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Bellville Independent:  14 February 1895, Vol. 7, No. 39

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Will Post was home from Shelby over Sunday.

B.L. Garber was at Bucyrus, Ohio on business last week.

Miss Libbie Fitting, of Dexter, Ia., is visiting Mrs. C.V. Morrow and other relatives here.

Ed. Ditwiler, wife and children, of Cardington, Ohio, visited Mrs. Simons and daughters last week.

Chas. Beal and wife and Mrs. Mary Burkholder were bound over to court at the hearing before Esq. Smith at Mansfield last Wednesday in the sum of three hundred dollars each.  Failing to give bond they were remanded to jail.

The following is a list of unclaimed letters remaining in the P.O. at this place at the end of the last month:  Major D.G. Brown, Andrew Carnes, Mary King, J.S. LeMasters, Mrs. Janet Melott, Bell Norgord, Lucy B. Yoho.

Jessie E. LaDow is in receipt of a letter from Idaho giving information of the death in that state of a wealthy old miner named David Dorsey who had a large estate, says Thursday's MANSFIELD NEWS.  His heirs reside in this county and the name is one not unfamiliar to older citizens of this vicinity.  Deceased had two brothers, Casper and John, both of whom formerly resided near Bellville;  but the members of both families have removed to distant parts.

Baby Cliffe is quite sick of catarrhal fever.

Mr. Elmer Whitmer was in Mansfield the latter part of last week.

Mrs. C.S. Cliffe is suffering from an attack of quinsy.

Attorney Chas. O. Seiler was in Mansfield, Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

J.L. Garber and wife, M.A. Walker and daughter, and Scott Hardesty were at the county seat Saturday.

Adam Garn, who has been stopping with his daughter, Mrs. Belle Bonar, for some time past, left Saturday for Indianapolis, Ind., where he will remain indefinitely.  Mr. G. made considerable stir in the real estate business while here.

Jacob Weltmer had a cancer removed from the side of his head last Thursday, Dr. S.P. Dyer, performed the operation.

Mrs. W.N. Holland and son Carl, visited Mrs. Holland's daughter Mrs. Myrtle Ailer, at Chicago Junction, the latter part of last week.

Mrs. Dr. E. Stofer and children returned, Monday, from a two weeks visit with relatives and friends at Johnsville.

Mrs. Maud Lee and child, who have been visiting at the Globe House for some time returned to their home at Shiloh, Ohio, Saturday.

W.H. Elston returned Thursday evening from a three weeks visit with his son, Blake, at Peoria, Ill.  He reports Blake in a most prosperous condition.  He was accompanied by his wife, who joined him at Bucyrus, Ohio, where she has been the guest of friends for several days.  Both report a most delightful visit.

Rev. L.H. Finley and wife of Hebron, Ind. were guests of Mrs. F's mother, Mrs. Catharine Simons, on South Bell Street, the latter part of last week.

There will be a Martha Washington tea party, on the evening of Feb. 22, at the residence of Wm. Gass.  Literary program and supper 10 cents.

Scott Hardesty has signed a base ball contract with Canton for the ensuing season.  Scott is a fine player and will no doubt make a bright mark on the diamond.

Olin M. Farber, John L. Fidler and Charles Fritz, of Mansfield, attended the regular meeting of Casca Lodge, K. of P., Monday evening and assisted materially in the evening's work.  The rank of Knight was conferred on one candidate.  Mr. Fidler is Captain of White Cross division, uniform rank, of Madison Lodge.  Messrs. Fritz and Fidler returned to Mansfield Monday night, Mr. Farber remaining until Wednesday to attend to legal business.

Philip H. Grauer, of Loudonville, a former citizen of this place, was in Bellville the first of the week on business.

C. Burt Hines is having the house that stood near the railroad east of town, moved to the farm occupied by Mr. Slick.

Glad to see Bro. J.A. Price, of the Messenger, out again after several days confinement to his home with a severe cold.

Jerry Garber, now a medical student at Cleveland, will return in a couple of weeks for a short visit with his friends at this place.

The family of E.A. Filton, residing at the north end of Main Street, has been quite seriously afflicted the past week or two.  Mr. and Mrs. Filson and one child are at present confined to the house.

We have been informed that the Erow & Gono vs. Shafer case has been compromised and settlement effected.  The case had been set for Feb. 21st. and concerned the nonpayment of a check on the Commercial Bank.

A.J. Baugman, of the MANSFIELD NEWS, accompanied by his sister, Miss Sadie Baughman, and Mrs. Jerry Mackley drove over to Bellville Tuesday and spent the day with friends here.  Mr. B. was also a welcome caller at this office.

We learn that Philip Adams, the veteran carriage painter, has accepted a position at Shelby, Ohio, and will leave for that place next Monday.  It appears that most of our best mechanics are compelled to seek employment elsewhere, and while we wish them all unbounded success, we cannot but exclaim:  Why is it "thusly".

As Mrs. Levi Myers and Mrs. Jacob Shafer were driving through Mrs. Susan Shafer's lane, the other day, the sleigh in which they were riding was upset and the occupants thrown out.  The horse then took fright and ran up into the barnyard where he was caught, but not, however, until after the sleigh had been pretty badly demolished.  Fortunately no one was injured and the accident may be considered a lucky one after all.

MARRIED.  Another happy event takes place.  Mr. Henry D. Freehafer and Miss Ada M. Bollinger were united in holy marriage on Wednesday evening, Feb. 6, at the home of and by Elder C.S. Cliffe.  May their voage upon life's sea be long, prosperous and happy.


Oliver Faust went home sick last Friday.

Miss Della Thrush and her brother Charley have the measles.

Sam Rothburge is able to drive the dairy wagon.

Mr. C.F. Erb, our grocery keeper smashed his foot with a piece of ice.





Mrs. Joseph Clever entertained on last Tuesday Rev. and Mrs. Fitterer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Elah Secrist and Mrs. E.A. Plank.

Miss Lovetta Miller is sick with malarial fever. 

Dr. Thoman of Bellville, was in town Tuesday and Friday of last week.

Earl Fisher and Miss Nellie Zent, of Bellville, called on the Misses Plank, Sunday.

Wm. McCready, Jr. and wife, Misses Chire McCready and Iona Houston visited in Loudonville several days last week.

A.R. Stichler, of Perrysville, was in town Saturday.

R.S. Hubbs, a medical student of the Cincinnati college, was taken sick last week with malarial fever.  His father was telegraphed for Thursday and brought him home Friday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Daugherty on Friday, a son.

LaVerne Mitchell was at Mansfield on business Monday.

Miss Anna Hawley and Nellie Zent, of Bellville, were the guests of J.L. Barr, Wednesday.

L.C. Mengert and family, of Mansfield, visited friends here over Sunday. 

Walnut Hill

Casper Gilmore is laboring with the mumps.  They have quite a clinch on his right jaw.

There will be a discussion at the Walnut Hill school house Friday evening, Feb. 15th. on "Woman Suffrage".  Affirmative:  J.L. Garber, John Watson.  Negative:  M.A. Walker, Cyrus Gatton.

Wilson Yarger will work for F.L. Garber the coming summer.

W.W. Thuma is suffering with the mumps at the present time.

Tennyson Swank is suffering with the mumps at present.

Cash Moree will move on the Stanton Leedy farm this spring.

The Box Social at J.L. Garber's was quite a success.

Harrison Armstrong and wife attended church at Ankneytown last Sabbath.

H. Kirkpatrick and family visited at Philip McKinney's on the 10.

Tennyson Leedy and lady attended church at Butler last Sunday evening.

A.T. Shafer has sold the W.W. Thuma farm to Ed. Neer of Butler.

Miss Anna Beal is convalescing at present from a severe case of stomach trouble.


Mr. Will Frehafer went to Mansfield on business Tuesday.

The sale of wood Monday night at Forest Hall for the coming year was awarded to Charles Etz at $1.80 per cord.

Mr. Joseph Bottomly, of Mansfield, was the guest of his parents Sunday.

Mr. Andrew Frehafer was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Cotsey, Sunday.

Miss Bertha Robinson has been granted a teacher's certificate at Mansfield, Jan. 26th.


Mrs. Joseph Bisel is at the bedside of her sick mother in Mt. Gilead.

John Hardman, of Mich., is visiting his many friends in this locality.

Mrs. F.B. Henry is quite sick at this writing.

H.B. Lantz and family visited friends east of Mansfield last week.

H.K. Baker has taken a backset with the mumps.

Mrs. Mary Steel is better at this writing.

J.B. Henry has got his tile machine and will commence manufacturing tile as soon as the weather will permit.


Frank Fulton is suffering with a very sore hand.

Mr. Oscar Morgan is lying under the doctors care at present with the mumps.

Z.T. Morgan and Chas. Harter are to furnish the wood for Pleasant Hall this year, at $1.95 per cord.

Last Friday, while Z.T. Morgan and his brother were hauling wood, the team they were driving jerked Z.T. from the sled while going down Fleming's Hill and then started to run, which landed his brother Freeman into a snow drift over his head.  The colts ran down to Frank Fulton's barn and stopped.  They escaped without any serious injuries, except the sled which was demolished into kindling wood.

Mr. Perry Stonerock has purchased a farm in Knox Co. and will move there in a few weeks.


Miss Carrie Shafer left for Mansfield Monday where she has secured a position.

Chas. Lantz and son Lyman, of Mansfield, spent Sunday with relatives here.

Mrs. Ellen Fleming has been sick for the past week.  She is suffering with an attack of neuralgia of the side.

Amos McWall has purchased the Brannon property on West Main Street.

Mrs. A. Gass made another contribution to the Cong. S.S. Library.  These books are the works of celebrated authors.  Mrs. Gass deserves great praise for placing them in the reach of so many.

F. Mapledom and friend, Mrs. Berry, of Mansfield, are guests of Mrs. L. Rider.

Walter Yarger returned Monday from Fredericktown.

Miss Jessie Hale of Pavonia was the guest of Mrs. Frank Culp during the past week.

Miss Nancy Sailor, of Perrysville, returned home Friday after a pleasant visit with Prof. J. Baughman and family.

W. Thuma and G. Maxwell were at Mansfield, Monday.

Levi Rhodes is quite ill at present writing.

H. Haverstack was at Butler last week.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Cockley, of Bellville, spent Sunday with parents here.


Marriage licenses issued to:  James Spear and Ettha Sheldon;  George Krohmer and Frieda E. Fingelt.

Minute Docket:  Application was made to admit the will of Henry Schmidt to probate.  William Matthes was appointed executor of the estate of Henry Schmidt, deceased.  No bond.  Victor Stawenil was appointed administrator of the estate of William Mathes, deceased.  Bond $2,000.  No appraisers.

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