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Shelby Independent News:  11 November 1875, Vol. 8, No. 3


S.S. Bloom, Editor and Proprietor

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Charles W. Holmes, a son of Ex-Sheriff Jas. B. Holmes, recently died in Mansfield, aged about 21 years.  He was a highly respected young man.

The divorce case between Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Bricker resulted in the divorce of the parties.  Mrs. Bricker gets the custody of the children and the farm, subject to the liens upon it, and some of the personal property, while Mr. Bricker is to receive $1,000 from the farm, and the personal property left to pay the other debts.

Timothy Costin, formerly from Mansfield, fell from a bridge near Dennison, Ohio, and died Oct. 29th.  He was in the employ of the Pan Handle Railroad Company, and by mistake in the dark, stepped from a bridge to let a locomotive pass, and fell a distance of over thirty feet, so seriously injuring himself as to cause death soon after.  His remains were brought to Mansfield for interment.  He was highly esteemed.

Two men named Adam Mathews and William Heck at work in the stone quarry, a few miles northeast of Mansfield, on Wednesday of last week, were instantly buried beneath a large mass of rocks and stones, which suddenly fell upon them.  Another person named Mahan escaped.  It required several days work to obtain the bodies of the unfortunate persons, and only late on Thursday were found.  Mathes [sic.] was greatly mangled, but Heck was not so much crushed.  Their remains were buried last Sunday, at Mansfield, attended by a large and sympathetic procession.  Music was interspersed by the Mansfield Band, one of them being a member.

DIED, Elijah Ruth was born March 29th., 1844, died Nov. 6th., 1875, aged 31 years, 7 months and 7 days.  The deceased was after a few days of severe illness, stricken to the grave.  His sudden departure is a terrible bereavement to his disconsolate mother, to whom he was a very kind and dutiful son.  Brothers, sisters and friends sadly mourn.  He was a good and respectable young man, having been especially devoted to the care of a younger sister, and his aged and infirm mother.  Funeral service, conducted by N.H. Loose, were held in the Presbyterian Church at Rome, O., on last Sunday afternoon, attended by a very large concourse of people.  -- N.H.L.

SUICIDE IN JACKSON TWP -- The mystery concerning the body of a dead man found in Jackson Twp. has been fully cleared up.  The facts are as follows:  On Monday of last week, Mr. Frederick Zerger while out hunting, was attracted to the spot where the man was found, by the strange conduct of his dog, and immediately gave the alarm.  The man was aged about thirty years, of Irish descent, five and a half feet high, sandy hair, mustache, and chin whiskers;  and had a tooth out of his lower jaw near the left corner of his mouth -- otherwise good teeth.  He wore a good silk corded cap, grey woolen coat, two check shirts, and brown denim pantaloons, and had a leather belt tied around his waist.  He had a pocket book containing one penny, a pipe full of tobacco, and one match, but nothing from which to learn his name or place of residence.  He had evidently committed suicide by climbing a tree, lying out on a lower limb, tying a cord (previously used to bind together plastering lath or something of that kind) around the limb, and around his neck, and then letting himself fall from the limb.  The cord was cut, but not between the limb and his neck as reported, but had that appearance on each end.  It was torn by the weight of the body, which had hung there perhaps several weeks or a month.  C.C. Laser, Esq., acting as Coroner, summoned Reuban Hess, James Huffman, J.W. Vinson, John Leppo, Peter Zerger, and John D. Myers, as a Jury, who, after learning all the facts, rendered as their verdict that he committed suicide by hanging himself.  There can be no doubt of that fact.  There is no truth in the report of foul play.

DIED, Peter Sechrist was born near Harrisburg, Pa., April 20th, 1795, died near Shenandoah, O., Nov. 1st., 1875, aged 80 years, 6 months and 12 days.  Mr. Sechrist was married to Mary Noecker, March 31st., 1825;  moved to Richland County, Ohio, in 1839, and since resided at the same place.  In youth he was confirmed a member of the Reformed Church, and was a member of the same, at Shenandoah.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. N.H. Loose, attended by many old friends.

MARRIED, By Rev. N.H. Loose at his residence, November 5th., 1875, Mr. Joseph Monn and Miss Hattie M. Baker, both of near Ganges, Ohio.

Mrs. May, an old esteemed lady of this vicinity, died on last Tuesday at her son-in-law's, Mr. Richard Keith.

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