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Bellville Independent:  24 January 1895, Vol. 7, No. 36

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John Ungst, of Upper Sandusky, was in Bellville the latter part of last week on business.

The law suit that was to come off before Squire Hess the 17th. between Flora Sullivan and Gurney & Lafferty was continued until Jan. 31.

MANSFIELD NEWS:  County Commissioner S.L. Garber, of Richland, has been elected president of the Ohio Association of County Commissioners.

The case of A. Frehafer vs. James Mitchel which was set for hearing before 'Squire Jas. E. Howard last Tuesday was continued to Friday on account of the absence of plaintiff's attorney, Charles Seiler.

A sleighing party from Fredericktown consisting of John Davis and wife, Mrs. Maud Rowly and Misses May Davis and Nellie Potter were entertained at the hospitable home of Mrs. S.A. Brollier last Sunday.

W.H. Elston, who has been attending the annual meeting of the I.O.O.F. Beneficial Association at Columbus, Ohio, has gone to Peoria, Ill., where he expects to visit a couple of weeks with his son, Blake Elston, now a prominent tailor in that city.

Married -- At the residence of Daniel Smith, near Newville, on Wednesday, Jan. 16th., 1895, his younger daughter, Annie, to Mr. Williard McCready, of Hastings, by Rev. W.F. Barnett.  None but the immediate relatives and friends of the bride and groom were present.

James Howard was at Lexington Monday.

Miss Sophia Berger, of Mansfield, was the guest of friends here over Sunday.

J.S. Hess and family, of Knox County, visited his brother, Esq. Hess, last Saturday.

Jake Shafer and wife spent Saturday and Sunday in Fredericktown with friends.

Rev. W.F. Barnett officiated at the funeral service of Mrs. Nancy Shively, who died at her home in Butler on Friday, Jan. 18, and was buried on Monday the 21st. at Easterly church.

A special meeting of the W.C.T.U. has been called for Saturday, Jan. 26th., at 3 p.m. to be held at the home of Mrs. E. Simpson.  A large attendance is desired as business of importance is to be considered.

David Gano, of Darlington, has brought suit against Frank Shaffer, of this place, to recover the amount of a check issued on the Commercial Bank of Bellville, just before the close of that institution.  The result of the case has been anxiously awaited, as it will doubtless set the pace for other similar suits.  Jacob Ero has also brought suit against the same party upon a similar claim.  These suits were brought before Esq. H.W. Howard.

Prosecuting Attorney Douglass was in town on legal business Tuesday.

Miss Mollie Patman, of Mansfield, spent Sunday last with her parents and friends at this place.

Mr. Euna Smith met with a painful, and what might have proven quite serious accident at his home one mile south of town last Saturday morning.  While he was engaged in squaring a saw log, one of the chips flew up and struck him just at the corner of his left eye, inflicting, very fortunately, but slight injury.  Mr. Smith escaped the loss of an eye by a very narrow margin and has occasion to be thankful that the damage was not more serious.

Mrs. J.T. Corwin, of Darlington, has returned from a visit in Toledo.

A.T. Shafer, daughter Grace and son, Lee, of Plymouth, and Catharine Shuler, of Lexington, attended the funeral of Harrison Alexander at this place last week.

Abe. McBride is having a well drilled on his place, and although they have reached a depth of 114 feet, they have not been able, as yet, to strike a sufficiently strong vein of water.

KNOX CO. HERALD:  The Superior Printing Company has taken control of the BELLVILLE INDEPENDENT, and Frank Holmes will act in capacity of editor.  Rev. Barnett retires from the editorship.  Success to you, Bro. Holmes.

The fine sleighing the latter part of last week was greatly improved by the young folk of the vicinity and a number of sleighing parties were formed.  Among the pleasant excursions of this character were one to Mr. Samuel Garber's, Thursday evening;  mother to Mr. A. Lockwood's, also Thursday evening;  and still another to Mr. Tinkey's on Friday evening.  A splendid time and lots of fun are reported in each instance.

BELLVILLE, OHIO, JAN. 19, '95 -- Miller Moody Post, No. 319, Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Ohio, has installed officers for the ensuing year as follows:  Post Commander, John B. Edwards;  Adjutant, Samuel B. Donel;  Quarter-master, S.W. Bixler;  Surgeon, Harry Johns;  Chaplain, Henry W. Howard;  Officer of the Day, C.D. Sargent;  Officer of the guard, John Byrley;  Sergt. Maj., B.F. Walker;  Quarter-master Sergent, J.M. Swonger;  Delegate to Department Encampment, alternate, H.W. Howard.  Post meetings in future will be the second and fourth Saturday of each month, at 2:00 o'clock p.m.


Mrs. Peter Maglott is quite ill at this writing.

Will Swank is staying at John Armstrong's this winter.

W.S. Morgan is at home from school taking care of the mumps.

Quite a number took in the oyster supper at Harry Taylor's on Thursday night.

Just ask Walter Armstrong how he run over the gate post.  He will surely explain.

Willie Mowry and Ada Heldenbrand attended church at Mt. Carmel last Sunday.

Hulbert Hoover and family, of Forest Hall, visited at Z.T. Morgan's on Sunday.

W. Armstrong and O.B. Morgan made a flying trip to Mansfield last Saturday.

Otis Miller and family from near Lexington, were the guests of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Kate Snyder, on Sunday.

Zelner Touble, who has been at Utica for some time, has returned again to this vicinity.

Cookson English and Miss Ella Kershner, of Benezett, Pa., Charles Swank and sister, Melissa, of Findlay, O., John Izer, Miss Zettie Swank and Miss Anna Izer, of Ankenytown, and Mr. Hannibal Hamilton and family, of Palmyra, took dinner at Z.T. Morgan's last Thursday.


Miss Maud Lucas is visiting with friends in town this week.

Mr. Charley Wilhelm and wife, of Iberia, spent a few days with Mr. Casto and wife.

Mrs. Dawson and her children have been quite sick, but they are all improving.

Mr. Jas. Rinehart is the happy possessor of a little boy that came to stay with him.

The family of Samuel Alivien, after a siege of sickness, is doing well.

G.W. Baker's wife and two children are sick at this writing.

The many friends of Mr. Charley Grogg were very much pleased to have him with them again, after an extended visit in the West.

Louise Rule came home, having visited two months with her two sisters at Newark, Ohio.


Miss Tracy Davis, living near Perrysville, is doing house-work for Mrs. Wm. Stewart.

Fremont Teeter and family, Sundayed with Mr. Teeter's sister, Mrs. Ed. Secrist.

Mont. Shafer and family, and Dow Dunbar and wife, visited with Mrs. Secrist, last Monday.



Quite a number from this place attended a party at the residence of Wid. Shigley and wife last Thursday evening.

Messrs. Hiskey, from Kansas, are visiting here, the guests of Miss Grace Buzzard.

Several sled loads from here attended the meeting at Mt. Carmel Wednesday night.  Among the young folks were:  Messrs. J.F. Cramer, B.F. Traxler and L.N. Secrist and Misses Emma Maglott, Lulu Plank and Lovetta Miller.

Lewis Aungst and family were the guests of F.A. Plank's Thursday.

David Zartman and wife have been visiting relatives in Newark.

Mrs. H.J. Lapham gave a carpet rag sewing Friday night.

Mrs. Henry Magill and daughter of Mt. Vernon, spent several days with relatives here.

We notice that our friend, Miss Birdelle Switzer, who has been engaged in journalistic work, is still stepping to the front, and with other ladies of Cleveland, will edit the Plain Dealer of that city.  We wish Miss S. and the pleasant force of workers all success in their new work.

Lester Traxler spent several days last week at Newark.

A party of juveniles spent a pleasant evening at the home of Miss Geneva Teeter, Thursday.

J.L. Barr and W.S. Bender were in Bellville Sunday, seeing their best girls.

Mrs. Wm. Traxler is much better at this writing.

Mrs. Nancy Shively died at her home Saturday, Jan. 19th., in her 84th. year.


Last Tuesday night a sled load of merry young people from here spent the evening at the home of Henry Eckert east of town.  A grand time was had consisting of an oyster supper and social chat which was enjoyed by all.  Mr. and Mrs. Eckert are model entertainers.

Miss Carrie Hill returned Sunday from a four weeks visit with friends and relatives at West Point, Galion and vicinity.

Mrs. O. Shafer and daughter Carrie, are guests of F. Thuma and family of Mansfield.

C. Barr and family spent Sunday with his sister near Mansfield.

One of the latest sensations is the shooting by an unknown person at Mr. A. Fry while he was passing along the Bellville road about a mile from here, recently.

Frank Mitchell entertained a few of his young friends at his home on West Main Street, Thursday evening.

The ladies of the town met at Mrs. H.P. Maxwell's home on Tuesday afternoon to make arrangements for sending aid to the drought sufferers of the West.

A.C. Lantz has returned from quite a protracted sojourn in the West.

Mrs. Thomas Sharp of Steubenville, O., is the guest of J.G. Walker and family.

Miss Laura Faust has gone to Iowa to spend a few weeks with friends here.


Rev. Bucks, Rev. Fitterer and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Neer and Wm. Secrist dined at W.W. Thuma's on the 20th.

Jacob Swank was seriously ill Saturday night with neuralgia of the heart, but is much improved at present.

Elah Secrist and wife, E.M. Kirkpatrick and E. Len Leedy were at J.L. Swank's on the 20th.

Charley Harter met with an upset while trying to get around a snow drift one night recently.

R. McCuen has so far recovered that he is able to get around on crutches.

Matthew McCabe, of Martell, drove through to J.F. Lanehart's on the 12th., the worst day of the season.  He came in on the home stretch whistling the Mocking Bird as buoyantly as though it were a bright spring morning.  Mat must be built of good material.

Jackson Bechtell is at present in a very precarious condition.  About two week's ago a carbuncle began to form on the back of his neck and notwithstanding the best of care and medical treatment, he gradually grew worse until there are a dozen or more openings.  It would be impossible for anyone to give an adequate description of his neck;  and his limbs, are beginning to swell, indicating blood poison.  Dr. O.A. Hubbs is attending him.

Wm. Hoover and wife visited at John Andrews' on the 20th.

Samuel Yarger and Isaiah Farst dined at Daniel Yarger's last Sunday.

Manuel Harter and Louis Hilderbrand were entertained at Jacob Swank's on the 20th.

L.B. Leedy, G.B. Kiefer and D.S. Leedy and family visited at A.B. Leedy's on the 20th.

E.W. Yarger and Miss Nettie Grubb were guests at H. Kirkpatrick's after services last Sunday.


The literary at Forest Hall was a success in every way.  The house was well filled with eager listeners and the best order prevailed.  The opening and closing addresses delivered by a Miss Long were excellent, to say the least, for one of her age.  The little folks did wonders in the rendering of their selections, showing excellent oratorical ability.  The recitation delivered by Miss Lucy Lahman was an excellent selection and well rendered.  The orchestra from Bellville consisting of Messrs. Eller, Lafferty and Shafer with Mr. Norris as organist, furnished the music for which the society tender thanks.  Come again boys.

The debate at Forest Hall Saturday night was excellent.  Subject "Should Capitol Punishment be Abolished?"  Disputants:  Prof. A.L. Frehafer, D. Searfoss, affirmative;  Prof. J.F. Kramer, T.O. Robinson, negative.  Decision in favor of the negative.

Miss Olive Robinson Sundayed with her parents.

Miss Mary Clever was the guest of Miss Lucy Lahman over Sunday.

Will Etz has purchased a new sleigh.  Now girls, there is a chance for a sleigh ride.

After the closing of business Saturday night, Will Frehafer started for home and we presume lost his way, as he did not arrive home until six o'clock next morning.  Will needs a little rest.


John Zolman and family, of near Fredericktown, were the guests of Wm. Paste and family last Wednesday.

Mr. Ed. Stewart and wife, and daughter Nora, visited at the home of James McKinly, near Lexington, last Saturday.

Wm. Flemming and family, of near Hastings, and Jacob Stelts and wife, visited Miss Jane Sherron last Friday.

G.W. Aungst and wife were at Mansfield last Tuesday, on business.

M.L. Paste and wife visited with friends near Fredericktown last Thursday.

G. Tinkey expects to move his saw mill north of Lexington, about the first of February.

Lorenzo Long wears a pleasant smile on his face on account of a new boy arriving at his home Sunday evening.

Miss Jane Sherrow and Lillie Stelts visited with Mrs. David Stelts, north of Bellville, last Thursday.


Marriage licenses issued to:  Charles E. Strock and Clara M. Kuhn;  Walter Hamilton and Ida Kelley;  C.A. Brown and Sylvia J. Aungst.

Minute Docket:  William Zehner was appointed administrator with will annexed of the estate of Margaret Kaiser, deceased.  Bond $1,800.  Application was made to probate the will of George Scott, deceased.  Hearing Jan. 23.

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