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Bellville Independent:  07 February 1895, Vol. 7, No. 38

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Miss Rosa Lafferty was the guest of friends in and near Butler last week.

Michael Hess, an old pioneer of Knox County, was in Bellville Thursday, guest of his son, Esq. F.M. Hess and family.

O.B. Rummel, after spending a week with his family at this place, returned to his work at Cincinnati Sunday.

Amos Pulver has vacated the rooms over Eli Evarts' meat market, and taken possession of the Steel property on Bell Street.

Mrs. W.L. Gibson, of Fredericktown, visited her parents A.B. Lee and wife, and other friends in this place, the latter part of last week.

The George Bowers property lying one and one-half miles north of town, which is under foreclosure of mortgage by Cyrus Day, was appraised by the Sheriff last Friday at $32 per acre. 


Report of the Bellville Schools for the month ending February 1st., 1895:


Enrollment for year ... 293
Boys ... 165
Girls ... 128
Monthly enrollment ... 284
Average daily attendance ... 263
Average daily absence ... 21
Percent attendance ... 93
Number perfect in attendance ... 150
Cases of tardiness ... 26
Visitors ... 12

-- W.S. Lynch, Superintendent


One of the happiest events of the season thus far, the particulars of which reached us too late for publication in our last issue was, the marriage of Rollin H. Cockley and Miss Jessie J. Smurr, which took place at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Jessie J. Smurr, Lexington, O., Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 30.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. J.W. Cummings, an old and valued friend and former pastor of the bride's family.  The guests present were made up of relatives and immediate friends and was very select.  After the ceremony was performed a very extensive and most palatable wedding luncheon was served.  The happy couple left on the 5:15 p.m. train for Columbus, Cincinnati and a short tour through the South.  After their return they will make their home in this place and will be a most welcome acquisition to society here.  Mr. Cockley is the very efficient cashier of the People's Bank at this place.  He is a son of Capt. W.W. Cockley, is a young man of sterling character and good business qualifications.  The bride was one of the elite of Lexington's society.  She has taught several terms in the Lexington public schools and is an accomplished lady in everything that the term implies.  The young couple begin their matrimonial voyage with the brightest of prospects and the INDEPENDENT joins their host of friends in wishing them a happy and prosperous future.


Elsewhere in this issue of the INDEPENDENT appears an account of the death of Mrs. Sarah Ann Irons, taken from the Albion (Ind.) NEW  ERA.  Mrs. Irons was a former citizen of this place and many old friends in and near Bellville will learn of her death with regret.  She was a lady whose many excellent qualities merited and received generous recognition, and in this hour of sore affliction the bereaved family have the sympathy of those who knew her.

Charley Bolinger of Mansfield spent Sunday with his parents here.

C.A. Lafferty and J.C. Potts attended a meeting of the Citizens' Telephone Company at Butler Tuesday evening.

Rollin Cockley has returned from his wedding trip and has resumed his position behind the cashier's desk at the People's Bank.

Miss Minnie DeFreest, of Lucas, spent Sunday with her parents on Main St.

William Sites and family, of near Custer, Wood County, Ohio, have moved to near Bellville.  Mr. Sites will take charge of the farm of his father-in-law, Mr. Joshua Hines.  Many friends will be glad of their return to this vicinity.

The following is a list of unclaimed letters remaining in the P.O. at this place at the end of last month:  Major D.G. Brown, Andrew Carnes, Mary King, J.S. LeMasters, Mrs. Janet Melott, Bell Norgood, Lucy B. Yoho.

At the conclusion of the trial of Louis Campbell before Police Judge F.M. Hess, last Thursday evening, the accused caused the arrest of Mrs. Sherman Bixler on a charge of assault and disturbing the peace.  The defendant pled guilty and was fined $2 and costs amounting to $5.60.

Prof. W.S. Lynch and wife returned Saturday evening from Coshocton Co., where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Lynch's father.  They were called there on Tuesday by a telegram announcing his serious illness, but arrived too late to see him alive.

Last Thursday afternoon Mrs. Sherman Bixler swore out a warrant for the arrest of Louis Campbell on a charge of using vulgar language and disturbing the peace.  Campbell was given a hearing before Esq. F.M. Hess, as Police Judge.  He plead guilty to the charge and was fined $5 and costs, amounting to $8.60.

Mr. Wm. Frehafer, who has been clerking for J.C. Nelson the past year, resigned his position last Thursday, and after a short vacation, will assume a similar position with Mrs. Hubble, the grocer.  Mr. Chas. Grogg has taken Mr. Frehafer's position at Nelson's.  The INDEPENDENT heartily wishes both gentlemen unbounded success.

O.B. Thuma, a former clerk in the drug store of A. Hare, at this place, has accepted a position with his uncle, Joseph McKinley, as manager of the latter's drug store at Walnut Hill, a suburb of Cincinnati.  Mr. Thuma left for his new location last Wednesday evening and has already entered upon the discharge of his duties.  He is a graduate of the Ada Normal  University and a young man who has the well wishes of many Bellville friends.

John Mock met with a runaway last Thursday evening while returning from Mansfield.  When some distance this side of the city one runner of his sleigh struck an obstruction with sufficient force to tear one side of the shafts loose.  The sleigh was upset and Mr. Mock thrown some distance, but escaped with only a few bruises.  The horse which is very high spirited took fright and ran some distance badly demolishing the vehicle.

A merry party of High School pupils on Friday evening, Feb. 1, betook themselves to the pleasant home of B.F. Olin, about three miles west of town, where they were soon joined by a like number of guests from neighboring homes, all of whom had assembled in honor of Miss Edna Olin's eighteenth birthday.  The evening was spent in the usual games and pastimes, during an intermission of which, an elaborate and tempting luncheon was served.  Miss Edna was the recipient of a number of beautiful presents, that from her schoolmates being a handsome oak rocking-chair, presented by one of their number, in a few well chosen words, to which Miss Olin replied in her usual pleasant manner.  After wishing the hostess many happy returns of the day, the guests departed at an early (?) hour to their homes.

Miss Millie May Claudy has returned to the Globe House after a visit of several weeks with friends in and near Butler.  Miss Claudy has indulged in her first sleigh ride this winter although a young lady past her "teens" having been reared near Monterey, Cal., where the "beautiful snow" is seldom seen.

Miss Blanche Hesket, of Lexington, was the guest of friends here the first of the week.

Mrs. Ruth Fitting has sold her property on South Main Street to Mrs. Elizabeth Shafer for $800.

"Pink" White, the popular clerk at the Clifton House, was in Mansfield Monday and Tuesday of this week.

A full attendance is desired at "Women's Suffrage League" Thursday Feb. 7, at 2 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Fairchild.

J.C. Nelson, H.W. Sharp, F.M. Hess, Scott Hardesty and David Palm were in Mansfield yesterday as witnesses in the case of the State of Ohio vs. Mary E. Burkholder and Chas. Beal and wife.

Constable N. Pluck of Mansfield, was in Bellville Tuesday morning summoning witnesses in the case of Chas. Beal and wife and Mrs. Mary Burkholder, arrested for complicity in the Nelson robbery.  These parties had been released Monday afternoon as the result of a petition in habeas corpus filed by their attorneys in probate court.  They had no sooner been released, however, than they were promptly arrested at the instigation of Prosecuting Attorney Douglass, and on being given a second hearing were remanded to jail to await the action of the common pleas court.  It begins to look just a little serious for these people.

The regular monthly business meeting of the W.C.T.U. will be held Tuesday Feb. 12th. at 3 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Lyman Andrews.

Saturday while Fannie Shafer was coasting at the home of Samson Teeter she fell and received some severe bruises on the face.

Manual Beelman, of Cleveland, a former resident of this place, who has been absent for the past ten years, is here shaking hands with old friends and acquaintances.

BELLVILLE (cont'd.)

Levi Evarts, of near Ontario, O., is in Bellville at present, guest of his brother, Eli.  The two are twin brothers, though you may have some difficulty to figure it out when you bear in mind the fact that they were not born in the same day, week, month or year.  If you know of a more complicated case of relationship, speak out.


D.W. Ruhl was at Mansfield, Saturday.

Luther Mann was not at home when his house burned.

A spark from the stove set Elmor Wirick's house on fire, Friday.

Wm. Goodwin and family of Chesterville, O., attended the funeral of his brother of this place, Sunday.

H.K. Baker and Daniel Ohio are having the mumps. 

Wm. Hines was at Mansfield Tuesday.

Mr. Edd Deaver of Fredericktown was in this place Saturday.

Charles Shafer of Bangorville was in this place Monday.

Death has again visited our community and with its angelic touch has taken from our midst Homer C. Goodwin.  The decease was a man widely known, having followed for several years the profession of school teaching, being Justice of the Peace and Assessor of Perry Tp., for a number of years, and lastly locating as a merchant in our village, from which he was taken away Jan. 24, 1895, aged 40 years, 3 months and 12 days.  Drs. Pennell and Eastman held a post mortem examination and declared his death a result of a fall received some four weeks before.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Blackford of the Universalist church of which the deceased was a member.  And while as a community we mourn the loss of one so honest, so upright, and so benevolent, we can do no more than profit by his noble example.


Hoy Daily is on the sick list.

R.J. Sherrow has the chickenpox.

J.H. Tidd and W.G. Moore are wrestling with the mumps.

Charles Ruhl of Darlington visited friends in this place Saturday evening.

C.L. Kensinger and J.B. Harte put up seven cords of wood for Mr. Wm. Corsen last Friday.  Who can beat that.

Miss Villa Long is very sick with german measles.

George Beans who has been in the west for a number of years recently visited friends in this vicinity.

Anthony Daily, wife and daughter, visited with O.E. Hamilton last Sunday.

George Blair purchased a fine cow and calf of George Murphy last Monday for $25.


Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Swartz and daughter visited at H. Mowry's last week.

Mrs. Mary Kelso visited her mother, Mrs. Hiskey, west of Bellville, last Wednesday.

Mr. Haley Fulton spent last Thursday with his mother, near Hastings.

Mrs. Riley is visiting her son, Wm. Paste, and helping care for Mrs. Malott, who is no better at this writing.

Mr. and Miss Wolf, from west of Lexington, were the guests of Miss Nora Stewart, Saturday and Sunday.

S.B. Young and family were the guests of John Young and wife, east of Bellville one evening last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tinkey spent Sunday with H.L. Mowry and family.

Mr. Crain and sisters, of near Johnsville, visited their sister, Mrs. L.V. Kochheiser, last Sunday.


Mrs. F.D. McGinley is at present visiting friends at Chicago, Ill.

A. Hitchman spent several days in town.

W.S. Harte has recovered from a spell of sickness.

C.M. Miller, of Chicago, O., is spending a week with his parents here.

Miss Otilla Donough has returned home from Mansfield.

Mrs. Elah Secrist entertained Rev. and Mrs. Fitterer and family Wednesday of last week.

Harry Bowman was at Loudonville on business for E.A. Plank, Friday.

John Miller took seriously ill Sunday with la grippe.

E. Andrews is visiting his sister, Mrs. Frank Mix.

A.L. McClellan, of Deshler, is spending a week with his parents here.

Rev. W.A. Noling came home from his appointment at Denmark sick with pneumonia.

Thomas Ramsey has traded for the S.J. Aungst property on College Street, but he will not move to town before next year.

Mr. C.V. Sawhill, of Oberlin, and Miss Bird Wood, of Mansfield, and Mr. B.F. Traxler, were entertained by the Misses Plank, over Sunday.

Miss Lottie Long has been quite sick the past two weeks.

Vernon Mitchell was at Mt. Vernon on business for E.A. Plank Monday.

Mrs. G.B. Kieffer is convalescent.


A number from Forest Hall attended the party  Saturday night at Mr. Mowry's, north of town.

Will Frehafer is at home for a short vacation.

Mr. A. Garn looked over the farm of Miss Sarah Robinson one day last week.

Isaac Gatton is preparing to build a new house the coming summer on his farm near town.

Miss Andrews, of near Mt. Carmel, has been doing housework, for Mrs. Albert Black.

Jacob Stelts is reported on the sick list at present.

James Mitchell who appeared in his own defense before Justice Howard last week in the case of Frehafer vs. Mitchel, made a poor defense, this being his maiden speech.  We presume he will do better the next time.

Jacob Lahman and family made a pleasant call with Mr. A. Frehafer and wife one evening last week.


Rev. W. Ballentine left for Beaver County, Pa., to preach.

Mrs. R. Sunnuck and Mrs. M. Deems was at Mansfield last Thursday on business.

Mr. C.F. Erp has put quite a nice lot of ice up.

Mrs. Paul Rothurfurger who has been sick for the past four weeks, is better.


Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Leedy left on the 31st. for a three week's visit with relatives and friends in Fostoria and Findlay, O.

Mrs. Minnie Loos visited at Calep Prices on the 2nd.

It is reported that Edward Neer, of Newville, purchased the Thuma farm from A.F. Shafer for $2000, and a bay horse.

George Allen and family were guests at Jacob Swank's on ground hog day.

F.L. Garber was hired by E.W. Yarger to assist him on his large sugar grove the coming season. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Wallace was entertained at Commissioner Garber's on the 1st.

We are glad to note that Jackson Bechtel has improved so that he is able to be around.

Mrs. J.H. Bierley is sick with nervous prostration.

Douglass Oyster has been seriously ill with disease of the stomach but is convalescing at present.


Marriage licenses issued to:  Rollin H. Cockley and Jessie J. Smurr;  Frank S. Schwein and Lena Poth;  James McCahill and Georgie M. Youngblood.

Minute Docket:  Edward Homberger was appointed guardian of D.E. Wiler, insane person, heir of John U. Wiler.  Bond $8,000.  Malinda Goodwin was appointed administratrix of the estate of H.C. Goodwin, deceased.  Bond $3,000.  Will of Betsy Olin, deceased, was admitted to probate.  No appraisers.  R.A. Tracy was appointed administrator of C.M. Roe, deceased.  Bond $2,000.  I.S. Donnell was appointed guardian of William Krohmer, aged 4 years, heir of Michael Krohmer, deceased.  Bond $1600.  Eleanor Geddes was appointed trustee of the inheritance of George L. Geddes, Eleanor Geddes and the remainder of the estate of S. Lemon Geddes, deceased.  Bond $4,517.28.  And also trustee of the estate of Partley L. Geddes, Nancy Geddes and James I. Geddes, Jr.  Bond $1,855.

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