Richland Co. Marriage Index, 1895

Richland Co., Ohio


Marriage Records

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Richland Co. Marriage Index, 1895

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Pub. Date Date Location Minister Groom Bride Source
1/3/1895 1/1/1895 Mitchell Walters home
five miles west of Bellville
Rev. J. N. Barnett States E. Shively
Ida M. Walters BI 1/3/1895
n/a 5/25/1895 n/a Dr. H.L. Wiles James Wharton Mary Wetherall
RSB 5/25/1895
n/a 5/26/1895 n/a n/a Clinton Clark Lizzie Knight RSB 6/1/1895
n/a 5/29/1895 Mathias Mowry home
Hedges St., Mansfield
Dr. H.L. Wiles Sidney L. Palmer Ada L. Mowry
d/o Matthias
RSB 5/25/1895
n/a 6/6/1895 Mansfield Rev. Geo. Lee Lewis Burkhard Bertha Foss RSB 6/8/1895
n/a 8/23/1895 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. H.L. Wiles Harry Culbertson Addie Call
d/o Officer Call
RSB 8/24/1895
11/21/1895 n/a Ravenna, OH n/a Hazen D. Armstrong Winifred Waite BI 11/21/1895
11/21/1895 11/13/1895 Lutheran parsonage
Rev. J.N. Barnett Floyd F. Burkeypile
Woodview, OH
Lorena M. Graham
Shaucks, OH
BI 11/21/1895
n/a 11/14/1895 n/a n/a Philip Pfeifer Anna Border Joanna
n/a 12/25/1895 n/a n/a John H. Piper Mary J. Johnston Joanna

RSB = Richland Shield & Banner (Mansfield)  |  BI = Bellville Independent

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