Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #3 - Pleasant Hill

Enumeration of Youth, 17 September 1885

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Bollinger Ada 7068c
Bollinger Chas. 7068d
Bollinger Clara 7068c
Bollinger Frank 7068e
Bollinger Fred 7068d
Bollinger John 7068d
Bollinger Mina 7068c
Bollinger Verna 7068c
Erick Dellia 7068c
Erick Lottie 7068c
Erick Lottie 7068e
Fike Simon 7068d
Fike Simon 7068e
Fry Manuel 7068d
Guise Forde 7068d
Hamilton Dora 7068d
Hamilton Dora 7068e
Hamilton Malon 7068e
Herron Burt 7068d
Herron Manuel 7068d
Hines Mary 7068c
Hines Mary 7068e
Lafferty C.A. 7068b
Lafferty J.L. 7068b
Lafferty Mary 7068c
Lafferty Rosa 7068c
Lafferty Rosa 7068e
Lafferty Samuel 7068d
Loback Allie 7068e
Loback Celia 7068d
Loback Isie 7068d
Long Bertha 7068c
Long Nora 7068c
Long Orion 7068d
McGarvey Josie 7068c
McGarvey Rosa 7068c
McGarvey Rosa 7068e
McKinney William 7068d
McKinney Wm. 7068e
Niman Cora 7068c
Niman Ernest 7068e
Soliday Ethel 7068c
Stealts Nellie 7068c
Stealts Nora 7068c
Warner David 7068e
Warner David 7068e
Warner Frank 7068d
Warner Jacob 7068d
Warner James 7068d
Warner James 7068e
Warner Mary 7068d
Warner Mary 7068e
Warner Sarah 7068c
White Renie 7068c
Williams Annie 7068d
Williams Annie 7068e
Williams Ellie 7068c
Williams Elzenia 7068d
Williams Louzenia 7068e

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, April 24, 2008


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