Worthington Enterprise:  January 2, 1890, Vol. II, No. 5

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Worthington Enterprise:  January 2, 1890, Vol. II, No. 5


J. Edward Price, Proprietor

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We, the undersigned merchants and business men of Independence, agree to close our stores and several places of business, during a protracted meeting to be held at the M.P. Church, in said village, commencing Jan. 6, 1890, from 6:45 to 8 o'clock p.m., except Saturday evenings, at which time stores, etc. will remain open as heretofore.  I. Shaffer, W.A. Nichols, F.A. Gardner, Jr., Downing Bros., I. Hess, W.A. Pearce, J.R. Staunton, D.C. Scott, Pearce & Weant, James Daugherty, Milton Wise, Daniel Loos, Fred Beyer, M. Hudnut, Wise & Co., G.W.  Sanders, Geo. F. Buchanan, Jno. Wise & Son, H.B. McClellan, David Zartman, James Sheehy, C.H. George. 

The Evangelical and M.P. Sunday Schools held their annual election of officers last Sabbath.  They are as follows:  EVANGELICAL:  Supt., E.A. Plank;  Asst. Supt., I. Shaffer;  Sec'y., Birdie Switzer;  Treas., G.B. Keefer;  Chorister, I. Shaffer;  Organist, Lulu Plank;  and Asst. Organist, Ella Traxler.  M.P. CHURCH:  Supt., P.H. Traxler;  Asst. Supt., J.W. Bell;  Sec'y, A.R. Stichler;  Treas., Oscar Wise;  Chorister, A.B. Plank;  Asst. Chorister, John Boyer;  Organist, Maggie Hammons;  and Asst. Organist, Maude Swearingen. 

Mrs. Martha Barrett is visiting at Galion.

Mrs. A. Switzer and Mrs. J.B. Pearce are visiting at New Lyme.

Sherman Dalbey has located at Gann, Knox County.

B.R. Hurd and family are now residents of Knox County.

Michael O'Hearn is reported to be doing nicely.

There is a bouncing young man down at Jim Leedy's.

Lew Dickes visited relatives in Mansfield over Sunday.

B.F. Traxler is visiting his brother and sister at Newark this week.

Misses Bertie Spayde and Ella Traxler are the guests of Mansfield friends this week.

Noble Calhoon and Noble Taylor visited relatives in Paulding County, this state, last week.

William Pritchard, of Illinois, is visiting relatives in this vicinity.

Quil. Arnold and C.L. McClellan, of the University of Wooster, are at home during vacation.

Geo. McCurdy, from Pennsylvania, is visiting relatives in the vicinity of Davis.

R.C. Cline of Cleveland, visited the Miss Switzers during Christmas.

Miss Cora George, of Mt. Vernon, spent Sunday with her parents.

S.F. Ottinger was down from Mansfield Tuesday.

A. Hitchman spent the holidays at home.  He will travel for the same firm another year.

Mrs. Geo. W. Clapper and son, of Mt. Vernon, are visiting their folks here this week.

D. Palm, wife and family, of Bellville, were the guests of friends here from Sunday until Monday.

Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Eicher will start for their home in Jefferson, Green County, Iowa, next Monday.

C.M. Wise and Floyd left for Cleveland on the 9:52 train Wednesday.

Prof. Ford and wife left for Shelby, Tuesday morning, to attend the Teachers Institute.

Ralph Smith, of Ashland, visited his mother southeast of town, during Christmas week.

Misses Cora and Rosa Clever, of near Bellville, were the guests of friends here from Christmas until Friday.

Fred McNare, wife and baby, of Delta, were the guests of Mrs. McNare's folks here during Christmas and New Year's.

Mrs. Buchanan, of the Mansion House, enjoyed a pleasant visit of a week or so in Ashland county, among her old acquaintances.

John Henderson, formerly of Cumberland County, England, but lately of Tiffin, Ohio, is visiting his father at the Woolen Mill.

Thos. Gardner has moved from Loudonville into the Dan Hissong house, formerly occupied by R.L. Hettinger.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Kanaga started for their home in Ft. Wayne, last Sabbath afternoon, after spending their Christmas among relatives and friends here.

Dr. J.M. McLaughlin presented his wife with a handsome Christmas gift in the shape of a large new cook stove of the very latest design and containing all the modern improvements.

Burt Freehafer, who is teaching the White Hall school, received a nice present from his scholars on Christmas Day, in the shape of a handsome clock.  He also treated his scholars as is usual on such days.

Calvin Mishey left for Empire Colorado last Thursday, where he expects to make his home.  We wish him success and not less than a barrel of money every year.

Christmas Day was the 39th. anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. I.H. Kanaga's wedded life and all their children were with them on that day for the first time for many years.  The occasion was a very enjoyable one and B.W. Drake, the artist, was summoned who photographed the happy group.

Dr. M.B. Walker will leave for Cincinnati next Monday to resume his studies in the dental college at that place, and will be gone until the 14th. of March, at which time he will return to his old stand at the Mansion House, where he kindly solicits the patronage of the public.  Remember all hi work is warranted and satisfaction guaranteed.

Samuel Hettinger and Miss Emma Bowman were united in marriage on Christmas Day, by Rev. Moffit, at Fredericktown.

BELLVILLE (reprinted from the Bellville Independent)

James Traxler, of Independence, called on friends here Wednesday.

Mrs. Dave Dyer visited her father, Jackson Nickles, last week.

Pat Gatton and family visited at Fredericktown last week.

J.E. and W.A. Nichols, of Independence, attended the dance here Wednesday.

Miss Lou Percell, of Fredericktown, spent Christmas here.

Nathan Oldfield, who has been sojourning in the west the past two years, returned on Tuesday.  

The Hollenbaugh Bros. have opened up a basket factory in the rear of Sade Brollier's former residence.

John Alley who was jailed for the theft of an umbrella has been released on bail, two Mansfield parties going his security.

Clinton Steele, of Caldwell, Kan., was knocked down and robbed by three colored men last night near the Baltimore and Ohio depot.  A gold watch and $135 in money were taken from him.  He arrived at this place, his old home, on Monday night, and has a severe cut over his left eye as a result of the event.  

Geo. W. Lafferty and Oshea Whitten were brought before Judge May Monday afternoon and both changed their plea to guilty of burglary and larceny as charged in the indictment.  They were each sentenced to one year's imprisonment in the Penitentiary at hard labor without solitary confinement.  The ages of Lafferty and Whitten are respectively 18 and 20, the latter being the oldest.  They were taken to the Penitentiary on Tuesday.  Lafferty was transferred to the Reform farm and Whitten remained in the O.P. 

Married, on Tuesday, Dec. 24th., by Rev. S.S. Kauffman, Mr. Benjamin Berry and Miss Lavina Ferguson, both of Newville.

sts  Probate Court - Appointments  sts

  • Jno. M. Henderson, executor of J.P. Henderson.  Bond $7,000.

sts  Marriage Licenses  sts

  • Frank Kirkpatrick & Jennie Smith

  • Thos. T. Lucas & Cora I. Poland

  • Melvin LeRoy Paste & Susan V. Oldfield

  • Wilbert E. Pittenger & Rilda E. Mercer

  • R. Scott Buck & Vergie V. Hackett

  • Elmer D. McDonough & Jennie Snyder

  • Wesley B. Hainer & Ina V. Kennedy

  • Geo. W. Long & Bertie McPherson

  • Jno. Stephens & Ella Hayes

  • Albert A. Shafer & Mary L. Goss

  • Benjamin Berry & Lovina Ferguson

  • Albertus S. Bare & Ida M. Mellick

  • James Currie & Eva Bricker Chamberlain

  • Volney Beardsley & Minnie V. Mitchell

  • Curtis E. Vinson & Jennie L. Bricker

  • Chas. Keiser & Florence Ida Morrison

  • Curtis A. Hacket & Guby Harter

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