Marriage Licenses Issued, 1905 (partial)

Richland Co., Ohio

Marriage Records

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Marriage Licenses Issued, 1905 (partial)

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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24 January 1905 Jeddiah Brunk, Killbuck Sarah Hardman, Darlington
John Smith, Mansfield Agnes Platt, Mansfield
George W. Miller, Mansfield Jennie Wright, Mansfield
Alfred A. Booth, Mansfield Laura Enlow, Spring Mills
David A. Christopher, Mansfield Myra L. Buchanan, Mansfield
Charles J. Mountain, Mansfield Olive Jennette Zediker, Mansfield
Nathan Shepard, Butler Ina B. Long, Butler
James C. Lamberton, Mansfield Nora A. Kling, Mansfield
Lloyd B. Noble, Shiloh Ida B. Kinsel, Shiloh
Charles S. Bossler, Mansfield Marie E. Coleman, Mansfield
Leandor E. Harrison, Greenville Emma E. Payne, Shelby
Benjamin McQuate, Ashland Ruby L. Schaaf, -----
Herbert H. Mosher, Lucas Jennie S. Loomis, Lucas
W.D. Casto, Mansfield Clara McCaughey, Mansfield
Dory E. Baker, Fredericktown Eva Heldenbrand, Butler
Charles Graham, Shauck Minnie Gatton, Bellville
Rolley Uhlich, Mansfield Nina Whistler, Mansfield
Frank Hein, Mansfield Amanda Young, Mansfield
Charles H. Lee, Bellville Clara B. Hissong, Bellville
H.C. Winters, Mansfield Mary Danback, Mansfield
John McCue, Mansfield Mary Mills, Mansfield
Homer L. Bigbee, Levering Nina Dean, Bellville
Leonard Hagerman, Mansfield Mertie E. Tooker, Pleasant Valley
Franklin H. Keifer, Morrow Co. Mertle E. Huntsman, Darlington
Genius R. Craven, Toledo Emma M. Kochheiser, Bellville
John Fulger, Mansfield Ida M. Mercer, Mansfield
Samuel C. Teeter, Mansfield Maggie Bernhardt, Mansfield
W.H. Banks, Barns P.O. Mary Wollenson, Washington Twp.
Jacob A. Worner, Bellville Jennie Hamilton, Bellville
George C. Culler, Lucas Endore B. Lemon, Lucas
Charley Simmons, Butler Fannie Stotler, Butler
B.F. Brumbaugh, Mansfield Della H. Finical, Mansfield
24 February 1905 Arthur Marshall, Mansfield Anna Wagner, Mansfield Rev. William N. Dresel
John G. Fichter, Shelby Ellen Oberlin, Washington Twp. Rev. W.S. Mills
George F. Bradley, Van Wert Edna M. Mosier, Mansfield Rev. Bruce Brown
Byron Bell, Rush, Ark. Viola Cole, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Louis William Kaufman, Racine, Wis. Vina Pearl Stough, Mansfield Rev. Bruce Brown
Philip Kline, Mansfield Madge Stough, Mansfield Rev. Bruce Brown
Charles E. Wolf, Butler Twp. Otta E. Clark, Franklin Twp. Rev. F.C. Cliffe
Lloyd Black, Shiloh Ollie Gilger, Shiloh Rev. A.C. Miller
30 June 1905 Clifton R. Kochheiser, Bellville Grace Goodhart, Bellville
Ferriden Newell Wacks, Crestline Bertie Fay Ritchey, Mansfield Rev. Bruce Brown
Charles William Blockson, Canton Anna Smith, Mansfield *
Edward Phelps, Akron Mary Magers, Mansfield Rev. C.S. Cliffe
R.E. Noss, Plymouth Zella A. Fackler, Shelby
George W. Klotz, Mansfield Bessie Talbert, Mansfield Rev. W.A. Wright
07 July 1905 Howard N. Keene, Mansfield Louise A. Constance, Mansfield Rev. Lemoine
Samuel M. McBride, Butler Mary A. Ford, Butler Rev. C.F. Mott
J. Frank Westrick, Mansfield Elizabeth Hemmer, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
Edward F. Gorman, Lima Elenora Cattey, Shelby Rev. Kuebler
J.H. Mowery, Mansfield Emma Romig, Mansfield
Thomas H. Patterson, Mansfield Mabel E. Farmer, Mansfield Rev. Findley
Claude Baker, Marion Celena S. Thirlfen, Mansfield Rev. Snodgrass
Conrad Ebert, Mansfield Lizzie M. Kell, Mansfield Rev. Wm. N. Dresel
Oliver P. Amsbaugh, Mansfield Iva May Depue, Mansfield Rev. R.H. Edmonds
Clark Baker, Richland Co. Frances Crum, Richland Co. Rev. S.P. Long
William Roy Swisher, Mansfield Katharine C. Schaeffer, Mansfield Rev. Lemoine
14 July 1905 William D. Brennan, Wyoming Olive Blanche McCoy, Mansfield Rev. W.A. Wright
John K. Weiser, Shelby Alberta W. Andrews, Shelby
Harry K. Cumberworth, Shelby Hazel Crawford, Shelby Rev. H.C. Funk
William E. Evans, Mansfield Catharine Jordan, Mansfield Rev. Bruce Brown
John Valentine, Mansfield Orminta Barbara Wolf, Mansfield T.B. Jarvis, J.P.
John Riemer, Mansfield Leona L. Reed, Mansfield T.B. Jarvis, J.P.
Florin W. Ames, 68, Plymouth Mary A. Smith, 62, Plymouth
21 July 1905 Emanuel Meily, Mansfield Laura Delph, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
A.E. Zody, Perrysville Mary Older, Monroe Twp. Rev. Keifer
Florin W. Ames, Plymouth Mary A. Smith, Plymouth
Frank William Green, Shelby Nellie Mae Dunkle, Shelby Rev. Funk
William Henry Heath, Shelby Laura Mae Leary, Mansfield
Harry M. Gurney, Mansfield Rosa C. Seibert, Mansfield
04 August 1905 Charles A. Williams, Mansfield Katharine Englehart, Mansfield Rev. William N. Dresel
11 August 1905 Alpha O. Humbert, Mansfield Capitola Lemon, Mansfield Rev. Huffman
Rollins Neer, Knox County Eva May Cates, Butler Rev. Scott 
Arno V. Newman, Mansfield Kittie V. Ford, Mansfield Rev. W. Arter Wright
James Jay Ritchie, Mansfield Vera Weltha Boyce, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Guy C. Kauffman, Mansfield Gertrude Mann, Mansfield Rev. O.J. Stone
18 August 1905 Rexford R. Gurney, Mansfield Francis Da Lee Wolff, Mansfield Dr. D.J. Meese
John F. Spohn, Butler Barbara E. Phillips, Mansfield
Ray Lewis, Richland Edith May Chamberlain, Bangor
James McDonald, Mansfield Olive Hildebrand, Bellville Rev. Mills
25 August 1905 John Kerr, Lewiston, Idaho Jennie Pearl McFarland, Mansfield Rev. Charles Lemoine
Harry B. Sowers, Cleveland Gertrude Lea Maxwell, Lexington Rev. Charles J. Dole
Harvey M. Keiser, Mansfield Blanche Derrenberger, Mansfield
William W. Young, Shiloh Alice E. Benton, Shiloh Rev. A.C. Miller
Harry W. Roberts, Mansfield Bertha L. Jolley, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
William Foulks, Mansfield Maud Greenfield, Mansfield
01 September 1905 Frank Brown, Crawford Co. Lulu Daugherty, Bellville
Harley L. Bolinger, Bellville Mary E. Auten, Bellville Rev. Austin E. Meek
Noah Whitinger, Mansfield Nellie A. Marletta, Lucas
A. Freeland Woolard, Newark Mabel Blosier, Mansfield Rev. W. Arter Wright
Hugh Parry, Mansfield Bertha McClelland, Shelby
15 September 1905 William H. Beachler, Miamisburg Mabel C. Garber, Bellville Rev. Spicer
Clifford C. Newton, Mansfield Anna M. Schaffer, Mansfield
S.J. Oliver, Mansfield Mary B. Wagner, Mansfield
R.G. Van Ness, U.S. Navy Zorayda Francis Wolfe, Shelby Rev. J.J. Dimon
Charles K. Lowther, Mansfield Carrie Shanks, Mansfield Rev. W. Arter Wright
Ernest Ackerman, Mansfield Anna Owings, Zanesville Rev. M. Hail Snodgrass
John E. Cosgrove, Mansfield Geraldine K. Stark, Mansfield
E.R. Porch, Mansfield Edythe Saeltzer, Mansfield Rev. William N. Dresel
J.B. Fulton, Washington Twp. Clara E. Pitts, Monroe Twp. Rev. H. Morgan
William Martin, Mansfield Laura M. Smith, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Elmer L. Moser, Lucas Mary E. McFarland, Lucas Rev. G.G. Clark
Ralph E. Wilson, Mansfield Bertha B. Saeltzer, Mansfield
Wilbert H. Wise, Mansfield Mae Herring, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Charles O. Mann, Cleveland Florence A. Huber, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Nicholas Hoffman, Mansfield Elizabeth Marks, Mansfield Squire T.B. Jarvis
William Schanzlin, Shiloh Edna M. Simons, Shiloh Rev. L.B. Dear
Charles B. Garst, Mansfield Blanche Irene Lucas, Mansfield
Harvey M. Pitts, Lucas Elverda I. Collins, Lucas Rev. Keifer
Marion Dale Ward, Mansfield Hazel Elnora Bowers, Mansfield Rev. W. Arter Wright
Ernest Gist, Mansfield Nettie Freeman, Shelby Rev. W. Arter Wright
22 September 1905 Ray Brinley, of Mansfield Rose E. Ryland, of Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
John Rockey, Mansfield Lena Watz, Mansfield
C.H. Hildenbrand, Butler Ive McCully, Butler
Marion Clemens, Garret, Ind. Nina Myers, Shelby Rev. D.J. Meese
Hugo V. Goetz, Dayton Elizabeth M. Scherrer, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
James R. Nyce, Mansfield Forest Delle Myers, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Charles R. Jesson, Mansfield Pearl Nicholson, Mansfield Rev. Snodgrass
Harry G. Binan, Mansfield Mayme C. Sawhill, Mansfield Rev. Hanna
Louis Stauffer, Mansfield Harriet A. Elliott, Mansfield Rev. Edmonds
Lew L. Hawkins, Bellville sarah May Russell, Bellville Squire T.B. Jarvis
29 September 1905 William T. Merrell, Wayne Co. Elizabeth A. Merrell, Mansfield
Charles S. Mosey, Mansfield Mabel L. Herr, Mansfield Rev. Bruce Brown
G.O. McClure, Mansfield Allie Davis, Mansfield Rev. Snodgrass
J.A. Roe, Mansfield Dore E. Laribee, Butler
Alvin J. Rains, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Rosa Scheirer, Crestline Rev. Hess
Harry Ball, Mansfield Lida Stoffer, Mansfield
Perry Preston, Shelby Ida Myers, Plymouth
06 October 1905 Marion Young, Butler Florence Burkepile, Butler
L.D. Snyder, Mansfield Goldie May Adams, Mansfield Rev. W.A. Wright
John O. Wilson, Mansfield Sadie A. Bricker, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
William Wooley, Butler Rae E. Hammon, Butler Rev. W.A. Wright
Roy Edward Smucker, Shelby Ruth Nellie Tucker Rev. C.A. Smucker
S.S. Balliett, Mansfield Sarah J. Stoutnour, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Charles Fred Brubach, Mansfield Elizabeth Stahlheber, Mansfield Rev. W.N. Dresel
Charles E. Dillon, Mansfield Ross A. Snyder, Mansfield Rev. R.H. Edmonds
Artie L. Throne, Franklin Twp. Rillie Packer, Jackson Twp.
W.D. Sweet, Shelby Margaret E. South, Shelby
13 October 1905 George I.B. Hoffman, 19, Mansfield Mary B. Storck, 17, Mansfield
Arthur F. Oberlin, Mansfield Catherine M. Maxwell, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Edward Hough, Greenwich, O. Mary Wolford, Plymouth
Henry W. Fish, Mansfield Mary A. Scott, Mansfield Rev. A.J. Fish
Earl D. Wirick, Bellville Ola M. Shafer, Bellville
Benjamin F. Harter, Mansfield Pearl Eliza Mitchell, Mansfield Rev. Hanna
R.R. Calver, Mansfield Myrtle L. Ritchey, Mansfield
Nicholas Long, Cincinnati Maggie Anderla, Mansfield
Robert S. Johnson, Chicago, IL Della E. Skilsey, Lexington
William D. Snyder, Olivesburg Sarah E. Lamb, Olivesburg
J. Elmer Shaw, Shelby Lulu E. McKee, Shelby Rev. H.C. Funk
Lester H. Motter, Mansfield Ethel I. Parry, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
20 October 1905 John Moury Capron, Stillwater, R.I. Lucia Wheaton Williams, Shelby
Milton B. Monn, Shelby Ida E. White, Shiloh Rev. A.C. Miller
Ernest K. Owens, Butler Twp. Mattie Belle Viers, Butler Twp. Rev. Kerr
Charles Stewart, Moundsville Lottie Coulter, Shelby
27 October 1905 Frank Nichtler, Lucas Anna Marie Buck, Lucas
Philip Deschner, Mansfield Eva Harich, Mansfield T.B. Jarvis
Ralph D. Stebbins, Shelby Mary Margeritte Barber, Shelby
John Champion, Jr., Shelby Anna Lyde Hunger, Shelby Rev. A.C. Winter
Jacob Shafer, Mansfield Mary Queiser, Mansfield W.N. Dresel
William Hanley, Mansfield Alice Straub, Shelby
Elmer West, Shelby Kate Brown, Shelby
24 November 1905 Charles Thomas, Mansfield Barbara Them, Mansfield
Martin L. Wise, Mansfield Hazel Shults, Mansfield
Fred P. Johnson, Shelby Anna E. Karr, Shelby
Raymond H. Hickoh, Chicago Lois Elmyria Emery, Mansfield
T.B. Myers, Mansfield Ida Robinson, Mansfield
Franklin H. Keifer, Shauck, O. Nora May Walters, Bellville Rev. O.L. Cook
C.C. Shafer, Galion Odessa B. Kanaga, Butler Rev. MacWilliams

* denotes a colored couple

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