Officers Elected to Mystic Orders

Richland Co., Ohio


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Officers Elected to Mystic Orders

Source:  THE MANSFIELD HERALD:  03 January 1884, Vol. 34, No. 7


Submitted by Amy


The various mystic orders in the county, have in a majority of cases, elected their officers for the coming year.  These are as follows:

Royal Arcanum (elections held Dec. 24, 1883)

Regent Dr. A.E. Keyes
Vice Regent F.A. Gilbert
Past-Regent J.H. Rice
Orator E.C. Baxter
Chaplain John Simpson
Secretary J.M. Jolley
Collector W.H. Rigby
Treasurer V.M. Dickson
Guide D.M. Stambaugh
Warden T.H. Campbell
Sentinel J.C. Keckler
Trustees I.B. Hoffer, Jacob Snader, PinkneyLewis
Representatives to Grand Lodge D.M. Stambaugh, John F. Woods (alternate)

Mansfield Uniform Degree Camp, No. 5, I.O.O.F. (elections held Dec. 24, 1883)

Commander James D. Bell
Vice-Commander Thos. W. Ford
Officer of the Guard James Merrill
Secretary E. Wilkinson
Treasurer J.H. Todd

Madison Lodge, No. 26, Knights of Pythias

P.C. S.F. Ottinger
C.C. C.W. Fritz
V.C. C.E. McBride
Prelate A.H. Berno
M. and A. B.F. Hornafius
K. of R. and S. Geo. Knofflock
M. of E. B. Sens
Trustees John Krause, John J. Merrill, W.F. Voegele

Pearl Lodge, No. 33, Knights of Honor (elections held Dec. 28, 1883)

Dictator Adam Bringman
Vice-Dictator Wm. Chapman
Asst. Dictator Wm. Herring
Past Dictator J.R. Bristor
Reporter E.R. Endly
Financial Reporter John L. Dehn
Treasurer Caleb Sipes
Chaplain B.F. Williams
Guide Henry Gladfelder
Guardian Abram Oster
Sentinel John Massa
Trustees Geo. W. Cole, T.T. Dill and J.R. Richardson
Medical Examiner Dr. A.E. Keyes
Representative to Grand Lodge T.T. Dill;  Geo. A. Clugston (alternate)

Mansfield Council, No. 52, American Legion of Honor (elections held Dec. 18, 1883)

Commander John Vanatta
Vice-Commander H.E. Chamberlin
Orator Samuel L. Ritchie
Secretary Mrs. A.J. Eggert
Treasurer J.E. Hoffer
Chaplain C.S. Doolitell
Collector A.C. Patterson
Guide John B. Niman
Warden Mrs. J.E. Hoffer
Sentinel John F. Woods
Trustees C.S. Doolitell, I.B. Hoffer and John F. Woods
Representatives to Grand Lodge A.J. Eggert

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