Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #3 - Pleasant Hill

Enumeration of Youth, 25 May 1898

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Beal Archie 7069c
Beal Harley 7069c
Clever Bertha 7069a
Clever Nina 7069b
Fike Luella 7069b
Fike Stela 7069b
Fry Kattie 7069a
Fry Ray 7069a
Fry Roy 7069a
Hamilton Howard 7069b
Hiskey Hary 7069a
Hiskey James 7069a
Lafferty Maud 7069b
Long Forest 7069b
Long Walter 7069b
Newbert Willie 7069a
Niman Earnest 7069b
Oyster Harley 7069b
Oyster Lewis 7069b
Rhodes Charley 7069b
Rhodes Frank 7069b
Robinson K.H. 7069a
Shaffer Glen 7069b
Shaffer Mierth 7069b
Shaffer Stanton 7069b
Sites Ro 7069c
Soliday Arista 7069b
Soliday Nat. 7069a
Soliday Roy 7069b
Stelts Nellie 7069b
Watson Carrie 7069b
Watson Frank 7069b
Watson Lela 7069b
Watson Zola 7069b
Weaver Archie 7069b
Weaver Delia 7069b
Williams John 7069a
Williams Joseph 7069a
Williams Mattie 7069a
Williams Nellie 7069a
Williams Reatha 7069a
Wolford Alva 7069c
Wolford Artie 7069c
Wolford Fay 7069c
Wolford Goldie 7069c
Wolford Sylvia 7069c

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, April 24, 2008


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7069a 7069b 7069c

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