Richland Co. Marriage Index, 1890

Richland Co., Ohio


Marriage Records

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Richland Co. Marriage Index, 1890

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Even though the approx. date that a couple went to apply for a marriage license is NOT an actual marriage date, it may help you to narrow down the time frame as to when a couple actually got married.




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License Published Solemnized Groom / Bride Source
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Jan. 09 Jan. 01 OLIVER L. ENOS -and- NELLIE M. ZERBY.  Married by Rev. D.J. Meese MH-1 & MH-3
Jan. 02 - RUFUS D. STOBER -and- CORA BARR <marriage license> MH-2
Jan. 02 - EUGENE LEE -and- ELOMINA MILLER  <marriage license> MH-2
Jan. 02 - SAMUEL N. NOTHACKER -and- CARRIE M. GAMBLE  <marriage license> MH-2
Jan. 02 - WILLIAM GRUBB -and- Mrs. SARAH E. VOLK<marriage license> MH-2
Jan. 02 - FRANK CONDON -and- IDA B. MOORE.  <marriage license> MH-2
Jan. 02 Jan. 02 THOS. W. SMITH -and- ETTA KERR  Married by Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles MH-2
Jan. 02 - R. SCOTT BUCK -and- VERGIE V. HACKETT<marriage license> MH-2
Jan. 02 - ELMER D. McDONOUGH -and- JENNIE SNYDER<marriage license> MH-2
Jan. 02 not given WESLEY B. HAINER -and- INA V. KENNEDYMarriage performed by Rev. W.H. Vincent.  Date not provided. MH-2
Jan. 02 - GEORGE W. LONG -and- BERTIE McPHERSON  <marriage license> MH-2
Jan. 09 Jan. 03 EBER B. SHAW -and- ELLA O. HARRON.  Married by Rev. G.M. Kemp. MH-2 & MH-3
Jan. 09 - THOMAS B. McCREADY -and- IDA STULL  <marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 09 - HOWARD L. CHARLES -and- FLORA ANDREWS  <marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 09 - ARTIE E. DAY -and- OLIVE P. MURPHY.  <marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 09 - MAURICE FIGLEY -and- ANNA M. DULL  <marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 09 - LUTHER C. MARLOW -and- TONA A. SEWARD  <marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 09 - OVID G. SCOTT -and- OLLIE L. KOHLER<marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 09 - WILLIAM STRAWMINGER -and- SADIE M. FROST<marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 09 - CHARLES L. SNYDER -and- MINNIE B. ALGIER<marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 09 - TECUMSEH S. PAGE -and- MARY LONG  <marriage license> MH-3
Jan. 16 Jan. 15 THEODORE REMY -and- JESSIE ADA FORD.  Married by Rev. D.J. Meese at the residence of P.P. Ford on Wood street. MH-2 & MH-4
- Jan. 16 CHARLES PIFER -and- MARY K. TOUBY Joanna
Jan. 16 - H.B. LAWRENCE -and- NORA M. GETTINGS.   <marriage license> MH-4
Jan. 16 - EZRA C. URICH -and- GRACE BUCKINGHAM  <marriage license> MH-4
Jan. 16 - LEONARD L. BAKER -and- ROSA B. LAFFERTY<marriage license> MH-4
Jan. 16 - GEORGE F. CARPENTER -and- KATE GOLDEN  <marriage license> MH-4
Jan. 16 - CHARLES PIFER -and- MARY K. TOUBY  <marriage license> MH-4
- Jan. 28 JOHN PATCH of Mansfield -and- MARY E. KELLY of Wooster.  Married by Father F. Ankley MH-5
Jan. 30 - ROBERT GRIBBEN -and- MARTHA E. SHUTT  <marriage license> MH-5
Jan. 30 - GEO. E. KEISER -and- SADE A. BORDNER  <marriage license> MH-5
Jan. 30 - JOSEPH H. FIDLER -and- HARRIETT C. MELLOTT<marriage license> MH-5
Jan. 30 not given THOMAS McNAMARA (aka:  THOMAS MACK) -and- MARY O'SHEA SHAW.  Married by Rev. Wiles.  It was later discovered that the groom had lied about the residency of his bride, for she was not a resident of Richland Co., but actually came from North Baltimore.  The groom had recently been fired from the St. James. MH-5
Feb. 06 Feb. 05 HERMON R. BRIMIRE -and- FRANKIE B. McFARLAND.  Married by the Rev. J.W. Hubbell, at the home of the bride's mother at No. 3 West Fourth street in Mansfield. MH-6
Feb. 06 - JACOB J. SPOHN -and- MARY A. STAHL.   <marriage license> MH-6
Feb. 13 Feb. 06 MATTHEW LAIRD -and- JENNIE L. ZERBY.  Married at the residence of Rev. Meese. MH-7
Feb. 13 - WILLIAM L. BISHOP -and- CORA D. MICKEY.   <marriage license> MH-7
Feb. 13 Feb. 06 JOHN WEIL -and- ROSA CRONENBERGER  Married by Rev. L. Krebs. MH-7
Feb. 13 - MORRIS A. SHIVELY -and- JENNIE ROBINSON  <marriage license> MH-7
Feb. 20 - MILES L. CRAVEN -and- NELLIE A. BELL <marriage license> MH-8
Mar. 06 Feb. 26 CHARLES O. WILES -and- ZOLA E. MYERS.  Married by Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles MH-9 & MH-10
Feb. 27 - CHARLES G. GILLILEND -and- SALINA I. SMITH  <marriage license> MH-9
Feb. 27 - OTIS H. WALTERS -and- JENNIE S. BARR  <marriage license> MH-9
Feb. 27 - MILTON E. STREBY -and- LOTTIE L. EARICK<marriage license> MH-9
Feb. 27 - BENJ. TULLOSS -and- ELVINA D. KELLEY  <marriage license> MH-9
Mar. 06 Mar. 06 B.F. PALMER -and- OLLIE WOLFORD.  Married at the home of the bride, west of town. MH-10
Mar. 06 - DAVID MANN -and- JOHANNA GASS   <marriage license> MH-10
Mar. 06 - ALFRED SMITH -and- GERTRUDE M. DOUGLASS  <marriage license> MH-10
Mar. 06 - JOHN E. TOUBY -and- LAVINA PIFFER  <marriage license> MH-10
- Mar. 07 HENRY MASSA -and- MINNIE ERNST.  Married by W.H. Patterson, JP, at the home of the bride's parents. MH-11
- Mar. 12 JOSEPH W. VANSCOVOC -and- NETTIE A. GREEN   Married at the parsonage by the Rev. H.L. Wiles MH-11
Mar. 20 Mar. 12 JOHN KLING -and- RACHEL ROADPOUCH.  Married at the parsonage by Rev. H.L. Wiles MH-11 & MH-12
Mar. 20 - PETER L. WILLETT -and- HATTIE GEDNEY <marriage license> MH-12
Mar. 20 - GEORGE DISBRO -and- DELLA M. NEWCOMB <marriage license> MH-12
Mar. 20 - JOS. VANSCOYOC -and- NELLIE A. GREEN  <marriage license> MH-12
Mar. 20 - HENRY M. MASSA -and- MINNIE ERNST  <marriage license> MH-12
Mar. 20 - JOS. E. STONER -and- ELLA BEER  <marriage license> MH-12
Mar. 20 - JOHN A. STUFF -and- EDA A. CONLEY  <marriage license> MH-12
Mar. 27 Mar. 23 GEORGE MONTIS -and- MARY WILLIS  Married at the residence of the bride at 96 E. Third street in Mansfield by Rev. Mitchell of Disciple church. MH-13
Mar. 27 - MILTON J. DAVIS -and- LUCY E. SMITH  <marriage license> MH-13
Mar. 27 Mar. 26 JOHN MCDONALD -and- DELLA STEINBAKER.  Married by Rev. H.A. Sumrell. MH-13
- Mar. 27 FRANK BLOOR -and- DELLA DEHN d/o John L. Dehn.  Married by Rev. D.J. Meese at the home of the bride's parents on West Fourth street.  The groom is a druggist. MH-14
Apr. 03 - BENJAMIN SHEULER -and- EDITH SCHOENBERG  <marriage license> MH-14
Apr. 03 - WILLIAM GRABLER -and- CLARA E. BERNO  <marriage license> MH-14
Apr. 10 Apr. 08 ADAM SCHOTT -and- SOPHIA SCHOTT  Were divorced in the Fall of 1889. MH-15
Apr. 10 - FRED P. BEERS -and- MARIE B. ROGERS   <marriage license> MH-15
Apr. 24 Apr. 14 A.C. LEWIS -and- MATTIE ROADPOUCH.  Married by H.L. Wiles. MH-16 & MH-17
Apr. 24 Apr. 15 WILLIAM B. SECHRIST -and- CENIA E. HEFFLEFINGER.  Married by H.L. Wiles MH-16 & MH-17
Apr. 17 Apr. 16 WILLIAM FISHER -and- Mrs. EMMA A. PARKE.  Married by Rev. H.A. Sumrell at the the Baptist parsonage. MH-16
Apr. 17 - HOMER C. GOOD -and- MALINDA PAXTON   <marriage license> MH-16
Apr. 17 - GEORGE MURPHY -and- MINNIE CROSS   <marriage license> MH-16
Apr. 17 - C.V. SNYDER -and- LAURA RHINEHART   <marriage license> MH-16
Apr. 17 - GEORGE HILPERT -and- MARY C. SPRIESTERBACH   <marriage license> MH-16
Apr. 24 Apr. 23 HENRY N. BENEDICT -and- ESTHER M. OPDYKE.   MH-17
Apr. 24 - CHARLES J. WITTIBSLEGER -and- MARY SPROW  <marriage license> MH-17
Apr. 24 - CHARLES SCHNEIDER -and- ANNA M. SCHNORR  <marriage license> MH-17
Apr. 24 - CHARLES WILSON -and- LOU ETZWILER<marriage license> MH-17
Apr. 24 - MARK W. WILSON -and- PEARL SIGLER  <marriage license> MH-17
- May 02 EDWARD A. SCHAMBS -and- JENNIE GRACE CUMMINS d/o A.C. Cummins.  The couple went to Ontario to be married.  The bride was under age and did not have the consent of her parents.  The license was put on the books back in order to throw the reporters off the track. MH-18
May 08 May 06 EDWARD C. SHAFER -and- LILLIE J. SIPE d/o Caroline Sipe.  Married by Rev. H.L. Wiles at the residence of the bride's mother. MH-18
May 08 - JAMES L. LEMLEY -and- MARY GRAY  <marriage license> MH-18
May 08 - EDWIN S. GADFIELD -and- ELISE B. HAMMERLI  <marriage license> MH-18
May 08 May 07 B.F. HETTINGER -and- EMMA LAUER  Married at the parsonage by the Dr. H.L. Wiles. MH-18
May 08 - B.F. LINDSLEY -and- NORA STEEL  <marriage license> MH-18
May 08 - JOHN McCOMBS -and- MARY WENDLING  <marriage license> MH-18
- May 14 W.A. PORTER of Mt. Vernon -and- EFFIE PORCH of Mansfield.  Married at the residence of the bride's parents at 130 West Bloom street by Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles.  The couple left the same evening for their future home in Mt. Vernon MH-19
May 15 - ELLSWORTH S. DECKER -and- GRACE McHOSE<marriage license> MH-19
May 15 - WILLIAM O. McMAHON -and- BLANCHE TREMBLE  <marriage license> MH-19
May 15 not given CHARLES M. APPLEMAN -and- EMMA BETCHER  Married after Betcher had Appleman arrested for being the father of her unborn child. MH-19
May 15 - JOHN T. LONEY -and- DORA L. STEWART (colored)  <marriage license> MH-19
May 22 - WILLIAM W. LYSINGER -and- LYDIA HOUSEKEEPER  <marriage license> MH-20
May 22 - JAMES S. SHAFER -and- RUTH DAY  <marriage license> MH-20
May 22 - WILL A. PORTER -and- EFFIE G. PORCH  <marriage license> MH-20
May 22 - HIRAM M. BELL -and- NORMANDA TEMPLE  <marriage license> MH-20
- May 27 SANFORD S. TAYLOR -and- ANNIE M. STARNER, both of Holmes County.  Married by the Rev. Ira C. Mitchell at his residence at No. 90 Park Ave. East in Mansfield. MH-22
May 29 - JARVICE JUMP -and- Mrs. P.B. GAYLORD  <marriage license> MH-21
May 29 - CHAS. FERRE -and- LAURA J. HAVERFIELD  <marriage license> MH-21
May 29 - FRANK CUNNINGHAM -and- LIDA PITMAN  <marriage license> MH-21
- June 05 ED. E. DICKSON -and- ETTA A. FERREE.   MH-23
- June 12 CHRISTOPHER KAISER -and- HENRIETTA SCHWEINFORD.  Married by Rev. F. Beusser. MH-24
June 19 June 14 RUFUS HELDMAN -and- JENNIE M. LIGHTCAP d/o S.S. Lightcap, all of Mansfield.  Married by Rev. Ira C. Mitchell, pastor of the Church of Christ, at his residence, No. 90 Park Avenue East. MH-24
- June 17 C.W. FRENCH -and- ALBERTA WALKER MH-24
June 19 June 17 GEO. M. SCHAMBS -and- MINNIE O. CALDWELL.  Married by Rev. W.H. Vincent at the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, Jonathan Uhlich. MH-24
June 19 - CHARLES BANKS -and- ANNIE E. WOODRING  <marriage license> MH-24
June 19 - CHARLES E. GALLAGHER -and- NELLIE B. WHITE  <marriage license> MH-24
June 19 - CHRISTOPHER KAISER -and- HENRIETTA SWINEFORD  <marriage license> MH-24
June 19 - JAMES BOWMAN -and- MATTIE DARLING  <marriage license> MH-24
June 26 June 21 CHARLES W. FRENCH -and- ALBERTA WALKER  Married at 68 Marion Ave. in Mansfield at 10 a.m. MH-25
June 26 - ROBERT A. HARTMAN -and- NETTIE BLOOM  <marriage license> MH-25
July 03 July 01 DANIEL SHOEMACHER -and- FRANCES NUNMAKER, both of Weller Twp.  Married by Squire Jones Smith. MH-26
July 03 - CHARLES C. YOUNG -and- LAURA B. WALTERS     <marriage license> MH-26
July 03 - ROBERT D. McINTYRE -and- FLORA ANDERSON   <marriage license> MH-26
July 03 - GUSTAVE A. REIDEL -and- CORA DELL MAY   <marriage license> MH-26
- July 04 HENRY MOSER -and- ANNA ZELLNER.  Married by Rev. F. Bensser. MH-36
- - - -
July 03 July 08 CHARLES H.F. McFARLAND -and- ROSA P. MILLER  Married by Rev. A. Magenhann. MH-26 & MH-27
July 03 - F.K. CROUSE -and- BELLE McKIBBEN   <marriage license> MH-26
July 03 - CYRUS C. PLANK -and- ELLA M. EYERLY   <marriage license> MH-26
July 17 July 08 JAMES SAMPLE MILES -and- MYRA APPLEMAN MH-27 & MH-28
- July 08 MARTIN N. DOBBS -and- METTA S. MERRELL.  Married by Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles at the Lutheran parsonage. MH-27
July 17 July 10 JUDSON A. LANTZ -and- SADIE MARKLEY   Married by Rev. E.K. Baker at Shelby. MH-28 & MH-29
- July 15 GEORGE BISHOP -and- ELLA DEPUE.  Married by Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles MH-28
July 17 - JAMES STAYMATES -and- KATIE CLEMENS  <marriage license> MH-28
July 17 - CHARLES NASH -and- MARY E. HERSHISER  <marriage license> MH-28
July 17 - PETER SPRIESTERSBACH -and- MARY DAUM  <marriage license> MH-28
July 17 - LEWIS E. FERRELL -and- LOLA M. STEVENSON  <marriage license> MH-28
- July 20 G. [ORAL] ORIN McFARLAND -and- MAME A. CAHALL.  Married at the First Congregational church by the Rev. J.W. Hubbell, D.D..  The groom left for Great Falls, Montana two days after the ceremony.  He will send for his bride later. MH-29
- July 21 ADAM HANS -and- ELIZABETH BERLO.  Married by Rev. Magenhann. MH-29
July 31 July 21 GEORGE W. SPOOLMAN of Lexington -and- MARY KELLER of Ontario.  Married at home of the bride's parents by Elder Barnett, pastor of the M.E. Church of Ontario. MH-30 & MH-31
July 31 July 24 JOHN HEYMAN of Massillon -and- LOUISA FOSS of Mansfield.  Married by Dr. H.L. Wiles. MH-30
July 31 - GEORGE C. CUNNINGHAM -and- FLORA WELLS  <marriage license> MH-30
July 31 - EDWIN F. MYERS -and- MARY L. LINDSAY  <marriage license> MH-30
July 31 - ROBERT A. CASTNER -and- ANNA E.M. POTTS  <marriage license> MH-30
Aug. 07 - HARRY ELLER -and- MINTA BIERLY   <marriage license> MH-31
Aug. 14 - KARL KOCH -and- LENA APFELBACH  <marriage license> MH-32
Aug. 14 Aug. 13 LEWIS / LOUIS A. MITCHEL of Vinton, Iowa -and- ETTA I. GILKINSON  Married at the home of the bride's mother on Vennum Ave. in Mansfield by Rev. Dr. H.L. Wiles. MH-32
Aug. 21 - SHERIDAN HOOVER -and- MINNIE HARTER  <marriage license> MH-33
Aug. 21 - WILLIAM A. MAGLOT -and- MATTIE F. SPAYDE  <marriage license> MH-33
Aug. 21 - LUTHER BALLIETT -and- HATTIE BALLIET  <marriage license> MH-33
Aug. 21 - ORA A. GILMORE -and- BERTHA M. CLELAND  <marriage license> MH-33
Aug. 21 - MARSHAL E. NEAR -and- VERDA A. SWANK  <marriage license> MH-33
- Oct. 01 J.F. PEIFER -and- MARY MONTGOMERY.  Vol. 15, pg. 183 Joanna
- Aug. 21 WILSON C. UHLICH -and- MINNIE A. COLLIN, of Weller Twp.  Married by Rev. H.A. Sumrell. MH-34
Aug. 28 - EBENEZER C. ORTON -and- EMILY A. MARVIN  <marriage license> MH-34
Aug. 28 - WILLIAM H. GIFFORD -and- CLARA BAILEY  <marriage license> MH-34
Aug. 28 - FREDERICK HAFFNER -and- SOPHIA WEBER  <marriage license> MH-34
Aug. 28 - D. SYLVESTER KIRKENDALL -and- FLORENCE M. NIXON  <marriage license> MH-34
Sept. 04 - SIMON BROWN -and- RHODA BELL GREEN   <marriage license> MH-35
Sept. 04 - EMANUEL M. EBY -and- SOPHIA A. RYLAND  <marriage license> MH-35
Sept. 04 - CHARLES A. DAVIS -and- MINNIE G. HARPER  <marriage license> MH-35
Sept. 04 - WILLIAM F. PEALER -and- ELVA C. DARLING  <marriage license> MH-35
Sept. 04 - IRA BOUGHER -and- EMMA DORA DECK  <marriage license> MH-35
Sept. 04 - BERTSON W. LOGAN -and- ANN F. DUERR  <marriage license> MH-35
Sept. 04 - MICHAEL RILEY -and- IDA SUNDAY  <marriage license> MH-35
Sept. 04 - PHILLIP LAVER -and- EMMA WILSON  <marriage license> MH-35
Sept. 04 - WILBUR VAN HOUTON -and- ANNIE M. MORTON  <marriage license> MH-35
- Sept. 16 WILLIAM R. ATCHISON -and- OCTAVIE E. JOHNSTON.  Married by Rev. D.J. Meese MH-37
- Sept. 17 CHARLES A. HOFFMAN, of Cleveland -and- MARY A. NUNMAKER d/o John U. Nunmaker.  Married by Rev. D.W. Smith at the residence of the bride's parents.  Later in the evening during the wedding feast, in order to frighten off a lot of boys belling, the bride's father fired his revolver a number of times.  Simon Dolph accordingly made an affidavit against him for shooting within the city limits.  The trial will take place Sept. 18th. MH-37
Sept. 18 - DANIEL SECRIST -and- RACHAEL ELLEN RAY.   <marriage license> MH-37
Sept. 18 - HENRY MOSER -and- ANNA ZELLNER  <marriage license> MH-37
Sept. 18 - JOSEPH H. REPPOLD -and- HENRIETTA E. ROBINSON  <marriage license> MH-37
Sept. 18 - JAMES OWENS -and- JOSEPHINE BUZZARD  <marriage license> MH-37
Sept. 18 - JOHN W. COE -and- MARY A. FARST  <marriage license> MH-37
Sept. 18 - GEORGE M. HOUGH -and- ANNA B. MONTEITH  <marriage license> MH-37
Sept. 25 - J. HUDSON GLASGOW -and- EUNICE E. EWING  <marriage license> MH-38
Oct. 02 Sept. 30 HARRY RICKTER -and- KATIE BRICKTER, both of Mansfield.  Married by Squire Endly. MH-39
Oct. 02 - CALVIN BALLIETT -and- IRENE B. DARLING  <marriage license> MH-39
Oct. 02 - WILLIE A. BLANCHARD -and- MARY J. MATHIAS  <marriage license> MH-39
Oct. 02 - ED. McWILLIAMS -and- MARY CLARK  <marriage license> MH-39
Oct. 02 - THOMAS M. BANKS -and- BLANCHE E. SMITH  <marriage license> MH-39
Oct. 02 - GEO. W. COLE -and- ANNA D. FRY  <marriage license> MH-39
Oct. 02 - JOHN B. WINFIELD -and- ELL ALGURE  <marriage license> MH-39
Oct. 02 Oct. 01 FRANK L. COOK -and- ALICE BUDD  MH-39
- Oct. 07 JOHN L. FIKE -and- MAGGIE MILLS.  Married by Rev. H.A. Sumrell. MH-40
Oct. 09 - FRANK W. FRENCH -and- BERTIE CLINESMITH   <marriage license> MH-40
Oct. 09 - JAMES M. HAMBLIN -and- CORDA S. CHERRY  <marriage license> MH-40
Oct. 09 - J. FRANCIS PEIFER -and- MARY MONTGOMERY  <marriage license> MH-40
- Oct. 09 ED. L. HORN, of Mansfield -and- RODA MALLAYOU of Shelby  MH-41
- Oct. 15 JOSEPH BISHOP, age 75 -and- SARAH A. BRANT.  Married by Squire Endly. MH-41
- Oct. 15 A. LINCOLN WILCOX s/o Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcox -and- MAMIE ELMA COOPER.  Married by Rev. G.M. Kemp. MH-41
Oct. 23 Oct. 15 AVERY HUFF -and- Mrs. ELIZABETH WILCOX, mother of A. Lincoln Wilcox.  Married by Rev. G.M. Kemp, at the store of Kemp & Burson. MH-41
- Oct. 20 ANDREW GROHAL -and- DORA KANUYH.  Married by Rev. Magenhann. MH-42
- Oct. 21 M.J. WEBER, of Lorain -and- ANNA MANNING, of Mansfield.  Married at the Catholic church. MH-42
Oct. 23 - WILLIAM C. CLIFFORD -and- MINNIE SHRADER   <marriage license> MH-42
Oct. 23 - GEORGE McMULLEN -and- ANNA HOOVER  <marriage license> MH-42
Oct. 23 - FRANK HOSLER -and- ELLA PORCH  <marriage license> MH-42
Oct. 23 - THOMAS M. EVERETT -and- MINNIE REIDEL  <marriage license> MH-42
Oct. 23 - GEORGE ROADER -and- DOT ELLIOTT  <marriage license> MH-42
Oct. 23 - WILLIAM E. BAYES -and- IDA MAY GREER  <marriage license> MH-42
Oct. 23 - ALBERT ETZ -and- ORA SMITH  <marriage license> MH-42
- Oct. 29 KIRKWOOD C. MURPHY -and- JENNIE K. LEWIS.  Married by Dr. H.L. Wiles. MH-43
Oct. 30 - HARRY BAKER -and- RINNIE ARMSTRONG   <marriage license> MH-43
Oct. 30 - JAMES CUMMINS -and- JENNIE BURNS  <marriage license> MH-43
Nov. 06 Oct. ?? WILLIAM S. ROUSH -and- ALICE BARE, of Ganges.  Married by Rev. E.K. Baker. MH-43 & MH-44
Nov. 06 - JOSEPH BISHOP -and- SARAH A. BRANT  <marriage license> MH-44
Nov. 06 - ED. L. HORN -and- RHODA MATTAYOU  <marriage license> MH-44
Nov. 06 - EDWARD LACE -and- AGNES A. COX  <marriage license> MH-44
Nov. 06 - ANDREW GRAHOL -and- DORA KANUYH  <marriage license> MH-44
Nov. 06 - MATT. J. WEBER -and- ANNA MANNING  <marriage license> MH-44
Nov. 06 - HARRY H. MURRAY -and- ELLA PARAMORE  <marriage license> MH-44
Nov. 06 - JOHN W. LOWEY -and- AGNES E. ADAMS  <marriage license> MH-44
- Nov. 06 ELMER E. WIGTON -and- HATTIE WALKER.  Married by Dr. H.L. Wiles MH-45
- Nov. 12 DAVID C. ANDERSON of Missouri -and- RETTA WIGGINS of Shelby.  Married at the home of the bride's parents. MH-44
Nov. 20 Nov. 12 WILLIAM H. CARTER -and- MAY SCOTT d/o T.E. Scott.  Married at the home of the bride, four miles west of the city, Rev. H.L. Wiles officiating.   MH-44 & MH-46
Nov. 13 - LEMUEL S. BELSTLINE -and- EMMA MALONE  <marriage license> MH-45
Nov. 13 - WILLIAM B. ELSTON -and- MARY SCHULER  <marriage license> MH-45
Nov. 13 - E. CLARK SMITH -and- ANNA Z. BERRY  <marriage license> MH-45
Nov. 13 Nov. 12 DAVID ANDERSON -and- MARIETTA WIGGINS  Attended by Lewis Brucker and wife;  A.J. Mack and wife;  H.B. Boyle and wife;  F.A. Johnson; and Miss Bert Wallace.  Married at Shelby. MH-45
Nov. 13 - WILLIAM K. KELLER -and- DELLA M. McLAUGHLIN  <marriage license> MH-45
- Nov. 19 FREDERICK BEER -and- LOU McCRORY.  Married at the Lutheran parsonage by Dr. H.L. Wiles MH-46
Nov. 20 - RUFUS MARKLEY -and- BERTIE TOOKER  <marriage license> MH-46
Nov. 20 - CYRUS F. SHOUP -and- MAUD E. BEVERIDGE  <marriage license> MH-46
Nov. 20 - WILLIAM F. GALLAGHER -and- RELLA M. SWITZER  <marriage license> MH-46
Nov. 20 - HARRY A. SPRAGUE -and- MABLE MILLER  <marriage license> MH-46
Nov. 20 Nov. 13 ALBERT C. COPELAND -and- NETTIE E. POWELL Married by Dr. H.L. Wiles MH-46
Nov. 20 - HENRY ZACKMAN -and- MAUD M. KERR  <marriage license> MH-46
- Nov. 26 CHESTER M. MILLER -and- LOUISE SCHULZE.  Married by Rev. Benjamin Tulloss of Mt. Vernon. MH-47
- Nov. 26 C.L. STEVENS of Cincinnati -and- EMMA J. WHITE d/o C.W. White of Mansfield.  Married by Rev. D.J. Meese.  The groom was formerly a clerk at J.H. Black's store and is now in the cigar business in Cincinnati.  The couple will make their home in Cincinnati. MH-47
- Nov. 26 W.T. SMITH of Galion -and- MADDIE STEVENSON of Mansfield.  Married by Rev. R.T. Stevenson. MH-47
- - - -
Nov. 27 - WILLIAM C. GUNNELL -and- MINNIE REED  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - CHARLES F. McGINLEY -and- BERTIE E. SPAYDE  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - THOMAS E. FERGUSON -and- MAUD L. DILLON  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - FRANK D. GUTHRIE -and- LOTTIE STEEL  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - WILLIAM G. BYRNS -and- EMMA J. LONGSDORF  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - FRANK A. JOHNSTON -and- ROBERTA WALLACE  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - JACOB W. REEFER -and- CORA B. ABY  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - GEORGE W. ROGERS -and- ANNA L. OTT  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - JAMES G. BONAR -and- ANNA FOULKS  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - WILLIAM T. SMITH -and- MATTIE McNEELY  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 Nov. 27 WILLIS L. JACOBY -and- MINNIE T. SHAFER d/o Charles Shafer.  Married at the residence of the bride's parents in Troy Twp. MH-47
Nov. 27 - TAYLOR E. BLACK -and- ANNA K. WELLER  <marriage license> MH-47
Nov. 27 - FREDERICK BEER -and- LOU McCRORY  <marriage license> MH-47
- Dec. 01 JOHN SWEIVAL -and- ROSA BRICKNER.  Married by Squire Jonas Smith MH-48
Dec. 04 - WILLIAM HEFFNER -and- LULA WHITE   <marriage license> MH-48
Dec. 04 - CHESTER M. MILLER -and- LOUISE SCHULZE   <marriage license> MH-48
Dec. 04 - WILLIAM ELSON -and- LYDIA J. JESSON   <marriage license> MH-48
Dec. 04 - CHARLES L. STEPHEN -and- EMMA J. WHITE   <marriage license> MH-48
Dec. 04 - HERMAN A. ROOP -and- MARY FEIDNER   <marriage license> MH-48
Dec. 04 - CLEMENT C. ROBINSON -and- CLARA A. GIFFIN   <marriage license> MH-48
Dec. 04 - WILL McDONALD -and- MARY E. CONLEY   <marriage license> MH-48
Dec. 04 - JOHN E. JOHNS -and- GRACE M. OYLER   <marriage license> MH-48
- Dec. 04 WILBUR HURSH, of Lima -and- MARY FOX of Mansfield.  Married by Dr. D.W. Smith. MH-49
- Dec. 10 WILLIAM BLIND -and- VENTN WOLFORD.  Married by Rev. F. Beusser. MH-49
Dec. 11 - WILBUR HURSH -and- MARY FOR<marriage license> MH-49
Dec. 11 - BUSHROD T. GARRISON -and- FLORENCE BIRD<marriage license> MH-49
Dec. 11 - CHARLES POLLOCK -and- LIZZIE BELL STRAUSBAUGH<marriage license> MH-49
Dec. 11 - JOHN SWEIVAL -and- ROSA BRICKNER<marriage license> MH-49
Dec. 11 - WILLIAM KIRKENDALL -and- AGNES SHEELY <marriage license> MH-49
Dec. 11 - GEORGE G. DICKSON -and- JENNIE L. NORRIS  <marriage license> MH-49
- Dec. 17 THEODORE CROUSE -and- LOUISA WOLF.  Married by Dr. H.L. Wiles. MH-50
Dec. 18 - FRED J. MOORE -and- NELLIE M. MOCK  <marriage license>  A small article appears in the paper dated 18 December 1890 regarding this marriage.  "A few days ago, Fred J. Moore, of Independence, applied for a license to marry Nellie M. Mock, of Bellville.  Frank Crowner, of Independence, made oath that both were of age.  On Crowner's affidavit the license was issued and the couple were married a day or two ago.  Moore is telegraph operator at Independence and resided with his mother who was bitterly opposed to the marriage.  She instigated an investigation which brought to light Crowner's oath.  The fact that Moore was only 19 years of age last September, while Miss Mock is about 20.  Moore's mother is disposed to give Crowner some trouble and if pushed he will be in a bad situation.  Crowner is a liveryman at Independence." MH-50
Dec. 18 - JUDSON C. LIVERMORE -and- ZORA BELL REED  <marriage license> MH-50
Dec. 18 - ARTHUR HERSHNER -and- MARY COLE  <marriage license> MH-50
Dec. 25 Dec. 24 AMOS M. HETLER -and- EMMA E. KOCHENDERFER  Married by Dr. H.L. Wiles MH-51
Dec. 25 Dec. 24 WILLIAM H. ROGERS -and- MAGGIE M. MOORE  Married by Squire Endly. MH-51
Dec. 25 - FRANK A. KISSANE -and- AGNES R. SNYDER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - VERNON BUTLER -and- MARIE SHEHEY  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - WILLIS L. MORTHLAND -and- FLORA B. KOHLER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - JOHN W. PYLE -and- ALLIE WENTZ  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - GEORGE L. STEVENS -and- BERTIE VERMILLION  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - CHARLES J. SALTSGABER -and- NORA E. RICHEY  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - ORIS MITCHELL -and- LINNIE M. LASH  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - WINFIELD DARLING -and- IDA F. YOUNG  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - ARTHUR W. TURNER -and- MARY R. MOLDER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - TELL CRISTES -and- ELLA LASER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - JACOB KICK -and- ELLA KRAMER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - WILLIAM BLIND -and- ANN WOLFORD  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - JOSEPH MARKHAM -and- DELLA LOWERY  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - WILLIAM F. BAER -and- ELLA N. KOCHHEISER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - THEODORE CROUSE -and- LOUISE WOLF  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - HIRAM FILLEY -and- LILLIE BOYCE  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - CHARLES C. GREENEWALD -and- MINNIE D. MERCER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - WILLIAM H. CAIRNS -and- DELLA A. MOORE  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - JOHN I. ARMSTRONG -and- IDA L. BAER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - FRANK C. CLINE -and- TENIA E. ARMSTRONG  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - WILL M. JONES -and- CALDOVERLEEN BEER  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - ROBERT BROOKER -and- ANNIE PARKHURST  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 Dec. 20 WILLIAM J. BEER -and- MARY HESS BURKHOLDER   Married by Justice Endly.  The marriage took place two hours after Mary's divorce from Daniel Burkholder became final. MH-51
Dec. 25 - DANIEL BEMILLER -and- LOUISA REMY  <marriage license> MH-51
Dec. 25 - OTTO N. CLEMENS -and- MARGARET KELLER  <marriage license> MH-51
- Dec. 31 SAMUEL L. FISHER, of Shippensburg, PA -and- ALDA L. WEATHERBY.  Married at St. Luke's church. MH-51


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