Marriage Licenses Issued, 1903 from the Bellville Messenger (incomplete)

Richland Co., Ohio

Marriage Records

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Marriage Licenses Issued, 1903 (incomplete)

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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01 Jan. Henry Abner Davis, Cleveland Gertrude Maye Weaver, Shelby Rev. J.M. Grable
W.E. Barrere, Mansfield Della M. Samples, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Oro C. Latimer, Rives Dora M. Zehner, Shenandoah Rev. C.S. Cliffe
Frank C. Welsh, Lexington, 20 Sadie E. Stevick, Lucas, 22 Rev. Miller
Daniel R. Sipe, Shelby Cora N. Hawk, Shelby Rev. Cochel
John H. Russell, Bellville Ethel M. Soliday, Bellville Rev. Fisher
Archie L. Beal, Bellville Lelia Z. Simons, Perry Twp. Rev. Monk
Charles F. Filton, Greenwich, O. Laura E. Wooley, Bloominggrove Twp. Rev. Snyder
George Urick, Shelby Clara Longacre, shelby Rev. Winters
James L. Gatton, Bellville Nora Mabel Sheehy, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Orlie O. Orewiler, Ontario Sadie Cotter, Spring Mills Rev. Pinkerton
Marion F. Kisel, Mansfield Nora E. Martin, Shiloh Rev. C.S. Cliffe
Hayes Felton, Shelby Lena Ault, Shelby Rev. J.B. McClay
Alfred T. Leedy, Bellville Nora J. Long, Bellville Rev. Fisher
Hoyt B. Amsbaugh, Lucas, 20 Ella Marks, Lucas, 17 Rev. Miller
Arthur S. Hughes, Mansfield Bessie Morgan, Mansfield Rev. Batman
Theodore M. Welch, Lexington, 52 Mary E. Brown, Lexington, 43 Rev. Findley
Isaac N. Landis, Shelby, 60 Ada N. Finicle, Shelby, 41 Rev. McClave
Charles T. Zody, Monroe Twp. Ana B. Culler, Monroe Twp. n/a
Louis R. Quayle, Galion Florence Belsefeld, Mansfield n/a
Martin Ohl, Ashland Co. Bertha Seymour, Richland Co. Rev. Benj. Hoover
Harry M. Walters, Mansfield Neva Moore, Franklin Twp. Rev. C.S. Cliffe
J.R. Winans, Barberton, O., 34 Mollie McCune, Mansfield, 33 Rev. Dresel
Thomas Beal, Bellville Eva Snider, Bellville Rev. Batman
Lester L. Linham, St. Albans, WV, 24 Sarah Richey, Mansfield, 25 Rev. Batman
Lester B. Macklin, Columbus Louisa C. Maxwell, Mansfield Rev. Massee
H.H. Chesrown, Ashland Co., 29 Mary F. Coble, Mansfield, 35 Rev. Batman
Clarence J. Freed, Mansfield Marie Lafever, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
John W. Parkes, Mansfield Mary E. Knuchel, Mansfield Rev. Baltzly
William F. Keller, Shelby, 21 Mabel Rice, Shelby, 17 n/a
Austin B. Teeter, Mansfield Barbara Matthias, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
08 Jan. George A.T. Hickman, Mt. Gilead Pearl Nickels, of Mansfield n/a
George E. Bonen, Crawford Co. Lollie R. Mitchell, Sandusky Twp. n/a
Harry C. Bricker, of Franklin Twp. Regina O. Russell, Ganges Rev. Fromm
Harry J. Appleman, Mansfield, 20 Nellie Brown, Mansfield, 16 Rev. Batman
15 Jan. Charles Glenn Fisher, Bellville Julia May Ensminger, Bellville n/a
Mathias Fritz, Shelby Cora Beal, Bellville n/a
William A. Cunningham, Lexington Anna M. Shepard, Lexington Rev. O.L. Cook
Bert May, Shelby, 19 Maude Gibson, Shelby, 19 n/a
Fred Lee Ruhl, Perry Twp. Bertha J. Rhoads, Perry Twp. Rev. Shumaker
Lewis F. Bookman, McKay Cora Griffith, Mifflin Twp. Rev. Keefer
George A. Pifer, Mansfield Daisy M. McCracken, Mansfield Rev. Cochel
Orville O. Dickson, Franklin Twp. Clara C. Carl, Madison Twp. Rev. Cochel
A.H. Idleman, Mansfield, 62 Amanda Culler, Mansfield, 60 n/a
Andrew Melick, Plymouth Dora M. Tucker, Shelby Rev. Page
George V. Snyder, Jackson Twp. Fenelia Hunter, Shiloh Rev. C.S. Cliffe
George Gale Signor, Chicago, IL Euphemia MacQuarrie, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Virgil D. Johns, Mansfield, 19 Ella Ross, Mansfield, 19 n/a
Thomas Kurtz, Lucas Clara Etta Reed, Lucas Rev. P.L. Miller
C.E. Cashman, Richland Co. Faye E. Crum, Richland Co. Rev. Schader
Albert H. Massa, Mansfield Edith M. Straub, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
Simon Beer, Jr., Mansfield Katharine Muller, Mansfield Rev. W.N. Dresel
A.M. Frank, Shelby Jennie M. Molder, Shelby n/a
Joseph F. Jironsek, Shelby Marguerite Hafer, Shelby Rev. Graham
22 Jan. Marion E. Myers, Minerva Mabel Horn, Pavonia Rev. Keiser
Claude Butdorf, Shelby Iva M. Barnes, Adario Rev. Patterson
Ben E. Welty, Mansfield Jennie Kershner, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Barton L. Wiseman, Ashland Stella M. Davidson, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Bateman
Willard F. Snavely, Bellville Hattie May Piper, Worthington Twp. Rev. W.H. Morgan
Harry Hursh, Mansfield Lulu Fay, Mansfield n/a
29 Jan. Fred M. Black, Greenwich Floyd E. Gribben, Shiloh Rev. A.C. Miller
David H. Dummore, Mansfield Emiline J. Davis, Mansfield Rev. J.D. Meese
05 Feb. John M. Yuncker, Mansfield Ida B. Garfield, Bellville Rev. D.J. Meese
George F. Noyes, Shelby Lois V. Ackerman, Shelby Rev. Eberly
Samuel J. Ebersole, 22 Lillie B. Gadshill, 18 n/a
David Brown, 22 Jennie Huston, 23 Rev. C.S. Cliffe
12 Feb. Albert H. Walker, Jefferson Twp. Grace Olive Durbin, Bellville Rev. H.L. Canfield
Morris Shwartz, Shelby Pauline Tcharkey, Shelby 'Squire A.B. Mabee
David W. Brown, Cass Twp. Jennie Huston, Bloominggrove Twp. Rev. Cliffe
Samuel Ebersole, Plymouth Lillie B. Gutshall, Plymouth n/a
Arthur J. Rice, Shelby Blanche Gates, Shelby Rev. Oram
Wm. A. Bushey, Shelby Florence L. Miller, Richland Co. Rev. W.S. Orem
Leander M. Ferguson, Columbus Edith Brown, Mansfield Rev. Charles Lemoine
George B. Smith, Mansfield Cora D. Post, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Charles A. Grice, Bellville Sadie Gatton, Bellville Rev. Hundley
C.F. Hart, Shiloh Belle Brooks, Shiloh n/a
Howard E. Hamblin, Mansfield, 20 Bertha L. Muth, Mansfield, 20 Rev. George U. Preuss
Homer Lemley, Morrow Co. Lizzie Reansnider, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
19 Feb. Glenn McBride, Bellville Ada Hildenbrand, Bellville Rev. F.A. Gould
Jacob Rumbaugh, Mansfield Mary Weimer, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Calvin D. Smith, Sharon Twp. Matilda Hager, Shelby Rev. Schrader
Charles J. Roth,  Mansfield Jennie Reamy, Mansfield Rev. W.N. Dresel
John Branigan, Bellville Rose Bailey, Richland Co. Rev. Father Schreiber
Alonzo Grinnell, Monroeville Maggie Daugherty, Butler Rev. Long
Edwin H. Trauger, Plymouth Mable May Mohn, Plymouth Rev. Cline
R.A. Wilson, Shelby Maggie Hamm, Mansfield Rev. Winter 
Peter J. Burr, Shelby Edith A. Henderson, Shelby Rev. Winter
26 Feb. Frank Glenn, Weller Twp. Drusilla Winters, Weller Twp. Rev. Keiser
05 Mar. Arthur W. Moser, Bloominggrove Twp. Addie E. Sheller, Butler Twp. Rev. Hurshour
Will S. Newlon, Richland Co. Rena B. Letts, Springfield Twp. Rev. L.G. Batman
Curtis Allen Zellner, Mansfield Lizzie Waddell, Mansfield J.R. Richardson
Clyde J. Sawhill, Mansfield, 18 Lela Pearl Copeland, Mansfield, 16 Rev. F.D. Findley
Byron E. Mohn, Shiloh Mabel E. Barnes, Shiloh Rev. E.H. Curtis
12 Mar. John M. Edmonson, Shelby Ethel D. Briggle, Shelby n/a
W.F. Klauer, Richland Co. Edith J. Williams, Lexington Rev. Dol
John Konrad Arnold, Mansfield Sarah Katy Doll, Mansfield Rev. Price
Hoyt Mitchell, Ontario Nona Light, Ganges Rev. E.H. Curtis
Clayton V. Wentz, Shelby Maude Malone, Shelby Rev. Page
19 Mar. Ira e. Stevens, Mansfield Edith C. Taylor, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Perl E. Myers, Mansfield Hattie Chalmers, Mansfield Mayor Robinson
Dellno Spayde, Mansfield Emma Guard, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Isaac Rock, Ontario Alice Boals, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
C.R. Snodgrass, Mansfield Clara M. Frietchen, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Walter C. Fleming, Richland Co. Florence Kersteter, Washington Twp. Rev. R.H Edmonds
A.R. Keiser, Mansfield Myrtle Henry, Pavonia Rev. R.H. Edmonds
W.F. Fletcher, Shelby Blanch Preston, Richland Co. Rev. F.A. Gould
26 Mar. Horatio S. Miller, Mansfield Pearl Woods, Mansfield n/a
02 Apr. Jason O. Secrist, Richland Co., 26 Nettie V. Smith, Worthington Twp., 17 Rev. W.H. Morgan
John L. McCrory, Knox Co. Daisy M. Goodhart, Darlington Rev. A.A. Hundley
C.F. Hart, Shiloh Belle Brooks, Shiloh n/a
Andrew Robeik, Mansfield Maria Boleratz, Mansfield Rev. Schwier
Christian Kener, Mansfield Anna Burkett, Mansfield n/a
Undon Kochheiser, Mansfield Margaret Vanner, Mansfield n/a
Ray B. Bower, Lexington Zoe M. Finney, Springfield Twp. Rev. Pinkerton
Frank A. Fox, Mansfield Maude E. Butler, Butler Rev. W.E. Harrison
Cyrus W. Rieder, Mansfield Ethel Kithcart, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
09 Apr. G.L. Zellner, Mansfield Georgia Sackman, Mansfield n/a
George Hadley, Mansfield Irene Sanders, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Albert D. Taylor, Butler Ella B. Roasberry, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
William Merrill, Mansfield Marie Ernest, Mansfield Rev. Long
M.F. Crawford, Shelby Minnie V. Boyce, Franklin Twp. Rev. Page
E.R. DeLong, Knox Co., 19 Ulma H. Freed, Richland Co., 17 n/a
28 May George Hamner, Mansfield Effie O. Reis, Shelby n/a
Jacob Foulks, 21, Mansfield Minnie Fay, 16, Mansfield Rev. Batman
Harry Floyd Lee, Mansfield, 21 Fern Noggle, Bellville, 17 Rev. Hundley
S.J. Wilson, Shelby Tena Ogle, Shelby n/a
18 June Dr. E.F. Stratford, Mansfield Anna Beilstein, Mansfield Rev. Dr. D.J. Meese
Roy Goard, Mansfield Cora Seymour, Mansfield Rev. Edmonds
Louis A. Stober, Mansfield Elizabeth Kemler, Mansfield Rev. Deshler
25 June J.G. Cusick, Mansfield Linda Balcom, Mansfield Rev. Sherman
Kirby K. Longacre, Shelby Helen Peppard, Shelby Rev. Curtis
Homer D. Hunt, Mansfield Nora Viola Spitler, Mansfield Rev. Baltzly
T.W. Piper, Mansfield Sarah E. Wertman, Mansfield Rev. J.J. Dimon
Elmer J. White, Shelby Blanch Belle Messenger, Shelby n/a
H.G. Winemiller, Bucyrus Lulu Belle Traxler, Shelby n/a
J.W. Roudy, Crestline Mary O'Rourke, Mansfield Rev. Father Schreiber
Charles Armstrong, Shelby Daisy Fasig, Shelby n/a
Frederick Schad, Mansfield Hermine Gaubaz, Mansfield n/a
Carl Hedges, Mansfield Nellie B. Reed, Mansfield Rev. Gould
LeRoy Wittenmire, Mansfield Mary A. Farmer, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
02 July G.W. Woolley, Richland Co. Sarah A. Gutchell, Plymouth 'Squire Hunter
E.H. Bauer, Crestline Bessie M. Dell, Mansfield n/a
Charles E. Langin, Mansfield Frances Grace Reber, Shelby n/a
Walter H. Carmine, Mansfield Elva Mae Shade, Mansfield n/a
Edwin A. Tinkey, Lexington Audra F. Barnette, Lexington Rev. A.L. Cook
Harry C. Bowman, Chicago, IL Nancy L. Hammett, Mansfield Rev. Oram
Charles Edward Miller, Towas, Mich. Ethel Alma Ashley, Shelby n/a
Milton L. Morris, Shelby Edith Almira Stevens, Shelby Rev. J.B. Grove
David E. Bushey, Shiloh Ethel Grace Latterner, Shiloh Rev. A.C. Miller
James A. Beidle, Mansfield Marie W. Kallmerten, Mansfield Rev. Dresel
C.E. Zimmerman, Mansfield, 20 Anna Keiser, Mansfield, 20 n/a
Charles Bartlow, Mansfield Daisy H. Huss, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Frank Hershey Grove, Hamburg, NY Harriett L. McCrory, Mansfield Rev. Chas. Lemoine
T.C. Adams, Richland Co., 73 Sarah E. Harter, Bloominggrove Tp., 67 'Squire Hunter
Harmon McFarland, Mansfield Ora Swassick, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Victor P. Simon, Shelby Helen O. Sutter, Shelby Rev. Leahy
Lewis Mitchell, Chicago, IL Bertha S. Leifly J.R. Richardson, JP
E.C. Backensto, Rome Verda Valentine, Rome Rev. Charles Cliffe
Joe Rohala, Mansfield Anna Hovaner, Mansfield Rev. Shrieber
Fred Snider, Mansfield Lottie Chronister, Mansfield 'Squire Richardson
Walter M. Wilson, Shelby Laura E. Heabler, Shelby Rev. Oram
Paul Werner, Allen Co. Minnie Faulkner, Mansfield n/a
Robert Lippert, Toledo Olive M. Howard, Jefferson Tp. Rev. Boyer
Harry W. Leitz, Mansfield Claida E. Chapman, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
J.L. Graham, Galion, 20 Harriet R. Harding, Sandusky Tp., 19 Rev. Reed
09 July George A. Gump, Shelby Mary Elizabeth Boyd, Mansfield Rev. Finley
John H. Castro, Mansfield, 20 Pearl Mace, Mansfield, 17 Rev. Levi Batman
Henry C. Hoffman, Mansfield Alice Street, Mansfield n/a
F.A. Whetstone, Shelby Ada Brayles, Shelby n/a
Harry E. Ernsberger, Shelby Ina May Heppard, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Carl John Hartman, Mansfield Bernice Elane Swevel, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
James Casner, Barberton, 23 Maude A. Brown, 16 Rev. L.G. Batman
23 July J.J. Croft, Mansfield Hannah E. Ridenour, Mansfield n/a
Edward F. Stichler, Butler Idell Wilson, Butler Rev. Harrison
Harry Clements, Mansfield Grace B. Fisher, Mansfield Rev. Batman
George Summers, Mansfield Cora Wagner, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Song
30 July Charles Calbert, Mansfield Elma Hartwig, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
06 Aug. John J. McIntyre, Danville, Va. Jane Bird, Mansfield Rev. Father Shreiber
Clinton Bowen, Mechanicsburg Martha Blanche Bryde, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Albert R. Lantz, Mansfield Julia Miller, Mansfield Rev. Hentz
John G. Schlosser, Mansfield Edna St. Dennis, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Antom Gross Mary Ott Rev. Father Schreiber
14 Aug. Edwin Parke Spencer, Mansfield Amelia Roseba Miller, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Thomas Walker, Mansfield Ella Burns, Mansfield n/a
Wm. J. Schwier, Mansfield Elizabeth Stoffer, Shelby n/a
?.F. Newcomer, Mansfield Berta Miller, Mansfield Rev. Edmonds
21 Aug. Edgar J. Harrison, Dayton Anna Kathryn Dill, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Winfield Stahl, Mansfield, 22 Verna J. Butler, Mansfield, 16 Rev. L.G. Batman
G.W. Congrove, Mansfield Annie Timmons, Mansfield n/a
Victor E. Johnson, Masfield Mary A. Parrott, Mansfield Rev. Gould
Samuel A. Kistler, Mansfield Maude Butler, Mansfield n/a
John Horner, Shelby Mildred Miller, Shelby n/a
28 Aug. Jno. F. Staley, Richland Co. Cora Smith, Richland Co. n/a
Tom Fike Pearl Smith Rev. Edmonds
Charles Fogel, Mansfield Charlotte Walker, Mansfield n/a
Fred W. Lehnhart, Lexington Etta M. Gregg, Bellville n/a
Walter May, Shelby Emma Flynn, Shelby n/a
11 Sept. Frank Barto, Mansfield Anna Gretzka, Mansfield Rev. Schreiber
David E. Cloyd, Wheeling, WV Susanna R. Miller, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Robert P. Stahl, Atlanta, Ga. Gladys V. Diesem, Mansfield Rev. J.S. McDonnell
W.A. Balliett, Mansfield Catharine E. Ryder, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Charles E. Krabill, Mansfield Myrtle McVicker, Mansfield Rev. A. Schmidt
Fred A. Schlosser, Mansfield Bessie M. West, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
John W. Leistensnider, Mansfield Anna K. Touby, Washington Twp. Rev. Fisher
William Appleman, Mansfield Lena Brown, Mansfield n/a
John Butler, Pittsburg Rosalie E. Ott, Mansfield Rev. Schreiber
James F. Charboneau, Michigan Mary E. Kirkpatrick, Plymouth Rev. Loose
Charles Old, Mansfield Caroline M. Ackerman, Mansfield Rev. J.J. Dimon
Sherman Bowden, Mansfield Margarite E. Robards, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Ralph C. Lowe, Bellville Fannie Shafer, Bellville Rev. Hundley
18 Apr. Bert Albright, Richland Co. Cora Shafer, Richland Co. n/a
Francis W. Holmes, Mansfield Geneve A. Krebs, Mansfield Rev. Cochel
Charles E. Pannabecker, Fairfield Co. Effie May Sigler, Shelby Rev. A.E. Winters
Harry L. Smiley, Mansfield Eunice Harvey, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Lee G. Goldsmith, Mansfield Frances Shonfield, Mansfield Rabbi Fuiend (Cleveland)
Aloysius P. Kelly, Mansfield Margaret E. Lawlor, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
O.C. McCormick, Shiloh Maud V. Wheeler, Plymouth Rev. Miller
Henry Lowack, Mansfield Sophia Stoll, Mansfield n/a
James A. Words, Mansfield Eva E. Mills, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
LeRoy Laughbaum, Mansfield Duey Dell Wise, Mansfield Rev. Winter
H.F. Smith, Lexington Carrie E. Hainer, Lexington Rev. Magee
Henry M. Green **, Mansfield Lucile B. Young **, Mansfield Rev. Levi P. Batman
Roy S. Squire, Greenwich Cora M. Taylor, Shiloh Rev. S.P. Long
Philip Carl, 20, Mansfield Minona L. Harbold, 18, Mansfield n/a
George Shadle, Mansfield Katie Deck, Mansfield n/a
S.V. Robb, Shelby Grace May, Shelby J.R. Richardson
George H. Chiraid, Mansfield Mary E. Longnecker, Mansfield J.R. Richardson
02 Oct. Howard L. Wilson, Mansfield Mary May Tingley, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
W.L. Clark, Weller Twp. Lillian Mellot, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
W.C. Lane, Missouri Marie D. Lauppe, Bellville Rev. Hershiser
Amos D. Norris, Bellville Katherine Schrick, Mansfield n/a
Lewis A. Long, Richland Co. Jennie McCormick, Madison Twp. Rev. R.H. Edmonds
J.E. Esterline, Mansfield Ettie McCormick, Madison Twp. Rev. R.H. Edmonds
Frank Cowan, Mansfield Etta Will, Bellville Rev. Hershiser
Isaac Zehner, Mansfield Clara Smith, Lucas n/a
Harry H. Crum, Butler Twp., 19 Lola Fern Moser, Bloominggrove Tp., 19 Rev. A.C. Miller
Adolph L. Bessler, Mansfield Mary O. Stuff, Bellville n/a
Harry F. Cronenwett, Crestline, 20 Amy A. Smith, Vernon Junction, 20 Rev. Jorrise
John Burrell Kirkpatrick, Cleveland Georgia Aurel Holbrook, Shelby Rev. Milton Page
F.J. Doran, Mansfield Mary E. Moore, Shelby Rev. M.D. Leahy
Reuben Sutter, Shelby Trena Irena Culler, Shelby Rev. M.D. Leahy
R.G. Packham, Mansfield Rosa G. Lightcap, Mansfield Rev. Bellingham
J.G. Dickinson, Shelby Mary Walker, Shelby n/a
Ira Sheriff, 21, Mansfield Hazel Sickinger, 17, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Vern Baker, 20, Mansfield Ina Kistler, 24, Mansfield n/a
09 Oct. William Stutz, Mansfield Goldie Ellen Davison, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Arthur I. Bird, Mansfield Alice McFarland, Mansfield n/a
Wolcott Marshall, Knox Co. Tracey E. Bemiller, Richland Co. Rev. Morgan
16 Oct. C.B. Craig, Mansfield Nellie Nicodemus, Mansfield Rev. R.H. Edmonds
Edgar Stough, Mansfield Clare Knox, Bellville Rev. Mills
J.W. Redick, Shiloh Pricilla Kissel, Rives Rev. Hough
Ira M. Myers, Mansfield Nettie Mae Hossinger, Mansfield Rev. C.E. Lathrop
23 Oct. Leroy Snavely, Richland Co. Edith Mae Fleming, Monroe Twp. Rev. W.H. Morgan
William Koontz, Mansfield Etta Walker, Mansfield Rev. W.A. Wright
Charles Copus, Mansfield Ida Judy, Mansfield n/a
Irvin Kistler, Mansfield Florence Cole, Mansfield Rev. Edmonds
Tom Harrington, Mansfield Elizabeth Boofer, Mansfield n/a
Christian Shutera, Mansfield Mary E. Ridenour, Washington Twp. Rev. Koch
Burton H. Barr, Richland Co. Eva May Hout, Mifflin Twp. n/a
Arthur E. Courtney, Mansfield Grace Graham Rev. Frank D. Findley
Jacob Dickes, Butler Sarah Jane Stahl, Butler Rev. Morgan
30 Oct. J.A. Lammet, Columbus Emma C. Miller, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
John Espy **, Urbana Gertrude Davis **, Mansfield n/a
Willis Perry Sharkey, Shelby Emma Nazor, Shelby n/a
H.E. Peterson, Perrysville Birdie Pervine, Monroe Twp. Rev. S.P. Long
Edward J. Hartnett, Mansfield Barbara C. Schambs, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
Leander Durbin, Bellville Mertie E. Garber, Jefferson Twp. n/a
Arthur F. Ernsberger, Lucas Edith E. Robinson, Bellville Rev. S.P. Long
Harley Poindexter, Mansfield Cora Otey, Mansfield n/a
James McAplin, Pennsylvania Mary E. Barr, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Thomas A. Ridenour, Bellville, 29 Bessie E. Will, Bellville, 17 Rev. Hershiser
Charles Wolfe, Gibsonburg, 21 Mary Frish, Vernon Junction, 17 n/a
Robert Evarts, Bellville Mae Parkison, Bellville Rev. Price
06 Nov. J.W. Veil, Ashland Co. Jessie Myrtle Sheets, Monroe Twp. Rev. Murphy
Orville Stephen Snyder, Mansfield Amelia Lutz, Mansfield Rev. Fisher
Ira Miller, Shelby Nettie Lybarger, Shelby Rev. From
Max Seldsam, Mansfield Anna Anton Mansfield n/a
Will D. Adams, Mansfield May Moore, Mansfield n/a
13 Nov. B.J. Catty, Shelby Ada G. Esterline, Shelby n/a
Edwin M. Huber, Mansfield Grace G. Cotter, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
D.C. Scott, Butler Anna Shoup, Bellville Rev. Shumaker
20 Nov. Warren A. Haithcock, Mansfield Florence I. Hampton, Mansfield Rev. Powell
Peter Hahn, Mansfield Emma Fisher, Mansfield n/a
James Lambert Johnson, Knox Co. Luella Stoffer, Newville n/a
Edwin Bush, Mansfield Edith Elizabeth Ernest, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Charles E. Coleman, Butler Twp. Velma Crouse, Bloominggrove Twp. n/a
C.C. Maginty, Mansfield Emma Montgomery, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
27 Nov. John Gages, Springfield Twp. Matilda Beer, Springfield Twp. Rev. Wm. Dressel
Jay Mirton Young, Mansfield Vera Ida Cronenwett, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Peter W. Touby, Mansfield Leah E. Kistling, Washington Twp. Rev. Dressel
Porter H. Devoie, Shelby Mary E. Lindenberg, Shelby n/a
George F. Fritchen, Mansfield Artie Belle Mowers, Mansfield Rev. Dressel
Philip Thuman, Mansfield Eunice McCafferty, Mansfield n/a
Joseph Wildman, Shelby Clara Belle Dairy, Shelby n/a
Grover Gilkinson, Mansfield Jessie Robison, Mansfield Rev. R.H. Edmonds
04 Dec. Louis Spayde, Bellville Mabel Palm, Bellville Rev. Monk
W.A. Pryor, Cleveland Alice McNamara, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
Henry Bland, Richland Co. Goldie Murl Cline, Plymouth Rev. Miller
David Richey, Mansfield Lucretia Mowers, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
H.C. Kochenderfer, Shiloh Leona Forbes, Butler Twp. Rev. Hersone 
L.E. Major, Plymouth Mary M. Opdyke, Plymouth Rev. D.J. Meese
W.R. Selby, Mansfield Edith Pittenger, Mansfield Rev. R. Venting
Henry A. Lape, Shelby Martha Barrett, Shelby 'Squire J.R. Richardson
C.R. Sykes, Shelby Addie McMillin, Lucas n/a
Louis Ackerman, Mansfield Gusta Murphy, Mansfield n/a
James French Crow, Marion Lettie W. Smith, Shelby Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Daniel E. Craig, Mansfield Mary J. Davis, Mansfield n/a
Jacob Monts, Mansfield Jennie Wlaikonaz, Mansfield 'Squire J.R. Richardson
John Grabler, Mansfield Minnie Rhoads, Mansfield Rev. Wright
Clifton T. McBride, Mansfield Emma Anliker, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
George Hayner, Mansfield Mary Ross, Mansfield n/a
Nathan Price, Mansfield Elizabeth Bahl, Mansfield n/a
11 Dec. Charles B. Tinley, Madison Twp. Olive Dillon, Springfield Twp. Rev. Mr. Wright
John Teeter, Butler Lydia Reed, Butler Rev. W.H. Morgan
Harley H. Fate, Plymouth Anabel Lanton, Plymouth Rev. Miller
Cyrus Coyle, Chicago Junction Mabel McDonald, Shelby n/a
George R. Severn, Mansfield Myrtle Walters, Lexington n/a
Edgar H. Sherman, Green Co., IN Bessie Mae Sheehy, Mansfield Rev. Wright
Frank Trumpower, Mansfield Alice Miller, Mansfield n/a
Elmore T. Kitzmiller, Mansfield Jennie Antrican, Mansfield n/a
18 Dec. H.W. Pittenger, Mansfield Myrtle Finical, Mansfield Rev. S.P. Long
Edward Lysinger, Shelby Bessie Hiltabiddle, Mansfield n/a
Wm. Henry Tfeffar, Galion Virginia Thompson Dunham, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese

** colored

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