Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #2 - Steel School

Enumeration of Youth, 31 May 1909

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Armstrong Clifford 7209c
Armstrong Ed 7209c
Baughman Ethel 7209c
Cate Burliss 7209c
Cate Homer 7209c
Coe Carl 7209c
Coe Lorla 7209c
Dill Albert 7209b
Dill Fred 7209b
Dill Helen 7209b
Dill John 7209b
Dill Margareth 7209b
Dill Mina 7209b
Dill Nettie 7209b
Dill Philip 7209a
Jordan Calvin 7209c
Jordan Ralph 7209c
Kiney Charly 7209c
Olin Ada 7209c
Olin Harold 7209c
Sell Fred 7209a
Shafer Blanche 7209c
Shafer Burt 7209c
Shafer Earl 7209c
Shafer Hazel 7209c
Teeter Mary 7209c
Walters Charles 7209b
Walters Harry 7209b
Walters Jake 7209b
Walters Lidda 7209c
Walters Loyd 7209b
Walters Nettie 7209b

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, April 16, 2008


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7209a 7209b 7209c

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008