will be at West Point school house next Saturday evening.

        The Law and Order League will meet next Saturday evening for an adoption of a constitution and by-laws and the disposal of such business as may come before it.

        The barn of William Balliett and most of its contents burned down last week.  Two calves perished and nearly all his farming utensils were burned.  Your correspondent did not learn the origin of the fire nor the loss.  Insured in the Mifflin Township Grange Co.

        Byron Keightly and Jim Black have returned from the west.

        James Budd moved to Mansfield last Monday.

        John Conn’s little boy drank a dose of Kendall Spavin Cure.  Prompt medical aid cured him.


        George Taylor, of this vicinity, died of consumption and paralysis last week. 

        Mrs. David Stough has returned from a six weeks’ visit at Lima and Newark.

        The remains of Mrs. C. Fleck, who dropped dead in Bellville last Saturday were interred in the Lexington cemetery April 20.  Mrs. Fleck, who had resided in Lexington very many years, had gone to Bellville early in the week to visit her sister.  She was quite aged and was the widow of John Fleck, who died in 1876.

        James Edgar, of Ashland county, formerly of this vicinity, has visited Col. R. C. Brown’s family several days.

        Mrs. Eva Sackett, of Ruggles, Ashland county, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Frye, deceased, is visiting in Lexington, her home 19 years ago.

        William Earhart has returned after an absence of several months.

        Charles Mitchell went to Chicago Junction last week to accept a position in a barber shop

        Mrs. Edwards, of Bellville, has been the guest of Mrs. E. Baughman, her daughter.

        Saturday night a large number of the friends of the Rev. and Mrs. Street surprised them by assembling at their home and presented them with souvenirs of their esteem.

        A W. Fry has sold his farm south of Lexington to J. Baughman for $7,000. 

        Mr. Wood sold his stock of queensware last week and moved away.

        Miss Nellie Sipe has performed the duties of assistant postmistress during the illness of Miss P. Colman; Mrs. Tompkin Colman, her mother, is also yet quite sick.

        Elijah Baughman, manager of the Live Stock Company’s barn, moved here last week from Bloominggrove. 

        Frank Boles and wife, of Pleasant Valley, were the guests of Mrs. William Stough Sunday

        Mrs Israel Woods is recovering from a violent attack of la grippe.

        The venerable Mrs. Shellabarger is able to be out again.


        G L. Stevens and wife, of Mansfield, spent Sunday here with friends of both.

        G W. Williams, a former resident, but now a P. F. engineer, of Crestline, was here on business Monday.

        S F. Kaylor, of Mansfield, visited friends over Sunday.

        Dr Hague, of Shreve, visited her daughter, Mrs. I. C. Charles, Sunday.

        Joseph Lucas, of Jeromeville, called on his brother, Alpheus Lucas, last week.

        Operator C. H. Gorman went to Maximo Sunday to see his best girl and returned Monday morning

        John Harris who had been in Pittsburg some time returned a few days ago.  He and his wife will resume housekeeping in a short time in the house now occupied by John Jones.

        Sherm Ross, an N. W. O. engineer, was at his father’s on Sunday.  Sherm is looking well and hearty.

        Victor Smart had gone to N. Y. P. & O. to go braking.  We wonder how long he can remain away from his girl.

        N R. France, of Bloomville, attended the funeral of Oliver Ross who was buried at Mount Zion on Friday.

        George Marks who has been confined to his bed several days with la grippe is able to be about again.

        Agent Collins is having his lawn sodded and otherwise beautifying his premises.  It would greatly improve the appearance of the town if others would do likewise.

        Owing to the scarcity of potatoes here, George Baer was compelled to drive 13 miles, recently, for a wagon load of them and hardly got them home before he had disposed of all he did not need.

        The board of commissioners of Seneca county came here a few days ago to examine the quality of stone in the Lucas Stone Company’s quarry and we are told they expressed themselves so well pleased that they will recommend this stone for all public work in Seneca county.


        “Turn in the little brown seed,
        Turn out the rich red clover.”

        Is a duet the farmer and nature are singing and the birds are joining in the chorus  The season is a little late, but nature generally understands herself and chooses her own time to put on her old-fashioned spring suit.  And the more old-fashioned it is the better we like it. 

        Misses Olive Hughes and Anna Hoover, who have been sick, are recovering.

        J Y. Scott and Justin Osbun have been having la grippe, but are better.

        Misses Carrie and Anna Hughes commenced their schools on Monday at Franklin and Charles

        Raney Grimes, one of the seven young men who left our vicinity for the far west, writes from California that he arrived safely, had a delightful trip and feels benefited already.

        Wilbert Hughes, one of our enterprising young citizens, is the coming proprietor of our village store.

        Best wishes go with Amos Myers and wife to their new home.  We regret to lose good citizens

        Some friends of  L. W. Stevenson gave him a complete surprise on Monday evening with their presence, refreshments and flowers.  During the progress of affairs he began to wonder how old he was.  He expresses himself delighted and wants to be surprised again.

        The Osbun brothers will give an entertainment of stereoptican views on Saturday evening, April 25, at the Milton church.  The object is a benevolent one.  Come everybody, it will pay you.

        Fishing good of the Blackfork now.  Don’t come on Sunday.


        Death has been very busy here lately.  Mrs. Poorman, a daughter of Aberon Hendrickson of this place, died Sunday and was buried Wednesday in the Bellville cemetery.

        Daniel Guiselman, a former resident of this place but now of  Lima, O., is here attending the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Catherine Fleck.

        The various boards held their annual meetings Monday evening.  The town council staid up until 11 o’clock and passed a closing ordinance.  Therefore, the town will go dry soon.

        The school board organized by electing all the old officers as officers of the new board:  C. A. Lafferty, president; A. J. Flaharty, treasurer; A. A. Patterson, clerk  The past year the board built a new school house at a cost of over $1200 without increasing the taxation.  The board is entirely out of debt and has $1800 in the treasury.

        The Bellville Bending company added a new improved packer to its business this week  Ten men find employment with the company and with new and improved machinery, and an experienced superintendent , this company will be a benefit to the town. 

        The Bellville Manufacturing company closed down for a short time to make additions to its manufacturing department.

        The public hall was crowded Saturday evening to witness the entertainment of the pupils of the high school.  It was one of the finest exhibitions ever held here.


        Station agent J. W. Derr received a very severe injury a week ago by falling 15 feet from a target ladder and rolling several more feet down a bank.  He being a heavy man, his face was punctured and cut badly with the stubs of briers.  He is at business again.

        We hear that Frank Hickox and family have emigrated to Washington.

        James, the son of the Rev. J. H. Barron has entered a large paper house in Columbus.

        Albert Damback has gone to Bloomville in the capacity of engineer for a huge stone crusher

        John Ward intends to visit his cousin, Gen. J. S. Robinson, of Kenton, who is in very poor health. 

        The W. H. M. S. held a very pleasant meeting last Wednesday, at the home of Mrs. John Horn.

        Frank Steyert, of Franklin, is dangerously sick with pneumonia. 

        The Osbun brothers will give an exhibition of their stereoptican views at the Milton church next Saturday evening.

Jackson Township.

        Miss Clara Pifer left Jackson to attend school at Findlay.

        The new married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tucker, moved to their home south of Shelby last week.

        The Farmers’ Alliance met at the township house last Thursday night.  William Kennedy was the orator on silver coinage and Prof. C. L. Hays on the grange.  William Bricker replied to the orator on silver coinage.    

        The excitement over the election of school directors in the different districts ran high last Monday night. 

        There is prospect of plenty of fruit.

        G U. Kuhn is the first man to work the roads.  If we had more such men our roads would be in better condition.

        There was preaching at the church at Taylortown last Sunday night and a good attendance 

Blooming grove - Morrow County.

        Grace Evans returned to Crestline Monday.

        Miss Nettie Briggs is visiting friends in Troy township, Richland county.

        Mrs. Andrew Beard and children, of Kansas, are visiting relatives at this place.

        Mrs. Mary A. Harding has returned from Kansas, where she spent the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Miller.

        Mr. Erickson, of Pennsylvania, is visiting his brother at this place.

        Miss Lon Dickerson commenced teaching in the Riblet district, Richland county, last week.

        Miss Ella Woods is teaching school at Center, this county.

        The school in the Jackson district west of this village began Monday of this week, Miss Walters, of Galion, teacher.

Pleasant Valley - Morrow County.

        Mrs. Ed Wolff has been sick the past week.

        Two dogs belonging to David Barnet and Ed Goldsmith killed and wounded a number of sheep for J. N. Smith last Thursday night, and Friday night they watched their return  About 9 o’clock the dogs were found at the sheep again when they drove them away and each dog went home to receive a bullet the next morning from their owner’s gun.  The damage done to the flock was estimated at $35. 

        Mrs. O. Mitchell has had a very severe attack of la grippe.

        Mrs. David Barnet has been very sick again with her old trouble, a cancerous growth in the stomach.          

        Robert Barr was called to Mansfield Monday by the sudden illness of his mother.  His sister is also very low with consumption.


        Frank Fulton spent last Sunday at home.

        George Rider and wife have been quite sick the past ten days with la grippe.

        Miss Ettie Donnan is working near Lexington.

        Miss Lizzie Maglott returned home last Saturday after spending the winter with her brother in Ada. 

        O M. McCready is at home this week on account of a bealing on his hand incapacitating him from work.

        Miss Snook, from near Mifflin, is working at David Stewart’s home

        Mrs. Minnie Hoover has been sick the past week.

        Mrs. Anna Barker, of Buffalo, N. Y., arrived here Saturday, with the intention of spending the summer with her mother, Mrs. Dorothy Cate.


        Farmers are busy plowing for their spring crops. 

        There is a good bit of sickness at present.  La grippe is still here and finds new victims

        Mrs. Rook is very poorly; she is staying with her brother, Henry Golliday.

        Another pioneer, Mr. Herkwood, was taken last Friday by the hand of Death.  He was buried at Shenandoah.  Mr. Herkwood was 83 years old.  He came to the state 55 years ago from Pennsylvania.

        Dr. Roasberry, has purchased Benjamin Egner’s farm in the west part of town

        Last week E. R. and Robert Houston brought two car loads of dehorned cattle from Chicago to feed and sell in the summer market. 


        D M. Leppo and wife, of Bellville, Sundayed here last week.

        Mrs. Hiram Baker has been quite sick for the past week with la grippe.  She is some better.

        F E. Taylor has commenced work for C. C. Charles.

        A G. McGreggor is delivering fruit trees this week.

        The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Banks died last Sunday and was buried Monday in the village cemetery.  Mrs. Banks is very ill.

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