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Bellville Independent:  17 January 1895, Vol. 7, No. 35

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Dan. Miller Jr., Lexington, was in town Monday.

U.F. Armstrong who has been very ill is slowly recovering.

A.J. Flaharty returned Sunday from a three week's trip on the road.

Chas. Myers is at home, considerably indisposed.

S.B. Donel was at Galion and Caledonia on business the latter part of last week.

Prof. A.L. Frehafer, Supt. of the Lucas Schools, spent Sunday with his parents, east of town.

Mrs. Linnie Blair is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Robert Castner, Cleveland, O.

Prof. Harvey Phelps, Principal of the Lexington Schools, was in town Saturday.

George Kirkpatrick, Plymouth, Ohio, spent Sunday with Chas. Seiler, at the Globe House.

The Misses Lape, from near Butler, visited their numerous friends here the latter part of last week.

Chas. Seiler, our popular legal light, was in Butler Monday on legal business.

The little son of Rev. and Mrs. W.F. Barnett has been very sick for over a week, but at this writing is somewhat improved.

Olin Farber, one of Mansfield's rising young attorneys, was in town Monday, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Farber, and attending to legal business.

An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. McKinneys died last Friday and was buried in the cemetery at this place Saturday.

Charles Gregg has returned from the west and will resume his position behind the counter at J.C. Nelson's, Feb. 1st.

Mrs. Nannie Ohler, who was here to attend the funeral of her brother, Charles Riggle, returned to her home at Green Springs, O., Saturday.

Mr. W.H. Elston will leave Saturday morning for Columbus, Ohio, whither he goes as trustee for Bellville Lodge No. 306 to attend the annual meeting of the I.O.O.F. Beneficial Association, which convenes in that city next week.  Mr. Elston expects to be absent several days.

J.C. Potts, the druggist and private telephone contractor, informs us that he is now working to secure a local or village telephone exchange.  The rate will be very moderate.

At the regular meeting of Bellville Lodge, No. 306, held at their lodge room on the morning of Jan. 2nd., the following officers were duly installed:  J.W. Myers, N.G.;  L.W. LeFever, V.G.;  W.H. Elston, Secretary;  C.A. Lafferty, Per Sec.;  O.H. Gurney, Treasurer;  J.S. Beal, J.P. Walsh and D.A. Lanehart, Trustees.  District Deputy Grand Master Dixon, of Lexington, was present and officiated as installing officer.  The auditing committee report the lodge to be in a very prosperous and satisfactory condition, with something over $5,000 in assets and fifty-five members in good standing.  The lodge enters upon the business of the new year with the brightest prospects for a successful term.

Mansfield Shield:  The indictment against Frank Smith, charged with raping Maude White, a girl 14 years old, October 18, 1894, was nolled Thursday afternoon, and Smith was released from jail.

As a result of the teachers' examination, held in Mansfield, Dec. 29, the following certificates were issued:  One year -- Mary Nimmonds and Anna Moore, Shelby;  V.J. Dent, Spring Mills.  Two years -- Luella M. Horn, Bellville;  M.M. Hunter, Shelby.  Three years -- J.W. Garber, Bellville.

Mr. P.H. Horn returned to Pullman, Ill., Saturday.

Miss Minnie Gatton has gone to Mansfield to stay a week or two.

Mrs. Belle Bonar was the guest of Mansfield friends over Sunday.

Gus Cameron and wife, of Mansfield, spent Sunday with friends here.

Mrs. Lewis Gurney, of Mansfield, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Cunningham.

An interesting letter from J.H. Drew, of St. Louis, Mo., has reached us too late for publication in this issue.  It will appear next week.

Mrs. L.C. Woodson and sister, Miss Lillie Armstrong, of Washington, D.C., arrived at Bellville, Thursday, having been summoned here by the dangerous illness of their father, U.F. Armstrong, who at this time is reported much improved.

Died -- At her late home five miles west of town, near the Hannawalt Mills, Monday, the 14th. inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Olin, a lady well advanced in years.  The funeral will occur today, and takes place from the home.  Services will be conducted by Rev. C.W. Caldwell, of the Presbyterian church.

Jos. P. Le Pau was released from the county jail Thursday, the 10th. inst., where he has been confined since Aug. 28th. on a charge of grand larceny.  This was done upon the motion of Prosecutor Douglass, who regarded his conviction impossible;  the evidence going to prove his offense to be a mere breech of trust.


G. Vogale, from Henry County, gave a tree lecture at Gasses' school house on Monday evening.  His subject was "Farmers and Farm Labor;  and Why they should organize.  The audience seemed well pleased with the lecture.  Mr. V. has a great interest in his theme.

Clarence Sunnuck had the chicken pox last week.


Following is a list of the letters remaining in the Bellville office, Jan. 1st., 1895.  They will be sent to the dead letter office unless called for within a month:  

Rolla Baughman, Edde Branhard, Conductor Bell, Carmelia Cook, Mrs. C.R. Lee, Jesse Longfellow, Geo. Meister, Mrs. J.M. McBride, Trustee of regular Baptist church, Miss Kate Shaffer, Mrs. Edith E. Shaver.  

-- I.P. Fisher, P.M.


E.D. Williams and wife are both lovers of music.  We hear that they have recently adopted a young baritone into their family.

Alex. Calhoun has returned from Akron.

Curt Boling, of Lancaster, is the guest of relatives here.

Miss Chloe McCready has been on the sick list.

Patrick Gatton and wife visited in town Sunday.

Rev. Bone and family will move to their newly purchased farm near North Liberty in the spring.

P.H. Traxler, who has been suffering with catarrh of the stomach for some time past, is much better.


Miss Verda Bierly is working for Mrs. Simon Brokaw at present.

Mrs. P. Maglott is slowly improving.

Miss Anna Harter is under the medical treatment of Dr. Rullison, who has been at Bellville the past week.

Mrs. A.S. Beach, of Mansfield, is spending the present week with her parents, P. Maglott.

Mrs. Manual Maglott, who spent last week with Mr. Maglott's parents, returned home Sunday.

Wm. Fulton and S.A. Maglott are kept quite busy in the blacksmith shop since the snow.

Miss Anna Harter spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Minnie Hoover.

W.E. Boone took dinner with E. Plank's last Friday.


Miss Cronkelton is doing housework for Mrs. Albert Black.

Mrs. Mary Thrush has returned to A. Frehafer's this week to go to housework.

Dr. O.A. Hubbs, of Butler, was called to see Mrs. A. Frehafer who has been ill for some time, but is some better at present.

Mrs. Horace Ohler, of Green Springs, who was called to the home of her parents on account of the illness of her brother, Charles, has returned home.

Notwithstanding the storm, Will Frehafer, has again retraced his steps and now says grace as usual.

Master Bert Cotsy, of near Butler, has been visiting his grandparents the past week.

Miss Lucy Lahman has been engaged to teach Pleasant Hill school the coming summer.

James Mitchel is preparing to erect a nice new fence around the school ground.


Clinton Poorman who has been quite sick, we are pleased to report much improved at this writing.

Born -- To John Goodman and wife -- a son.

Henry McFerren was taken seriously ill Thursday and at this time there are but slight hopes of his recovery.  Dr. Eastman is the physician in charge.

Dr. Penal, of Fredericktown, was called to see H.C. Goodwin Friday morning.  Mr. G. is suffering from the effects of the fall he got some three weeks ago.

Charles Cosswin, of Toledo, O., has been making a visit with his parents, north of town.  He returned to his work Thursday.

Miss Mattie Poorman residing southeast of town, is quite sick at this writing.

Again Death has visited our vicinity, this time claiming as his victim, Dr. D.M.L. Singery, at the advanced age of 72 years, 10 months and 8 days.  By the death of Dr. Singery the vicinity loses a skillful physician and a good neighbor.  The remains were laid to rest in the Baptist Cemetery, west of Waterford, Friday, Jan. 11.

John Zimmerly continues about the same.

Matthew Poorman is no better at this writing.

Mrs. Henry P. Kochheiser is no better.

Z.T. Rhodes attended court at Mansfield Friday.

Clark Vanorman purchased 80 acres of the home farm of Wm. Hines, deceased, Monday.  Consideration, $2,885.

Geo. McFerren and Mrs. Sarah Hardman also purchased a part of the Hines farm.

Clinton Poorman's youngest child is quite bad with sore throat.

Ed. Walters, of Lexington, was in this place Saturday.

H.K. Baker and wife are at present nursing and caring for S.K. Baker, a brother of H.K.'s, who has erysipelas and not expected to live.  Mr. B. was formerly a neighbor of ours, but is now located east of Bunker Hill, this county.  The news of Mr. B's recovery will be joyfully received in this locality.

Hoy Shafer of Bangorville, is working for H.K. Baker.

Dorey Shaffer is having quite a severe time with the mumps.

Mrs. Mary Steel is quite poorly at this writing with heart trouble.

The residence of Z.T. Rhodes came near being burned Saturday night by kindling in the drum of the stove catching on fire.  Mrs. R. coming in at that time, prevented any farther progress of the fire.


Marriage licenses issued to:  C.H. Zehner and Letty Weirich.

Minute Docket:  Application was made to probate the will of William Remy, deceased.  Hearing, Jan. 16.

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