Men Appointed to Attend to Burial of Indigent Soldiers and Sailors of Richland Co., 1896

Richland Co., Ohio



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Men Appointed to Attend to Burial of Indigent Soldiers and Sailors of Richland Co., 1896

RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  18 April 1896, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 49


Submitted by Amy


The county commissioners have appointed persons in each township in this county and each ward of the city to attend to the burial of indigent soldiers.  These appointments had not been made for some time and a number of vacancies had been created by reason of death, removal, etc.  Following are the appointments:


Township / Ward Person Appointed
- -
Bloominggrove Mitchell Starr, Hiram Terman, G.W. Ferrell
Butler Eli Leasure, Elmer D. Nelson, John Parcher
Cass J. Fenner, D. Backensto, George Newhouse
Franklin J.W. Ferree, John Dickson, Joseph Kline
Jefferson Irwin Fisher, S.M. Bixler, H.W. Howard
Jackson Samuel Clark, Andrew Laird, L.O. Pittinger
Monroe R.B. Berger, David Leiter, David Zody
Mifflin Freeman Osbun, H.L. Haverfield, N. Henry
Madison James Needs, S. Etzwiler, William Dillon
Mansfield - 1st. Ward S.C. Parker, John Stone, Charles Mountain
Mansfield - 2nd. Ward A.C. Cummins, G.M. Kemp, C.C. Brown
Mansfield - 3rd. Ward J.B. Niman, B.F. Keiser, S.L. Blosier
Mansfield - 4th. Ward David McKay, John VanAtta, A. Eyerley
Mansfield - 5th. Ward A. Bringman, C. Stevens, D. Stambaugh
Mansfield - 6th. Ward B.F. Platt, S. Bollman, C.W. Linn
Mansfield - 7th. Ward J.B. Holmes, D.C. McMillen, N. Cromer
Mansfield - 8th. Ward G.W. Zellner, J.H. Herring, George Pfifer
Mansfield - 9th. Ward R.C. McFarland, John Millington, M. Mowery
Mansfield - 10th. Ward George Fildes, J.H. Seymour, J.C. Burns
Perry Samuel Eckert, G.W. Parker, T.S. Black
Plymouth William Brown, J. Wyandt, D.M. Beelman
Springfield Miller Carter, S.B. Ralston, A. Wilson
Sandusky H.A. Jackson, E.M. Overly, Johnson Taylor
Sharon D.L. Cockley, F.A. Ott, Walter Dickerson
Troy B.F. Lantz, D.L. King, A.C. Stewart
Worthington B.F. Oberlin, W.S. McGinley, D. Spayde
Weller John Fickes, I.K. Bennet, J. Haverfield
Washington John Gerhart, R.M. Bently, Levi Ritter

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