Marriage Licenses Issued, 1902 from the Bellville Messenger (partial year)

Richland Co., Ohio

Marriage Records

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Marriage Licenses Issued, 1902

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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10 Jan. Albert J. Kuebler, of Mansfield Goldie V. Reed, Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles
" Ellsworth D. Ferris, Shelby Maud L. Wilson, Shelby Rev. J.B. McClay
" Owen H. Nouse, Plimpton Ada Marmet, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Charles H. Browning, Mansfield Anna M. Oberlin, Bellville Rev. J.W. Boyer
William C. Hauck, Bellville Nettie E. Shoup, Bellville Rev. Shumacker
Williard Ferree, Mansfield Ila N. Winters, Olivesburg Rev. Cliffe
Jess J. Snyder, Mansfield Anna Calbert, Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles
Thomas J. Cupp, Mansfield Rosa B. Zeigler, Mansfield Rev. J.W. Edmunds
Thomas H. Richards, Mansfield Alice Smith, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Frank M. Young, Mansfield Blanche Warner, Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles
Gaylord W. Bahl, Mansfield Nellie Wilkinson, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Clarence H. Wentz, Mansfield Lena A. Ackerman, Mansfield n/a
Chas. F. Gallatin, Shenandoah Nora V. Wells, Adario Rev. C.S. Cliffe
Amos F. Snively, Knox Co. Jennie A. Weaver, Davis n/a
Joseph E. Heiffner, Ashland Co. Pearl Geisman, Shiloh n/a
Christian Sheely, Plymouth Edith Van Wagner, Plymouth Rev. A.C. Miller
17 Jan. Percy J. Mabee, Ontario Edith Ruth, Ontario Rev. Pinkerton
Joseph B. Ritchie, Lexington Erma F. Getz, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Edward W. Zimmerman, Ft. Wayne Bertie A. McVay, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
William Wooley, Mansfield Effie S. Mull Rev. O.D. Baltzly
John W. Reed, Mansfield Bertha Beattie, Bellville Rev. Boyer
Charles Brick, Mansfield Della Axe, Mansfield Rev. Frank D. Findley
Alphens C. Aungst, Butler Alice L. Divelbiss, Butler Rev. W.E. Harrison
Carl C. Frost, Cleveland Grace A. Shafer, Plymouth Rev. O.F. Laughbaum
Frank L. Sheely, Shelby Etta J. Fireoved, Shelby n/a
G.E. King, Mansfield Mary Clinker, Mansfield n/a
24 Jan. George W. Gourly, Havana, O. Hallie E. Mock, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
David A. Brubaker, Mansfield Ella Franklin, Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles
Thomas Kiley, Mansfield Barbara M. Craig, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Earnest G. Alwein, Woodview Nellie G. Shafer, Bellville Rev. Hundley
Earnest V. Light, Shelby Anna D. Rambo, Shelby Rev. Page
31 Jan. Lloyd Ward, Shelby Mildred C. Oman, Shelby Rev. Bright
Henry Hartman, Mansfield Estella Stroehlein, Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles
07 Feb. Curtis E. McBride, Mansfield Emma Werrick, Manfield Rev. D.J. Meese
21 Mar. C.E. Pulver, Lucas Lucy A. Welty, Lucas Rev. H.L. Wiles
Alfred B. Hurd, Mansfield Ella Shaw, Mansfield n/a
C.H. Clever, Mansfield Samantha A. Cramer, Butler Rev. E.D. Paulin
D.R. Searfos, Bellville Nellie A. Ruth, Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles
John C. Walter, Perrysville Alice I. Helbert, Mansfield Rev. O.C. Cramer
28 Mar. Charles N. Blackman, Toledo Helen Siefley, Mansfield n/a
Albert Pifer, Mansfield Maud Cabert, Mansfield rev. H.L. Wiles
Lucius Virgil Mills, Burton, O. M. Lenora Whissemore, Mansfield Rev. Charles Lemoine
Edward McGourn, Mansfield Anna Newlon, Mansfield Rev. Charles Lemoine
G.W. Berry, Newville Samantha McCurdy, Newville Rev. Cramer
Orin A. Boyce, Mansfield Leah F. Sipe, Shelby Rev. Page
04 Apr. Clarence G. Nye, Columbus Martha L. Althouse, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
William E. Troop, Mansfield Pearl S. Widders, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Harry J. Miller, Allentown, Pa. Myrtle L. Keiser, Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles
Clifford McKown, Nunda, O. Sarah L. Watkins, Butler F.M. Darling
Charley Webber, Mansfield Lillian L. Bolley, Mansfield Rev. Putnam
Charley C. Rorrick, Mansfield Lottie B. Warrell, Mansfield Rev. Edmonds
Oliver L. Cunningham, Mansfield Anna E. Jesson, Mansfield n/a
Charles E. Drumheller, Mansfield Grace Smith, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
John R. Reed, Ashland Jane M. Crall, Pavonia n/a
19 Apr. Noble W. Purdy, Killbuck Marie E. Fichter, Shelby Rev. Wade
Garfield J. Houston, Mansfield Katharine Matthes, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Bernard A. Bishop, Mansfield Ida Shuey, Mansfield Rev. Edmonds
Daniel A. Robinson, Perrysville Clara Sivets, Lucas Rev. Kramer
James P. Trihey, Springfield Catherine Wiesen, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
John B. Newell, Kansas City, Mo. Josie K. Hurley, Mansfield J.R. Richardson
Perry Waltman, Birmingham Lulu E. Hopkins, Mansfield n/a
25 Apr. Thomas E. Taylor, Detroit, Mich. Effie C. Bloom, Mansfield Rev. R.E. Edmonds
Charles Wilson, Mansfield Mary E. Hogans, Mansfield T.R. Robison
09 May John F. Grubb, Shiloh Lillie May Latanuer, Shiloh M.R. Pittenger, J.P.
Charles W. O'Dowd, Marion Trizah M. Lee, Mansfield Rev. George A. Lee
J.E. Fiendrick, Mansfield Mary Mann, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
William J. Brooker, Mansfield Mary Dair, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Arnold R. Snavely, Bellville Pearl Secrist, Hastings P.O. Rev. Paullin
Harry E. Vaughn, Mifflin, Pa. Geneva Roethlisberger, Shelby Rev. E.M. Eberly
16 May Jacob Cousin, Mansfield Gussie Eppstein, Mansfield J.R. Richardson, J.P.
George F. Leibig, Lexington Mary L. O'Brien, Shelby n/a
Delano P. Barnes, Plymouth Anna Channing, Plymouth Rev. Cline
Samuel J. DeWatt, Shelby Bertha E. Bushey, Shelby Rev. J.F. Findley
A. Walter Willison, Mansfield Lottie Shelter, Shelby Rev. L.G. Batman
30 May Wm. Kistler, Mansfield Ona Schlegel, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Chas. W. Plough, Greenwich Elzina Arnold, Adario Rev. C.S. Cliffe
Frank Lamb, Troy, O. Emma D. Ferguson, Mansfield Rev. L.G. Batman
Henry Goetz, Mansfield Carrie Emma Stoodt, Mansfield Rev. W.N. Dresel
Chas. Lewis, Mansfield Celia Cromer, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Arlow J. Blust, Mansfield Sarah E. Hassinger, Perrysville Rev. Miller
Adam J. Wentland, Mansfield Belle Newcomer, Mansfield Rev. H.L. Wiles
Alvah H. Weikert, Mansfield Della Showers, Mansfield n/a
13 June Bert F. Shafer, Bellville Meda V. Gatton, Bellville Rev. H.L. Wiles
William F. Voegele, Jr., Mansfield Mary Kennedy Stewart, Mansfield Rev. D.J. Meese
Charles L. Haas, Mansfield Minnie A. Drechsel, Mansfield n/a
Claude E. Miller, Shiloh Florence M. Kinsel, Shiloh Rev. Weir
Harry C. Cully, Waynesborough, Pa. Gladys Powers, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Gould
Harry J. Reinken, Shelby Anna H. Shill, Shelby Rev. E.P. Graham
20 June Newton Deweese, Perrysville Emma Birch, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
Clyde H. Hardridge, Mansfield Carrie M. Bringman, Mansfield Rev. Putnam
William Haley, Mansfield Jessie Roberts, Mansfield n/a
Howard Montgomery Black, Calif. Alice Gertrude Hamblin, Mansfield Rev. S.J. McConnell
Albert Singleton, Columbus Mamie Drake Close, Shelby Rev. E.M. Page
Herman Hautzenroeder, Mansfield Julia E. Kallmerten, Mansfield Rev. W.N. Dressel
Albert W. Gore, Lexington Virginia M. McIntyre, Lexington Rev. G.W. Smith
Chauncey J. Leech, Mansfield Catharine Wentz, Mansfield Rev. O.D. Baltzly
Joseph Roth, Mansfield Lizzie Bernhardt, Mansfield Rev. W.N. Dressel
Harry Wilkinson, Mansfield Teresa Wervey, Mansfield Rev. F.A. Schreiber
Wilbur Wilkinson Jr., Shelby Naomi Bertha Moore, Shelby n/a
Charles J. Brown, Mansfield Emma M. Crum, Mansfield Rev. Bright
Henry C. Geedey, Shelby Jennie A. Briner, Shelby Rev. F.A. Gould
Kemp Mowers, Mansfield Mary Alice Coleman, Mansfield Rev. F.B. Heidrick
John C. Burgess, Shelby Emma W. Noathacker, Shelby Rev. Ware
Frank Ramsey, Butler Lulul Marie Bell, Butler Rev. Shoemaker

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