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Bellville Independent:  04 July 1895, Vol. 8, No. 7

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Jacob Klotz and wife drove to Mansfield Wednesday to spend the Fourth with Mrs. Klotz's parents.

Mrs. Geo. Tubbs of Cleveland, is visiting at present with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Koerber.

J.R. Bermont of Newville, was in Bellville Monday, and favored the INDEPENDENT with a pleasant call.

Fred Snecky, of Sandusky City, was in town Sunday.  He is being treated for cancer by Dr. S.P. Dyer and seems to feel confident that the Doctor will cure him.

Ed. Remy, Capt. W.H. Taylor of Mansfield, Capt. W.W. Cockley and A.B. Beverstock, of Lexington, the stockholders of People's Bank, had a meeting in town Tuesday, July 2.

Mr. Eli Evarts created quite an excitement Thursday evening by running a bicycle into one of the front windows of Evarts & Fisher's meat market, breaking a pane or two of glass.  It's queer how a bicycle will act at times.

Mrs. Dr. King, of Valika, Ia., is spending the present week with friends and relatives in Bellville the guest of her sister, Mrs. A.G. Faust.  After a week's visit here she will continue her journey to Pennsylvania, where she expects to remain for a portion of the summer.

MARRIED:-- Again the marriage bells ring!  Mr. Chas. E. Shaffer, of Bangorville, and Miss Susan L. Walker, near Palmyra, were united in marriage by Rev. C.S. Cliffe, at his home on last Wednesday evening.  We offer congratulations.  May peace, happiness, prosperity and a long life be theirs to share and enjoy.

A.G. Faust and son, Oliver, drove over to Mansfield Tuesday afternoon.

Miss May Andrews, of Akron, is the guest of Miss Luella Rummel the present week.

O.B. Rummel, traveling salesman for the Austin Powder Co., of Cincinnati, is at home on a couple week's vacation.

J.L. Barr, editor of the CYCLONE at Butler, was in town Tuesday, and favored us with a pleasant call.

Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Sheidley are visiting with their daughter, Mrs. Lydy, at Chicago, O., the present week.

Miss Georgia Markey, of Ft. Wayne, is visiting in Bellville at present, guest of her sister, Mrs. Robt. Young.

Miss Cora Walsh, who is teaching in the asylum at Columbus is spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Walsh, at this place.

By invitation quite a number of the immediate neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Barrett met at their home on Markey Street at high noon last Friday, June 28, to enjoy a lawn picnic in honor of the birthday of Mrs. B., who was the happy recipient of a lovely dinner set of one hundred pieces, a present from her husband and son, Charles, who arrived at eleven a.m. to spend the day.  Several other presents were brought by the little folks, which were greatly enjoyed.  

Howard Palm, of Butler, visited in town Tuesday.

Clyde Flaharty and Lamar Armstrong wheeled to Bucyrus Monday.

E.G. Faust and wife, of Newark, are the guests of Mr. F's. parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Faust.

Chas. Stone left for Utica, Ohio, Tuesday, to accept a position in one of the tonsorial parlors at that place.

Mr. J.O. Myers is filling the position of night operator for O.A. Faust, the regular night man at Alta, for a few days.  Oliver needs a rest just about this time.

The following officers were installed at the meeting of Casca Lodge, No. 382, K. of P., on Monday evening, C.C., Jas. E. Howard;  V.C., C.W. Caldwell;  M. of A., Harry Farber;  M. of W., Milo E. Young;  I.G., J.P. Lowe;  O.G., F.M. Hess.  The record was broken by the receipt of four petitions for membership.  The semi-annual reports of the various officers show the lodge finances to be in a good shape, although during the term a considerable sum had been paid out in sick benefits as in donations to unfortunate brothers.

Members of the old 64th. Ohio Infantry may well be proud of their comrade, John McFarland of Lucas, Ohio.  Mr. McFarland is the owner of one of the finest fruit farms in Richland County, situated a mile north of Lucas, and it is probably the largest as it contains full 300 acres.  The soil is a mixture of sand, slate and clay and is especially adapted to the raising of peaches.  He informs us that he raised peaches last year that retained at $3 per bushel.  Visitors are always welcome at the farm and Mr. M. takes great pleasure in exhibiting the fruits.  It is well worth the time to visit this magnificent farm.

On Wednesday afternoon, July 3rd., in response to invitations issued, a number of friends and relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.Z. McDonald to witness the marriage of their daughter Verda, one of Bellville's charming and accomplished young ladies, to Mr. Oliver A. Faust, the popular and well-known son of Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Faust.  The guests numbered about twenty-five and were mostly relatives of the bride and groom and intimate friends of the family.  Those from abroad were Miss Mary McDonald, Fredericktown;  Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Faust, Newark;  Mrs. Dr. King of Valesca, Iowa;  Paul Roetlisberger and wife, Alta;  and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Graham, Johnsville.  The bride was attired in a beautiful and becoming dress of light blue taffeta silk, and the groom wore the conventional black.  Mr. Frank Steel officiated as groomsman, and Miss Wilda Coursen as bridesmaid.  At 4:30 p.m. the bridal party marched to the parlor, and after taking their position, the ceremony was impressively performed by Rev. C.W. Caldwell, of the Presbyterian church.  The wedding march was executed by Mrs. Linnie Blair.  Immediately after the ceremony the guests retired to the dining room where an elaborate wedding supper was served.  The young people were the recipients of costly and handsome presents, but lack of time and space will not allow us to enumerate them and give names of donors.  The groom presented the bride with a handsome bed-room set.  The happy couple left on the 7:11 p.m. train for Newark, Ohio, where they will spend a few days with the groom's brother, Mr. E.J. Faust, and from there they will go to Bellaire, and Granville, returning to Bellville in about a week or ten days.  The young people are both well known and will probably make this place their future home for a short time at least.  We extend our most hearty congratulations, wishing them much joy and happiness through life.

Mrs. Dr. Dyer is visiting friends in Ashland.

Miss Lena Gerlach has been quite ill the past few days.

Harry Lee returned Tuesday after a week's visit at Sandusky.

Capt. D.W. Wilson has purchased the Garber mill property.

Wm. H. Elston was in Columbus the latter part of the week on business.

J.K. Walters and Wm. Gass drove over to Mansfield Saturday on business.

Miss Grace Grauer, of Mansfield, is visiting with friends in town the present week.

Edgar Beattie, our "devil" has been confined to his bed with the measles for a few days past.

Mrs. Louie Cole, of Louisiana, is visiting with friends in Bellville, guest of Miss Jennie Gearhart.

Bellville has a curiosity in a 5-months old baby which weighs only 7 pounds.  The child enjoys good health.

Rev. C.E. Wirick left for home, Carthage, Ills., on Wednesday of last week, taking with him his little son, Paul.

Our friend, J.E. Timmerman, left for New York, Monday, where he will take one of the Inman line steamers for Amsterdam, Holland.  He will settle up the estate of his mother, lately deceased, and expects to be gone some time.

Mrs. J.J. Houser is spending a week with friends in Chicago, O.

Harry Coleman of Mansfield, was the guest of Sadie Brollier last Sunday.

Albert Shafer and wife, wet of town, went to Wadsworth, O., to visit relatives.

Mrs. Grant Aungst, of Butler, is visiting with Joseph Aungst and the family the present week.

Miss Rose White, Mrs. Gersham Parker and Miss Jennie Oberlin, were in Mansfield Friday.

Prof. W.S. Lynch and family left Tuesday to visit parents and friends near Warsaw, Coshocton County.

Mrs. H.M. Brown, of Loudonville, is visiting in Bellville, at present, guest of Geo. Nitschke and family.

Miss May Howard, teacher in the public schools at Toledo, came home Monday to spend a short vacation.

Mr. Chauncy Depew Hissong, a prominent young Bellvilleite, paid Butler friends a visit last Sabbath, so he did.

Mr. E.E. Smith and wife of Tiffin, O., are the guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Euna Smith, south of town.

Henry Secrist left for Trenton, Mo., last Thursday, where he will make an extended visit with friends and relatives at that place.

Mr. Elmer Witmer moved his personal effects to Akron the fore part of the week.  Elmer has a host of friends in Bellville who will be sorry indeed, to learn of his departure.

Mrs. Armstrong and children, of Newark, is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Rachael Moore, at present.

Mr. J.H. Sell, of Worthington, Ohio, was the guest of his sister, Miss Hannah Sell, last Sunday.

Miss Burdelle Switzer, now teaching in Cleveland schools, is visiting her brother, Ed. Switzer.

O.H. Gurney, wife and daughter, Mrs. Frank Evarts, spent Sunday with friends in Fredericktown.

Lewis Gurney and family of Mansfield, spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. George Cunningham.

Mrs. Hannah Summers, of Fredericktown, spent Thursday in Bellville, guest of Mrs. W.N. Holland.

E.H. Hissong and R.W. Baxter, of Mansfield, spent Thursday in town.  The boys came down on their wheels.

A small fire in a pile of straw near Elmer Harter's barn, called out the fire department and created some little excitement last Saturday.  It was distinguished [sic.] however before any material damage had resulted.

Mr. J. Coleman met with quite a painful accident last Saturday while helping to take the fire engine from the house in response to an alarm that had been given.  One of the large wheels passed completely over his right foot bruising and mashing it severely.

A social will be held at the home of Eugene Dunshee on Saturday evening July 13th. for the benefit of Columbian Grange.  Ice cream and cake will be served by the ladies.  A literary program will be carried out, also good music, vocal and instrumental will be one of the features of the evening.  Everybody invited.  By order of committee.


Mr. Ed Near and family Sundayed with his brother Marshall.

Andrew Stewart, the Hasting P.M. has moved back to his former home to take care of his aged parents.  We give him a cheerful welcome back to this neighborhood.

Miss Margaret Ann Leaper visited Mrs. Wm. Stewart last week.

Charley Harter of Pleasant Hall always drives his nice team of bays when he goes to see his best girl.

Miss Lizzie Loro is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Secrist attended the ice cream dinner at C. Ward's Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Riggle and daughter Mary, were at Galion last week.

Miss Wills who has been helping Mrs. Russell Slick with housework, returned home Tuesday.

We are in receipt of a handsome bouquet of sweet peas from the garden of W.G. Drew, they are beautiful.  Thanks.

Miss Della Maglott is staying for a short time with the family of J. Robinson.

Miss Honora Long closed her school at Forest Hall on Friday last.  Singing, speaking and picnic dinner in the woods were some of the enjoyable features of the day.  Miss Honora gave general satisfaction and was well liked.

E.D. Walker boasts of having the first mess of new potatoes and apple sauce.

Grandma Bixler has returned to the Ridge to finish her interrupted visit.  She enjoys good health and can climb a fourteen foot ladder as spry as a young girl in spite of her 72 years. 

BUTLER [delayed]

F.P. Myers and wife, of Huntington, Ind., who have been visiting relatives here returned home Tuesday night.

Mr. J. Baer and bride are the guests of A. Hitchman and family this week.

M.M. Miller returned to Mt. Vernon Wednesday after a short visit with friends here.

Miss Mary Waddell of Loudonville visited at the Mansion House several days.

Frank Hazelett while working on A.B. Cate's house on College Street, lost his footing and fell to the cellar injuring himself very much.

C.M. Miller of Chicago, O., is visiting his parents here a few days.

Moses Andrews who has been quite sick for some time is no better.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Pearce are entertaining Mesdames James Williams and Mary Hall of Attica, O., this week.

Miss Birdie Mix of Mansfield, visited relatives here over Sunday.

Mr. J. Fitterer of Tiffin is spending vacation with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. J. Fitterer.

Miss Lucina Brubaker Sundayed with her parents near Ankneytown.

C.C. Flaharty and C.S. Obetz were at Bellville on business Tuesday.

Misses Olive Plank and Bertha McGinley were at Mt. Vernon, Tuesday.

Mrs. Geo. Flaharty is confined to the house with the asthma.

Supt. J.F. Cramer was the guest of G.B. Kieffer and family, Sunday.


Born to Austin Dickson and wife, a son, June 12th.

Miss Etta Pearce of Ceserea took supper with Z.T. Morgan Saturday eve.

Z.T. Morgan and wife were the guests of Mrs. Izer, at Ankenytown, on the 23rd.

Miss Cora Morgan closed another successful term of school at Pleasant Hall last Saturday.  The picnic was held in Mr. Dickson's woods.  After a bounteous repast had been served, the school presented a fine literary program.  A treat was then given to the pupils by their teacher, consisting of candy, popcorn-balls, peanuts and lemonade.  Appropriate addresses were then delivered by the Rev. and Miss Morgan.  The exercises were then brought to a close with a song and benediction.

Jacob Stelts is growing weaker, and his days are numbered.

Mr. Henry Secrist left for Missouri last Friday where he will spend the remainder of the summer.

David Searfos made a trip to the county seat last Saturday.

Warner Charles, who has been sawing near Shelby, moved his mill home last week and will now build a new barn on his residence.

Mrs. Orpha Miller of Lexington, was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Frank Fulton, on the 30th.


Marion Ohler, one of our enterprising young men, and Miss Jennie the accomplished daughter of Adam Berry, were united in marriage by Rev. Dolbeer last Wednesday evening.  They will make their future home on Aurelius Tucker's farm.  Their many friends wish them a long, happy and prosperous life.

S.M. Douglass and family are summering at Camp Comfort which is a very interesting and picturesque place.

Miss Lou Hush closed a most successful term of school at Hopewell Saturday with a picnic dinner and an entertainment in the evening.

Mrs. S.M. Douglass of Camp Comfort attended the entertainment.

Miss Alice Mitchell, who is working near Lexington, visited her parents over Sunday.

When Mrs. D.F. Tucker was returning from Mansfield last Friday, near the Madison Twp. line, her horse became unruly which resulted in a general smash up.  She escaped with some severe bruises.

Mr. M.S. Mitchell of Butler spent Sunday with parents and friends of this vicinity.

Miss Nora Stotts is doing domestic work for her brother, Abiga, who resides north of Mansfield.

Reuben Hunter and family of Loudonville visited with his brother Amos, Sunday.

Mrs. Manuel Smith of Mansfield, has been visiting parents and friends for the past week in this locality.

Miss Lavina Andrews closed her school at Center Hall last Friday.


School closed at Forest Hall last Friday, with a picnic.  The ladies of the district were quite enthusiastic to make the picnic a success.  Miss Long, the teacher, is an estimable young lady and did all she could to please the patrons of the school.

A.L. Freehafer spent Sunday north of Mansfield.

James Mitchell is at present enduring all the agonies of learning to ride a bicycle.

Mr. and Mrs. West of Mt. Vernon, visited several days at A. Freehafer's.

S. Robinson spent Monday gathering cherries at the home of John McFarland near Lucas.

They are quite enthusiastic in their praise of Mr. McFarland's fruit farm.  He has two hundred cherry and about two hundred plum trees all of which are loaded with fruit.  His raspberries, peaches and apples also promise a fair crop.  He has one of the "Johnny Appleseed" apple trees which certainly is the giant of its kind, measuring fourteen feet around.  Mr. McFarland's place is on top of one of the high hills near Lucas, which probably accounts for the frost having done the fruit so little damage.  Mr. Robinson brought home a cherry limb about two and one half feet long, on which hung almost two hundred cherries.

I.C. Robinson is sawing lumber for W.C. Robinson.


Miss Clara Hissong of Bellville is visiting with friends in this vicinity.

Nancy Goodwin has moved in Wm. Shaffer's house one mile west of this place.

Ed Shrader of Levering, O., dug J.F. Borden's well deeper last week, and he has plenty of water.

Married, on Wednesday evening June 26, 1895, by Rev. C.S. Cliffe, Mr. Charles Shaffer and Miss Susie Walker.

Mr. Fred Levering of Levering, O., has been employed to teach Culp's school the coming winter.


Mr. and Mrs. John Fleming spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Clever.

Simon Brokaw and wife spent Sunday in this vicinity.

Miss Sockie Stafford is visiting with her grandparents at present.

Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell were called to Mansfield last week on account of the serious illness of their daughter, Mrs. Charles McClellan.

Miss Verda Bierly spent last week with her parents.

Miss Nettie Shoup of Butler spent last week with her grandparent, P. Maglott.

Our former post master W.A. Stewart, now resides with his father near Newville.

S.A. Maglott was at Mansfield last Friday on business.

William Secrist has gone into partnership with Phillip Grower in the butchering business and expect to move to Mansfield in the fall.

Miss Anna Harter is working for her sister, Mrs. William Stafford, near Gimlet Point, this week.

Mr. O. McCulley spent Sunday with his best girl in this vicinity.

Miss Alice Mitchell spent Sunday with her parents.

Isaac Rider called on his best girl Saturday night.

Harry Taylor is engaged to teach the Maple Grove school the coming winter and William Maglott the Pleasant Hall school.


Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Ricksecker and Miss Lizzie of Galion visited Edward Steward last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ad Paste and daughter of Crestline were the guests of M.L. Paste, Saturday and Sunday.

J.J. Fisher and family and Mr. and Mrs. C. Parsons, Sundayed with R. Everts.

Mr. Joe Parmer and family of near Mansfield, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Kelso.

Mr. James McKinley and family of near Lexington and Mr. Ferguson of Iowa were the guests of Edward Stewart Friday.

G.W. Tinkey has moved his saw mill to his father's farm and is ready for business.

Miss Viola Swartz and daughter were the guests of her parents H. Mowery several days last week.

Mr. J. Zolman and wife of near Fredericktown spent Sunday with Wm. Paste.

Mr. Nathan Oldfield left Saturday for a visit with friends at Crestline.

Mr. Frank Tinkey and wife of Cherry Valley visited D.M. Teeter's last Friday.



Marriage licenses issued

  • John B. Milner and Hattie A. Downs
  • William H. Ritchey and Katie Snyder

Minute Docket

  • Application to admit will of Sallie Snapp, deceased, to probate.  Hearing July 10.
  • Application to admit will of John W. Kernodell, deceased, to probate.  Hearing June 29.
  • Ida A. Mack was appointed executrix of the will of A.J. Mack, deceased.  No bond.
  • Arlintha H. Kernodell was appointed executrix of the will of J.N. Kernodell, deceased.  No bond.

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