Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #3 - Pleasant Hill

Teacher's Term Report -- 4/8/1878 - 6/28/1878

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
---- Curtis 7070a
---- James 7070a
---- Mary 7070a
Beal Perry 7070a
Black Mary J. 7070a
Bollinger ---- 7070a
Bollinger Frederick 7070a
Fike Simon 7070a
Huntsman Mollie 7070a
Lafferty Rosa 7070a
Long ---- 7070a
McGarvey Ada 7070b
McGarvey Josie 7070b
McKinney Annie 7070b
McKinney Frank 7070a
McKinney William 7070a
Pheil ---- 7070a
Pheil ---- 7070b
Pheil Alice 7070b
Pheil L---- 7070b
Vaughn R.J. 7070d
Warner Frank 7070a
Williams Alzina 7070b
Williams Della 7070b

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, April 24, 2008


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7070a 7070b 7070c 7070d

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