Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #1 - Forest Hall

Enumeration of Youth, 24 May 1905

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Notes Document
Armstrong George s/o John 5376c
Armstrong Harry s/o John 5376c
Blare Harry s/o George Blare 5376d
Carter Vernon s/o Clide 5376c
Coleman Joe Clerk, Board of Education 5376a
Ferree Harold s/o Charles 5376c
Ferree Jay s/o Charles 5376c
Fisel Glen s/o Cate Heister McDonnal 5376d
Fleming ---- d/o David 5376c
Fleming David Enumerator 5376a
Fry Catherine d/o Will Mowry 5376c
Heister ---- d/o Cate Heister McDonnal 5376d
Hoover Cleva d/o Hulbert 5376c
Hoover Joice d/o John 5376c
Hoover Lee s/o Hulbert 5376c
Hoover Lottie d/o John 5376c
Hoover Ruth d/o John 5376c
Long Helen - 5376c
Long Otto - 5376c
Mowry Earl s/o Will 5376c
Mowry Ralph s/o Will 5376c
Norris Floyd s/o Charly 5376c
Norris Ray s/o Charly 5376c
Ports Hazel d/o John 5376c
Riggle Chmer s/o Dan 5376c
Riggle Mary d/o Dan 5376c
Robinson B. s/o T.O. 5376b
Robinson C.W. s/o T.O. 5376b
Robinson Earnest s/o T.O. 5376b
Robinson Flossie d/o T.O. 5376b
Ruhl Francis s/o Jane 5376b
Ruhl James s/o Jane 5376b
Ruhl May d/o Jane 5376b
Ruhl Pearl d/o Jane 5376b
Secrist Bert - 5376c
Secrist Frank - 5376c
Taylor -len s/o Mary 5376b
Taylor -ollie d/o Mary 5376b
Taylor -on s/o Mary 5376c
Taylor Ralph s/o Mary 5376b

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5376a 5376b 5376c 5376d

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