Richland Co. Marriage Index, 1920

Richland Co., Ohio


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Richland Co. Marriage Index, 1920

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Feb. 06 EARL STEWART -and- LENA KELLOGG.  Married at the Evangelical Church in Butler by the Rev. H.L. Zachman. RCL-1
Feb. 07 GLENN REED -and- MARTHA LARIBEE.  Married at the Evangelical parsonage by the Rev. H.L. Zachman in Butler. RCL-1
Feb. 12 JAMES L. DEEMS s/o Clayton Deems & Mary E. Post -and- HELEN ELIZABETH MOON d/o John Moon & Cora Hatfield. Mike
Mar. 20 RUSSELL CARRICK s/o Albert Carrick & Mary Walker -and- FLORENCE M. PARSEL d/o D. Parsel & Carrie Crawford. Mike
Mar. 20 UMBERTO CLANCE s/o Louis Clance & Caroline Yannacito -and- JOSEPHINE MORSE d/o Nick Morse & Therese De Benedetta Mike
Apr. 13 JOHN S. STEWART JR. s/o Dr. J.S. Stewart & Mary Kennedy -and- WELTHA ORDELLA RAMSEY d/o James Albert Ramsey & Elizabeth Ludy Mike
Apr. 14 KARL F. WITTMAN s/o Fred Wittman & Anna Ruhl -and- ALICE ISABEL DICKSON d/o Frank Dickson & Martha E. Carter.  Married at the home of the bride's parents on Springmill Rd., near Mansfield by the Rev. H.W.W. Allen, pastor of the Congregational church in Lexington. RCL-2 & Mike
Apr. 17 ALBERT DILL s/o Phillip Dill of Bellville -and- SARAH SCHEIDLER of Mansfield.  Married in Bellville at the Lutheran parsonage by the Rev. J.F. Marlatte.   RCL-2
Apr. 22 RAY GERHART -and- AGNES IRENE CALVER of Mansfield, formerly of Lexington.  Married by the Rev. C.D. Secrist of the Christian church.  The groom is a cashier at the Lexington Savings Bank. RCL-2
May 04 GEORGE BOWERS s/o A.A. Bowers -and- ELLEN STEWART d/o George Stewart.  Married in Mansfield by the Rev. Marlatte in the Lutheran parsonage. RCL-3
May 11 WALTER W. SHAFER s/o Gideon Shafer & Anna Steiner of near Lexington -and- HAZEL CARTER d/o William Carter & Ida Mae Scott.  The couple expects to make their home with the bride's parents.  The announcement of this marriage in the paper dated May 21st., lists the groom's middle initial as "N".  The Rev. Paul W. Koller officiated the ceremony.   The couple were going on a wedding trip to Detroit and Lansing, Michigan.  The bride's parents live near Lexington.  The groom's parents live in Lexington. Mike & RCL-3 & RCL-4
May 12 MILES E. HINES s/o J.A. Hines & Arda Myers -and- RUTH AGNES KISSANE d/o R.P. Kissane & Meta Remy Mike
May 29 WILLIAM G. MOORE of Franklin Twp. -and- HENRIETTA LOUISE DILL d/o Philip Dill of Bellville.  Married at Mansfield by the Rev. Tullos of the First Lutheran church. RCL-5
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July 02 MILTON W. COULEY s/o W.H. Couley & Mary Wiley -and- FRANCES MARRIOTT DANIELS d/o E.R. Daniels & Lacy Marriott Mike
July 03 C.D. FAILOR s/o Harvey Failo & Maude Byers -and- MARY ONEY d/o William Oney & Sarah Robinson Mike
July 07 FLOYD FOX -and- MARGARET PALM d/o Mary Palm, both of Lexington.  Married at the parsonage of the First Presbyterian Church in Mansfield by Rev. McMillan.  Mr. Fox is employed by the Roderick-Lean Co. at Mansfield.  The couple will reside in Lexington, with the bride's mother, on Frederick Street. RCL-6
- - -
Aug. 16 GEORGE W. LEE s/o William E. Lee & Sarah Mercer -and- HEINA MAE VAN LINDA d/o Cornelius Van Linda & Mary Shepherd Mike
Aug. 17 ARTHUR MELLENTREE s/o Allen Mellentree & Martha Harrison -and- LANDONIA OLIVER d/o Thomas Oliver & Mary Coleman Mike
Aug. 25 ENOCH L. VANDERBILT s/o Enoch Vanderbilt & Elizabeth Logan -and- LOUISE WITZKEY d/o Theodore Witzkey & Jannett Krombach Mike
Aug. 26 FRANK PEWONSKI s/o J. Pewonski & Joseph Buckholtz -and- OLA TOBIN  d/o Elmer Tobin & Angeline Foutz. Mike
Sept. 29 LOUIS P. WHEELER -and- FLORENCE M. NEER, both of Lexington.  Married at Mansfield at the Mayflower church by the Rev. D. Blair.  The groom is the proprietor of Wheeler Bakery & Restaurant.  The bride is formerly of Butler.  The couple will make their home in Lexington RCL-7
Oct. 09 WALTER A. TURNER -and- BERTHA HOUSTON.  Married at the First Presbyterian church in Mansfield, by the Rev. McMillin.   RCL-8
Oct. 12 JENNINGS BRYAN of Butler -and- SADIE PORTER of North Liberty.  Married at the home of George Butterbaugh on Cleveland street in Butler. RCL-8
Oct. -- STYREL MISHEY -and- MARY POLLACK, both of Lexington.  The marriage took place at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jasper Pollack, one mile west of Lexington.  When the couple return from their wedding trip to Cleveland and Akron, they will reside with the groom's parents near Lexington. RCL-9
Nov. -- LYMAN GARRICK -and- FLORENCE ADAMS, both of Mansfield.  Married at the parsonage of the South Main street Evangelical church in Mansfield.  The groom is a son of Mrs. Charles Poland of Mt. Vernon.  The couple will live at No. 27 N. Mulberry Street in Mansfield.  According to family sources, the name GARRICK should actually be SORRICK.  The groom's first name was actually spelled "Liman". RCL-10 & Margaret
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Dec. 13 EARNEST HENRY -and- MARY A. PETERS.  Vol. 25, p. 156 Joanna
Dec. 22 CLARENCE F. SCHONAUER -and- ETHEL LUCILLE SPAYDE.  Married at the Evangelical parsonage in Bellville, by the Rev. J.R. Frye RCL-11
Dec. 28 ARTHUR E. PUGH -and- MARY PITTENGER   Joanna


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