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Shelby Independent News:  25 February 1875, Vol. 7, No. 18


S.S. Bloom, Editor and Proprietor

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Miss Laura Billow, daughter of Mr. David Billow has been quite ill for a week past. 

DIED, Miss Carrie Brown passed away to her eternal home on the eve of the 19th. inst., in the 44th. year of her age.  She was born in Brooke Co., W. Va., November 17th., 1831, but for a number of years lived in this vicinity, winning many warm friends.  She was baptized, when young, in the belief of her mother, now deceased, but during her years of suffering, her faith went up beyond churchly signs and forms, and fastened itself heartily and intelligently upon Him who alone can save.  Her mind was active, her heart warm, and a vacancy is left in the home circle, in the community, and in the Sharon Grange Lodge, of which she was a worthy member, which only the memory of her life can fill.  The funeral services at the home of her aged father, was attended largely by citizens, and the members of the Order, and her remains rest in Oakland Cemetery, to await the resurrection.  Let her last hope and last words speak the joy and triumph of her soul:  She remarked when she awoke on the morning of the day in which she died:-- "O! What a beautiful world".  She said:  "O! What strange feelings" three times, clasping her hands.  Then she said "Is this death?" and then "What wonderful things" which she repeated several times, speaking slowly, and emphasizing every word.  Then she clasped and raised her hands over her head and said: "O! Lord God!  My Lord! God Almighty!  I never could conceive how the Soul entered and departed from the body of man!"  brightening up in her countenance, as though she had been made to realize how it was.  "It is worth all my life of suffering to die this death.  If this is death it is sweet to die.  This is the happiest day of all my life."  Then after sleeping a few minutes, she said:  "I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  I believe that Jesus died to save sinners and I trust Him to save me."

MARRIED, By Rev. N.H. Loose, at the residence of Mr. L. St. John, February 18th., 1875, Mr. William Wallace of Morrison, Ill., and Miss Mary J. St. John, of Shelby, O.

Mrs. Geo. Bowman is not dead as reported, but getting better fast, though not yet able to sit up.  Her disease was pleurisy.  She was in the country attending her parents, Mr. & Mrs. John Leppo, when she was taken sick.  They are likewise recovering slowly.

DIED, On February 14th., at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Melsheimer, of congestion of the lungs, Mrs. Sarah Ferree, aged 74 years and 2 days.  Mother Ferree's maiden name was Crall.  In 1823 she was married to Jacob B. Ferree, who still survives her.  They were formerly residents of Dauphin Co., Pa.  They moved to this County in 1835.  They had two children, who are still living, viz.:  Mrs. Melsheimer and Mrs. McGee, widow, residents of Shelby.  Mrs. Ferree was a member of the Lutheran church.  She and her husband united with the same in Pa.  After coming to Ohio, they connected themselves with a Lutheran congregation at Ganges, which has since disbanded.  While they lived at Shelby they have not united with any church owing, on the part of Mother Ferree, to a defect in her hearing which deprived her of the benefits of public worship.  On Tuesday evening, February 2d., according to her own request, the Lord's Supper was administered to herself and husband, by Rev. D.I. Foust.  She died, after many weeks of intense suffering, in the triumphs of the christian's faith.  In her life, she was a dutiful wife, kind mother, friendly neighbor, and an earnest Christian.  She was ever opposed to unnecessary display, hence she requested that her body be not taken into the church nor conveyed to the cemetery on a hearse.  Funeral services in the Lutheran church after burial.  Sermon by Rev. D.I. Foust.

We are informed that a sad accident recently occurred to a son of Mr. Adam Linn, in Franklin Township, at the Grocery of Messrs. Blosser & Uhlick.  The horse he was riding became frightened, threw him on his head and shoulder, breaking his breast bone and otherwise injuring him.  Dr. Anderson was called to attend this case.  We have not heard whether his injuries are more serious than first supposed.


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