The Shield Carriers, 3/1896

Richland Co., Ohio


Historical Information

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The Shield Carriers, 1896

RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  28 March 1896, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 46


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Route Description Carrier Assistant Carrier(s)
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Route 1 -- West of Main, from First to Lexington Ave. Daniel Livelsberger Jacob Old
Route 2 -- West of Main, from First to Third Charles Rhodes Ray Stone
Route 3 -- West of Main, from Third to Bloom Joseph Black Otto Mosier
Route 4 -- West of Main to Maude Ave., north of Spring Mill Clyde Reynolds


Route 4 -- West of Main, from Bloom to Spring Mill George Reimund Charles Reimund
Route 5 -- East of Main from Johns north William H. Hoppe Fred Wolf & John H. Dreschel
Route 6 -- East of Main from Fourth to Johns John M. Sawhill Fred Storck
Route 6 -- East of Main from Park Ave. E. to Fourth William Old


Route 7 -- East of Main from Park Ave. E. to Newville Rd. William Antrican Charles McBride
Route 8 -- From Newville Rd. to Lexington Ave. Herbert H. Leppo Frank E. Smith
Route 9 -- West of Spring Mill on McPherson, and in vicinity Charles Faulhaber


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