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Bellville Independent:  10 January 1895, Vol. 7, No. 34

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Miss Tillie Weyhmiller is visiting friends at Chicago, Ohio.

J.A. Merrin, of Fredericktown, was in town on Monday, on business.

Ed. Dever, one of Fredericktown's prominent business men, was in town Friday.

Charlie Masson has returned from a trip through the South, and is looking hale and hearty.

Miss Jennie Kelso spent last week with friends and relatives at this place.

Prof. A.L. Freehafer, living east of town, resumed his school at Lucas, Monday.

Fred Harrington, of Mansfield, son of H. Harrington, visited here, the fore part of the week.

J.H. Knepper, of Buckeye City, Ohio, is the guest of his brother Emerson, of this place, the past week.

Miss Florence Coursen, of Cleveland, O., has been the guest of parents, west of town, the past week.

W.C. Beattie, wife and daughter, and Mary Kelso and daughter Ruth, spent New Years with Mrs. Kelso, south of town.

Capt. D.W. Wilson left Friday evening for Washington, D.C., to resume his duties as doorkeeper in the U.S. Senate.

Ed. Shafer returned to Tiffin Saturday, after a short visit with his parents.  He is engaged in the glass works at that place.

Mr. G.W. Furbush, of Omaha, has been visiting with his uncle and aunt, Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Edwards, and his grand-mother, Mrs. Garfield, the past week.

Orlando Rightmyer, wife and daughter, guests of C.A. Ingham and family, the past two weeks, start today, Thursday, for their home at Reading, Pa.

Dr. Stofer was called Monday morning to attend Doug. Oyster, who had been taken suddenly and very seriously ill.  He is reported slowly improving.

John McCrory, Surveyor of Knox County, and at one time a resident of this vicinity, was in town Tuesday, renewing old acquaintances.

Dr. D.V. Ireland was called here last week on account of the serious illness of one of his children, who is stopping with its grand-parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Weagly.  The child being considerably improved, the Dr. returned to his practice on Sunday.

U.F. Armstrong is seriously ill with but slight hope of recovery.

Miss Clara Bolinger left Tuesday, for a short visit at Howard, Ohio.

Rev. J.H. Deeds is visiting friends and relatives at Avondale, Ohio.

Commissioner J.L. Garber was in Mansfield on official business the forepart of this week.

J.C. Nelson was called to Ashland Monday, on account of the serious illness of his mother.

Dr. W.W. Pennell, of Fredericktown, was here Tuesday on professional business.

Mrs. D. Bermont, of Fredericktown, and Mr. Geo. Bermont, of Alligippa, Penn., are visiting in Bellville at present, guests of Mr. A. Faust and family.

Clark Smith has resigned his position as assistant superintendent of our union schools, and Levi Garber has been selected to fill the vacancy.  We think the selection a good one.

The "Gym" is getting to be quite a resort, and those aspiring for honors in the athletic line, are utilizing every spare moment in practice.  Shan. Steel seems to be in the lead -- from a scientific point -- thus far.

At a regular meeting of Casca Lodge, K. of P., held last Monday night, the following officers were installed:  M.H. Barrett, C.C.;  Hon. J.E. Howard, V.C.;  Rev. C.W. Caldwell, Prelate;  M. of E., Miller Gatton;  M. of F., Lynn Lefever;  K. of R. and S., S.F. Warner;  Master at Arms, Harrison Myers;  Mastor of Work, Ed. Berry;  Inner Guard, Milo Young;  Outer Guard, Jean Brentlinger.

At the regular annual meeting of the Patrons' Mutual Relief Association held in the town hall last Monday the following officers were elected:  Secretary, T.L. Garber;  Treasurer, A. Oldfield;  Board of Directors, Matthew Bonar, Knox County;  M.L. Carpenter, Morrow County;  and Henry Eckert, Richland County.  The association is in a very prosperous condition, which reflects great credit on those with whom its welfare has been entrusted.

Charles Riggle, who was taken to Cleveland, Jan. 1st., as mentioned in last week's INDEPENDENT, to undergo an operation for intussusceptions of the bowels, was operated upon Thursday, at 10 o'clock.  About two feet of bowel was found to be involved and the physicians present pronounce it a very rare case.  He lived but a few hours after the operation was performed but rallied sufficiently to recognize those around him.  The remains were brought to this place Friday evening and removed to the residence of his parents, east of town.  Funeral services were held at the Zion church on Sunday at 10:30 o'clock.  Services conducted by Rev. H. Deeds.


Miss McClellan, of Butler, is doing house work for Mrs. Albert Black at present.

Davis Ruhl, of Darlington, Sundayed with Sherman Bixler and wife.

Misses Lucy Lahman and Bertha Robinson and A.L. Frehafer attended the Teachers' Institute at Mansfield last week.

Miss Lillie Shrader is doing house work for Mrs. A. Frehafer at present.

John Bierly and Andrew Frehafer attended church at Mt. Carmel last week.

The funeral of Charles Riggle was largely attended notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather.  Mr. Riggle was one of the Forest Hall's exemplary young men and beloved by all his associates.  A dutiful son, kind and obliging, ever ready to lend a helping hand in time of need.  <scripture omitted>


Mrs. Jennie Secrist has gone to Mansfield again to work.

Samuel Snavely, the Oak Hall teacher, treated his scholars on New Years Day, with candy and chewing gum.

Mont Shafer and wife, of near Bellville, visited her sister, Mrs. E. Secrist, Saturday evening.

Miss Mertie Stewart has returned home again from Danville College.

Freem Piffer and Miss Ada Norris were last Sunday.  [sic.]

Mertie Stewart and Samuel Snavely attended the Teachers' Institute at Mansfield last week.

Andrew Stewart and wife Sundayed with his parents, Wm. Stewart.


Nathaniel Poorman is quite ill at this writing. 

Leander Ackerman, of Leverings, was in town Wednesday on business.

Wesley Cornwell, formerly of this vicinity, but later of Michigan, has moved back to our town.

Dr. D.M.L. Singery is not expected to live from one hour to the next.

H.C. Goodwin is still suffering from the effects of a fall he received.

D.W. Ruhl visited with his sister, Mrs. Shurman Bixler, east of Bellville, on New Years.

The entire community is in sympathy with B.L. Garber in regard to his loss by fire.

J.C. Reed and J.B. Henry transacted business in Mansfield on Monday.

Chauncy Huntsman was at the county seat Friday on business.

William Neptune and wife have the sympathy of the entire community in regard to the death of their dear little son.  The remains were laid to rest in the beautiful cemetery at the Baptist church west of Waterford.  Music by the M.E. choir.

Gabe Shaffer and family visited H.K. Baker's on Sunday.

John Huntsman of Chesterville, was in town Saturday.

T.L. Singery, of Columbus, is at home with his sick father.

Hoy Singery and wife, of Indiana, are at the bedside of his father.



Last Monday evening the young people of this place gave a reception in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Fitterer.  Music was a special feature of the evening and everybody enjoyed himself very much.

A.L. McClellan is spending the week with his parents.

D.S. Garber and wife have a new dishwasher.

E.E. Plank left Tuesday morning for Mt. Clemens, Mich., where he will take treatment for rheumatism.

Miss Fanny Smith, of Fredericktown, spent several days, the guest of Mrs. J.B. Neal.

Charles Riggle was buried from the Zion church on Sabbath.  Many came to pay their last respects to this young man.  Rev. Deeds preached the sermon.

Wm. Whittemire and George Syler of Mifflin, were the guests of E.A. Plank's New Year's Day.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Meckley on Thursday, a girl.

J. Fitterer returned to Tiffin on the afternoon train Tuesday to resume his studies.

George Flaharty and his new wife are now residents of our town.

Miss Lottie Yarger is visiting friends in town.

Miss Grace Grauer, of Loudonville, O., was the guest of A. Hichman's a few days.

Chas. Swank, from near Findlay, visited his cousin J.G. Izer, near Ankenytown, last week.


Marcellas Stewart spent Christmas at home.

Mike Ricksecker, of Galion, came over last Thursday to help Edward Stewart to butcher.  Mike is a jolly fellow.

G.W. Tinkey spent several days with friends near Lexington, recently.

Walter Oberlin and family visited Mrs. Oberlin's parents last week.

Reuben Evarts and wife visited his brother-in-law last week, Mr. and Mrs. Shelley, of Wooster.

Clark Smith and family visited friends at Tiffin.

Miss Bertha Howard, of Toledo, spent vacation at home.  Miss Howard will return to Toledo on Tuesday of this week.

Last Monday night, the young folks gave a party for Elmore Tinkey in honor of his twenty-first birthday.  Forty young people were present and enjoyed the evening in social plays and watch the old year go out and the new one in.  He was presented with a handsome album.

Eli Paste, of Bloominggrove, visited his brother, William, last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wolf of Buckhorn Tavern, were the guests of Ed. Stewart last Wednesday and Thursday.

Burt Purcell was at Williamsport last Friday.

Samuel McFarland, of Little Washington, was the guest of D.M. Teeter last Thursday.

Tolie Malot, of Morrow County, spent Saturday and Sunday with his brother, Ed., of this place.


Mrs. Peter Maglott is still improving.

Miss Ada Hildenbrand is on the sick list.

Dr. Ridenour spent Christmas in this vicinity.

Wm. Mowry is down at Butler this week clerking in Wise's store.

Our supervisor, Heldenbrand, made quite an improvement on the roads last week.

Z.T. Morgan and son Wilber, were up by Waterford last Wednesday on business.

Frank Fulton and wife spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Otis Miller, near Lexington.

Will Hostler and wife, of Jeromesville, O., Miss Jane Sherrow, Miss Lillie Stelts, of Bellville, and Miss Cora Morgan, took dinner at Jacob Stelts' last Sunday.

David Searfoss has purchased a new horse.

Dr. Maglott, of Mansfield, was in this vicinity last week.

G.W. Charles is a candidate for commissioner.

John Kanaga and wife, of Walnut Hill, visited with Mother Cates last Friday.

Manual Harter had a big turkey roast on the first day of the New Year.

Last Friday evening the young people of Pleasant Hall met and organized a singing school.  W.A. Maglott, instructor.

W.A. Maglott, Miss Ella Maglott and Miss Cora Morgan attended teachers' institute at Mansfield last Thursday.

Miss Ella Maglott has been employed to teach at Maple Grove next summer.


Miss Lucy Andrews viisted with A.B. Leedy's during the past week.

Jessie Yarger and Sylvia Swank were guests of Elma Leedy's on the 30th. ult.

Charles Beal gave his school a grand treat on Christmas Eve.

H.M. McCuen thought he had as good a right to a holiday vacation as any other class of people, so he spent his Christmas visiting his brother, Dr. L.A. McCuen, at Massillon, and brother-in-law, Charlie Oberlin, at Mineral Point.

J.G. Phiel left for Berea to resume his studies after spending Christmas at home.

F.L. Garber, one of our most enterprising farmers, made good use of the nice weather by ditching and laying 400 rods of tile.

Prof. Lanehart returned to Martel on the 24th. to resume his school after a short vacation.

Seventy-five invited guests gathered at the home of Miss Vade Yarger to give her a gentle surprise and celebrate her twentieth birthday.  The evening was very pleasantly spent in plays and games, and at a suitable hour oysters were served.

H. Kirkpatrick's have taken Charlie Leedale into their family.  They expect to adopt him ere long.  Charlie will have a pleasant and a good home.

The Mt. Carmel Sabbath school elected officers for the year '95, resulting as follows:  Supt., G.W. Divilbiss;  Asst., J.L. Swank;  Sec., Harry Swank;  Treas., E.M. Kirkpatrick;  Organist, Bertha Kirkpatrick;  Asst., Edna Thuma;  Chorister, J.I. Kanaga;  Asst., J.A. Bierly.

Charley Harter and sister Verdie, were guests at H. Kirkpatrick's on the 5 and 6.

J.F. Lanehart lost a valuable horse recently.

J.L. Swank and wife and W.L. Long were visiting at E.M. Kirkpatrick's on the 6th.

Charles Gatton and wife and Miss Sylvia Swank were guests at A.B. Phiel's on the 6th.

Wm. Mowry and Miss Hildebrand from Ebenezer, were in attendance at church here on Saturday evening.


Mrs. I. Carter gave a dinner last Friday.  About fifteen were there.

Ira Marlow was visiting friends at Shiloh, O., a few days last week.

Mrs. J. Pickings, of Martin Ferry, is visiting her father, J. Marlow.

Miss Edith Sunnuck was visiting friends at Mansfield.


J.M. Garber returned to Columbus to resume his studies at State University.

Franklin Teeter was married New Years Eve to Miss Shipley of near Fredericktown.

Our worthy commissioner Garber as has been the case in the past took a great interest in our Farmer's Institute.

James Bierly is at home attending the religious services at Mt. Carmel.

Silas Leedy is in the employ of J.F. Lanehart for the coming year.

Wm. McKinney has been the guest of his father the past few days.


Marriage licenses issued to:  A.E. Lehman and Nina M. Piper;  Frank Gribbling and Lizzie Cline;  C.V. Lemley and Nernie Aungst.

Minute Docket:  Application was made to probate the will of Barbara Arnold, deceased.  Hearing Jan. 7.

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