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Shelby Independent News:  09 December 1875, Vol. 8, No. 7


S.S. Bloom, Editor and Proprietor

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MARRIED, At the residence of Mr. Thomas Wetz, Dec. 2d., 1875, by Rev. D.I. Foust, Mr. Eli Swanger of Shiloh, and Miss Rebecca Ickes of Perry Co., Pa.

MARRIED, At the Lutheran Parsonage, Dec. 4th., 1875, by the same, Mr. Frederick Sauter, of Delaware, O. and Miss Leah Barnes, of near Shelby.

MARRIED, At the Presbyterian Parsonage, on the evening of the 2d. inst., by Rev. W.W. Anderson, Mr. J. Frank Gump and Miss Priscilla R. Furguson, both of the vicinity of Shelby.

MARRIED, At the residence of the bride's parents, on Thursday, Dec. 2d., by Elder W.P. Burchard, Mr. D.H. Cole of Wyandot Co., Ohio, to Miss Elizabeth N. Bodley, of Richland Co.

MARRIED, On the afternoon of Sabbbath Nov. 28th., at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. A.J. Kissell, Mr. James Michner to Miss Zella Hilborn, all of Crawford County, Ohio.

MARRIED, By Rev. Loose, at the residence of Mr. John Briner, near Shelby, December 2d., 1875, Mr. Thomas Tucker, of near Shenandoah, and Miss Elizabeth Briner.

MARRIED, At same time and place, by same, Mr. Jacob B. Weiser, of near Ganges and Miss Susanna Briner.

DIED, Samuel Stack, near Rome, Nov. 28th., 1875, aged 32 years.  Mr. Stack was about five years ago, injured by a fall, which at last resulted in death.  He was a man of steady and industrious habits, devoted to the care of his aged and infirm mother, who, at the funeral was the only relative, following to the grave her only son.  Funeral services were held in the Presbyterian Church, conducted by Rev. N.H. Loose, attended by a large congregation.

DIED, Rebecca (Devoe), wife of Jacob Valentine, was born in Bedford Co., Pa., died at Rome, O., Sunday the fifth inst., aged 67 years, 6 months and 13 days.  The deceased was for many years a sufferer, which affliction she bore with patience.  She leaves a husband and a family of grown up children to mourn her loss.  Funeral services conducted by Rev. Loose, were held at her late residence.


Daniel Augustine was found dead in bed on Wednesday morning.  Obituary next week.

DIED, At the residence of her son Mr. L. Forbes, near Ganges, Richland Co., O., Nov. 30th., 1875, Mrs. Elizabeth Forbes.  Deceased was born in Bedford Co., Pa., August 12th., 1790.  Her maiden name was Higgins.  In the year 1808 she was married to Wm. Stevens.  By this marriage she became the mother of three children (girls), who were all present at the funeral.  In the year 1814 they removed to this state, intending to settle in Licking County;  but when within one day's travel of their destination, a terrific storm overtook them, a tree was blown across the wagon which killed the husband and father instantly, leaving the mother with three helpless children, one an infant at the breast.  (This younger is now the amiable and respected wife of our fellow citizen, Mr. J.C. Wood, who resides five miles north-east of Shelby.)  More than half of the inhabitants at the time being the red men of the forest, it was found impossible for her to pursue their former plans;  so she turned aside to live with her father-in-law, who then resided in Mt. Vernon.  Here she remained until she was married to Mr. Libeus Forbes, with whom she moved to Springfield Twp., Richland County, Ohio, where she lived until 1867, raising a family of one son and eight daughters by this last marriage.  Her last removal was with her son to his residence near Ganges, where she was permitted to end her long and useful life in great peace.  In the year 1820, Mother Forbes became a Christian, uniting with the M.E. Church, in which she lived a faithful, consistent member for forty-five years.  A record which none need be ashamed to carry into the future world.  Her illness was of short duration.  She arose in the morning as usual, was attacked with apoplexy and at nine o'clock she passed away in great peace, saying "Let me die".  Thus ends the long and useful life of another of the pioneers of this country;  dead it is true, but will live long in the fond memory of a large circle of relatives and friends, as was shown by the attendance at the funeral, which took place from the Ganges Church, conducted by the writer.  Mrs. Forbes was the mother of 12 children, one son and eleven daughters, eight of whom are still living.   Thirty-three grandchildren living and 27 dead;  40 great-grandchildren living and 10 dead.  -- O.H. RAMSEY

Rev. Henry Williard, well and favorably known in this locality, and about twenty years ago pastor of the Shelby Charge of the Reformed Church, died at the family home in Lancaster, Ohio, November 29th.

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