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Bellville Independent:  02 May 1895, Vol. 7, No. 50

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Attorney Chas. A. Seiler was in Mansfield on professional business the latter part of last week.

Mr. A.L. Walker, the shoe merchant, is absent the present week on a visit with his friends and relatives at Paris, Ill.

Mr. William Steel, from Nebraska, is in this vicinity at present, guest of relatives west of town.  He was called home on account of the illness of his mother, who is still lying dangerously low. 

Mr. Gunnell, of Butler, was in town Monday.

Esq. F.M. Hess was in Mansfield Monday.

Esq. H.W. Howard was in Mansfield Tuesday.

Frank Hill has recovered from an attack of the la grippe.

County Surveyor J.C. Potts is in the vicinity of Perrysville, at present, on official business.

Willis Eddy and lady, of Mansfield, visited friends at this place last Thursday.

Olin F. Farber, of Mansfield, was in Bellville Tuesday.

A.J. Flaharty left Mansfield on a business trip through this state.

Clyde Flaharty returned last Saturday from a trip south after a week's absence.

Herk. Sampsell, of Mansfield, is taking a few days vacation with his friends in Bellville and vicinity at present.

In the case of Benj. Shafer vs. Wilbur G. Moore, before Esq. F.M. Hess last Saturday, verdict was rendered in favor of the plaintiff, and the amount claimed, $33.00, less $2.50, awarded in settlement of book account.

Wm. Bowers, an attorney from Mansfield, passed through town Tuesday to try a case at Ankenytown before Esq. Love, between Cook & Campbell, of Fredericktown as plaintiffs, and J.S. Hess of Ankenytown, as defendant.

Mr. Swonger and wife, of Newark were in Bellville the first of the week attending the funeral of Mrs. Swonger's cousin, Mrs. Daisy Stofer.

Mr. Jep. Kover of Mansfield, and his sister, Miss Kitty, of Shaucks, O., visited with friends in this place over Sunday last, guests of Dr. Stofer and family.

In the case of Mrs. Anna Howard vs. Scott Hardesty and others, held before Esq. F.M. Hess last Saturday for the recovery of $103, the amount of a promissory note, the defendants confessed judgment to the full amount of the claim and took stay.

Miss Verda Shafer has been confined to her home the past few days on account of sickness.

Traveling salesman, E.G. Whitmer, was at home with his family in this place over Sunday last.

C.N. Ink left for Columbus, O., Wednesday evening, to be present at the big sale of wall paper, Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Hissong, of Mansfield, visited with friends and relatives at this place Sunday last.

K.H. Robinson of this place, democratic candidate for Recorder, has commenced an active canvass of the county.

Prof. W.S. Lynch and Messrs. Miller Gatton, Lynn LeFevre and C.W. Fisher attended an important meeting of the Pythian Lodge at Mansfield, last Thursday evening.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Snodgrass, residing near this place, died April 27th.  The funeral occurred Sunday, the 28th. inst.  Interment at Bellville Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Conley desire to express their sincere gratitude to the friends and neighbors who were so kind and helpful to them in their recent bereavement, the death of their daughter, Daisy B. Conley.

Mr. James Cowie, of Sand Hill, Ohio, a former resident of this place, met with a runaway accident Sunday, April 21st., as a result of which he sustained a compound fracture of the right limb.  He is a member of the local Pythian lodge, which organization is rendering due assistance.

Some little stir was caused on Main Street Monday evening by the report that Willie, the little son of Mr. Frank Vogenberger, who has been at the Orphan's Home in Mansfield since the death of his mother, some few weeks since had left the Home and found his way back to Bellville.  After some little search had been made for the boy, Mr. Vogenberger telephoned over to the home and was speedily assured that the report was incorrect and that the little fellow was safely asleep in his bed at that institution.  It is not known exactly how the report originated.


Mr. Ben Lairmer is getting his house painted.

Miss Sarah Moorhouse is on the sick list.

Mr. Ira Marlow, wife and daughter, are visiting at Shiloh, Ohio.

Miss Edith Sunnuck was at Mansfield Saturday.

Miss Rena Seward has the mumps.

Mr. Pat Hogan of Mansfield was the guest of George Sunnuck Sunday.

Miss Wilda Whoover [sic.] was married April 24 to Mr. Louis Long.

Miss Mamie Hogan and Marie Walters rode over to Alta on their wheels Wednesday.


George Leedy and family visited at H. Cassel's on the 28th. inst.

An epidemic of measles prostrated the teacher Miss Kate Garber and all the scholars but 3 in the Red Brush district last week.

H.P. Cassel lost several hundred rails by an extensive forest fire last week.

Jacob L. Swank and wife were guests at George Swank's near North Liberty last Sabbath.

J.M. Armstrong and family visited J.W. Armstrong's on the 28th. inst.

J.F. Lanehart, Jr., called on his lady friend in Morrow County last Saturday night.

E.E. Beal's visited at E.L. Swank's on the 28th.

W.L. Long's were guests at E.M. Kirkpatrick's Sunday last.

Miss Elma and Silas Leedy, H.M. Swank and J.A. Bierly, dined at J.L. Swank's on the 28th.


Miss Ora Dennis left Monday for an extended visit with her brother and family in Anderson, Indiana.

Mrs. W. Lockhart of Bellville, called on her mother, Mrs. E. Sowers, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lantz of Mansfield, spent Sunday with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Lantz and granddaughter, Mattie, were at Galion Sunday, attending the bedside of Mrs. Will Lantz, who is dangerously sick.

Frank Boals, wife and son, of Bucyrus, were the guests of Mrs. Boal's mother, Mrs. J. Ward, recently.

Frank Holmes, of Bellville, was in town Friday on business.

Mrs. A. Shauck, of Mansfield, is the guest of relatives here.

Wednesday evening was the happy occasion of the wedding of Mr. Frank Cook and Miss Carrie Fry.  The ceremony was conducted by Rev. J. Kaley, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Fry, in the presence of only the interwedded of friends of the family.  The bride was charming, as she ever is, in old rose henrietta, beautified by cream lace and ribbon.  The groom was attired in the regulation black.  Those present from abroad were Mr. and Mrs. C. Fry of Bellville, grandparents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Fry, Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Fry, and Misses Della and Myrtle Fry, of Bellville, Mr. and Mrs. Ewers of Fredericktown, and Mr. M. Mishey of North Liberty.  The happy couple went to housekeeping on the farm of the groom, where everything had been made ready for their occupancy.  This young couple are prominent among the most highly esteemed of our young people and every one has for them the best wishes of future happiness and prosperity.  The wedding took place on the homestead entered by the great-grandfather of the groom.

Harry Joslin of Chicago Junct., is home.  He has been quite indisposed for some time but is some better at present.


T.P. Bowman, of Wooster, O., visited with his mother on Cleveland Street several days.

Mrs. Marilla Andrews is very poorly at this writing.

Master Bert Hitchman is the proud possessor of a fine new bicycle -- a present from his father.

T.P. Bowman and sister, Anna, ate dinner Wednesday, the guest of the Misses Plank.

The following persons were in Mansfield last week:  Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Neal, Misses Pearl Hitchman and Lettie Snearinger, and Rev. and Mrs. J.S. Fitterer and family.

The Misses Adams and W.S. Harter and Miss May Howard and friend, of Bellville, attended church here last Sunday evening.

V.P. McLaughlin returned home from Cincinnati last week.

Miss Essie Miller entertained her friend from Columbus over Sunday.

Sam'l. Spayde and Frank Ramsey now sport new wheels.

Mrs. Dell Scott is some better.

Mrs. Emma Wisner, of North Liberty, O., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Traxler last Tuesday.

Miss Maud Snearinger is learning the millinery trade in Mansfield.


Joe Kunkle will move Tuesday near Butler to work for his step-father this summer.

Ed. Secrist planted a field of corn the 26th.  Who can beat that?

George Tarres visited his sister, Mrs. Wm. Stewart, last Wednesday.

Wm. Ross and family Sundayed with Soloman Loros.

The Hastings Postmaster Sundayed with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart.

Mrs. T. Fike and son of Lexington, are visiting her sister, Mrs. Tree Secrist.

J.C. Dill made a flying trip to Mansfield Saturday.


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