NN -- Shelby Independent News:  09 September 1875, Vol. 7, No. 46

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Shelby Independent News:  09 September 1875, Vol. 7, No. 46


S.S. Bloom, Editor and Proprietor

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A serious accident happened to Mr. J.C. Magaw while assisting in threshing at the farm of Mrs. Jane Zeigler of Bloominggrove Twp., this county, on last Saturday.  Mr. Magaw was building the straw stack.  After it was completed, in getting down, the straw sliding from under him, threw him against a hook used as a door fastening which caught in his arm, horribly tearing the flesh from bone and sinew.  Dr. Roseborough was immediately called and dressed the wounds.

Dr. A.V. Patterson of Mansfield has received the appointment of Pension Surgeon for this district, in place of Dr. Loughridge, deceased.

Mr. Lysander Morse, formerly of the Junction Mills has been spending some days in Shelby, visiting his family and friends. 

MARRIED, At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. J.W. Weiser, by Rev. W.W. Anderson, on Wednesday evening, September 1st., 1875, Mr. Daniel W. Douglass and Miss Jennie M. Weiser.


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