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Officers Elected to Secret & Benevolent Societies

Source:  THE MANSFIELD HERALD:  27 December 1883, Vol. 34, No. 6


Submitted by Amy


The various secret and benevolent societies in Mansfield and other towns in the county, have in a majority of cases, elected their officers for the coming year.  These are as follows:


Mansfield Lodge, No. 35, F. & A.M. (elections held Dec. 5, 1883)

Worshipful Master Huntington Brown
Senior Warden Thos. G. Bristor
Junior Warden John F. Stein
Treasurer Chas. Augustine
Secretary John L. Dehn
Senior Deacon Robert Coats
Junior Deacon Chas. F. Harding
Tyler W.S. Burns
Trustees J.E. Brown, G.W. Zellner, I.S. Donnell, L.A. Armentrout, Richmond Smith

Venus Lodge, No. 152, F. & A.M. (elections held Dec. 12, 1883)

Worshipful Master J.C. Anderson
Senior Warden J.A. Hawkins
Junior Warden S.F. Coate
Treasurer Geo. W. Cole
Secretary James S. Crall
Senior Deacon B.F. Platt
Junior Deacon Chas. M. Miller
Tyler George Sheets
Stewards N. Pluck & J.W. Crim

Mansfield Chapter, No. 28, Royal Arch Masons (elections held Dec. 4, 1883)

Installation will be held the first Tuesday in January

High Priest H.M. Alvord
King Geo. W. Cole
Scribe C.R. Boyce
Captain of Host Dr. A.E. Keyes
Royal Arch Captain H.E. Clucas
Principal Sojourner John F. Stein
Treasurer S.B. Day
Secretary John L. Dehn
Master Third Veil J.E. Brown
Master Second Veil Robert Coats
Master First Veil Joe M. Bell
Guard W.S. Burns

Mansfield Council, No. 11, R. & S.M.

Illustrious Master C.R. Boyce
Deputy Illustrious Master George W. Cole
Principal Conductor of Work J.S. Artz
Captain of the Guard Robert Coates
Treasurer John Marshall
Recorder John G. Spencer
Conductor of Council William Dow
Stewart Hiram Antibus
Sentinel William S. Burns

Mansfield Lodge, No. 28, I.O.O.F. (elections held Nov. 30, 1883)

Noble Grand Tom W. Ford
Vice Grand A.J. Twitchell
Permanent Secretary E. Wilkinson
Treasurer J.H. Todd
Trustees E. Hade, W.H. Pritchard and James D. Bell

Richland Lodge, No. 161, I.O.O.F.

Noble Grand Peter Reusser
V.G. Jacob Beilstine
Recording Secretary Michael Grabler
Permanent Secretary George J. Heppes
Treasurer William Knie
Trustees Martin Troll, H. Berndt, John Miller

Mohican Encampment, No. 13, I.O.O.F. (elections held Dec. 17, 1883)

Chief Patriarch T.W. Ford
High Priest S.F. Ottinger
Senior Warden J.H. Todd
Junior Warden C.E. McBride
Scribe E.T. Porch
Treasurer P.J. Faust
Trustees W.F. Tyler, Lowrey Sibbett and William Foss

McLaughlin Post, G.A.R. (elections held Nov. 4, 1883)

Post Commander George Knofflock
Senior Vice Com. Jas. H. Herring
Junior Vice Com. Adam Bringman
Chaplain Robert McFarland
Quartermaster B.J. Aurand
Officer of the Guard S.L. Blosier
Officer of the Day George Rickets

Representatives to the Department Encampment to be held at Zanesville, January 30th. -- Capt. T.T. Dill, A.H. Condict and A.C. Cummins.  Alternates -- John A. McMillen, Michael Keiser and George Knofflock.


Sharon Lodge, No. 159, I.O.O.F. (elections held Nov. 29, 1883)

N.G. C.H. Bistline
V.G. J.R. McNight
Recording Secretary H.H. Shrienr
Permanent Secretary P.R. Bricker
Treasurer Samuel Sutter
Trustees F.S. Sowers, Wm. Fogleson and W.W. Skiles

Speigle Post, No. 208, G.A.R. (elections held Dec. 4, 1883)

Commander F.J. Prame
S.V.C. Peter Diehl
Q.M. F.R. Gribbins
Surgeon J.C. Fenner
Chaplain Thomas Pettit
O.D. N. Guthrie
O.G. J.A. White
Representative to Grand Encampment A.J. Swanger;  F.J. Prame (alternate)


Bellville Lodge, F. & A.M.

W.M. J.B. Lewis
S.W. Philip Traxler
J.W. B.F. Hines
Secretary S. Wagoner
Treasurer I. Fisher
S.D. W.A. Elston
J.D. J.M. Alexander
Tyler B.F. Greely

Miller Moody Post, No. 314, G.A.R.

Installation of officers will occur on January 7th.

P.C. Levi Sell
S.V.C. Levi Evarts
J.V.C. S.B. Donel
Q.M. Daniel Walker
O. of D. M.W. Claudy
O. of G. H. Johns
Chaplain H.C. McClure
I. Wm. McClay
S. Levi F. Conley
Delegate to Encampment James Swonger;  S.B. Donel (alternate)
Adjutant W.H. Garfield

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