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Abstracted from the original papers held by the Richland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

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07 April 1888, Vol. LXX, No. 46

Independence.  The death of Mrs. Henry Secrist, Sr., occurred Tuesday evening of last week and the interment took place on Thursday at the Zion Cemetery, with Rev. Spreng, of the Evangelical church, in charge.

Independence.  Mr. & Mrs. William Statler have added a valuable acquisition to their family in the shape of a bouncing new Democrat, ticket in hand.  But from some cause or other he was just one day late for the election.  Guess he must have been examining the orchards seeing what the prospects are for plenty of hard cider next fall.  As soon as Doc Hubbs reads this item he will go and interview the gentleman, as his cider barrel is so dry that the hoops are all coming off, and has been this long time.

Lucas.  Wm. Kooken, aged 88, living in the south part of the township, died on the 1st. and was interred at the Emanuel cemetery on Tuesday of this week.

John U. Nunmaker [see picture].  John U. Nunmaker, Auditor of Richland County, was born in Weller Township, this county, on the 3d. day of May, 1837, when the birds were singing and trees blossoming into sweet perfume.  He taught district school for nine winters in Richland and Crawford Counties, served three terms as Treasurer of Madison Township, and in 1878 he went into the Auditor's office as Deputy Auditor under M.D. Ward, and served continuously, with the exception of a part of one year, until he was elected in 1883 to the office he now holds.  In 1886 he was re-elected Auditor by an increased majority in the face of the most strenuous efforts by Republicans to defeat him.  Auditor Nunmaker is an unassuming gentleman and has made a record as an efficient, impartial and honorable official such as any man might be proud of.  Mr. Nunmaker has endeavored to do his duty without fear or favor, and in so doing has engendered the ill will of tax-dodgers and others disposes to not deal fairly with the county, but the mass of tax payers are in sympathy with such fearless officials.

G.W. Brown has been granted a pension and T.A. Reeder an increase of pension, both of this city.

At Florence, N.J., on March 24th., Justice S. Redfield committed suicide by taking laudanum and opening an artery in this arm.  Mr. Redfield was 79 years of age and is reported to have been quite wealthy.  His money came from his wife, who is the mother of Mrs. Helen M. Stevenson, of this city.  Mrs. Stevenson will receive his entire estate.

Probate Court Appointments:  John Winget, guardian of G.F. Winget;  Theodore Dean, executor of J.L. Dean;  Elizabeth Uhler, guardian of Fred C. Uhler;  A.C. Stewart, administrator with will annexed of Ellen Walker;  H.W. Hildbrant, administrator of Anna R. Chapman;  W.E. Rohrer, assignee of W.W. Patterson.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  C.W. Landon & Helen Keifer;  W.H. Foerster & Bena Stacker;  Jacob Laubscher & Elizabeth Redding;  John Derr and Elizabeth Yearing;  John L. Weber & Mary S. Weiderhold;  Wm. Scrofield & Irene V. Kochenderfer;  Lewis W. Rhodes & Della Kochenderfer;  W.H. Russell & Ella McCormick;  J.M. Pfahler & Drucilla E. Teeter;  T.H.B. Clutter & R.A. McGuire;  Henry Smith & Elizabeth Stewart.

MARRIED, On Wednesday, April 4th., 1888, by H.W. Patterson, Esq., Mr. Jno. L. Weber and Miss Mary S. Weiderhold.

Joseph M. Lape, of Worthington township, wants a divorce from his wife, Amanda, and charges her in a petition filed in Common Pleas Court last Saturday, with adultery with one Frank Sickinger.  Sickinger's wife recently secured a divorce from him on the ground of adultery.  W.L. Sewell is attorney for plaintiff.

14 April 1888, Vol. LXX, No. 47

Independence.  Abe Stickler is married to a Miss Darling.  they were married at Perrysville Sunday evening.

Shelby.  Mary, wife of John Franks, died at her home on Broadway on Wednesday afternoon from several months illness from consumption.  She leaves her husband with four little children to mourn her death.  The body will be taken to Ashland, her former home, for burial on Friday.

Lucas.  Wm. McCleaf's child, aged 18 months, died of measles on Sabbath last and was buried on Tuesday.  Funeral sermon by Rev. Mitterling.

Lucas.  The re-interment of James Balliet and two children took place last week in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Bellville.  The marriage of Miss Linnie M. Potts and Mr. Marion E. Blair, which occurred Wednesday evening at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Potts, was the most brilliant affair that has transpired in our village for several years.  At 7:30 Miss Georgie Chapman, of Mt. Vernon, took her place at the piano and struck up a wedding march.  The young couple entered the parlor and stationed themselves in front of a bank of beautiful plants and cut flowers.  At their right stood the mother and brother of the bride and on the left the bride's father and sister.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. W.W. Anderson, of Ashland, in his usual happy but impressive manner.  The father gave the bride away.  After receiving congratulations of the assembled guests the young couple led the way to the dining room, where a delicious wedding supper was very handsomely served.  A table in the sitting room was loaded down and surrounded with beautiful presents.  The guests numbered over fifty;  those from abroad being Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Rummel and Miss Flora Whitcomb, of Toledo;  Misses Maggie and Aggie Colwell, Miss Hallie Harrington, Mr. Courtney and Mrs. Marion Douglas, of Mansfield;  Miss Lina Armentrout and Miss Georgie Chapman, of Mt. Vernon;  and Miss Lacy Singory, of Waterford.  The happy couple left on Thursday morning for Ontario, where they will spend some time among relatives of the groom.

Lexington.  John Dukeman was called to Columbus to the funeral of his brother, who was killed at that place last week.

Curtis Elliott McBride.  [see picture]  Curtis Elliott McBride was born on the 11th. day of August, 1858 in Monroe Township, Richland County.  At the age of sixteen years he entered Wooster University and graduated therefrom in 1880.  He at once entered the law office of Burns & McBride and in 1883 was admitted to the bar.  He has been prominent in the management of local affairs since that and has achieved a success in his profession which falls to the lot of but few men of his years.  In 1884 he was elected and has served to terms on the school board and is secretary of the body.  In 1885 he was elected member of the city council from the Third Ward and was president of that august assemblage for one year, during which time he made a model presiding officer and was the moving spirit in many of the improvements in the city, such as the securing the electric street railway, electric light, new park and important street improvements.  Mr. McBride is Treasurer of the Grover Cleveland Club;  is one of the attorneys of the B.&O. R.R. Co.;  is a 32 Mason;  secretary, director and stockholder of the Mansfield Electric Street Railway.  He was married in 1879 and is the proud father of an interesting family.  Mr. McBride is still actively engaged in the practice of law with the law firm of Cummings & McBride.  "Mack" as he is familiarly called, usually gets what he goes after and there has been a suspicion among his legal friends that he wanted the earth.  But information from headquarters leads us to assure other legal luminaries that Atlas is still supporting this globe and refuses to be relieved.  Socially Mac. is the prince of good fellows, lives well and entertains royally.

Augustus A. Hipp and Mollie Costello were married by Rev. H.L. Wiles, Wednesday, after which they went to their home and went to housekeeping.

Henry A. Etzwiler and Miss Nettie Jarvis, of this city, were married at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage, at 8 p.m. on Monday, April 9, 1888, the Rev. G.W. Huddleston officiating.

We learn with sincere regret of the death of Edward Dougal, which occurred at his home near Ontario on Wednesday.  Mr. Dougal was a school teacher and had also worked as a compositor on the Herald of this city.  He was formerly the Springfield Township correspondent of the SHIELD and was possessed of unusual ability in that line.

Last Saturday in the Union County Common Pleas Court, Mrs. Emma Mowry was granted a divorce from Dr. J.N. Mowry, now of this city.  The case and the cause which led to the divorce proceedings are too well known to need repetition, but the result is satisfactory to the Doctor and the case will not be further contested.  The court granted the woman $50 alimony.

Died, on Monday, at the home of his son-in-law, Jacob Hines, on South Water Street, Geo. Becker, Sr., aged 71 years and 10 months.  The deceased was born June 9, 1816 in Prussia and in 1848 came to Mansfield.  Mr. Becker was the father of six children.  Since his sojourn in this country he was a member of the Democratic party.  The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Joseph Hammett died on Sunday at 5 p.m. at his home in Springfield township, aged 77 years and 11 days.  The funeral took place at Spring Mills cemetery at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.  Mr. Hammett was born in Maryland and came to this county nearly 40 years ago.  A wife and ten children survive him and all but one of his children are married.  Dr. Stewart, of Ontario, held a post mortem assisted by Drs. Reed, Baker and McMillen, of this city, which showed that death resulted from a cancerous affection of the liver and pancreas.  Mr. Hammett was one of Richland County's best and most respected citizens and his death is mourned by a large circle of friends.  The deceased was the father of Deputy Recorder A.A. Hammett, of this city, and Prof. Hammett, the well known music teacher.  The family is one noted for their intelligence and general usefulness in the community.

On Tuesday at 4 o'clock p.m., Mr. Louis M. Newgass, of Chicago, and Miss Rae Heineman, niece of A.J. Heineman of this city, were married in the elegant suite of Elk rooms in the new block on East Fourth street.  The Jewish wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Stoltz, of Chicago.  The room in which the ceremony took place was elegantly decorated with flowers while the American orchestra furnished the music.  After the ceremony a banquet followed and at 8 o'clock a reception took place in the same hall of honor of the bride and groom.  It was attended by a large number of friends from abroad and by many of our home people and the gay gathering lasted until the happy couple took their departure on the midnight train for an extended trip east.  All the appointments of the occasion were perfect and the toilets of the ladies were elegant.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  M.M. Miller & Amanda Heifner;  A.R. Stichler & Florilla M. Darling;  H.A. Etzwiler & Nettie Jarvis;  J.W. Stoner & Hannah A. Small;  Louis M. Newgass & Ray Heineman;  Marion E. Blair & Linnie M. Potts;  Gustave A. Hipp & Molly Costello.

Probate Court Appointments:  P.S. Kirkendall, administrator of Abraham Lamer;  Frank Boals, administrator of Joseph Boals;  Henry W. Simpson, guardian of Mary, William, August, Lizzie, children of Lizzie Simpson;  Mary E. Crooks, guardian of Frederick J. Crooks;  F.J. Prame, guardian of Lester, Charles and August Uhler;  H.W. Hildebrant, administrator of Ann Roberts;  Elizabeth Bissman, executrix of Jacob Bissman.

MARRIED, On Monday evening, the 9th. inst., by Rev. D.W. Smith, at his residence in this city, Dr. J.W. Stoner, of New Washington, O., to Miss Hannah A. Small, of Mansfield, O.

Artie L. Carr has filed a petition for divorce from her husband, John E. Carr, charging him with gross neglect of duty.  They were married in March, 1885, and have one child.

Mrs. Jane Gregg, aged 79 years, died at the residence of Mrs. Elizabeth Ewing, on North Mulberry Street, Saturday morning.  The funeral was held on Monday;  interment at Hayesville.

Another Richland County pioneer has gone to the final reward.  On Saturday at his residence, two miles north of the city, James Terman died, at the age of 64 years, 9 months and 3 days.  Mr. Terman was one of the early settlers in this county and was well and favorably known.  He was a staunch Democrat and always took an active interest in political affairs of state and county.

On Sunday morning at 12:45 o'clock I.W. Littler passed from this earth to the mysterious beyond.  The deceased was born in Hardin County, Va., October 30, 1815.  He came to this state when he was 18 years of age.  In 1837 he married Elizabeth Holmes, who survives him.  Six children was the result of their marriage, of whom four are now living:  J.B. Littler, Wm. Littler, Mrs. F.H. Robbins and Mrs. B.F. Platt.  In 1847 Mr. Littler moved his family to this city.  Since then he has been twice elected Mayor and was Justice of the Peace for 14 years.  Mr. Littler was a life-long Jacksonian Democrat.  The funeral took place from his late residence on east Fourth Street Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

21 April 1888, Vol. LXX, No. 48  * This issue is missing from the collection

28 April 1888, Vol. LXX, No. 49

Lucas.  The infant child of Curt Baxter, of Mansfield, was buried last Sabbath in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.  Brief services were held, Rev. D.S. Jones officiating.

Lucas.  Married, on the 22d. inst., Mr. Harlan Jones to Miss Ida Switzer.

Lexington.  The funeral of Andrew Hiskey took place on last Sunday at 2 p.m.  Services were held at the Presbyterian church, the Rev. Manges officiating.  Mr. Hiskey had lived more than three score and ten years and was morally a good man.  his remains were interred in the Lexington Cemetery.

Lexington.  An infant child of John Stuart was interred in the cemetery on last Sunday at 3 p.m.

Lafayette.  Another old pioneer has gone to a better world.  Mrs. [Harriet] Oberlin died Friday morning, April 20th.  She was one who had but few enemies, and was respected and loved by all.  She lived to the advanced age of 70 years.  Her remains were laid to rest Saturday in the Shenandoah Cemetery.

Washington.  At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.S. Smith, on Tuesday, the 25th., Mr. J.J. Charles obeyed the divine command:  "A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife."  Rev. Jones, of Lucas, officiated.  We tender congratulations.

Hubbert Eugene Bell.  [see picture]  Hubbert Eugene Bell is today 30 years, 9 months and 28 days old, having first seen the light of mundane things on the 30th. day of the month of roses, 1857, in Franklin township, Richland County.  Mr. Bell is distinctively, what this country is proud of a self-made man, full of indomitable perseverance and energy, with a name already carved high up in his chosen profession, the law.  Mr. Bell attended the common schools until he was sixteen years of age, when he alternately attended Ada College in the summer and taught during the winter to furnish the "sinews" for education.  In 1878 he entered the law office of T.Y. McCray, Esq., and on June 8th., 1881, was admitted to the bar and at once formed a law partnership with his legal preceptor.  Mr. Bell took second honor in his legal class when he was admitted to the bar, in a total of thirty-eight applicants, fourteen of whom only were successful.  In the fall of 1885 he was nominated and elected Prosecuting Attorney by the Democrats of Richland County and will be re-elected this year.  After his election Mr. Bell dissolved partnership with Mr. McCray, but in April, 1887, his business having greatly increased, he formed a new partnership with Geo. Brinkerhoff, Esq.  He has been chairman of the Democratic county central committee for two years.  Mr. Bell comes from one of the oldest and staunchest Democratic families in Richland county.  He was married in October, 1881 to Miss Valletta Skiles, of Shelby.  He is [a] young man of fine appearance, pleasing address and a forcible and logical talker.

Probate Court Appointments:  J.C. Terman [appointed] executor of James Terman.

Mrs. Ezra D. Shreve, formerly of this city, died at the City of Mexico on last Sunday.  His remains will be interred in that place.

Died, at her home at 20 Sturges Avenue, Saturday, April 21st., Mrs. Elizabeth Harmon, wife of Monroe Harmon, at the age of 38 years.  The funeral took place Monday at 3 p.m.

Mrs. John Cox died at the residence of her husband, 115 North East Diamond Street, Tuesday, aged about 68 years.  The funeral took place from her late residence Thursday at 2 p.m.

Marriage Licenses Issued:  Harlan Jones & Ida Switzer;  David E. Hindley & Effie A. Dawson;  J.J. Charles & Lulu K. Smith;  Oscar A. Smith & Emma Opdyke.

Matthew and Bartholomew Flannery, aged 14 and 15 years, sons of Sheriff B. Flannery's brother Lawrence, arrived in the city Tuesday night from Naneaugh, County Tipperary, Ireland.  They were born in this country, but returned to Ireland with their parents.  They were sent for by Mr. Flannery.

On March 13th., Elizabeth Krabill, through her attorneys, filed a petition for alimony against Jacob Krabill et al.  On Tuesday, April 24th., she filed an amendment to her petition, asking for a divorce from her husband, Jacob Krabill, and the restoration of her maiden name.  Jenner & Tracy are the plaintiff's attorney.

We are pleased to chronicle the marriage of our esteemed correspondent, Mr. J.J. Charles, of Washington Tp., to Miss Lula K. Smith, of the same township, on Tuesday last at the residence of the bride's parents.  Here are the congratulations of the entire SHIELD staff to the newly-married pair and may they enjoy life's choicest blessings.

The sudden death of Joseph Gallagher, who lives about a mile south of town, occurred Wednesday afternoon.  The deceased was about 60 years old.  Drs. Erwin and Race held a post mortem examination Thursday, which showed the cause of death to be an extensive tubercular disease of the lungs and pleurisy with softening of the spleen.  The funeral occurred today (Friday) at 3 p.m. from St. Peter's Catholic church.

Cicero H. Boden, of Barnes, this county, has been granted a pension.

Mrs. Elias H. [Rachel] Morthland died at her home, six miles north of Mansfield, Saturday, April 21st.  The funeral which was conducted by Rev. H. McLaughlin, took place from her late residence Monday at 10 a.m.

Died, at her home in Troy Township, Mrs. Joan Kilgore, wife of James Kilgore.  Mrs. Joan Kilgore had been in this city on business and found his wife dead on his return home.  The funeral took place Sunday.  She was buried at Marlow Cemetery.  Mrs. Geo. A. Clugston, of this city, was a niece of the deceased.

OBITUARY.  Sister Rachel Morthland, daughter of Deacon George and Rachel Wells, was born in Franklin Township, Richland Co., Ohio, Nov. 22d., 1842;  was married to Elias W. Morthland, March 5th., 1867;  is mother of three children, two sons and son daughter.  She made a public profession of faith in Christ, Dec., 1866, and united with the Harmony Baptist Church, of which she was a consistent, faithful member and actively engaged in the work of the church until the blessed Savior said "It is enough, come up higher."  She died, as she lived, peacefully, trusting in her Savior, and passed away to the rest that remaineth for the people of God, April 21st., 1888, aged 45 years, 4 months and 29 days.  She leaves a husband, three children, an aged father, two brothers and three sisters, with a large circle of relatives and a multitude of friends to mourn their loss.  But their loss is her eternal gain.  The funeral sermon was preached by her pastor, Rev. H. McLaughlin, text Phil. 3, 20-21, at the Harmony Baptist church, April 23, 1888.

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