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Bellville Independent:  01 August 1895, Vol. 8, No. 11

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THE STREET FAIR Will be held in Bellville on Wednesday and Thursday, September 25th. and 26th.  Just so sure as the sun shines on the just and unjust, Bellville will hold a Street Fair on the above dates.  The members of the committees, whose names appear below, are working hard, and will do everything in their power to make it a success.  Let us all help them.  

Committee on Printing -- Messrs. J.A. Lee, K.H. Robinson, B.F. Holmes, J.A. Price, and James Leppo.  Committee on Parade -- Messrs. J. Koerber, J.B. Edwards, H.M. Barrett, H. Farber and W.H. Elston.  

Committee on Decorations -- Messrs. Lynn LeFevre, George Nitschke, O.H. Gurney, Mesdames G. Etz, J.E. Simpson, K.H. Robinson, H. Howard, J. Nelson, Jno. Zent, A. Lanehart, A.H. Brown and H.O. Sheidley. 

Committee on Attractions -- Messrs. Shanon Steel, J.A. Lee and J.E. Howard.  

Committee on Premiums -- Messrs. H. Farber, J.A. Lee, C.A. Lafferty, W.J. Lockhart, Samuel Oberlin, H. Mowry, Eli Evarts, Lewis Cassell, L.V. Kochheiser, Geo. Parker.  

Committee on Music -- Messrs. Will Fisher, A. Leedy, John Berry, Frank Hill, E.L. Garber and Prof. Strausbaugh.  

Committee on Street Tables -- Messrs. Jas. Leppo, Jno. Armstrong, P. Horn, Wm. Donaugh, A. Earnst, J. Koerber, Clem Baker, J. Herron, Geo. Hissong, Jno. Robinson, S.B. Donnell, Jacob Prichard, S.F. Warner, Eugene Hawley, David Leppo and Martin Sharp.  

Committee on Machinery -- Messrs. B.C. Brown, Schuyler Zent, David Leppo, Elmer Harter, David Phelps, Peter Armstrong and John Spayde.  

Committee on Bylaws -- Messrs. J.E. Howard, W.S. Lynch, Miller Gatton and B.F. Holmes.  

Committee on Grain -- Messrs. Edward Simpson, Gid Olin, G.W. Aungst, John Watson and Ira Howard.  

Committee on Entertainment -- Messrs. K.H. Robinson, J. Koerber, F.M. Hess and D.R. Searfos.  

Committee on Green Fruit -- Messrs. Cyrus Gatton, Jr., Daniel Riggle, H.L. Mowery, T.O. Robinson, Wm. Palm, W.H. Weagley, Jacob Klotz, J.M. Daugherty and Harry Johns.  

Committee on Floral Hall -- Mesdames S.A. Brolier, Dr. Stofer, Wm. Lockheart, Geo. Cunningham, Walter Oberlin, E.B. Switzer, Samuel Anderson, A.L. Walker, Clark Smith, Jennie Schuler, A.G. Faut, C.A. Ingham, B.C. Brown, Jacob Klotz, B.O. Squires, Jay Sheidley, Dr. Forry, George Hissong, Henry Lee, Algeo, Dr. Thoman, Dr. Kelly,   Misses Adie Steel, Edith Knox, Lou Hiple, Olive Robinson, Lucy Lahman, Emma Knox, Minnie Altgelt, Emma Kochheiser, Emma Sharp, Nellie Rummel, Maggie Robinson, Gracie Dean, Rose Oberlin, Messrs. J.E. Howard, Abe Lantz, Al Shafer, Milo Young, Theo. L. Garber.  Mesdames Mira Lafferty, H. Farber and C.A. Lafferty.

Committee on Stock and Pens -- Shanon Steel, Jno. Gatton, Samuel Oberlin, Geo. Tarris, Abe Lockhart, Levi Sell, W.F. Charles, L.D. Durbin, S. Fisher, Harry Steel, Harry Charles, Wm. Kell, Albert Lantz, P.B. Kochheiser, E.B. Switzer, J.S. Olin, Theodore Dean, J.Z. McDonald, Oscar Winterstein, Geo. Rhodes, Reese Miller, Nat. Soliday, Frank C. Shaffer, L. Niman, Otis Pitts and John Warner.

Committee on Table Display -- Messrs. Peter Horn, Samuel Anderson, Chas. Gatton, Henry Howard, Ed. Ritchie, Theo. L. Garber, Thos. Howard, Dr. J.P. Lowe, Robert Young, C.N. Ink, J.C. Potts, L. Ginsberg, J.H. Palm, Ault Black, Elmer Shafer, E.L. Swank, Harry Alexander, Wm. Gass, John Shafer, Jr., Elmer Weaver and Ed. Berry.

Miss Lula Horn is visiting in Mansfield the present week.

Mrs. C.N. Ink and A.A. Brown drove over to Mansfield Tuesday.

Miss Minnie Altgeld, of near Mansfield, visited in town Sunday, guest of A. Laneheart and family.

Dan and Gertie Hubbell returned Monday from a few weeks' visit with their grandparents at Martel, Ohio.

Mrs. Rob young and sister, Miss Martin, left Tuesday for a visit with friends and relatives at Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Miss Millie Claudy is visiting with relatives at Butler this week.

J.W. Shiedly spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. A.R. Lydy at Chicago, Ill.

Miss Anna Henry and Mr. and Mrs. Clint Ingham drove over to Mt. Vernon Sunday.

Miss Cora Bixler, accompanied by her best fellow, of Mansfield, visited with her parents over Sunday.

Floyd Fasig and Bridge Miller, of Ashland, wheeled over and spent Sunday with Earl and Glen Fisher at this place.

Mrs. Mary Campbell has gone to Darlington where she will make a few week's visit with friends and relatives.

Miss Bertha Tubbs, of Cleveland, who is visiting with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Koerber, presented ye editor with a very pretty bouquet, last Thursday.  Many thanks.

Mr. Daniel Aungst, of Martel, O., visited in Bellville the fore part of the week, guest of his daughter, Mrs. M. Hubbell.  On Thursday afternoon he favored us with a pleasant call.  He is a genial, pleasant gentleman, and we would be pleased to see him often.

Miss Howard of Mansfield, is visiting with her mother, Mrs. T.T. Austin, the present week.

Miss Ethel Lydy is visiting at present, with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Shiedly.

Mr. Joe Coleman left Monday for Bucyrus where he will make a two week's visit with friends and relatives.

Mr. Farber is placing an addition to his house on Main Street.

BELLVILLE [cont'd.]

J.K. Cover, of Mansfield, is visiting in town at present, guest of his sister, Mrs. Dr. Stofer.

H.O. Sheidley and wife started on Thursday to drive through to Chicago, O.

Mrs. R.A. Castner, of Cleveland, is the guest of her father, J.C. Potts.

Phillip Adams caught a five-pound carp at Willow Bend on Wednesday.

Miss Mary Holtom is in Indianapolis, Ind., to which place she had all her goods shipped on Monday last.  She has accepted the hand of Adam Garns.  May prosperity and happiness attend them.  A Mr. Young, of Seattle, Wash., has moved into the bride's property on South Main Street.

The assault and battery case of Lafferty vs. Green came up in Esq. Hess' court on Friday last at one o'clock.  J.M. Reed of Mansfield appeared for the State, O.M. Farber for the defense.  After examining ten witnesses carrying the deliberations far into the night, the said Green was bound over to common pleas court in the sum of $200.

Mr. Reuben Lantz and wife, of Garrett, Ind., visited friends here Sunday and Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Barret attended the K. of P. picnic at Sherman Heinman Park at Mansfield on Wednesday.

On July 31, Wednesday, Wilber Zent caught a fish one yard long.  This is no fish story but a fact.  The writer saw the fish and measured it.  The fish was caught in the Clearfork and weighed 3 pounds.  It was a fine fish of the eel species.

Miss Isa Groves, who has been spending the past week with friends and relatives at this place, returned to her home in Toledo, Tuesday.

Mrs. J.H. Frasier, who has been making an extended visit with R.J. Sherrow, of south of town, left Wednesday for her home at Gutherie, Oklahoma.

Miss Cora Langham, of Chicago, is at home at present on a few weeks vacation.

Miss Brooks, of Mansfield, is visiting with Miss Kate Shuler at this place.

S.A. Anderson raised blackberries this season, many of which were four inches in circumference.

Mrs. Sarah Swickard, of Columbus, to spend a few days in town, guest of her brother, R. Langham and family.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Patterson, of Mansfield, were in town Sunday, guests of Mr. P's. brother, A.A. Patterson, and sister Mrs. M. Lafferty.


John W. Teeter of Bellville attended church at Bethany and took dinner with his parents Sunday.

Mr. Roll Teeter and his sister, Mrs. Mont Shaffer, Sundayed with their sister, Mrs. Ed. Secrist.

Mr. John Baker and family of near Mt. Vernon visited with Mrs. Baker's sisters, Mrs. Adam Harter and Mrs. Eli Berry the latter part of last week.

Mrs. Peter Snavely was called to Mifflin Friday to attend the funeral of her father, Jacob Fesler.

Wm. Smith and family, Ed. Secrist and family and a number of others attended the Show at Mansfield Saturday.

William Teeter was on the sick list the past week.

Andrew Stewart traded a valuable horse to George Richard last week.


Miss Grace Oswalt and brother Ralph, of Loudonville, are the guests of Dr. Hubbs and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Spayke [sic.] and Mrs. J. Long attended the races at Mansfield Monday.

Mrs. Eleanor Switzer and Mrs. J.B. Pearce visited friends at Bellville Monday.

Wm. Lisle and daughter Lilly were at Mansfield Saturday.

Miss Emma Maglott is visiting her parents this week.

E.A. Neal of East Liverpool, O., was entertained at the home of E.A. Plank last Wednesday.

Daniel Grubb, who has been suffering with a severe attack of rheumatism is improving under the treatment of Dr. J.A. Thoman.

Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Traxler and family of Newark visited at L. Traxler's over Sunday.

W.C. Ewalt and Mrs. Frances Donner of Perrysville, visited in town Friday.

Miss Etta Crunkleton of North Liberty is the guest of Mrs. Daniel Grubb on Main Street.

The Odd Fellow's picnic in Ramsey's grove on Friday was well attended.  The Hon. Houck, of Mt. Vernon, and C.E. McBride of Mansfield gave addresses and the Prohibition Quartette furnished some excellent music.


Mrs. Levi Shafer and Mrs. Kinney of Fredericktown were the guests of Wm. Paste's last Wednesday.

Mrs. Hiskey and daughter visited with Mary Kelso Thursday.

Mr. H. Mowry and family were at Mansfield Saturday attending the Show.

Mr. Norm Teeter from west of Lexington visited D.M. Teeter, Monday.

Mrs. J.E. Howard visited at Oliver Hiskey's near Bangorville one day last week.

S.A. Anderson and D.N. Anderson visited friends near Fredericktown Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mr. John Robinson and lady attended the bicycle races at Mansfield Monday.


Clarence Sunnuck visited friends at Mansfield, Friday and Saturday.

Ebert Clenenland [sic.], of Shiloh, is visiting Mrs. Ira Marlow.

Mrs. Rallen of Mansfield, was the guest of Mrs. Geo. Sunnuck last week.

Miss Linnie Stone is working at Ashland for a couple of weeks.

Miss Grace Tinkey is visiting friends at Chicago Junction at present.


Marriage licenses issued

  • C.E. Saltzgaber and Sadie Greving
  • John A. Carroll and Ida Conrad
  • Harter W. March and L. Gregory

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