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The Mansfield News -- March, 1894


Abstracted from the original papers held by the Richland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

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01 March 1894, Vol. IX, No. 312

WASHINGTON -- Born:  Feb. 25, to Mr. & Mrs. H.P. Taylor, a son.

ONTARIO -- Miss Leah Harris, aged 78, died at her late home last Friday and was interred at the Ontario Cemetery Sunday afternoon, the Rev. Andrews, of Crestline, officiating.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Isaac H. Miller died Thursday evening.  Funeral Sunday at the St. Peter's Church, London, the Rev. D. Summers officiating.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- The funeral at the Methodist Church at Shelby last Sunday of Warren Blackman and Mintie Rogers, the victims of the terrible death at the railroad crossing was the largest ever held in the town.  The church was beautifully decorated with flowers and the young ladies and young gentlemen of the Epworth League were the pall bearers.  The music was rendered by the male quartette and the sermon by the pastor, the Rev. H. Place.  The stricken parents have the sympathy of this community.

Minute Docket:  Application was made to probate the will of Henrietta A. Wakefield, deceased.  Hearing March 12.

Mrs. Katharine Bollman, relict of Jacob Bollman, died Wednesday, Feb. 28, at her home in Franklin Township.  She was in the 80th. year and was ill only a week, death being due principally to old age.  Her surviving children are J.S. Bollman, Samuel Bollman, Jacob Bollman, Mrs. Frank Saltzgaber, Addie and Phiana Bollman, the last two yet at home.  Funeral from the residence Saturday, March 3.

02 March 1894, Vol. IX, No. 313

Mrs. John Waite, of Plymouth, was seized with a severe coughing spell Thursday night which resulted in her death.

James B. Jesson, bookkeeper for Tracy & Avery, and Miss Nellie B. Shea, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Shea, of West Bloom Street, were married at 8 o'clock Thursday evening by the Rev. Duston Kemble at the Methodist parsonage.

The funeral of the late Mrs. Catherine Bollman will take place at her residence, five miles north of the city, tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock and the interment will be made at the cemetery near the residence.

Real Estate Transfers:  State of Ohio to Mordica R. Harding, 160 acres, Sandusky Twp., $329;  Bethel Clark to Franklin E. Cope, lot 19, city, $10;  Ella M. Sturgeon et al., to John W. Robinson, land, Madison Twp., $50;  W.H. Martien to John Boyes, lot 1870, city, $1;  Mary S. Grimes to S.N. Ford, lot 3644, city, $1;  John J. Welch to Tom and Mac Bessenti, 20 acres, Springfield Twp., $600;  J.E. Smith to Harvey R. Noble, lots 56 and 57, Shiloh, $3000;  Frank Lanehart et al. to Emma Oberlin, lot 9, Bellville, $800.

Marriage Licenses:  James B. Jesson & Nellie B. Shea.

Journal Entries:  4905.  John Whissemore vs. Normanda Whissemore.  Divorce.  Dismissed at plaintiff's cost.

03 March 1894, Vol. IX, No. 314

BELLVILLE -- Mrs. James Hubble, of Milford, Kans., will return to this place about the middle of this month with the body of her deceased husband to be interred in the Bellville cemetery.

PLYMOUTH -- The remains of Mrs. Robert Clark, of Chicago Junction, were interred in Greenlawn Cemetery Thursday afternoon.  The trip to Plymouth was made overland, although the roads were almost impassable.  Mrs. Clark was well known here as Miss Jennie Monteith previous to her marriage.

PLYMOUTH -- Thursday night about 10 o'clock, the swift messenger of death came to Mrs. John Waite who resided with her husband on Portner street.  She had retired for the night and was seized with a violent coughing spell which resulted in her death.  Opinions differ as to the cause, some claiming heart disease, others that she choked to death.  She had been complaining for a few days but attended prayer meeting the evening she died.

The Rev. Henry Calhoon, formerly a resident of this city, who went to Minneapolis some months ago, died there Friday, March 3.  Interment there Sunday, March 4.

BORN -- BIDDINGER -- March 3, to Martin Biddinger and wife, of Mendota Street, a son.

04 March 1894, Vol. IX, No. 315

KILLED BY THE CARS.  Louis Smith, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, of No. 35 Chestnut Street, was accidentally killed in the local Pennsylvania railroad yards shortly after midnight this morning.  Young Smith accompanied the Ohio polo team to Crestline last night and after witnessing the contest, instead of waiting for the regular passenger train which is due here at 2:45 a.m., in company with his friend, Phillip Gerish, who boards with the Smith family in this city, boarded an east bound freight train for home.  When the train reached a point a short distance from the water works, the two Mansfield young men jumped off.  Upon Smith's side of the train was a parallel track and as he dismounted the local yard engine came along at a good gait and ran over the unfortunate boy, killing him instantly.  After the freight train had passed Gerish went to look for his companion and found him lying upon the track dead.  Gerish pulled the body from the rails and hastened to police headquarters to report the awful tragedy.  Coroner Maglott was notified by telephone and immediately proceeded to the spot where the remains lay.  Gerish  then went to the home of the Smith family on Chestnut street and notified them of the sad event.  Smith is a molder, about 22 years of age and is well known in the city.

Marriage Licenses:  J.E. Ritchey & Anna M. Adams.

Probate Docket:  Application was made to probate the will of George Bihler, deceased.  Hearing March 8;  J.S. Case was appointed guardian of Edgar H. Case aged 14 years, legatee of Sarah R. Hayes, deceased.  Bond $300.

DIED -- HAMBLIN -- Saturday evening, March 3, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hamblin, of East Third Street.

05 March 1894, Vol. IX, No. 316

BELLVILLE - An aged resident of Richland County, Jacob Burkholder, was buried Friday in the Bellville cemetery.

Coroner Maglott viewed the remains of Louis Smith, the young German who was run over and instantly killed while stealing a ride home from Crestline at an early hour Sunday morning, after which the body was conveyed to Schroer's undertaking establishment on North Diamond Street, and prepared for burial.  Sunday afternoon the corpse was sent to the home of the deceased, No. 35 Chestnut Street.  Funeral from the family residence Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock p.m.

During the afternoon services at the First English Lutheran church yesterday afternoon, the announcement was made that the daughters of Mrs. Andrew Crist were wanted at home immediately.  Upon their arrival at the family residence on Woodland avenue, they found that their mother had dropped dead.

BORN -- ANDREWS -- March 4, to Daniel J. Andrews and wife, of East First Street, a son.

DIED -- CRIST -- March 4, Mrs. Andrew Crist, aged 47 years, at the family residence, 79 Woodland Avenue.  Funeral Tuesday, March 6, at 1:30 o'clock p.m.

DIED -- LEECH - March 3, at the family residence on Spring Mills street, the 4-year-old child of George Leech and wife.  Funeral March 5, at 1:30 o'clock p.m.

06 March 1894, Vol. IX, No. 317

Marshal O'Donnell took Philip Mueller to the Cleveland workhouse today.

William Koerber, Shiloh, and Jesse Cook, Mansfield, have been granted reissue of pension.

LEXINGTON.  Mrs. Mary Ann Streby died at her house a few miles south of here, Feb. 26, and her remains were interred at Steel's Church, Wednesday.  Her age was 60 years and she was the widow of Jacob Streby, who died nine years ago.

LEXINGTON.  William Wilson , the druggist, received intelligence of the death, at Ogden, Utah, of Dr. George V. Ewing, his brother-in-law.  His remains were taken to Sacremento, Cal., for interment beside his second wife, who died June 27, 1890, and to whom he was married May 15, 1870.  She was a daughter of James Wilson Sr., who made his advent here in 1828.

LEXINGTON.  A young child of Mrs. James Maxwell of this vicinity was buried here, Thursday.

LEXINGTON.  Mrs. H.S. Moore received intelligence March 3 of the death of her brother, Thomas McQuoun [sic.], at Springport, Mich.  The deceased was one of the early pioneers of Richland County, having made his advent in Mansfield in the year 1825.

LEXINGTON.  Miss Lucy Dennis and Miss Gertie Stough have been granted certificates to teach two years.

LEXINGTON.  Dr. Rannels Baughman died at Cardington last week.  The deceased formerly resided in Lexington and was a son of Jacob Baughman, who came here in 1828.

ALTA.  Mrs. Miller Carter was called to Delaware by the death of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Gaylord Hartupee.

Probate Docket:  Application was made to probate the will of Mary D. Scott, deceased, Hearing March 12;  W.H. Roasberry of Olivesburg, was appointed administrator of the estate of Isaac Claberg, deceased.  Bond $10,000. 

07 March 1894, Vol. IX, No. 318

John F. Wilhelm died at 5 o'clock last evening at his home on East Johns Street.  He had been sick a week and became unconscious Monday evening, in which condition he remained until he died.  Yesterday a minister was called to offer prayer but a short time before he died.  Wilhelm came from Lebanon, Pa., where his people yet reside.  He served in a Pennsylvania regiment during the rebellion and drew a pension for disabilities contracted in the services.  A story has been in circulation today to the effect that Wilhelm confessed on his deathbed that his name was not Wilhelm and that he assumed that name to draw a pension.  This was emphatically denied by Mrs. Wilhelm when questioned by a NEWS reporter, first because she said the name was not fictitious, and second that he could have made no deathbed confession, even if he should have had anything to confess, as he had no intimation that he was going to die before he lapsed into unconsciousness.

BUTLER.  J.L. Barr attended the funeral of a younger brother, at Warnock, last week.

BUTLER.  Marshal Stanton's infant son died last week, and was buried on Thursday.

BUTLER.  The eight months' old child of A.J. Simmons and wife died Sunday morning.

BUTLER.  Mathew Law, a former well known resident of this locality, died at Danville last week in the 56th. year of his age.

BUTLER.  J.B. Burkholder, aged 68 years, nine months and 13 days, died Friday night of last week after a long illness with lung trouble.  The funeral took place at Bellville on Friday, with Prof. C.L. Faylor, of Mt. Vernon, officiating.

Marriage Licenses:  William Steigerwald & Mary Henry;  Edward J. Smith & Katharine B. Smith.

BORN -- FORNEY -- March 3, to Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Forney, Jr., 63 Beechwood Street, Cleveland, Louis Gerisch Forney.

DIED -- GARRISON -- March 6, at his residence ____ miles northeast of the city, John T. Garrison, aged 45 years.  Funeral Thursday, March 8, at 1:20 p.m.  Interment in Windsor Cemetery.

DIED -- WILHELM -- March 6, John F. Wilhelm, aged 50 years.  Funeral Friday, March 9, at 1:30 p.m., from late residence, 26 East Johns Street.

08 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 2

LUCAS.  A young daughter arrived at the home of George Rummel, Friday.  This makes George eligible to become a member of the school board.

DIED -- KAISER -- March 8, after a lingering illness of three years, at the family residence, 216 North Main Street, Margaret, wife of U. Kaiser, aged 59 years.  Funeral from the Catholic Church, March 10, at 9 o'clock a.m.

Six months ago, Mrs. Ermina Day Cochran, sister of Matthias Day, of 91 Marion Avenue, died at the World's Fair, and attended by her daughter, Mrs. Ermina D.C. Mengendorf, was brought to the Mansfield Cemetery for interment.  Mr. Day is in receipt of a telegram stating that Mrs. Mengendorf died yesterday and her remains will arrive in Mansfield Friday evening for interment by her mother's side.

Drs. McCullough, Francis, Grubaugh, Sattler and B.F. Harding held an autopsy today to determine the cause of death of J.T. Garrison, Tuesday, at his home four miles northeast of Mansfield.  Last fall Mr. Garrison swallowed a fish bone, since which time his health has been impaired.  Whether the fish bone caused irritation resulting in tuberculosis or cancerous condition of the bowels is uncertain.  A microscopic examination of the affected parts will be made this afternoon.

09 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 3

BELLVILLE.  The remains of Capt. W. Lyne, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., were brought here Thursday for burial.

The funeral of Mrs. Emma D.C. Menzendorf will take place from the residence of M. Day, her uncle, 91 Marion Avenue, Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Marriage Licenses:  George Kauf & Kasey Steltz;  Philip Melcer & Katie Rinninger.

Minute Docket:  The will of George Bihler, deceased, was probated.  John Bihler of Shelby was appointed executor.  Bond $500.

MARRIED -- MELZER-REINING -- March 8, by the Rev. F. Buesser, Philip Melzer and Katie Reining.

10 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 4

DIED -- McBRIDE -- March 9, at the family residence, 282 West Bloom Street, the 2-year-old child of William E. McBride and wife.  Funeral March 11, at 2 o'clock p.m., the Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles officiating.

10 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 5

Minute Docket:  H.H. Burkholder, of Bellville, was appointed administrator of the estate of Jacob B. Burkholder, deceased.  Bond $600;  S.H. Tucker, of Vernon Junction, was appointed administrator of the estate of Anna M. Wertz, deceased.  Bond $3,000;  Jennie E. Nelles of Bay City, Mich., was appointed administratrix of the estate of Agnes Alexander, deceased, bond $2,000;  Samuel Bollman was appointed administrator de bonis non with will annexed of the estate of Jacob Bollman, deceased, bond $1000.

12 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 6

BORN -- WOODARD -- March 12, to Alvin N. Woodard and wife, of 26 St. Clair street, a son.

13 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 7

Licensed To Teach.  The following teachers who attended the county examination March 3 have been granted certificates for one year:  Nellie Harrington, Darlington;  William N. Kramer, Zella McMillen and Meda Simmons, Butler;  Grace Greenfield, Amoy;  Etta A. Speelman, Crestline;  Lottie Gundrum, Hinesville;  David Secrist, Barnes;  Mrs. Mary E. Baker, Ganges;  Cora Cotter, Spring Mills;  R.F. Bricker and Mabel W. Miller, Shelby;  Lillie Switzer, Lucas;  Louisa Hettler, Cookton;  Jennette Hackedorn, Ontario;  Allie Hamblin, Mansfield;  Charles A. Horn, Ira Parker, A.W. Gerlach and Cora Walker, Bellville;  Virgie Kinsell and Kate Willett, Shiloh.  For two years:  Carrie M. Hughes, Epworth;  Lissa Hamilton, Bellville.

Miss Laura Neal Race, daughter of A.A. Race, will be united in marriage to Elmer L. Carpenter at the residence of the bride's parents on South Main Street, Wednesday, March 14, at 4 o'clock p.m.

BELLVILLE.  Frank and Hattie Markey of Fort Wayne, attended the funeral of Capt. Lyne, Friday.

BELLVILLE.  Mr. Potts surveyed the land Monday for the addition to the cemetery.

BELLVILLE.  Mrs. J.E. Schuler attended the funeral Sunday of little Johnie Weider who was drowned Friday at Mt. Vernon.

BELLVILLE.  William Post has made a corner on smiles, a boy, March 10.

Minute Docket:  The will of H.A. Wakefield, deceased, was probated.  Lillian F. Hamilton, of Shiloh, was appointed executrix without bond or appraisement;  The will of Mary D. Scott, deceased, was probated.  George B. Scott, of Crestline, was appointed executor without bond;  Elias M. Swank, of Bellville, was appointed guardian of Clara Burkholder, aged two years, daughter of Jacob H. Burkholder, deceased.  Bond $2,000.

DIED -- SUGHRUE -- March 13, Mrs. John Sughrue, at her home, 344 East Second Street, aged about 35 years.

14 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 8

YANKEETOWN.  Our vicinity is somewhat saddened by the death of our highly esteemed resident, J.T. Garrison.  We all feel the loss of a respected friend.  The bereaved family have the deepest sympathy of all their friends.

MIFFLIN.  J.W. Griffin wears a smile as broad as Main street all on account of a little girl that came to his house last Friday night.

MIFFLIN.  Born to Mr. & Mrs. Henry Shenabarger, a son.

E.J. Potter today received a letter from Judge M.R. Dickey, of Cleveland, stating that a time would soon be fixed by Judge Hamilton to announce his decision in the habeas corpus proceedings to determine the custody of his granddaughter, little Dora Potter.  The case after having been heard in circuit court, was remanded to common pleas court and Judge Hamilton, after hearing the case, was about to decide when a motion was filed in supreme court to stay his decision until an appeal could be perfected.  But this motion was overruled and Judge Hamilton will soon dispose of the case, it is believed favorably to Mr. Potter.

The funeral of Mrs. John Sughrue, of East Second Street, will take place from St. Peter's Catholic Church at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

The remains of J.M. Torrance, of New Haven, Pa., aged 54 years, formerly a resident of this city, arrived here this morning and were placed in the cemetery vault.  The interment will occur Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.

Marriage Licenses:  Elmer L. Carpenter & Laura N. Race.

DIED -- SLUSSER -- March 13, at the residence of her son, A.J. Enlow, near Spring Mills, Mrs. Rebeka Slusser, aged 85 years.  Funeral Thursday, March 15, at 1:30 p.m.  Interment at the Spring Mills Cemetery.

15 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 9

PAVONIA.  Thomas Garrison died March 6, after a lingering illness.  He was born at the home at which he died in 1849.  He was married in 1871 to Hanan Smith, of Williams County.  He was a man of integrity and honor.  He was a good provider and had accumulated a good and comfortable home to leave to his family, some of whom are children of tender age.  The Rev. D.J. Meese, of Mansfield, conducted the funeral obsequies.  He was laid to rest in Windsor Cemetery.  William Garrison and wife, of Williams County, attended the funeral of his brother, Thomas.  Also friends from Mansfield, Bellville, Shelby and other places.  The funeral was largely attended by sympathizing friends.

Triplets were born to Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Geiger, of Butler Township, March 13, two girls and a boy.

Marriage Licenses:  E.P. Hermiston & Florence Guthrie.

Minute Docket:  In re the assignment of David B. Dent to S.M. Douglass.  Bond $9,000.

16 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 10

Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Janet Maxwell and Efflo B. Proctor at the home of the bride's parents, No. 187 South Main Street, Wednesday evening, March 28, at 7:30 o'clock.  The prospective bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Maxwell and one of the accomplished society ladies of the city.  Mr. proctor is a well known traveling salesman with a host of friends and was formerly a member of te firm of Harrison & Proctor.

Marriage Licenses:  William C. Walter & Ida M. Fisher.

Docket:  G.W. Statler was appointed administrator of the estate of Mary Laird, deceased.  Bond $6,100;  Application was made to probate the will of Margaret Katzer, deceased.

17 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 11

William Holmes and Miss Nellie Fisher, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.S. Fisher, of Maude Avenue, eloped last night and went to Chicago where they expect to be married tomorrow.  The parents of the young lady had no objection to her marrying Mr. Holmes, who is a well respected young man, but Mr. & Mrs. Fisher desired her to complete her school course as she was one of the high school graduating class of '94.  The young folks left for Chicago last night at and -- will be forgiven when they return.

Mrs. Jeannette Angle, wife of John E. Angle, died Friday evening, March 16, at her home 123 South Diamond street, aged 33 years.  She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Remy and became the wife of Mr. Angle Dec. 3, 1884.  Two children, one an infant, are left motherless by her death.  Mrs. Angle was a member of the First Presbyterian Church and the funeral obsequies from the residence Monday, Mar. 19, at 1:30 p.m. will be conducted by the Rev. D.J. Meese.  Mr. Angle is one of the Mansfield's active young business man and has many friends who will sympathize with him in his bereavement.

Dr. J.A. McArthur who came to the United States from Canada, in November, has made application to become a citizen.

DIED -- GERLACH -- March 13, at the home of Henry Gerlach, on Cemetery Street, George Gerlach, aged 74 years.  Funeral March 17.

18 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 12

BORN -- FLECK -- March 17, to William Fleck and wife, of No. 233 Park Avenue East, a daughter.

Marriage Licenses:  Delbert Amsbaugh & Sarah D. Powers;  T. Sharfenberg & Lizzie Glatthart;  Robert Boney & Laura Cliker.

Minute Docket:  The will of Margaret Kaiser, deceased, was probated.

19 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 13

Lizzie May Hoffman, youngest daughter of Otis Hoffman, died at the family residence, No. 298 Newman Street, yesterday morning, under particularly sad circumstances.  Miss Hoffman had been baptized during the week and was to have united with the First English Lutheran church yesterday.  The other daughters of the family had gone to Sunday School and Miss May having dressed herself ready for church, sat down in the sitting room to await her parents, who were not quite ready.  The father heard a heavy fall in the room and ran to the place only to find the daughter stretched out upon the floor unconscious.  She was placed on a bed and a messenger dispatched for Dr. Ecki.  All efforts to resuscitate Miss Hoffman were in vain and when Dr. Ecki arrived he gave it as his opinion that she was dead when she struck the floor.  Heart trouble, to which the victim was subject, is assigned as the cause of death.  Miss Hoffman was about 19 years of age and had many friends to whom her demise will be a great shock.  Funeral Tuesday, March 20, at 2 p.m.

Miss Mamie Au, aged about 20 years, died at the family residence on Park Avenue west at 8 o'clock, last evening after a brief illness, of consumption.  The deceased graduated with the class of '92 from the local high school and was a teacher at the South Diamond street building.  She was also a faithful member of the First Congregational church and was highly esteemed by a host of friends.  Funeral Wednesday, March 21, at 2 p.m.  Services by the Rev. Dr. Hubbell.

Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of William Wells, died Monday morning, March 19, at her home near Pavonia, aged 65 years.  She was the mother of Mrs. C.D. Cotter, Mrs. George Hout and Reed Wells, of this city;  John Wells, of St. Louis;  Samuel Wells, of Akron, and Miss Harriett Wells, who resides at the old home.  Funeral Wednesday, March 21, at 1:30 p.m.  Services and interment at Milton church.

MARRIED -- SHARFENBERG / GLATTHART -- March 17, by the Rev. F. Buesser, F. Sharfenberg and Lizzie Glatthart.

DIED -- RICHEY -- March, 18, Jane, widow of Henderson Richey.  Funeral Tuesday, March 20, 2:30 a.m. from residence of Lawrence Kyner, 248 East Third Street.

20 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 14

Marriage Licenses:  Vernon G. Williams & Esther E. Bricker.

BORN -- CALLIN -- March 19, to Fred Callin and wife, of Hanna Street, a son.

BORN -- SONNERS -- March 19, to George Sonners and wife, of 428 Spring Mills Street, a daughter.

21 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 15

BUTLER.  Mrs. Mary Davis, aged 82 years, 4 months and 11 days, died Friday morning after a long illness.  The funeral occurred on Saturday at Bunker Hill, with the Rev. Henry officiating.  Deceased was born in Westmoreland County, Pa., Nov. 4, 1811, and removed to Ohio about 1840.

BUTLER.  The many friends of Robert Goon were greatly surprised last week when he voluntarily deserted his wife, to whom he had been married only a few years ago.  No cause is assigned for his action.

BUTLER.  Mrs. Annie Beeman nee Hazlette died at her home in Knox County last week and was interred at Amity on Friday.  Deceased was well known in this locality.

SHENANDOAH.  Born, March 13, to Samuel Geiger and wife, near Lafayette, one son and two daughters, mother and children doing well.

Mamie Wellington Au was born June 30, 1871.  She was the elder daughter of Mrs. Carrie Au, of this city.  Early in December an attack of la grippe left her in a debilitated condition, eventually developing fever.  After days of intense suffering she entered the "Other Home" Sabbath evening, March 18, at 8 o'clock.  The remaining daughter, Hattie V., wife of J.A. Barton, mourns with her mother this irreparable loss.  In summing up characteristics, two prominent traits determine the key note of a life which gave great promise of quiet usefulness -- Conscientious discharge of of every duty, and supreme unselfishness.  At 14 years of age, Mamie united with the First Congregational church, during the pastorate of the Rev. Frank Russell, under whose instruction in the "Children's Hour" the privileges of the Christian were early learned.  In the Sabbath school, this faithful one found significant expression of her religious devotion.  After graduation with the class of '92 in the Mansfield high school, her service as teacher opened in one of the city grades.  Here, as everywhere, she forgot self, winning the hearts of children under her care, many of whom today grieve over their loss, refusing to be comforted.  The secret of this influence is easily explained.  Duty meant more than the usual routine of school work.  The teacher became the FRIEND and GUIDE, educating her pupils in direction which could not fail to develop character.  Amount the cherished belongings of this loved one is her "King's Daughter" diary, covering a period of months, wherein is noted, each day, some truth or thought followed by comment, showing how seriously and truly life was to her a growth, and along the lines set forth in the Book of all books.  Even on a bed of pain, ruling motives and concerns were uppermost.  Humanly speaking, it is difficult to be reconciled that the fragrance of each a character must so soon be denied us, when this world is hungering and thirsting from lack of this kind of influence.  It is Divine compensation that in memory we may always cherish, and in living imitate the one who has simply been transplanted to Heaven.  Death is but the beginning of higher existence.  In God's calendar time is the childhood span of eternity.  -- F.W.L., Mansfield, O., March 21, 1894.

Coroner Maglott today filed in common pleas court his finding upon the mysterious death of Kittie C. Farnsworth, as developed at the inquest.  The finding is that Kittie Farnsworth came to her death by falling from a car window of train 8 on the B. & O., about one mile south of Bellville;  that it is impossible to determine from the testimony whether death as intentional or accidental, but from the statements of the young lady's brother, who lives at Chicago, it is believed that death was suicidal.

Mrs. Lanken, formerly of Mansfield, died at Cleveland yesterday.  The remains will arrive here tomorrow at 4:20 p.m.  The remains will be taken from the depot to the cemetery.  Service conducted by the Rev. Buesser.

Cards are out announcing the marriage of Harry S. Black, son of Mr. & Mrs. Frances W. Pearce at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. John M. Pearse, of Kenton, Tuesday, April 10, at 6 p.m.

Invitations have been received by Mansfield friends to attend the marriage of Miss Dora E. Hancock, granddaughter of Mrs. Stark, of Marion Avenue, and Lieut. Newton E. Mason, of the United States Navy, Wednesday, April 4, at St. Paul's church, Washington, D.C.  Miss Hancock acquired a number of friends in this city during her visits here.

Marriage Licenses:  C.R. Scott & Katie Zwelling.

Docket:  Simon Metzgar, Jr., of Crestline, was appointed administrator of the estate of Simon Metzgar, deceased.  Bond $9,600.

22 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 16

WINDSOR.  The death of Mrs. Wells, which occurred early Monday morning cast a gloom over the entire community.  She had been in ill health for about seven years, yet her demise was sudden and unexpected.  Mrs. Wells was born in England where she married and the twain came to this country in 1851 and resided in and near Windsor for the last 27 years.  She was 65 years of age and leaves a husband and six children to mourn her loss.  The deceased was a member of the Milton M.E. church for many years and was noted for her Christian deportment, kindness of heart and gentle forbearance.  She leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her departure.

Sidney Grimwood, of Plymouth, has begun divorce proceedings against Tacey Grimwood, whom he married at Fitchville, Huron County, Dec. 24, 1893.  He charges her, in his petition, with abandoning him at different times, the last time Oct. 15, 1893, while he was sick;  also of adultery with Fred Brant, at Smithville, Wayne County, in September.

Marriage Licenses:  H.O. Doolittle & Artie Mottayaw.

23 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 17

Word was received here today that Will Ewing, formerly of this city, died March 22 at Boulder, Col.  He was about 21 years old.

Capt. Day, Ninth Cavalry, who secured a medal of honor for carrying, under a heavy fire, off from a place of danger, a soldier wounded in an Indian fight, and who is a visitor at Fort Myer, was honored by an invitation to lunch with Sir Julian and lady Pauncefote at the British embassy on the 18th. inst. -- Washington Post. 

Capt. Day returned to Mansfield at noon yesterday.  His brother, Loomis G. Day, also arrived today at noon to visit with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. M. Day, 91 Marion Avenue, while he recovers from the effects of re-fracture of a broken leg.

BORN -- SWEVEL -- March 22, to John Swevel and wife, of No. 218 North Sugar Street, a son.

24 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 18

BELLVILLE.  John Riggle received a telegram from the undertaker of Denver, Col., announcing the death of his son, W.A. Riggle.  The remains are to be brought here for burial.

Andrew Roch and Joseph Kohl, who came from Hungary in 1892, have made application in probate court for citizenship.

DIED -- MILLIKIN -- March 24, Ross, 3-year-old child of Mr. & Mrs. T.B. Millikin, of Burns Street.  Funeral at Mayflower church, Monday, March 26, at 2 p.m., the Rev. R.H. Edmonds officiating.

26 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 20

W.H. Bowers returned yesterday from Harrisonburg, Va., having failed in his efforts to obtain custody of little Caddie Suter, as guardian by habeas corpus proceedings.  The court granted J.D. Suter, the little girl's uncle, custody on the verbal agreement between the uncle and the girl's father.  The defendants admitted that the father was not a resident of Virginia, but of Garrett, Ind., and that there was no property within the jurisdiction of the court.  The court found that there was nothing to constitute a testamentary guardian, but was governed in his decision entirely by the verbal agreement referred to.  Mr. Bowers will appeal the case to the circuit court.

DIED -- McKEE -- March 25, at the residence of J.W. Dougal, on West Fourth Street, Mrs. Mary McKee, aged 82 years.  Burial at Wooster, Tuesday, March 27, at 9 o'clock a.m.

J.E. Brown received a telegram yesterday announcing the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. J. Vaughn Merrick, Jr., at their home in Philadelphia, and Congressman Harter is now Grand-pa Harter.

BORN -- FUCHS -- Easter Sunday, March 25, to Mr. & Mrs. William Fuchs, of East Second Street, a 10 pound son.

DIED -- KELSER -- March 25, Mrs. Eva Kelser, aged 33 years, wife of Alexander Kelser, at the family residence, 2_2 South Adams Street.  Burial at Loudonville Tuesday, March 27, at 1:30 p.m.

27 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 21

Mr. and Mrs. I.S. Donnell celebrated the silver anniversary of their marriage, Monday night, at their residence on West Fourth Street.  There were about 200 guests present, among them a large number of Mr. Donnell's fellow attorneys and their wives.  A sumptuous supper was served and the whole affair was one of extreme enjoyment.  Mr. Donnell, in response to the urgent request of a number of guests, recited one of his best selections.  The guests left many costly, useful, and ornamental presents with Mr. and Mrs. Connell as souvenirs of the anniversary.

Marriage Licenses:  John J. Arnold & Sadie J. Hassinger;  Albertus Shrader & Lizzie McDanel.

Minute Docket:  Application was made to probate the will of Isaac H. Miller, deceased.  Hearing April 6.

LEXINGTON.  The venerable Samuel Jones died at his home west of Lexington, March 20, aged 80 years, 5 months and 15 days.  His remains were interred Thursday in the Troy Cemetery beside his wife, who died 43 years ago.

LEXINGTON.  Mrs. G. Mansfield has returned from Arlington, Hancock County, where she attended the obsequies of her brother, Dr. Leroy Lafferty, March 20.

LEXINGTON.  The venerable Mrs. Jane Barker, a resident of Lexington nearly 60 years, recently attained the age of 82.

DIED -- REMSBERG -- March 26, at residence of his son, Lewis Remsberg, 29 Orchard Street, Hezekiah Remsberg, aged 82 years, of apoplexy.  Burial Thursday, March 29, at Fremont.

Judge Wolfe received a telegram last evening announcing the death of Mrs. Mary F. Rummel, wife of Dr. C. Rummel, of Tacoma, Wash.  Mrs. Rummel formerly was Miss Mary F. Leiter, of Lucas, and was a sister of Mrs. N.M. Wolfe, of this city.

BORN -- ADAMS -- March 25, to Jesse Adams and wife, of Drury Lane, a son.

28 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 22

BUTLER.  Frank Bemiller and Miss Nannie Harter were united in marriage Sunday morning by the Rev. C.S. Cliffe at the residence of the bride's parents north of town.

MIFFLIN.  Elijah Hart died at his home in Mifflin, March 16, aged 89 years.  he had been a sufferer for many years and for the past three months had been bedfast.  He became a member of the old Baptist church of this place many years ago.  He leaves a widow and a large family of sons and daughters, all married, except one daughter, to mourn his loss.  A large concourse of relatives and friends attended the funeral Sunday, March 18, which was a beautiful day in all respects.   Services were held in the U.B. church at 2 o'clock, the Revs. D.W. Sprinkle, Davis and Keiffer officiating.  Interment in the Mifflin cemetery.

PAVONIA.  The death of Mrs. William Wells, which was published last week, has cast a gloom over the whole neighborhood.  She was so universally respected and loved that, although an invalid for years, her loss will be very sensibly felt by all.

Rudolf Miller, the tailor, died suddenly of heart failure at his home east of Mansfield, Tuesday, March 27, in the afternoon.  He was about 60 years old.  Funeral from the residence, Thursday, March 29, at 1:30 p.m.

At the request of the family the pall bearers for the funeral of Hezekiah Remsberg were all selected from the Richland County bar as the deceased was a member of the Sandusky County bar and was once prosecuting attorney in that county.  The funeral was held this afternoon and the pall bearers were H.P. Davis, Judge Mack, Andrew Stevenson, R.B. McCrory, W.S. Bradford and T.Y. McCray.

Marriage Licenses:  Charles Sheier & Della Toils;  William L. Siver & Lida Jamison;  Efflo B. Proctor & Janet E. Maxwell.

29 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 23

The social event of the year up to this time, was the marriage of Efflo B. Proctor and Miss Janet E. Maxwell, which was solemnized last evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Maxwell, 187 South Main Street.  The parlor presented an enchanting scne for the hymeneal ceremony with its profuse decoration of lilies from Bermuda, smilax and roses, Miss Jessie Young presided at the piano and to the inspiring harmonies of Mendelsohn's wedding march the bridal couple proceded to the parlor attended by Robert B. Maxwell, Jr., brother of the bride, and Frank E. Proctor, brother of the groom, and the plighted troth was sealed by the usual Episcopal ceremony performed by the Rev. F.B. Foster, n the presence of about 160 guests.  After congregations a sumptuous bridal supper was served and the remainder of the evening was devoted to social festivities enlivened with music by Harrington's quintet until the departure of Mr. & Mrs. Proctor for their bridal tour.  Upon their return they will reside at 202 Park Avenue West.  The bride's robe was of rich, white duchess satin, with white appliqué lace and tulle veil, with orange blossoms and the bride carried a bouquet of white roses.  The groom was attired in accordance with the established fashion.  In an upper room was displayed the many costly and beautiful presents received, distinguished among which was a Turkish scarf from Dr. D.G. Metheny, of Philadelphia, and presents from the following distant friends who were unable to be present:  Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Parker and daughter, Mr. & Mrs. George Schutt, Miss Eliza Jermyn, Miss Emma Creighton, John C. Maxwell, Mrs. Anna Maxwell and daughter, Janet and Aylmer Maxwell, of New York city;  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Russell, of Orange, N.J., Miss Anna Smith and John M. Thompson, of Allegheny, Pa.;  Mrs. F.E. Lea, of Carnegie, Pa.;  Mr. and Mrs. Alex Johns, of Plainfield, N.J.;  Mr. & Mrs. John Hedges, of Ft. Worth, Tex.;  Miss Susie Miller, of Fargo, Dak.;  Miss Florence Lussey, of Los Angeles, Cal.;  Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Baker, of Washington Courthouse;  Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Porter, of Mt. Vernon;  Mrs. C. Yong and Mrs. Robert Young, of Bellville, and others.  There were but few guests from abroad, among whom were Miss Isabel McCleery, of Columbus; Mr. & Mrs. Milo Peak, of Norwalk;  Noble Welty, of Pittsburg;  Charles N. Siginson, of Buffalo;  Robert Young.  Mrs. Algeo Young and Miss Lizzie Young, of Bellville.

The funeral of Rudolf Miller will occur Friday at 1:30 p.m. from his residence east of the city.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP.  Samuel A. Clark and wife were called to New Philadelphia to attend the burial of the child of their younger daughter, Mrs. Anna Nickles.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP.  Isaac Bricker, who was formerly a law student of J.C. Laser, of Mansfield, but now one of our prominent farmers, is the happiest man in Jackson.  It's a young daughter.

30 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 24

Thomas Brooks, who came from England in 1866, procured final naturalization papers yesterday.

Marriage Licenses:  Bert S. Marvin & Georgia A. Longenecker.

BORN -- METCALF -- March 29, to Ira C. Metcalf and wife, of 272 Wayne Street, a son.

DIED -- MUETZ -- March 29, Christopher Muetz, aged 73.  Funeral Sunday, April 1, 1:30 p.m., from residence on Cemetery Street.

31 March 1894, Vol. X, No. 25

BORN -- SOULES -- March 30, to Mr. & Mrs. John Soules, of South Walnut Street, a son.

BORN -- MADDEN -- March 30, to William Madden & wife, of 298 East Fourth Street, a son.

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