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Bellville Independent:  31 January 1895, Vol. 7, No. 37

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In our report of the G.A.R. installation last week, an error was made in regard to the number of the post.  This should have been No. 314 instead of 319.  E.L. Swank, Senior Vice;  and M.H. Barret, delegate.

The suit between Andy Frehafer and James Mitchell, involving the possession of a mud boat and sleigh, was tried before Esquire J.E. Howard last Friday and resulted in a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, Frehafer.  Chas. Seiler conducted the case for the plaintiff, while Mitchell appeared on his own behalf.

L. Ginsberg was in Cleveland the forepart of the present week on business.

L.C. Mengert, of Mansfield, was in town Friday on legal business.

Mr. Ed. Ditwiler, of Cardington, called on Mrs. Simons and daughters, Friday.

E.B. Lewis, editor of the Fredericktown FREE PRESS was in town Monday, and gave us a pleasant call.

H.C. Goodwin died at his home in Darlington last Thursday from the effects of a fall received some time ago.

The law suit between Sullivan and Lafferty and Gurney has again been continued to Feb. 20th.

Prof. W.S. Lynch was summoned to the home of his parents Monday, owing to the dangerous illness of his father.

Menzie Shafer, Wilson Lafferty and Harvey Eller furnished music for a dance at Johnsville Friday night.

John Stuff, assignee of William Thuma, sold the real estate Saturday to Albert Shaffer, of Plymouth, O., for $1,700.

Mrs. F.M. Hess was called to Mansfield Tuesday on account of the sickness of her sister, Mrs. Smith Hamilton.

Mr. Johnathan Fry departed Tuesday evening for Swisher, Ill., after a months visit with relatives and friends in this vicinity.

T.T. McCray and W.S. Cummings, attorneys, of Mansfield, were in town, taking the deposition of Hezekiah Armstrong to be used in circuit court in the case of Leedy vs. Sites.

Several members of Sturges Lodge, No. 357, of Butler, were in Bellville last Friday attending the funeral of their worthy brother, U.F. Armstrong.

The Hotel Clifton changed ownership last Thursday.  The property was transferred from Mr. Bollinger to Mr. Wm. Norris, of near Butler.  Mrs. LaFevre will continue as landlady.

Three more arrests have been made for complicity in the Nelson robbery:  Chas. Beal and wife and Mary E. Burkholder.  The parties were arraigned before Esq. F.M. Hess, Friday evening, waived examination, and were placed under bonds of $300 each in default of which they were taken to the county jail Saturday morning.

Last week, Grandma Garfield, received a delightful surprise in the way of a handsome bouquet of tea roses and smilax sent by her grandson, James A. Garfield, from Marion, O.  The beauty of the flowers and their delicious fragrance were a source of great enjoyment to her, especially so on account of the rarity of such flowers at this time of year.

The residence of Luther Mann, near the south line of Perry Township, southwest of Bellville, was totally destroyed by fire at about 11:00 o'clock last Wednesday night.  The building with all of its contents, are said to have been a total loss, the members of the family barely escaping with their lives.  The rumor to the effect that Mr. Mann had actually lost his life, we are glad to learn, is entirely without foundation.  The cause is supposed to have been occasioned by a defective flue, as everything was all right about the premises when the family retired an hour or so earlier in the evening.


John Tarris and family have moved back from Indiana.

Miss Myrtle Tucker, granddaughter of James V. Thompson, has been quite sick with inflammation of the lungs.

Newton Hersh and family gave an oyster supper to their young friends Saturday evening.  They had a right royal time, as they always do when Mr. Hersh is the host.

Aurelius Tucker had a runaway last Friday morning.  While driving on the Valley road he met a sleigh which failed to give an inch of the road.  His sleigh was forced into the ditch and upset, throwing him out, fortunately he was not hurt.  His horse was hurt by a broken shaft.

W.H. Swigart and family visited near Mifflin, Saturday.

W. Crawford of Perrysville, is visiting the family of D.F. Tucker.

Will Galleher and wife, of Lucas, visited Jacob Charles and family on Friday.

Rev. Lewis took dinner at Z.T. Morgan's last Sunday.

Willie Mowry has purchased a fine new sleigh.  Now girls, for a sleigh-ride.

John Baker and daughter, Rena, visited with friends in Butler, Sunday.

Henry Reichelderfer and mother, of Harlin, Ind., are visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity.



Geo. Kirkpatrick, of Plymouth, O., was the guest of Miss Mame Cook, Sunday.

Rev. Bovey, of Johnsville, was in town Tuesday.

Misses Jessie and Lucy George and Jennie Sowers were at Mansfield, Saturday.

Mrs. O. Shafer and daughter Carrie, have returned from Mansfield where they have spent the past two weeks.

Fred Shafer, of Hannawalt, called on Miss Nettie Dice Saturday evening.

Prof. H.H. Phelps and wife spent Saturday in Mansfield.

Mrs. Heskett is suffering with a very painful swelling of the face near the maxillary glands.

A party of young people from here were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. L. Wentz, Monday evening.  They report a splendid time.

Miss A. Manda Urick, of near Mansfield, is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. J. Stober.

Mrs. C.D. Culp has been quite ill, for the past week, but is better at present.

Mrs. Wooster, of near Bloominggrove, is the guest of Mrs. Bailey and her daughter, Mrs. Delamater.

Miss Nellie Holler was the guest of Miss Mary Moore, of Mansfield, Thursday.

Miss Carrie Davidson, of Ashland, was the guest of her uncle, Mr. J. Doty and family.

Mrs. John Ward has returned from Bucyrus where she was called on account of the serious illness of her grandchildren.  She left them improved.

Olivan Denius has left for Wooster, where he has accepted a position.

John Myers, of Bellville, was in town Sunday the guest of dear friends.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Yarger, a daughter on the 23rd.

J.J. Shuler was in Mansfield on business Tuesday.


Mrs. I. Carter is on the sick list.

We were very sorry to hear of the death of Mr. H. Alexander.

Mrs. E. Hetler is improving after a long spell of sickness.

Miss E. Sunnuck had the chicken pox last week.

Edith Sunnuck sent over 200 canceled postage stamps to Edna Brown, Kanesville, Kane Co., Ill.

Mr. Gid Olin of Bellville was at Alta and bought a wagon load of seed potatoes from Mr. C. Moorhouse.


Mrs. P. Maglott is no better at this writing.

Mrs. Reicheldofer and son, Henry, of Indiana, are visiting with Emanual Harter and family, at present.

Mrs. Dr. Maglott of Mansfield, is visiting with her parents the present week.

Mrs. E. Sharp of Butler, spent several days last week with her parents.

Rev. Bone and daughter, Jennie, returned home from Melmore, Monday, there Rev. Bone has been holding a series of meetings.

Miss Ella Maglott is quite ill at present with neuralgia.

Grandmother Harter is quite poorly at this writing.

Wm. McCready and wife have moved in with Mrs. M's parents.

Charles Harter has been busy this week buying stock.

Albert Etz expects to move on the Doup Farm in the spring.

Charley Winters is calling on his many friends.  He is the same old Charley.

Quite an interesting singing school is in progress at Ebenezer Church.  W.A. Maglott, teacher.

Miss Novella Maglott is recovering from a severe cold.  

I.N. Thompson was in Mansfield on Monday on important business.


Miss Annie Faulhaber of Mansfield is the guest of Miss Ella Hildebrand.

Mr. Robert Ellis of Mansfield is visiting with Dr. James Gifford.

Mr. David Keyes spent last week with his brother, Charley.

Ella Hildebrand and her friend Miss Faulhaber spent a few days with the former's sister, Mrs. Critchfield of Mt. Gilead.

Mr. C.C. Grogg has accepted a position in Mr. Nelson's store at Bellville and will commence work next Wednesday.  

Mr. G.W. Dawson has put up quite a nice lot of ice.

Mr. Geo. Keller received word Monday evening that his uncle, near Bucyrus, was dead.

Mr. and Mrs. Casio attended the funeral of Mr. Homer Goodwin of Darlington, last Sunday.

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