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The Mansfield News -- February, 1894


Abstracted from the original papers held by the Richland County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society

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01 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 284

WILLIAMS-WHISSEMORE -- Lula B., eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. Whissemore, of Marion Avenue, and Edwin D. Williams, professor of elocution at Otterbein University, were married at the residence of the bride's parents last evening in the presence of 70 guests.  As Mendelssohn's wedding march was played by Miss M. Fanny Day, the bridal couple took their places and the impressive marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. J.W. Hubbell.  A wedding feast was spread and in an upper chamber an array of beautiful presents testified the affection and good wishes of friends.  After a short trip to neighboring cities Mr. & Mrs. Williams will return here for a short visit and then go to Westerville, their future home.  Among the guests from abroad were:  Mr. & Mrs. D.O. Nailor, Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Andrews, of Hayesville;  Mrs. U.A. Pierce, Miss Rilla Craig, Butler;  Miss Gertrude Mathews and Messrs. Williams and Corbett, Tiffin;  Mr. & Mrs. U.O. Collins and Mrs. T.R. Myers, Lucas;  Mrs. J. Mathews and daughters Lora and Grace, Misses Nettie and Anna Goorley, Mt. Gilead.

ONTARIO -- Miss Della Mae Keller, formerly one of Springfield township's admirable and attractive young ladies, was married Jan. 30, to Will J. Downend, a popular and energetic young man of Toledo.  The ceremony was performed at 7 o'clock at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Pell Patterson by the Rev. Torbet, pastor of the M.E. Church, Ontario.  After congratulations a sumptuous supper was served which was tastefully arranged by Mrs. Patterson, sister of the bride, assisted by Miss Emma Patterson.  Mr. & Mrs. Downend, started the following day to Toledo, where they will be at home to their friends at No. 817 Ridger Street.

ONTARIO -- Mrs. Mary Walker died Tuesday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. W.B. Millikin, after a lingering illness of several months.  Interment Thursday afternoon at Ontario Cemetery.

BORN -- GREEN -- Jan. 30, to Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Green, of 194 North Mulberry Street, a 9-pound daughter.

BORN -- MOORE -- Jan. 31, to Mr. & Mrs. Dwight W. Moore, of 37 Orchard Street, a son.

Marriage Licenses -- Edwin D. Williams & Lulu B. Whissemore;  C.E. Robinson & Sadie A. Pilkington.

02 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 285

William Martien, of Mansfield, came in on train 12 this morning to attend his mother's funeral, which occurs at 2 o'clock this afternoon. 

Charles W. Wakefield, an old resident of Shiloh, and well known in this city, died at his residence Feb. 1.  Funeral Saturday, Feb. 3, at 2 p.m.

Marriage Licenses:  Andrew Miller & Ada McGarvey.

Minute Docket:  Charles H. Au, of Barnes, was appointed administrator of the estate of George W. Au, deceased.  Bond $300.

BORN -- BOWERS -- Feb. 1, to Mr. & Mrs. John Bowers, at the Keller House, a daughter.

03 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 286

Susan Foulks died at the residence of her son, George Foulks, on Mendota Street, Friday night, of la grippe, aged 92 years.  Funeral Sunday, Feb. 4, at 8:30 a.m.

A Mrs. Farley died this morning at the home of Mrs. B. Flannery on North Main Street.  Her son, John Farley, of Greenwich, was informed by telegram and he replied that he would come at once for the remains.

MARRIED -- ROBINSON-PILKINGTON -- Jan. 31, at the Congregational parsonage, by the Rev. Dr. Hubbell, Clarence E. Robinson and Miss Sadie Pilkington, both of this city.

BORN -- WILHELM -- Feb. 2, to Mr. & Mrs. Purlie Wilhelm, of Arch Street and Cleveland Avenue, a daughter.

04 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 287

A Baltimore paper of recent date has the following concerning an aged couple who for about 30 years were residents of this city, which is reproduced verbatim:  IN MEMORIAM.  Died, At her home, Allegheny City, Pa., Nov. 29, 1893, Mary Elizabeth, wife of Christian G. Stough and daughter of the late Dr. David Ecker, aged 75 years.  Also at the same residence, Dec. 7, 1893, the husband, Christian G. Stough, aged 75 years.  They overreached their three-score and 10 years, and then, not far apart, they passed away in the winter season of the year -- fit time for the aged to die -- falling like the leaves of autumn, smitten to the earth beneath in the winter of life.  Thus a great shallow has fallen across the household.  The seats and vanished forms of both father and mother have left the hearthstone desolate.  "Death empties the house, but not the heart, that keeps his darlings safe, though out of sight."  (scripture omitted)  During the present year the health and strength of both rapidly declined.  The feeble helpless condition of the mother and the tottering steps and trembling limits of the father told in mute language that their days on earth were numbered and they would soon go the ways of all flesh.  Fifty-three years of wedded life they journeyed together along life's uneven pathway, mutually sharing the ills and sorrows they were caused to bear.  Together they suffered in life, and in death they were not long divided.  The disease which carried him away was pronounced by his physician bronchial pneumonia, which caused intense suffering from first to last.  The end was hastened by the sudden death of his devoted wife.  Resting quietly by his side, she was stricken with paralysis and suddenly died, without a struggle or a moan.  The shock was terrible and more than he, in his weak condition, could endure.  From that sad hour sleep departed.  He slept no more through those eight weary days and nights, but every moment he spent in prayerful devotion.  Earnest prayer and the singing of sacred hymns filled up the fleeting moments, until nature's exhausted energies surrendered to the one great law that dooms us all to dust.  "Dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return."  His children and his motherless grandson, whom they tenderly reared from infancy to manhood, gathered around his dying bed to sooth and comfort him in the hour of his greatest need.  Human ties and attachments are strong and enduring.  Ever after their removal from Mansfield and its fond associations, one yearning desire of their hearts was to return to their old home and dear friends they left behind them.  And now, after a lapse of weary years, they were in silence, brought in to go out no more on chilly wintry days, when the muffled winds of autumn, swaying the leafless boughs, chanted a sighing requiem over the open graves they were laid to rest in their dreamless beds, near by the graves of their two dear sons, John and Edward.  -- Walnut Bottom, Pa.

DIED -- DAVIS -- Feb. 3, at the home of his mother, 229 East First Street, Frank Davis, aged 26 years.  Funeral 1:30 p.m., Monday, Feb. 5.

05 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 288

BORN -- GRIMM -- Feb. 4, to Martin Grimm and wife, 250 East Fourth Street, a 10 pound daughter.

06 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 289

LEXINGTON - Miss Ada Gurney and Andrew Miller were married Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Thomas Dunshee, the Rev. Mr. Kaley officiating. 

LEXINGTON -- A handsome alert little boy made its advent at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Culp Wednesday night, and a blithesome little daughter was born to Martin Kyner and wife the same night.

LEXINGTON -- A bouncing little boy adds to the nuptial joys of Enoch Vanderbelt and wife.

Minute Docket -- Peter Bush, was appointed guardian, of Edward, aged 18 and Amelia, aged 15, children and heirs of Anna M. Bush, deceased.  Bond $850.

07 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 290

BUTLER -- A daughter was born to William Bowman and wife, of near Bigelow, last Friday.

BUTLER -- A daughter was born to John Reeder and wife last week.

WINDSOR -- A prop for declining years arrived at the home of Jacob Hoover, Monday.  It is a bouncing boy.

MIFFLIN -- Married, by the Rev. Sprinkle, John Keiffer and Celia Amend, at the home of the bride's parents north of Mifflin, Wednesday evening, Jan. 1.

MIFFLIN -- Elmore Goff and Libbie Brubaker were quietly married Thursday evening, Feb. 1, at the home of the bride's parents north of Mifflin, by the Rev. Sprinkle.

MIFFLIN -- Daniel Harlin died at his home south of Mifflin, Monday, after a long and serious illness.

Marriage Licenses -- James A. Gatton & Alice Hildenbrand;  Walter W. Grimes & Minnie V. Boyce.

Minute Docket -- Application was made to probate the will of C.W. Wakefield, deceased.  Hearing Feb. 23.

DIED -- NYE -- Feb. 3, the 3-year-old daughter of John M. Nye and wife.  Funeral Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock.

08 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 291

By order of probate court I am compelled to sacrifice the entire stock of china, glass, etc. lately owned by A.G. Roudenbush, and close up the business at once.  The store will be open Thursday, Feb. 8.  The goods will be sold for about one-half less than importers' and manufacturers' cost. -- Martin Hammond, Assignee.

Real Estate Transfers:  Reid Carpenter, trustee, to W.H. Taylor, lots, city, $_____;  Levi Slocum to William A. Slocum, 106⅔ acres, Butler Twp., $2000.

Marriage Licenses:  William Jemison & Dennie Fox;  S.M. Willet & Gertrude Caylor.

Probate Docket:  Henry Cleland and Joseph Gilger, of Shiloh, were appointed administrators de bonis non of the estate of William Cleland deceased.  Bond $14,000.

SHELBY -- The infant son of Ellsworth Dick and wife died Sunday.

SHELBY -- Grandmother Garnhart, a well known and highly esteemed old lady residing two miles west of Shelby, died Sunday, from injuries sustained by a fall two weeks ago. 

Joseph C. Sponogle, of this city, has been granted a pension.

Victor Novoty, native of Austria, who came to the United States in June, 1888, has been granted final naturalization papers.

BORN -- CHARLES -- Feb. 7, to Officer George Charles and wife, a son.

BORN -- ZACHMAN -- Feb. 3, to Frank Zachman and wife, a daughter.

09 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 292

Philip Cline, aged 15 years, had the middle finger of his left hand cut off this morning by a saw at S.N. Ford & Co's sash factory.  The third and little fingers were badly cut.

Marriage Licenses:  Archie Spain & Nettie Daugherty;  Peter Frietchen Jr. & Lauretta Cunningham.

Minute Docket:  Application was made to probate the will of John Steel, deceased.  Hearing Feb. 14.

MARRIED -- WIGTON-CRAIG -- Feb. 8, at the M.E. parsonage, Charles C. Wigton and Miss Helen J. Craig, both of Mansfield.

10 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 293

Mary Schlup, who was sent to the Toledo Asylum about two weeks ago died at that institution yesterday.

I. Shonfield finds this day double cause for rejoicing.  It is the fourteenth anniversary of his marriage and the birthday of a daughter who arrived just before noon.

MARRIED -- JEMISON-FOX -- Feb. 7, by the Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles, William Jemison and Dinnie Fox.

BORN -- PAYNE -- Feb. 9, to Martin Payne and wife, of Shelby, a son.

DIED -- HENRY -- Friday, Feb. 9, Miss Mary Henry at the home of her sister, Mrs. J.P. Scott, 191 Park Avenue East.  Funeral from the residence Sunday, Feb. 11, at 1:30 p.m.

DIED -- ANGEL -- Feb. 9, at her late residence in Ontario, Mrs. Anna Angel, aged 75 years.  Funeral Sunday, Feb. 11, at 2 o'clock p.m.

11 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 294

BELLVILLE -- Mrs. Savilla Feyser died at her home on Fittings Avenue, Feb. 5, aged 26 years.  Funeral services in the M.E. Church, Wednesday, Feb. 8, conducted by Rev. J.H. Deels.  She leaves a husband and four children.

BELLVILLE -- John Steele, a prominent and highly respected citizen of Perry Township, died at his home, four miles west of this place, Feb. 3, aged 75 years.

Real Estate Transfers:  Charlotte Spice to T.B. Wigton, lot 1316, city, $400;  J.F. Seward, Auditor, to H.P. Sewell, lot 85, Shelby, tax title, $16.94;  J.A. Guthrie, Sheriff, to Kate Martin, part lot 1870, city, $1045;  David D. Lininger to George B. Moore, lot 3487, city, $1;  H.E. Cave to J.A. Rigby, 4 city lots, $1200;  G.W. Swigart to Mary E. Pitts, 40 acres, Monroe Twp., $2000.

Marriage Licenses:  J.A. Hull & Eldora Wirth.

DIED -- HICKOX -- Feb. 10, at the family residence on Newman Street, Mrs. Ona Hickox, aged 30 years.

DIED -- SYLVESTER -- Feb. 10, Virginia, aged 17 months, daughter of William Sylvester and wife, of North Diamond Street.  The remains will be taken to Fredericktown, Monday, for interment.

12 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 295

The funeral of the late Mrs. Ona Hickox took place from the family residence on Newman Street at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

DIED -- ENLOW -- Feb. 11, at the family residence in Spring Mills, Miss Lou Enlow, aged 24 years, 4 months and 15 days.  Funeral Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 10 o'clock a.m.  Interment at Spring Mills.

13 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 296

John B. Niman's elegant residence, No. 245 West Fourth, was the scene of a large gathering last evening, the occasion being the twenty-fifth, or silver anniversary of the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Niman.  Over 400 invitations had been sent out in the city and elsewhere for the evening and about 125 people were present, many being prevented from being present by the inclement weather  An elaborate supper was served at 8 o'clock. The table presented a most beautiful appearance.  In the center of the board was a large marriage bell made from smilax and ribbons.  The favors of the evening were carnations and the guests enjoyed themselves to the utmost.  Regrets were received from many friends who were unable to be present.  The presents received by Mr. & Mrs. Niman were many and beautiful, everything being silver and in keeping with the occasion.  A number of the ladies of the women's Relief Coprs, of which Mrs. Niman is a member, presented a solid silver tea service.  Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Niman were married in the Episcopal parsonage in this city, Feb. 12, 1869, by the Rev. W.C. Trimble, and the fruit of their long and happy union is five bright daughters, one of whom, the eldest, was recently married to Walter Bisbee, and now resides in Chicago.

LEXINGTON -- Elias Heyser, an aged veteran of the civil war, whose pension was suspended several months ago, was recently notified that he had been reinstated at his former rate and vouchers were sent him. Two days later, however, he was notified by Hoke Smith that his pension was reduced $5 a month and he was ordered to return his vouchers.

LEXINGTON -- The venerable George Miller, of Lexington, attained the age of 75 years Sunday, having been born Feb. 11, 1819 in Ramsgate, island of Thanet, near England.  Mr. Miller, with his parents, came to Mansfield in 1829 and January 1830 they moved to Troy Township.  He bought the first grain and pork taken in at Tracy's warehouse in Mansfield.  He bought the first grain and flour that were sent by rail from here.  He shipped the first car load of cattle that were sent by rail from Lexington to New York.  He visited his native place in 1856.  Mr. Miller has resided on Delaware Street 43 years.

LEXINGTON -- The venerable Nathan Amsbaugh, of Troy Township, attained the age of 88 years, Feb. 11.  He is one of the earliest pioneers of Richland County.

OLIVESBURG -- Mrs. Russell, who lived east of town, died Sunday night after a few weeks' illness.

The Shill family held a reunion in this city on Monday and had a group photograph taken by Potter.  The family consists of 12 members, the youngest of whom is 15 years of age.  John Shill and wife, the father and mother, reside on a farm near Shelby, and the balance of the family in and about Shelby, with the exception of two sons, John and Gus Shill, who are residents of Mansfield.  The day was a pleasant one to all.

Real Estate Transfers:  Will M. Jones to Ida E. Jones, lot 5, Lucas, $550;  Charles H. Keating to Jennie McDonough, lot 5048, city, $1400.

MARRIED -- HULL-WIRTH -- Feb. 11, by the Rev. D. Kemble, John Hull, of Holmes County, and Miss Eldora Wirth, of Mansfield.

BORN -- CALL -- Feb. 10, to Charles Call and wife, of Stocking Avenue, a daughter.

14 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 297

BUTLER -- James Gatton, of Bellville, and Miss Alice Heldenbran, were united in marriage last week by the Rev. Nolling.

BUTLER -- Archie Spain, of Bellville, and Nettie Daugherty, of this locality, were married by 'Squire Hess, at Bellville, last Thursday.

BUTLER -- Mrs. Eva Beasley was notified last week of the arrest of A. Duke Beasley, the truant husband, at Vincennes, Ind.

BUTLER -- Francis Marion McClellan died Tuesday morning after a lingering illness, aged 34 years, 3 months and 2 days.  The funeral occurred on Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock with the Rev. Deeds officiating.  Interment in the Bunker Hill Cemetery.

BUTLER -- Henry Peters, a former resident of this locality, died last week at Danville, where he resided.

MIFFLIN -- A bouncing boy was born to Merry Myers last week.

DARLINGTON -- Since our last communication one of our oldest, best respected citizens, John Steel, has passed from earth.  He was widely known for his kindness, benevolence and Christianity and in his death the community and church have sustained a great loss.

The startling announcement of the sudden death of Mrs. Harriet Wakefield Tuesday evening at her home in Shiloh was received this morning by friends in this city.  She was about 50 years old and evidently enjoying perfect health.  She was attending to her household duties and did not even complain of the slightest symptoms of illness, when she suddenly swooned and expired.  She was the widow of Charles W. Wakefield, whose death occurred Feb. 1.  The funeral will occur Thursday, Feb. 15, from the residence in Shiloh, at 1:30 p.m.  Friends in this city who may desire to attend the funeral can take the northbound train on the B.&O. at 10:37 a.m., which will connect with the fast train on the Big Four at Shelby, and arrangements have been made to have that train stop at Shiloh.

Joshua H. Loomis, for many years a resident of this city, in former years a familiar figure at the court house where he was frequently a juror, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 13, aged 90 years and 11 months.  For several years past he has been very feeble by reason of advanced years.  Funeral Thursday, Feb. 15, at 2 p.m., from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. P.R. Dennison, 133 North Mulberry Street.

A dispatch was received by Mrs. Ida Runyan, of No. 98 North Main Street, at 3:55 Tuesday afternoon, announcing the death of Mrs. H.B. Boyle, at the residence of her father at Vinton, Ia., Monday night.  The deceased was formerly a resident of this city and had many friends here.  For a number of years Mr. & Mrs. Boyle conducted the Sherman House, but a year ago last September they sold out and removed to Chicago.  At the time they left Mansfield, Mrs. Boyle's health was bad, but after her arrival in Chicago, she grew rapidly worse and her condition became so precarious that some time weeks later, she was removed to her former home in Vinton, Ia.  A husband and one child, a bright little daughter, survive the deceased.  The funeral services, were held at 2 o'clock Wednesday, Dec. 14, and the interment took place at Vinton, Ia.

Philip Weisbarth and wife, Fred Miller and wife, Herman Abraham and wife, Joseph Herman and wife, John Miller, Robert Reese and Will Metzger, of Cleveland, were here today to attend the funeral of Henry Weisbarth, which occurred this afternoon from St. Peter's Church.  The deceased and five brothers worked together in the molding department of the Eclipse Stove works, and out of respect to the dead and the sorrowing the works were closed all day.

Real Estate Transfers:  S.H. Garrett to H.N. Wilkinson, lot 20, city, $1.

Marriage Licenses:  John Albert Kochheiser & Rena Spayde;  W.E. Snyder & Edith D. Cook;  Charles N. Price & Celia Straub.

Minute Docket:  Frederick Sutter, of Shelby, was appointed administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Will, deceased.  Bond $600.

15 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 298

Miss Florence M. Nail, eldest daughter of A.F. Nail, of this city, died about 8 o'clock last evening.  The deceased was about 23 years of age and resided with her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. John Nail, 97 South Main Street.  The young lady thus stricken down in the doorway of life had a host of friends among both the old and young.  She early united with the First Congregational church and has ever remained a consistent Christian.  She was also a member of the church choir until her malady, which was consumption, rendered it impossible for her to attend services.  Miss Nail was a member of many other societies and organizations in the city, including the Young People's union, Christian Endeavor Society, Woman's Relief corps.  The deceased was a graduate of the public schools and a member of the Mansfield Alumni association.  The dread disease which intimately caused death made its presence known some three year ago and since that time Miss Nail has gradually grown worse until three months since when her health became so bad that she was obliged to give up her position as stenographer with Messrs. Burns & Burns.  The funeral will be held at the residence on South Main Street, Saturday afternoon, at 1:30 o'clock, the Rev. Dr. J.W. Hubbell officiating.

ONTARIO -- Miss Anna Engle, aged 78 years, wife of Christian Engle, died at her home in Newcastle, Friday, Feb. 9.  Funeral services Sunday afternoon conducted by the Rev. Mr. Torbet. 

ONTARIO -- An invalid daughter of A.J. Enlow died very suddenly Sunday afternoon.

ONTARIO -- Philip Corman died Tuesday after a short illness.  Funeral Wednesday from his late residence.

ONTARIO -- Died, Jan. 30, 1894, Mrs. Mary M. Walker, aged 80 years, 1 month, 17 days.  Mary Mettler was born in Northumberland county, Pa., Dec. 13, 1813.  She came to Ohio at the age of 14, resided in Knox County (near Morrow) where she married Robert Walker May 1, 1834.  Three weeks after their marriage they moved to this county where they lived for 53 years in their first home.  In 1887 they moved to the residence of W.B. Milikin on account of their infirmities, at which place they resided until their deaths, that of Mr. Walker occurring three years ago.  They were the parents of seven children, five of whom survive:  Mrs. W.B. Millikin, of this place, S.A. Walker, St. Anthony, Idaho;  J.L. Walker, Lebanon, O.;  S.F. Walker, Ontario, O. and Mrs. J.W. Baggs, Corsica.  The funeral services, conducted by the Rev. F.B. Foster, of Mansfield, were held at the residence Thursday afternoon.

SHELBY -- Constable J.F. Brougher made an important Tuesday [sic.], Feb. 13, of an infant boy.  The boy will have his hearing later on.

Real Estate Transfers:  Daniel H. Hudson to Eda M. Reynolds, 57 acres, Plymouth Twp., $1200;  George W. Swigart to William H. Swigart, 16 acres, Monroe Twp., $1000.

Marriage Licenses -- A.A. Bowers & S.L. Geddes.

Minute Docket:  The will of John Steel, deceased, was probated, H.C. Steel, of Bellville, was appointed executor.  No bond.;  J.C. Nelson, of Bellville, was appointed guardian of Levi B. McLaughlin, aged 17, heir of John McLaughlin, deceased.  Bond $500.

15 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 299

Judge Brucker this morning received a letter from W.S. Johnson, an attorney at Chicago, inquiring as to the disposition made of the effects found on the person of Harry Lazarus who fell from a P.F. train and was killed near this city about a year ago.  Money and jewels amounting to $700 in value were found on him, which were taken possession of by Coroner Maglott who was appointed administrator.  Myer Rosenthal, of Allegheny, who claimed to be a brother-in-law of Lazarus, came here with letters of administration and Coroner Maglott turned the property over to him and took his receipt.  John claims that Rosenthal had no right to the property and that the only heirs of Lazarus are his wife and 9-year-old daughter who live in Chicago.  At the request of the attorney, a copy of all the proceedings had in probate court relative to the disposition of Lazarus' effects, was forwarded to Chicago.

Joseph M. Hunter, formerly superintendent of the county infirmary, and Mrs. Alverda Chew were married Thursday evening, Feb. 15.

Real Estate Transfers:  Ava m. Brumback to Dell Seiler, part lot 276, Plymouth, $1200;  Daniel Harlan to Rachel Harlan, 160 acres, Mifflin Twp., $25;  C.F. Ackerman, receiver, to John U. Nunmaker, lot 1807, city, $1815;  Joseph C. Cope, guardian, to News Printing Company, part lot 19, city, $2666.

Marriage Licenses:  Joseph M. Hunter & Mrs. Alverda E. Chew.

Docket:  The will and codicil of Ebenezer Craig, deceased, was probated.

DIED -- ROBINSON -- Feb. 15, at her home in Pavonia, Mrs. William Robinson, aged 59 years.  Funeral Saturday, Feb. 17, at 11 o'clock.

17 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 300

The divorce mill had quite a grist today.  Nancy Beardsley was divorced from John S. Beardsley on the grounds of habitual drunkenness of defendant.  The parties were married in Portage County, Dec. 23, 1864;  Mary A. Hague was divorced from john F. Hague on grounds of willful absence for more than three years;  The case of Mary E. Wilson vs. William Wilson, who is now doing time in the Cleveland workhouse, was only partially heard.  The grounds alleged are habitual drunkenness and failing to provide.

18 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 301

Marriage Licenses:  John Zudzewitz & Laura Martin.

Sheriff's Sales:  W. McMillen vs. John Farley, undivided of 9 acres, Shiloh, appraised at $125, sold to L.E. Barker for $84;  Robert Carmichael vs. Florence M. Miller, et al., lot 1106 on Wood Street, appraised at $1650, sold to Barbara A. Ritchie for $1,700.

Application was made in probate court yesterday for an inquest of imbecility upon Margaret Humbert, of Bloominggrove Township.

Word was received here yesterday announcing the death of Mrs. Ollie Burke at Junction City.  The deceased was 40 years of age and has relatives in this city.

DIED -- WAGNER -- Herman, son of William and Katharine Wagner, of Garrett, Ind., formerly of this city.  Funeral from the residence of William martin, 234 South Diamond Street, this city, Monday, Feb. 19, at 2 o'clock p.m.

19 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 302

The divorce case of Mary E. Wilson vs. William Wilson, which was partially heard Saturday, was to have been finished today, but defendant asked leave to answer, which was granted and the case was continued to next term.

BORN -- SPAYDE -- Sunday, Feb. 18, to William Spayde and wife, of West Johns Street, a son.

20 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 303

LEXINGTON -- Lawrence Brannan died at his home here of typhoid fever, Feb. 12, aged 68 years.

LEXINGTON -- The remains of Mrs. John Burke, daughter of Mrs. Eliza Thuma, who died at Junction City, Perry County, were brought to Lexington, Feb. 19.  Funeral at the home of F. Thuma, Tuesday at 2 o'clock.

Telegrams received in this city late yesterday announced the death of Hiram Cake at the Dayton soldiers' home, of which institution he was quartermaster for a number of years.  Hiram Cake was born at Canton Aug. 23, 1823.  He came to Mansfield in 1840 and clerked for six years in William McNulty's dry goods store at the corner of Main and Fourth.  In 1846 he enlisted in the United States army and served in the Mexican war under Capt. William McLaughlin, after which he returned to Mansfield.  He next clerked for Isaac Smith, a dry goods merchant at Monroeville for a short time and then went to New York City, where he remained four years in a wholesale dry goods house.  Upon his return to Mansfield he took charge of McNulty's dry goods store for one year, and was then in the employ of W.L. Strong until he went to California, in 1855, where he remained a year or more.  Returning to Mansfield again he secured a position as bookkeeper for the Pennsylvania railroad company, where he remained until he went to the Dayton Home about 10 years ago.  He married Miss Maria L. McCullough in 1850, who died in this city in 1869.  He was a member of the Mansfield Lodge No. 35, F. & A.M., and of Mansfield Commandery, No. 21, K.T.  The funeral will occur Wednesday at 2 p.m., from the residence of his son-in-law, George R. Bird, of 329 Spring Mills Street, under the auspices of Mansfield Commandery.

Minute Docket:  The will of C.W. Wakefield, deceased, was probated.  Lillian F. Hamilton, of Shiloh, was appointed administratrix with will annexed.  Bond $500.

BORN -- SCHADLE -- Feb. 19, to Thomas Schadle and wife, three miles south of Mansfield, a son.

21 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 304

BUTLER -- The Rev. F. Bone, instead of the Rev. Deeds, conducted the Francis McClellan obsequies last week.

BUTLER -- The mortal remains of Mrs. George Hively were laid to rest on last Thursday, in the German Lutheran cemetery, east of town.  Deceased was in the 65th. year of her age, and had been afflicted with dropsical trouble for a long time.

BUTLER -- A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. S.K. Davis last week.

MIFFLIN -- Christian Kagey died at his home very suddenly Sunday evening of heart trouble.  He was sitting on a chair by the window, when he dropped to the floor and died soon after.  Dr. Harkens was immediately summoned, but he died before the doctor's arrival.  He had been subject to heart trouble and was closely watched by his family.  He was an old resident of Mifflin Township, having been born here and was a highly esteemed citizen.  He leaves a wife and six children to mourn his loss.  The friends and neighbors sympathize with the family in their sad bereavement.  He was a kind husband and father, and will be missed very much in this community.   The funeral took place from his residence north west of Mifflin Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, services in the Lutheran church.  Interment in the Mifflin Cemetery.

BORN -- MILLER -- Feb. 20, to John Miller and wife, of East First Street, a daughter.

BORN -- ERNSBERGER -- Feb. 20, to George Ernsberger and wife of Warne street, a daughter.

BORN - ROADPOUCH -- Feb. 21, to Mr. & Mrs. William Roadpouch, Johns and Sugar, a daughter.

DIED -- GILKISON -- Feb. 20, at the family residence, No. 418 North Bowman Street, the nine months' old child of Mr. & Mrs. William Gilkison.

22 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 305

WINDSOR -- Although an able correspondent will undoubtedly pay a fitting tribute to the life and death of Mrs. Mary Robinson in these columns, allow me to add that her deep religious fervor, her kindly and motherly advice and sympathy aside from her many other sterling qualities, have deeply imbued themselves in the hearts of many.  And while memory lingers and noble deeds are cherished with fond recollections the deceased will at least find one devotee.

SHENANDOAH -- Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ferrell received a valentine in the shape of a baby boy Valentine day.

Docket:  Application as made to probate the will of John Fulton, deceased.  Hearing Feb. 26;  Amanda J. Kiel of Lexington was appointed executrix of the estate of Ebenezer Craig, deceased.  No bond.

23 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 306

HERRING-COVILL -- Four years ago Miss Ina M. Covill was appointed money order clerk in the post-office and about the same time George W. Herring went into the office as stamping clerk.  Last evening this couple unostentationaly [sic.] repaired to the parsonage of the English Lutheran church, and were united in marriage at 5 o'clock by Dr. Wiles.  Both were at their posts of duty all day yesterday.  Both were there again this morning and except for the record of the license in the probate court or the smiles of supreme happiness which wreaths the faces of the young husband and wife, no one would ever guess that Uncle Sam has occasion today to say "bless you my children".  The friends of Mr. & Mrs. Herring will with them naught but the fullest possible realization of their hopes and ambitions for the future.  For the present, or at least while they remain in the mail service, they will occupy rooms at the home of his father, J.H. Herring, 200 East Fourth Street.

A message was received here this morning by friends announcing the death of W.A. Rawley, assistant train master for the T.W.V.&O. railroad, at Coshocton last night.  The deceased who is 36 years of age and well known among railroad men, was afflicted with an attack of pneumonia five days ago, which terminated fatally.  Rawley previously held the position of agent at New Washington, Helena and other points.  He leaves a wife and family.

24 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 307

In common pleas court this afternoon, Isabella Edwards was divorced from Chalmer C. Edwards, whom she married March 22, 1883.  They were living in Ashland County in 1890, when Edwards ran away with Ida Metcalf, with whom he is now living at Akron.  He has the eldest son with him and Mrs. Edwards was granted custody of the other three sons;  The divorce case of Louisa Purdy vs. William Purdy was submitted.  The parties were married Feb. 13, 1887, and have three children.  Mrs. Purdy alleged cruelty and abandonment.  She avers that he once knocked her down with a hoe, threatened several times to cut her throat and once attempted to do so.

Ed Horn has been jollying himself all week that the newspaper boys hadn't discovered about that young son who came to his house last Sunday.  So Ed has told about it himself.

The funeral of the late W.A. Rawley, of Coshocton, assistant trainmaster of the T.W.V.& O. railroad passed through the city today en route to Oberlin, where the interment will take place.

DIED -- MILES -- Feb. 23, at the family residence on Stocking Avenue, Mrs. Amos Miles, aged 30 years.  Funeral from the Mayflower memorial church, Sunday, Feb. 25, at 2 o'clock p.m.

DIED -- SEYMOUR -- Saturday, Feb. 24, at her home, 15 Chestnut Street, Elizabeth, wife of James Seymour, aged 50 years.  Funeral from residence, Monday, Feb. 26, at 2 p.m.

25 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 308

MARRIED IN MARCH, 1869 -- Who of These are Living, and Where, to Celebrate the Silver Anniversary?  In the following list of those to whom marriage licenses were issued in this county in March, 1869, appear the names of many who are still residents of this city or county and can, during March, celebrate their 25th. or silver wedding anniversary:  1 -- John Sanger & Barbara Wech;  2 -- William W. Balliett & Serena Weirick;  3 -- George D. Harter & Elizabeth Aultman;  4 -- J.S. Hardesty & Missouri J. Teeter, William Cunningham & Eliza Plough;  7 -- H.W. Hoover & Rosa Burge;  8 -- Azariah S. Frank & Lamson E. Cramer;  9 -- George Carrothers & Lucina Blackburn;  10 -- Benjamin Lash & Emma Herring, Albert Bishop & Mattie Cornell;  11 -- Henry Bisell & Eliza Jane Shearer, Michael Klinkle & Ellen Barrett;  16 -- D.M. Runyan & Abbie O. Pittenger, Elijah Charity & Caroline Blackman;  Jacob Ketch & Sarah A. Rankin;  18 -- William Elland & Elizabeth Paul, Charles W. Ward & Sadie E. Downing, Union McBride & Adaline Crider;  21 -- T.E. Mix & E.C. Williams;  22 -- Israel S. Donnell & Elizabeth Traxler;  23 -- M.C. Guthrie & S.M. Houseman, William Lawrence & Mina E. Ferguson, Stephen R. Beerbower & Mary E. Jenks, J.L. Cunningham & Jane Black;  24 -- Christian Mull & Agnes E. Reed;  25 -- Samuel L. Crunkilton & Eve E. Mehagen, John W. Long & Sarah Hiskey, Thomas L. Lehew & E.A. Eastgate, Henry C. Bowman & Mary Plank, David Dome & Rachel M. Bretz;  28 -- Nicholas Pilcher & Anna Roeder;  30 -- Albert Moore & Lizzie Farrell, M.M. Barber & Mary C. Wittel.

Marriage Licenses:  William Long & Elizabeth I. Whitcomb.

Minute Docket:  W.H. Bowers was appointed guardian of Caddie B. Suter, aged 10 years, daughter of Christian Suter, deceased.  Bond $4,000.

Sheriff's Sales.  N.A. Davis vs. J.V. Fisher, et al., 9 acres, Madison Twp., appraised at $1,300, Feb. 24.  Sold to plaintiff for $1,632.

26 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 309

The funeral of the late Mrs. Amos Miles, which took place from the Mayflower Memorial church, Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, was largely attended.  The Rev. R.H. Edmonds officiated.

27 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 310

LEXINGTON -- The venerable Mrs. D. Barnett died Feb. 22 at the home of Mrs. E. Bowers, hr daughter, of this vicinity, and her obsequies occurred Saturday.  She was aged nearly 82 years, having been born June 16, 1812, and was a daughter of Charles Stewart, who made his advent in Springfield Township when she was 2 years old.  She was married in 1838 to David Barnett, who came to Lexington in 1831.  They had lived on their farm nearly all their married life until the fall of 1892, when they came to Lexington, where he died in Sept., 1893.  Lexington, where he died in Sept., 1893.  Three daughters -- Mrs. Boozer, of Waterloo, Ind., Mrs. Ed Wolf and Mrs. Bowers, of this vicinity, and two sons who live in the state of Washington survive them.  An autopsy of her remains was held, revealing a telescoping of the bowels and the liver adhered to the walls of her abdominal cavity.

LEXINGTON -- A handsome bouncing boy born, Feb. 22, and of Republican proclivities, adds to the nuptial bliss of Dr. Stober and wife.

LEXINGTON -- The Rev. James Kaley officiated Tuesday at the obsequies here of Mrs. Burke, whose death at Junction was announced.  The deceased was born March 1, 1854, near Lexington.  Her husband and three daughters survive her.

The remains of Emma Hensley (colored) of Detroit, Mich., arrived here this morning and the funeral will take place from the residence of Mrs. Rachel Stewart, 91 East Second Street, tomorrow at 1:30 p.m.

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Crider celebrated the silver anniversary of their marriage at their home, 151 West bloom Street, last evening.  About 60 guests enjoyed a fine supper, played cards and spent the evening in varied social pastimes.  Mr. & Mrs. Crider received a number of valuable and useful presents.

Minute Docket:  R.W. Heskett, of Butler, was appointed trustee of John H. Pritchard, insolvent debtor.  Bond $12,000;  The will of John Fulton, deceased was probated.  J.F. Gerhart, of Bellville, was appointed executor.  Bond $1800.

28 February 1894, Vol. IX, No. 311

BUTLER -- A son was born to William Andrews and wife last week.

PAVONIA -- Mrs. Mary Robinson, wife of William Robinson, died at her home, one mile from this place, Feb. 15, aged 59 years.  She suffered for months, but was always patient and enduring.  Never was that portion of scripture which says, "She looked well to the ways of her household." more fully exemplified than in her case.  Always watchful and always caring for the welfare of her loved ones.  Not only at home will her loss be felt, but in all church and Sabbath school work, by the bed of sickness or in any capacity where she could offer a kind deed, she did.  When told that her hours were numbered, she clasped her hands and exclaimed "Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace and good will towards man".  Her four stalwart sons tenderly bore the body to the final resting place in the Milton Cemetery, close by the church, where her voice had so often been heard in prayer and in admonition to her Sabbath school class which she taught for years.  She leaves a husband, five sons and five daughters to mourn her loss.

OLIVESBURG -- Milton Gettleman died Sunday night after a long illness.

Margaret J. Moore, of Lexington, has been granted a widow's original pension.

Marriage Licenses:  A.J. Dise & G.V. Deardorff.

Minute Docket:  E.S. Wolff, of Ontario, was appointed administrator of Mary A. Barnett deceased.  Bond $500.

BORN -- JACKSON -- Feb. 27, to John Jackson and wife, of Lilly Street, a son.

BORN -- McFARLAND -- Feb. 27, to Frank McFarland and wife, south of the city, a daughter.

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