Richland Co., Ohio

Mansfield Atlas, 1882

Mansfield City Atlas, 1882

Atlas of the City of Mansfield, Ohio.  E. Robinson & R.H. Pidgeon, Civil Engineers.  Published by E. Robinson, New York, 1882.

Scanned by Timothy McKee.  Indexed by Amy E. Armstrong.

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Plate A

Ward 4 (part) -- E. Third, N. Park, S. Park, E. Market, E. Second, E. First, S. Main, S. Diamond, Adams, N. Sugar, N. Water, N. Foster, Hedges, Bentley Carpenter, Scattergood, Sturges, Parker, Cummins, Hedges, Sheets, Barbour, Ford, Douglas, Cantwell, McFarland, Wordin, Crooks, May, Brinkerhoff, Carpenter, Rummel, Englehart, Battle, Waring, Bushnell, McClough, Raitt, Kern, McGuthrie, Winters, McIntire, Bristor, Hipp, Berno, Bissman, Harding, Mills, Johnson, livery stable, carriage works, post office, ME Church, Court House, Co. Jail, American House, 1st. Presb. Church, Marble Works, Tannery, Box Factory, paint shop, carriage works, bottling works,


Plate B

Ward 1,2,3 (part) -- W. Bloom, W. Fourth, W. Third, W. Market, E. Third, E. Fourth, E. Bloom, N. Mulberry, N. Walnut, N. Main, N. Diamond, N. Sugar, N. Water McGinty, McGuire, Bradley, Tucker, Beck, Hedges, Newlon, Jackson, Foulke, Wright, Denison, Anderson, Ward, Niman, Matthias, Branyan, Ruth, Wiler, Tracy, Hall, Brinkerhoff, Rhine, Netscher, Simmons, King, Vonhoff, Runyon, Keys, Smith, Trimble, Maxwell, Rigby, Chandler, Booth, Cook, Sturges, Strong, Bigelow, Hunter, Lee, Matson, Johnston, Vasbinder, Paisley, Hedrick, Pollock, Rowland, Dickson, Byrd, Krause, Kennedy, Cobean, Waters, Crider, Beeg, Niman, Crawford, Zellers, Uhlich, McLaughlin, Smith, McDowell, Rait, Zimmerman, Rickets, Laughridge, Creigh, Underwood, Wiler, Cope, Loughridge, Cook, McFall, Gordon, Harris, Mitchell, Patterson, Boughton, Adrian, Stocking, Shunk, Cotner, Reiman, Wilkinson, Rister, Stodt, Wiler, Myers, McFall, Dickson, Craig, Heldman, Vonhoff, Blymer, Strong, Hedges, Colby, Geddes, Waugh, Ott, Netscher, Scholl, Etz, Sherman, Schroer, Matthias, Webber, Watson, Layman, Walter, Sorg, Blecker, Weldon, Jones, Netscher, Krouse, Wolf, Zellner, Meads, Reinhart, Irwin, Crothers, Kern, Laver, Bahl, Fisher, Saiter, Jenner, Straub, Reimen, Scattergood, Trimble, Hucks, Frank, Carroll, Reiman, Aberle, Clapp, Endly, Shull, Robinson Ref. Dutch Church & parsonage, Cracker bakery, savings bank, carriage works, livery stable, Wiler House, U.P. Church, Episcopal Church & rectory, Opera house, Market St. Baptist Church, Farmers Natl. Bank, City Flour Mills, City Brewery, Mansfield Brewing Co., brewery, European Hotel, Sherman House, St. James Hotel, Millers Hall, brewery, livery stable


Plate C

Ward 2 & 3 (part) -- Springmill, N. Mulberry, Miller, W. Bloom, N. Walnut, N. Main, N. Diamond, N. Sugar, E. Bloom, N. Water Stocking, Bevington, McVey, Allison, Dolan, Dougherty, Yeager, Masson, Wiler, Cowl, School Board, Jackson, Pittman, Ulich, Hicks, Brown, Cox, Weller, Wooley, Sturgis, Netscher, Hoffer, Voegle, Niman, Miller, Eggert, Dow, Kennedy, Masey, Jones, Allen, Twitchell, Thrailkill, Allen, Snyder, May, Carroll, Reynolds, Devine, McKee, Banman, Adams, Hartupee, Burns, Shreffer, Bushnell, Wise, Goudert, Croft, Miller, McMillan, Grubaugh, Hedges, Schantz, Anderson, McClellan, McKee, Calvert, Michael, Kling, Ott, NY P. & O. R.R. Station, lumber mill, sawmill, coal yard, carpenter shop, Mansfield Woolen Mills, Mansfield Machine Works, Mansfield Carriage Works, B. & O. R.R. Co., Union Foundry & Machine Works, Grain Warehouse,


Plate D

Ward 2 & 3 (part) -- Orchard, Maude Ave., Springmill, Platt, Bell, N. Main, Olive, N. Diamond, Cherry Jones, Sturges, McSherry, Reid, Casey Church of God, Aultman & Taylor, Hicks & Brown Co. Flour Mill, P. Ft. W. & C. R.R. Co., Tremont House, Freight House, Passenger Station, Clifton House, Mansfield Machine Works,


Plate E

Ward 1 (part) -- W. Market, W. Second, W. First, Sturges Ave., Crouse, S. Mulberry, S. Walnut, S. Main Sturges, Weaver, Ervin, Ford, Mead, Purdy, Hedges, Smith, Tracy, Hornig, O'Neill, Allison, Anders, Heldman, Purdy, Smith, Wolforth, Jones, Smith, King, Blymer, Davis, Mercer, McComb, Carrothers, Kearn, Black, Hahn, Wood, Endley, Rickey, Rissler, Heldman, Purdy, Krabill, Barber, McCullough, Wallace, Drackeet, Grove, Mera, Schnell, Constance, Cristman, Hooker, Kearn, Parsons, Dougherty, Johns, Ritter, Marquis, Ott, Hade Congregational Church & parsonage, First Ward School, furniture factory, German Lutheran Church, City Hall, Market House, Engine House, St. Peter's Catholic Church, School & Priest House, St. John's Evangelical Church


Plate F

Wards 1 & 4 (part) -- Sturges Ave., Ritter, Spruce, Pine, Crouse, S. Mulberry, Water, Green, Lexington Ave., S. Main, E. First, Arch, Flint, S. Diamond, Clay, S. Water, Hedges, Washington, Granite, Chestnut, Cemetery, Ford, Foster Johns, Krabill, Crouse, Webber, Kearn, Rissler, Stoadt, Glessner, Clark, Bird, Mowery, Ritter, Arting, Wise, Scholl, Berns, Beverstock, Dickey, Potter, Todd, Reed, Cummins, Christmas, Johnson, Leach, Courtwright, McBride, Patterson, Bradford, Elers, Ackerman, Mark__, Trumpler, Hunt, McIlvain, Metz, Masser, Hedges, Mason, Gerlach German Methodist Church, Cooper Shop, Carpenters Shop, Atlantic Garden, Fourth Ward School, Children's Home


Plate G

Wards 1 & 2 (part) -- Fourth St., Western, Penn, W. Market, Sycamore, Sherman Ave., Marion, Poplar, Venum, First, Sturges, W. Third, W. Fourth, Washington Ave., W. Bloom, Bowman St., Pine, Wood, Ritter Avery, Penn, Strong, Carpenter, Douglass, Twitchell, Dirlam, Dickson, Brinkerhoff, Wood, Heldman, Doolittle, Douglass, Cutterston, Parsons, Johnston, Harter, Johnston, Hott, Johnston, Chapman, Covill, Brown, Garrett, Carothers, Bowar, Mitchell, Wolfe, Pritchard, Voegele, Keech, White, Krause, Boltman, McInarond, Mannel, Dehn, Zimmerman, Gilchrist, Hamia, Brindlay, Ackerman, Rinehard, Harter, Carter, Niman, Carter, Harroun, Leiter, Lind, Blymyer, Parker, Jacques, Hickox, McCoy, Hunt, Harper, Zach, Gilbert, Morris, Crawford, Bushnell, Beck, Hooker, George, Dickson, Smith, Reed, Jackson, Cole, Cobean, Haynes, Creigh, Boughton, Finnefrock, Lentzey, Dehr, Runyon, Beck, Horn, Keiser, Lowry, Keech, Cickets, Garrison, Keil, Miller, Laird, Metzger, Adams, Keffer, Gates, McIlvain, Sutherland, Garrett, Harrington, Hammond, McFarland, Scattergood, Forney, Wagner, Stocking, Strong, Avery, Reed, Carpenter, Neal, Tracy, Wolworth A. G.W. R.R., Seceder Church

Plate H

Wards 1 & 2 (part) -- Springmill, Howard, Tracy, Reed, Burns, Fourth, Penn, Western Ave., Sycamore, Bloom, W. Market, McPherson Robinson, Daily, Tracy, Keffer, Voegele, Robinson, Harvey, Emptage, Brinley, Hunt, Knight, Smith, Miles, Scott, Haynes, Fike, Twitchell, McKnight, Foulhaber, University of Denison, Netscher, Brinkerhoff, Hickson, Downs, Wissimore, Penn, Hanna, Tasker, Sherman, Matson, Dickson, Carpenter, Wood, Leyman, Sturges, Wise, McGahey, Underwood, Reed



Plate I

Ward 2 (part) -- Maude, Lida, Grant, Brick, Bowman, Harker, Buckingham, Vale, High, Cedar, Springmill, St. Clair, Sycamore, John, W. Bloom, John, Miller, Woodland, Stocking, Everly, Driscol, Johns, Mevins, Twitchell, Weir, Wolforth, Kennedy, Matson, Dirlam, Alonis, Uhlich, Miller, Bilestine, Weatrow, Uhlich, Atherton, Adams, France, Norris, Rinehart, Kinney, Battick, Veagly, Saunder, Smith, Wiler, Dougherty, Cairns, Stayman, France, Hedges, Sherman, Douglas, Stayman, Metzger, Walters, Keith, Chandler, Peterson, Hallowell, Koerber, Livingsberger, Brown, Lowery, Keith Richland National Bank, Second Ward School


Plate J

Wards 2 & 3 (part) -- Wayne, Spring, Newman, Orange, Daisy, Maude, Lilly, Orchard, N. Main, N. Water, E. Fourth, Ashland, E. Third, Scott, Bleeker, Harker Spice, Carothers, Bulkley, Stocking, Price, Platt, Heistand, Commins, McIlvain, Swingart, Constance, Ford, Sherman, Langhan, Winters, Blecker, Hedges, Miller, Keating, Snyder, Reiman, Aberle, Munson, Madden, McElroy, Hickox, Wolf, Zellers, Reinwalt, Ott Mansfield Water Works, Boiler Works, Mansfield Gas Works, Mansfield Building Lumber Co. & sawmill, Third Ward School, Strongs Grain Warehouse, Mansfield Steam Soap Works, N.Y.P. & O. R.R.


Plate K

Ward 4 (part) -- Ashland, E. Market, E. third, E. First, E. Second, Washington, Woodville, Cemetery, Chestnut, S. Main, Bentley, Bushnell Wolff, Hedges, Miller, Beck, Danman, Sturges, We__er, Case, Norris, Gilkison, Krabill, Remy, Schaffer, Vasbinder, Bulkley, Strominger, Kundy, Klein, Schaffer, Ehlers, Bowers, Loback, Hagerman, Black, Enos, Grove, Young Mansfield Paper Co., Children's Home, Catholic Cemetery, Mansfield Cemetery,


Plate L

Ward 1 (part) -- W. Market, Sherman, Maple, Poplar, Vennum, Pine, Oakland, Marion Ave., Wood, Cline, Lexington Ave., S. Prospect, Blanch, Green, Mendota Sherman, Dickson, Matthias, Painter, Leyman, Colwell, Newlon, Albach, Heineman, Mitchell, Garrett, Carthers, Vennum, Bower, Proctor, Creigh, Barrow, Lawson, Frantzing, May, Wigle, Wolforth, Ritter, Rhein, Pearl, Warns, Burns, Geddes, Oliver, Scattergood, Henry, Cummins, Stodt, Rissler



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