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Shelby Independent News:  23 December 1875, Vol. 8, No. 9


S.S. Bloom, Editor and Proprietor

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Mrs. Benjamin Hollenbaugh, died on Wednesday of last week, and was buried on Friday at the London Church.  Obituary next week.

Mr. Joseph Neal, while cutting wood on Friday last, had his eye knocked out by a stick which few up into it.  It was the opinion of the physician that sight was entirely destroyed.

Mr. George H. Sargeant, formerly of Bellville, this county, partner in business with Col. Madden, formerly from Shelby, in Urbana, Ohio, committed suicide on Saturday night of week before last by shooting himself in the head.  He had a sunstroke while in the army, was in feeble health, and for several days before had shown signs of insanity.  He was buried at Bellville last Wednesday.

One of Mr. Chapman's twins died on last Sunday, and was buried on Monday last. 

John Zediker was sentenced to imprisonment for thirty days, for taking a horse from a hitching post in Mansfield.

Father A.L. Richards held the 80th. anniversary of his birthday at the residence of Mr. Geo. C. Brown in Crestline, on Tuesday, Dec. 14th., and had a good time.

We are indebted to Mr. H.J. Byrer, Undertaker, for the information that a child of Mr. D.W. Souder of Ft. Wayne, aged about one year, took sick with chicken-pox, and died at Mr. John Fireoved's -- father-in-law of Mr. Souder, on Sunday last.  The funeral took place at the London Church on Tuesday.  Obituary next week.

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