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Bellville Independent:  08 August 1895, Vol. 8, No. 12

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W.H. Elston was in Columbus Monday on business.

Lynn LeFevre and Will Fisher wheeled to Perrysville Sunday.

Mrs. W.H. Harrison, of Newark, is the guest of Miss Cornelia Moore.

Mr. R.A. Castner, Atty., of Cleveland, is visiting at his father-in-law's, J.C. Potts.

Guy S. Rinehart and Miss Emma Kochheiser wheeled to Mt. Vernon and back last Friday.

Samuel Rinehart and wife of Columbus arrived Tuesday to attend the funeral of his brother Joshua Rinehart.

Mrs. John Oyster has been placed in the sanitarium of the Drs. Keith.  The doctors use nature's remedies.

Mrs. J. Green is reported lying near the point of death.

John Lafferty, Sr. started last week to visit his daughter, Mrs. R.C. Eastman, of Wintersett, Iowa.

Mrs. W.H. Armstrong visited several days last week with her mother, Mrs. R.P. Moore.

Miss Bertha Aungst returned home Monday, after a week's peasant visit with her many friends at Mansfield.

E.S. Brentlinger and Philip Young drove over to Loudonville, Sunday, and spent the day at that place, guest of H.M. and C.A. Brown.

Mr. Hibbett living north of town furnished a sample for wheat which can be seen in H. Cassell's store.  This wheat threshed 40 bushels to the acre this year. 

Joshua Rineheart, formerly of Bellville, died at the home of his daughter Mrs. H.L. Craven near Johnsville, Monday, Aug. 5th.  Funeral from that place Wednesday at 10 o'clock A.M.

The annual meeting of the W.C.T.U. for the election of officers and the transaction of business, will be held at the residence of Mrs. Rev. Barnett, on Tuesday, Aug. 13, at 3 p.m. 

-- L.J. Canfield, Sec.

The Universalist annual grove meeting will be held in T.L. Garber's grove, two miles east of Belleville, on Sunday, Aug. 18.  Should the weather be unfavorable for an outdoor meeting, services will be at the church.

Mrs. Frank Walters and children of this place are visiting at Marion the present week, guest of her sister Mrs. Ella Logan.

Miss Nettie Palm, of Lexington, visited in town the latter part of last week, guest of David Palm and family.

Miss Swickard and mother, of Columbus, are visiting Robt. Langham's.  Miss Swickard rendered two very fine selections of music on Sunday evening at the Lutheran church.  Miss S. is a very fine vocalist and gets a good salary in First M.E. Church of Columbus, as a soloist.  Rev. J.N. Barnett preached an unusually good sermon.

Mr. Cash Baxter and wife, of Mansfield, have been visiting in town, guests of Mrs. B's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Cassell.

Rev. C.W. Caldwell and wife, returned Wednesday from their vacation, and the Rev. will occupy his pulpit at the Presbyterian church, on next Sunday, the 11th.

Will Etz is spending a few days in Galion this week.

Miss Bertha Beattie returned home Tuesday after a few weeks visit with relatives at Washington D.C.

A.F. Secrist and wife, L.J. Niman, wife and son E.E., attended the reception given to Prof. J.F. Cramer, of Butler, on last Friday.

Miss Hazel F. Armstrong, of Newark, O., returned home last Friday, after spending five weeks with her grandma, Mrs. R.P. Moore.

Mr. Marshal Clark and daughter, Lenna, have returned from a two-week's visit with relatives and friends near Fredericktown.

Dr. W.N. Ridenour was married to Miss Ella Maglott last Wednesday.  They will make Bellville their future home.  They will be found at home in the Bower's building, first door south of Koerber's store.  The doctor's door will be open at all hours and he who is so well known needs no introduction.


Ed Kilgore is working below Lexington at present.

Miss Grace Tinkey returned home Saturday from Chicago Junct.

Miss Linnie Stone will return home the last of the week.

The Misses Mary Patterson, Dell Thrush, Edith Sunnuck, and Messrs. Ikey Coe, Harry Dussel, Ebert Cleland, all attended the Union Sabbath School, Sunday.

Mr. Jake Deems and family of Crestline, O., Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs. George Sunnuck.

Mrs. Eliza Hetler sold her property to Mr. Hively Monday.

Luie and Charley Hogan of Mansfield, were the guest of Clarence Sunnuck.

Mrs. B.F. Lairmer and Mrs. Paul Rothburger drove to Windsor Sunday.

Mrs. Lee and children of Cadiz, O., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Norman.


One day last week the horse of Ed Switzer's turned a somersault completely turning the buggy upside down.  The horse was tied near the gate at Sam Robinson's place, while ed was looking at some cattle.  The horse rested contently with his back down the hill till he was disengaged from the buggy.  No damage was done.

Miss Bertha Robinson was the guest of Miss Teena Riggle Sunday.

Mr. John Lafferty has gone to Iowa to visit his daughter.

Prof. A.L. Freehafer attended the double wedding at Jacob Maglott's last week.

Mr. David Seltz and wife Sundayed with his daughter.

It is reported that Calvin Aungst has sold his farm to John Thoman.  We are sorry to lose so good a neighbor.

Bertha Stull is doing work for Mrs. S.W. Bixler.

Andy Freehafer is appointed a committee for Forest Hall to collect money for fireworks for Bellville Free Fair.  Be prepared when Andy comes.

Mr. Willis Jones is sporting a new bicycle.

T.O. Robinson reports having good success with his new grain thresher.


Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Neal were at Mansfield Saturday.

C.V. Lanhill and Mr. Ingell, of Oberlin, and the Misses Wood of Mansfield, were the guests of Misses Angie and Lula Plank, Saturday.

A number from this place attended the double wedding at the residence of Jacob Maglott last Wednesday evening.  Among them Rev. and Mrs. Fitterer and family, L.N. Secrist and Miss Lovetta Miller, B.F. Traxler and Miss Lulu Plank, Mr. and Mrs. G.b. Kieffer.

BUTLER (cont'd.)

B.F. Traxler and lady together with some young people from Mansfield picnicked at Hemlock Falls Saturday.

Mrs. I. Shaffer and Mrs. J. Stall did some shopping in Mansfield last Wednesday.

A very pretty sight indeed was the double wedding at the residence of Jacob Maglott on Wednesday evening, July 31, when Misses Emma and Ella Maglott were married to Supt. J.F. Cramer, of Butler, and Dr. Wm. Ridenour, of Bellville.  A large number of relatives and invited guests were present to witness the interesting ceremony.  At 8:30 Will Maglott struck up the wedding march and the two couples appeared and too their position in the recess of the large bow window.  Rev. J.S. Fitterer performed the ceremony in a very impressive manner.  Congratulations were then in order after which the guests were invited to partake of a splendid wedding repast to which they did ample justice.  During supper the guests were entertained with both vocal and instrumental music.  The brides were dressed alike in rich dresses of cream henrietta with bridal flowers in their hair and made a beautiful appearance.  Both brides received some very nice presents.  The many friends of the newly married couples wish them a future full of happiness.  On the following Friday the bridal party, together with guests numbering about 50, were royally entertained at the residence of Mr. Cramer's parents southeast of Butler.  Mr. G.B. Kieffer and wife gave a supper in honor of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Cramer on Saturday.  It is needless to make any comments as Mr. Kieffer never does anything half way.  The supper was simply immense.  The band honored them with some very nice music and they were made the recipient of an old-time belling.


Miss Bert Stull has been doing house work for Mrs. S.W. Bixler the past week.

Freeman Morgan built a line of picket fence at E.D. Walker's recently.

Harry Taylor will teach school at Little Washington the coming winter.

We are informed that Calvin Aungst has sold his share in the farm purchased of J. Maglott, to his partner Dr. Thoman.

T.O. Robinson took the enumeration of Dist. No. 1, on Monday.  The number of children of school age is about 30.  Miss Lucy Lahman is elected to teach the school the coming winter.

Mr. Rhody Spayde was in this vicinity looking up the prospect of buying stock hogs to sell at a profit.  Too close to market, Mr. Spayde.

Miss Bert Stull will probably accept the offer of a home with Mrs. Jacob Stelts for the coming winter.

A.M. Leedy is doing the mason work for Isaac Gatton's new house on the ridge.

Willis Jones has sold his horse and buggy to Dr. Keith.  Now girls be careful.  Willis will find out which you thought the most of, he or his rig.

Miss Clever was in this vicinity on Monday canvassing for the "Home Doctor".


J.L. Swank and wife visited at J.A. Stichler's in Ashland County recently.

We learn that a quiet wedding took place on last Thursday evening, but where and by whom the knot was tied our informant sayeth not.  Mr. Andrew Spoan and Miss Nevada Yarger were the contracting parties.

Mr. H. Kirkpatrick and family visited at A.R. Workman's at Jelloway on the 3rd. and 4th.

Mr. Edward Neer and family visited in the vicinity of Newville.

E.E. Beal and family were guests at E.L. Swank's on the 4th.

H.M. McCuen's visited at J.W. Crawford's last Sunday.

Jersie Yarger and daughter, of Mansfield, visited at Daniel Yarger's and Jacob Swank's during the past week.

H.P. Cassell's spent last Sabbath at G.W. Leedy's.

Mr. and Mrs. R. McCuen are away on an extended visit to their son Dr. L.A. McCuen of Massillon and their daughter Mrs. Charles Oberlin of Mineral Point.

Mr. D.H. Burkholder is about to build a house on his farm.


Mr. H. Mowry and family visited at B. Berries' near Newville last Wednesday.

Geo. Hiskey and family, of west of Bellville, visited Mary Kelso last Tuesday.

Miss Lizzie Ricksecker of Galion is spending a week at A. Oldfield's.

Mr. D.N. Anderson who has been visiting his brother and other friends, started for his home Thursday.

Marcellus Stewart and Mr. Watering of Galion visited E. Stewarts Saturday and Sunday.

Reese Miller was kicked in the back by a horse last Tuesday eve breaking his shoulder blade.  It was a narrow escape but at last reports he is doing well.

Mrs. Nancy Melott died at 6 o'clock, July 31, 1895, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Paste, Wednesday evening, after a lingering illness of over a year.  Her age was 25 years, 9 mo. and 11 days.


Austin Dickson has purchased a fine new carriage.

Wilburt Morgan will go to Palmyra, Aug. 11th., to preach.

Miss Cora Morgan visited friends at Berlin and Ankneytown last week.

Rev. W.H. Morgan and daughter returned last Wednesday to their home in Darke Co.  He expects to remain until the holidays, and then he will make this county his future home.

Mr. R. Leedy, Mr. Cash Moree and wife, and Miss Anna Izer of Ankneytown attended church at Bethany Chapel last Sunday.

The widow Armstrong and daughter Libbie, returned last week from a three weeks' visit in Knox Co.

Rev. John Hull and lady of Caesarea called in this vicinity Sunday evening.

Mr. Frank Bemiller and family of Bunker Hill was the guest of Adam Harter's on the 4th.

Mr. Earl Huseman and sister Dessie of Dayton, O., and Mrs. Clinton Long of Darke Co., are visiting at present with Z.T. and J.F. Morgans.

Hezekiah Stelts and family who have been staying with his mother during his father's illness and death, returned to their home at Newark, last Thursday.


Marriage licenses issued

  • Charles L. Wagner & Bertha W. Massa
  • Edwin D. Ford & Anna L. Snyder
  • Selby C. Cole & Carrie E. Zackman
  • Rollin L. Ridenour & Hanna E. Worrell

Minute Docket

  • Application to admit will of Susan Clapper, deceased, to probate
  • Will of Robert Ralston, deceased, admitted to probate.  No appointment, no bond, no appraisers
  • Belinda C. Knoble was appointed executrix of the estate of William A. Knoble, deceased  Bond $500.

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