Shield & Banner (Mansfield) -- 20 November 1844

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Shield & Banner (Mansfield) -- 20 November 1844


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Transcribed and submitted by Amy E. Armstrong from the original paper held by the Sherman Room at the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library

ESTATE NOTICE:  Estate of Andrew Barron  (see image)

ESTATE NOTICE:  Estate of Wm. McMeekin   (see image)

PROBATE NOTICE:  John U. Tanner  (see image)

ATTACHMENT NOTICE:  John Harmon (see image)

ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE:  Estate of William Davis  (see image)

ESTATE NOTICE:  James Anderson Estate (see image)

ESTATE NOTICE:  John Cook Estate (see image)

ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE:  Joseph Reynolds Estate (see image)

ESTATE NOTICE:  John Hershey Estate (see image)

ESTATE NOTICE:  Robert Nelson Estate   (see image)

RECEIPTS ON SUBSCRIPTIONS  (see image)  Includes surnames:  McDowell, Balliet, Rockwell, Pratt, Pollock, Samuel, Walker, Day, Vail, Wirts, Ferguson, McBride, Kennedy, Hammet, Baker, Bonbright, McMullen.

MARRIAGE NOTICES  (see imageIncludes surnames:  Lewis, Clark, Steward, Drake, Brouff, Boden, Reid, Walters, Finicle, Kimble.

ESTATE NOTICE:  Peter Withington Estate.  (see image)



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