Lexington Area Sesquicentennial Historical Program, 1814-1964

Richland Co., Ohio


Historical Information

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Lexington Area Sesquicentennial

Historical Program 1814-1964


Page Links   Surnames Mentioned
page 1   Watson, Gass
page 2   Watson, Williams, Culver, Young, Mitchel, Spratt, McClure, Cook, Mann, McMichall, Lee, Van Dorn, Perkins, Miller,
page 3   Cook, Joslin
page 4   Watson, Mercer, Williams, Couger, Griebling, Mitchel, Cook, Parker, Cockley
page 5   Original Plat;  Watson
page 6   VanEman, Cook, Bell, Watson, Corwin, Maxwell, Lutz,
page 7   Lutz
page 8   Gailey
page 9   -
page 10   Cline
page 11   Cockley
page 12   Lee
page 13   Lewis, Gass, Cracraft, Narance, Enck
page 14   Ogg, Smith, Gore, Cline
page 15   Lutz
page 16   Smith
page 17   Ramsey, James, Graham, Numbers, Loveland, Cockley, Lindsey
page 18   Smith, Watson
page 19   Kiner, Smith, Applegate, George, Tinkley, Wiles, Culp, Murphy, Dickson, Kiner, Temple, Bowman, Daup
page 20   -
page 21   -
page 22   -
page 23   Beverstock, Sowers
page 24   Maxwell, Shauck, Gailey, Boggs, Wilson, Hamilton
page 25   Cockley, Maxwell, Shauck, McCready, Sowers, McQuinn, Patterson, White, Baughman, Donnahill, Dudley, Rhodes, Whiteford, Stow,Moore, Snider, Spencer, White, Harvey, Johnson, Adams, Beverstock, Dalamanter, Calwell, Hazelton, Inglehart, Colman, Carter, Lavrin, Brown, Anderson, Mann, Miles, Fleming, Guyselman, Ebinsther, Pennell, Cook, Cregg, Pike, Carey
page 26   Cockley, Lutz, Minear, Fry, Smith
page 27   Gailey
page 28   Miller
page 29   Beverstock

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