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Abstracted from the original papers held by the Richland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

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04 February 1888, Vol. LXX, No. 37

Lucas.  Mrs. Foltz, one of the pioneer residents of this vicinity, was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery lately, having died at Mansfield.

Lucas.  Miss Mary Paylor, whose illness has been noticed from time to time in the SHIELD, died on Saturday night, Jan. 28, at 11 o'clock, aged 23 years, and was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery on the following Monday.  She had been a great sufferer from a complication of diseases, all of which she bore with great patience, having been confined to her bed for four months.  The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Jones in the Congregational church, of which denomination she was a member.  There was a large turn-out.  The Sunday School manifested their respect by purchasing numerous costly cut flowers and appropriate crape emblems.  Her Sunday School class were all present at the funeral exercises.

Shelby.  Born -- On Jan. 28th. to Mr. & Mrs. James Ferrell, a son.

Shelby.  Born -- On Tuesday, Jan. 31st., to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sweeney, a son.

Bellville.  John Robinson, Sr., one of the pioneer residents of this vicinity, died at his home 1 miles east of this place on Tuesday, aged 84 years and 15 days.  The funeral took place on Thursday.  The services were conducted by Rev. John Kelly.  Interment took place at the Robinson family burying ground on the Tarrus farm.

Bellville.  Mr. and Mrs. Gust Windesheim left on Wednesday for Chicago where they expect to reside permanently.

An increase of pension has been granted to Wm. Hewey, of Lucas, and also to William Fulton, of Barnes P.o., with arrests amounting to about $550.

John T. Croft and Miss Ida Ritchey, both of this city, were married at the Lutheran parsonage on the evening of the 28th. ult., Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles officiating.

Charles N. Nicholson, of Kansas City, arrived in the city on Tuesday to attend the funeral of his father on Wednesday afternoon.  He will return today (Saturday).

On Tuesday Dr. H.L. Wiles united in marriage Mr. Wm. T. Brandt and Miss Sarah E. Sheriff, both of Madison Township, at the Lutheran parsonage on Park Avenue West.

Probate Court Appointments:  A.J. Twitchell has been appointed administrator of Ludwell C. Buzzard;  John J. Wood, administrator of William A. Hackett;  and Robt. L. Underwood, guardian of Orrie E. Donnan and Carrie E. Donnan, minors and heirs at law of Tobias Cline, deceased.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  Andrew Ott & Lizzie Reddinger;  Willard A. Miller & Alice Malone;  John T. Croft & Ida Ritchey;  Wm. C. Pickens & Jeannette Marlow;  Wm. T. Brant & Sarah E. Sheriff;  Elza E. Culler & Cora Fox;  John W. Hafer & Ida M. Taylor.

A pleasant wedding was held at the residence of James Marlow, in Springfield Township, on Wednesday, the contracting parties being Wm. C. Pickens, of Martin's Ferry, O., and Miss Jeannette Marlow.  Rev. J.W. Hubbell, of this city, officiated.  A large number of relatives and friends were present.  The couple left on the same day for the groom's home.  They will locate in the above township.

Andrew Ott, who arrived here from Germany last October, made application for his first naturalization papers and a license to wed Miss Lizzie Reddinger, both at the same time, on last Saturday.

Mrs. John Ward, a pioneer resident of Weller Township, died on Sunday morning at the age of about 70 years.  The funeral services were conducted at the Milton church on Tuesday afternoon.  Deceased was a member of one of the oldest families in the county and was favorably known to a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

William Nicholson, long a traveling salesman from this city, died at his home on West Second Street, last Saturday evening, at the age of 58 years.  Deceased had been in ill health for nearly a year but died suddenly and very unexpectedly.  He has a son at Kansas City and other children and a wife living in this city.  The remains were interred on Wednesday afternoon.

On last Thursday evening, Chauncey F. Allen and Miss Emma R. Irwin were married at the Lutheran parsonage in this city, Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles officiating.  The bride is a popular teacher in the public schools of this city and the groom is a travelling salesman whose home is at Woodbury, Conn.  Miss Irwin will not resign her position as principal of the Johns Addition school until the school closes in June.

MARRIED.  FORBES-STAKE.  Jan. 21, at the residence of the bride's parents, near Newville, O., by Rev. T.J. Wert, Mr. Charles E. Forbes and Effie M. Stake, all of Richland Co., Ohio.

MARRIED.  McLAUGHLIN-REIDER.  Mr. John McLaughlin and Miss Grace Reider were married on Thursday afternoon in the Methodist Episcopal parsonage in this city, Rev. G.W. Huddleston officiating.

MARRIED.  PICKENS-MARLOW.  Feb. 1, at the residence of Mr. James Marlow, in Springfield township, by Rev. J.W. Hubbell, Mr. William C. Pickens of Belmont Co., and Miss Jeannette Marlow.

11 February 1888, Vol. LXX, No. 38

Independence.  William Tarris, of near Bellville, died Friday evening.

Independence.  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCullough were both made happy last Friday evening.  It's a boy.

Independence.  Charley Ward's little girl, aged probably three years, died Friday and was buried at Four Corners on Saturday.  It is said that the little pet was one of the sweetest and brightest little things of its age in the neighborhood.

Independence.  Mrs. Harrison Cassel, one of our most estimable ladies and a kind wife and mother, died last Monday morning.  The remains were interred at the Four Corners cemetery on Wednesday, conducted by Rev. Wert, of the M.P. church.  A large concourse of relatives and friends followed deceased to her last resting place on earth.

Franklin Township.  Miss Ida Taylor was married to John W. Hafer, of Shelby, last Thursday evening.  May their marital life be a long and happy one.

Franklin Township.  Death has called our good old friend and neighbor, John Fidler.  He never had but little sickness until the time of his death.  He has been a kind friend, good neighbor and a devoted Christian.

Lucas.  C.B. Swigart is doubtless the happy father of the most handsome twin babies in the state -- only an expert can tell the two apart.  Mr. Swigart has just had them photographed by our own city artist and was so well pleased with the proof that he at once ordered from the same negative four dozen cabinet prints.

Newville.  Feb. 3d., 1888, born to Wm. Haas and wife, a daughter.

Lexington.  The funeral of Mrs. Joseph Boals took place on Tuesday.  Services were held at the house and the remains were interred in the Lexington Cemetery.  The deceased was sick but a very short time, when death relieved her of her sufferings at a late hour on last Sunday night.

Bellville.  Wm. Tarres, Jr. died at the home of his father near this place on Friday, Feb. 3d., in his 40th. year.  The funeral took place on Sunday at 2 p.m.  The services were conducted by Rev. Creswell, of Ontario.

Bellville,  Henry Ingham received a telegraph dispatch on Friday evening which informed him of the death of his father at Myerstown, Pa.  He at once drove to Mansfield and took a train for the east.  He will probably assume charge of his father's business and remain at that place, as he was arranging to make this move at an early date.

Shelby.  Born on Wednesday, Feb. 8, to Mr. & Mrs. Chas. E. Petit, a son.

Shelby.  James Wareham, residing a mile south of town, died at his home on Sunday morning last after a brief illness.  Mr. Wareham was a man of fine intelligence and was a devout member of the Presbyterian church and well respected by all.  He died at an advanced age.

Shelby.  Married on Jan. 31, Mr. Clarance B. Hyde, of Paola, Kan., and Miss Mattie Knowles, of Shelby, Rev. M.L. Kunkleman officiating.

Shelby.  Married on Jan. 31, Mr. William A. Miller, of Kansas, to Miss Alice Malone, of Shelby, Rev. M.L. Kunkleman officiating.

Shelby.  John F. Saiger, formerly of this place and late of Newcastle, Ind., died at that place after a lingering illness on Feb. 4, 1888.  The remains were brought to this place for interment.  Mr. Saiger was 68 years of age and was well and favorably known at this place, having for many years been engaged in different branches of business since 1845 until 1886, when he moved with his family to his late home.  The funeral service was held at the Christian church on Monday afternoon, conducted by Rev. J.W. Lowe, of Shenandoah, Ohio.

Sand Hill, Monroe Twp.  At the residence of the bride's parents, near Sand Hill, on Wednesday evening, Feb. 1st., 1888, Mr. E.E. Culler and Miss Cora Fox were united in matrimony by Rev. G.M. Grau and on the following morning the bride and groom started on a visiting tour among their friends in Seneca County.  We wish the happy couple long life, prosperity and unalloyed happiness, even down to old age.

Herman F. Harmon, a brother of Mrs. Folsom and uncle of Mrs. Cleveland, died last Friday at Charlestown, Mass.

Robt. McCune and Mrs. Phoebe Keiser, of this city, have been granted pensions.

Probate Court Appointments:  Sarah I. Wilson and Noble Calhoun have been appointed executors of Erastus B. Wilson;  Mathew Turner, administrator of David Turner;  and H.W. Hildebrant, assignee of Perry Boreman.

On Sunday morning Wm. Wareham, a well known citizen of Jackson Township, died from Bright's disease after a lingering illness.  Deceased was over 71 years old.  Interment occurred on Tuesday afternoon at London Church Cemetery.

A marriage license was granted in the Probate Court this week to Lorenzo Kindig and Susie Bensinger.  The contracting parties after securing the above credential immediately repaired to the law office of Cummings & McBride, where they were married by 'Squire Endly.  Kindig procured a divorce from a former wife in Morrow County a few months ago, the above attorneys representing him in the suit.

Mr. F.A. Johnston, of the SHIELD editorial staff, was called to his former home at Wilmot, Stark county, last Saturday by the serious illness of his father, Mr. Josiah W. Johnston, who had been ailing a long time with kidney disease.  Thursday a telegram was received saying that his father had died at 3:30 that morning.  Mr. Johnston was 56 years of age and had served as a soldier in the late war and had been in poor health ever since his service in the army.  The funeral will take place today (Saturday) at 10 a.m. under the auspices of the G.A.R.  Deceased was an uncle of Mrs. Dr. Reed, of this city.

A 21-months-old son of Ed. P. Hawley, machinist with the Mansfield Machine Works, died on Wednesday evening.  The funeral took place yesterday morning from the St. Peter's Catholic church.

At near midnight Tuesday William S. Burns, a well known pioneer resident of this city, died at his home on North East Diamond Street at the age of nearly 81 years.  Deceased and his wife, who survives him, have been feeble for some years.  The funeral took place this (Friday) afternoon under the auspices of the local Masonic order, of which Mr. Burns was a member.  Mr. Burns was one of our most highly esteemed citizens and a thoroughly good man.

The mother of I.S. Donnell, of this city, Mrs. Ann M. Donnell, died at the old homestead in Cumberland Co., Pa., on last Sunday and was buried Wednesday at Carlisle Springs.  She was aged over 89 years and her mother died a few years ago at the ripe old age of 97 years.

An original pension has been granted to K. Prosser, of Lexington, and an increase allowed to Ezra P. Bell, of this city.

Mr. John Fidler, the oldest citizen of Franklin Township, died Jan. 30th., aged 93 years and 1 month.  Mr. Fidler was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., and moved to this county in 1834.  He was a member of the German Reformed church, a good citizen and well respected.  The funeral took place last Friday from Clay Lutheran Church and the services were conducted by Rev. D.W. Smith, of this city.  The deceased was the step-father of Abram Small, of this city.

But a single divorce case was adjudicated in the Common Pleas Court last week, that of Homer C. Goodwin against Sarah C. Goodwin.  The plaintiff resides in Perry Twp. and married the defendant in June, 1885.  Shortly afterwards it was ascertained that the defendant was enciente from another person and soon gave birth to a full developed child.  The decree was granted by Judge May on hearing evidence that sustained the above allegations.  Wolfe & Henry represented the plaintiff.

18 February 1888, Vol. LXX, No. 39

Lexington.  Mt. Vernon parties have erected monuments in memory of Henry Graham and Wm. Gass in the Lexington Cemetery.

Lexington.  Old Lady Fike died after a long siege of illness on last Sunday night and her remains were interred in the Independence Cemetery on Monday.

Bellville.  A gloom has been cast over the community by the death of Mrs. Mary Flaharty, which occurred on Sunday morning, Feb. 12th., at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Wagener, corner Markey and Church streets, after a brief but painful illness.  The funeral took place at the Presbyterian church at 2 p.m. on Tuesday.  The services were conducted by the pastor, Rev. John Kelly, who was assisted by Rev. Fulton, of Lexington.  The funeral was largely attended, many people being compelled to stand up during the solemn service at the church.  Mrs. Flaharty was in her 35th. year, and had been a widow for a number of years.  She leaves one child, a daughter.  The aged parents and the orphaned daughter have the sincere sympathy of a large circle of friends who mourn with them the untimely death of one whose place in the family can never be filled.  The loss falls heavily upon the Presbyterian church, in which she has been a faithful and earnest worker, and the community feels that it has lost a most useful and valued member.

Shelby.  Frank Buck, son of Robert Buck, died at his father's home on Monday evening, after an illness of one day.  He was 19 years and two months old.  The funeral occurred on Wednesday conducted by Rev. Woods.

Shelby.  Jacob Bisell, aged 70 years, died at the home of his son-in-law, Thos. Sharkey, at this place.  He had been complaining for months and his condition seemed to be a general debility.  The funeral occurred on Thursday.

Mifflin.  The people of Mifflin were grieved to learn the early death of G.I. Zehner, who died Feb. 9, aged 26 years.  He was superintendent of the Mifflin Lutheran Sabbath school.  The officers of the school were his pall-bearers and the school attended his funeral on Sabbath.  The attendance was the largest ever known in Mifflin.  Mr. Zehner was a successful school teacher and taught the Koogle school until about the beginning of the present year, when, from the exhaustion of disease, consumption, he resigned and was soon claimed by death.  The high estimation on his character and the love for him by his acquaintances were marked by the respect at his funeral.  Next Sabbath at 1 p.m. the church and Sabbath School will have memorial services.  Addresses will be made by C.F. Engle, "Our Superintendent";  S.M. Coe, "His moral and social influence";  Rufus Kagey, "A Teacher";  Dr. Markel, "A son and brother";  and Rev. G.M. Grau's sermon will be on the advantages of a Christian life.

Thomas Bushnell, of Hayesville, and Mrs. Mary J. Kerr, of this city, were married on Wednesday.  The groom is a brother of Dr. Bushnell, of this city, and the bride is the widow of the late Hamilton Kerr.

Probate Court Appointments:  Abraham Smith has been appointed executor of the state of John Fidler, deceased, and Michael Heldenbrand, guardian of Henry H., Cleveland H. and Florence L. Heldenbrand, minors and heirs at law of Wm. E. Shafer, deceased.

John Finney, well known pioneer resident of this county, died at his home in Springfield Township on Tuesday night, aged 87 years.  The now numerous Finney family in the county are mostly descendants of his father's family, which settled on the farm in 1820 where this last son died.  Funeral was held from the late residence on Thursday afternoon, a large concourse of friends and relatives being in attendance.

Divorce proceedings have been instituted by Chas. H. McFarland against Ella McFarland in the Common Pleas Court this week.  His wife refused to emigrate westward from their former home in Pennsylvania, and the husband asks a divorce in his favor on the ground of willful absence.  The couple were married in 1869 and have seven children.  McFarland alleges a legal residence in this county.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  Douglas F. Jolley & Lydia R. Ringer;  Andrew I. Gordon & Lillie Miller;  Thomas Bushnell & Mary Jane Kerr;  William Lehnhart & Mary S. Maglott;  Henry H. Lorow & Mary E. Gaul;  James E. Finney & Anna M. Valentine;  John M. Campbell & Laura J. Doty;  Conrad Flockenzie & Sophia Reddig.

Proceedings inquirendo de lunatico were conducted here before Probate Judge Mack on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in the case of 12 inmates of the insane department of the county infirmary, relative to their proposed transfer to the new Asylum at Toledo.  The subjects were Abraham L. McCoy, legal residence Weller Township;  John Stratton, Madison;  Conrad Dare, Madison;  David Barr, Troy;  Mary Harris, Bloominggrove;  Minnie Bollinger, Plymouth;  Nancy Utley, Worthington;  Lena Culver, Washington;  Mary Smith, Sharon;  Louisa Eberly, Mary Lyons and Catharine Houck, Madison.  Nearly all the number have received treatment at the Columbus or some other asylum and are known as "incurable".  Four were brought in from the institution on each day and Dr. D.R. Francis, Supt. Hunter and Director Becker were examined as witnesses.  The patients will be taken to the Toledo Asylum where this county will now have 41 insane out of a quota of 46.

Married, at the residence of the bride, Feb. 15, by Rev. J.W. Hubbell, Mr. Thomas Bushnell, of Hayesville, and Mrs. Mary Jane Kerr, of this city.

Wm. H. Bradley and A.S. Patterson, both of this city, have been granted an increase of pension.

On application of Dr. Mitchell Starr in the Probate Court an inquest of lunacy was held before Judge Mack in the case of David Fackler, a well known farmer of Franklin township, on last Saturday.  David Bricker, Dr. Starr and Wm. Kochenderfer were examined as witnesses, and application was at once made for his admission to the Toledo Asylum, where he was taken by Sheriff Flannery on Tuesday.  Mr. Fackler is a highly respected citizen, is 43 years of age and has a family.  His malady is thought to have resulted from a fall from a load of hay about nine years ago.  The concussion sustained on his head lead to vertigo and melancholy, which eventually developed into insanity.

On Monday Nina Copeland, daughter of George T. Copeland, of this city, was adjudged insane in the Probate Court and has since been taken to the Toledo asylum.  She is but 21 years of age and her family is without known cause.

25 February 1888, Vol. LXX, No. 40

Lucas.  As previously mentioned, Mr. Harry Loro and Miss Mary Gaul, were united in matrimony at the Lutheran parsonage on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, Rev. D.J. Mitterling officiating.

Lexington.  John Campbell and Miss Laura Doty, both of this place, were united in marriage on Thursday of last week at the home of the bride's parents.  Quite a number of their most intimate friends were in attendance and many handsome and costly presents were given.  They left on the night train for Cadiz, O., and that vicinity.  We wish them a happy and prosperous life.

Independence.  Clate Phillips died Tuesday of this week and the obsequies took place Thursday at Ankenytown.

Franklin Township.  Another pioneer has passed away, since our last writing, in the person of John Wolf.  Mr. Wolf was born in 1804 and died February 14, 1888.  The funeral took place February 16, being conducted by the Revs. Murray and McMillen.  The remains were interred in the Zeiters Cemetery.  He was engaged in farming and manufacturing grain cradles the greater portion of his life.  Through the latter occupation he was widely known and highly esteemed, and, by his unbounded hospitality, gained himself a large circle of friends.

Mifflin.  Mr. & Mrs. Conn's little girl had a relapse which proved fatal.  She was buried last Monday.

Mifflin.  A little child of Aaron Buckley's died last Saturday.

Bellville.  Born, on Tuesday evening, Feb. 21st., to Mr. & Mrs. J.V. Oberlin, a son.

Bellville.  Emma J. Kelly, daughter of Dr. J.W. and Hattie E. Kelly, died on Saturday, Feb. 18th., aged 4 years and fifteen days.  The funeral took place from the Doctor's residence on Monday at 3 p.m.  The services were conducted by Rev. John Kelly and Rev. Austin Philpot.

John P. Stoodt, father of Wm. Stoodt, the meat dealer of this city, died at his home in Washington Township on Wednesday, aged 79 years.  Interment took place Friday morning at Washington village.

The death of Jacob A. Algire, for the past five years in the employ of Altherton & Keller as a stone cutter and brick mason, occurred on Sunday morning at his home in Perry Township.  He was aged about 37 years and leaves a family.

Original pensions have been granted William W. Smith, of this city, and John Yeasley, deceased, of Lucas.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  John C. Barney & Celinda P. Rehard;  Charles Shumaker & Cora B. Lorow;  Wesley Taylor & Gertie Wilson;  Geo. H. Hammon & Cora J. Forbes;  Charles E. Trimble & Cora A. Condon;  T.A. Cleney & Emily A. Crist;  Harry H. Beaver & J. Lillian Kerr;  Henry G. Morton & Dorotha A. Sturtz;  George M. Braden & Retta Keifer.

Probate Court Appointments:  Anna C. Griebling has been appointed executrix of Jacob Griebling;  Magdalena Barth, administratrix of John Barth;  T.H. Wiggins, executor of William Wareham;  Henry Zehner, administrator of John Wolf;  Frank Brewer, administrator of Rachel Brewer;  Isaac P. Morris, executor of Isabella Lindsey;  John Schrack, guardian of Albert, Clara, Lily, Blanch, Mattie and Nellie Pollock, minors and legatees under will of Charles Lawrence, deceased.

On Tuesday afternoon Leonard Sheets, whose serious and painful illness has from time to time been noted in these columns, died at his residence on West Third Street at the age of 58 years.  A post mortem examination was held on Wednesday afternoon, owing to the trouble with which he was afflicted being a very peculiar one.  It was conducted by Drs. Keys, Mitchell, Ecki and Loughridge, who found the affliction to be Hopkins' disease -- solidification of the liver and hardening of the spleen.  Deceased was born in Germany and removed to this city with his parents from Pennsylvania in 1850.  His wife, nee Miss Anna Stoutnour, and three children, Dr. C.A. Sheets, of St. Marys, O., W.M. Sheets and Mrs. E.B. King, of this city, survive to mourn his loss.   For the past seven years Mr. Sheets has been engaged in the livery business and in former years was a prominent building contractor.  The funeral occurred yesterday (Friday) afternoon under the auspices of the I.O.O.F.  Rev. D.W. Smith officiated at the religious services held at the late residence.  Mr. Sheets was one of our most respected citizens.  He was a member and officer of the St. Luke's Lutheran church and his is the first death that has occurred in that church since its organization.

Lawrence Flannery, of Nenagh, Tipperary County, Ireland, is the guest of his brother, Sheriff Flannery, and will probably locate here permanently.

Jacob Graham Martin, living two miles east of the city, died suddenly on Sunday night of heart disease.  The deceased was about fifty-two years old and was, up to the time of his death, in as good health as usual.  He leaves a wife.

Jacob Searfas [sic.] of Bellville, and Christian Eschbaugh and J.B. Mayer, of this city, have been granted an increase of pension.

Mrs. John Steiner died Sunday afternoon at her residence on Spring Mill Street.  She has long been troubled from an affection of the lungs.  The funeral occurred Wednesday afternoon.

Newville.  Born to Jas. Simmons and wife, Feb. 20th., a son.

Newville.  Miss Annie Goon, whose skull was fractured by a falling bell some time since, is dead.  She was buried at St. John's church on last Tuesday.

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