German Gala Day, 1895

Richland Co., Ohio


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German Gala Day

Source:  RICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER: 24 August 1895, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 15


Submitted by Amy


The preparations for the German picnic to be held at Platt's Grove, near Newman's Addition, September 2, are being pushed right along and it will doubtless be the greatest event ever undertaken by the Germans of Mansfield.  All who love the Fatherland will join in the festivities which are intended as a celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of reunited Germany.

There will be a big industrial parade in the morning to represent the industries of the German people of Mansfield and all are invited to participate in the display, which will not be limited to Germans only.  The city police force, fire department and officials will be invited and the public is welcome.

Edward Homberger will be president of the day and J.W. Weil will be grand marshal with authority to select his aides.  The following committees have been selected:

Finance  L.S. Kuebler, chairman;  W.F. Voegele, Tobias Stahlheber, Charles F. Ackerman, Peter Ott, E.M. Mink, Edward Remy
Invitation Alois Kessler, chairman;  Adam Mitz, Joseph Zoller
Advertising Louis Wolf, chairman;  Gusatve Flohr, Fred Kern
Music Adam Bickel, chairman;  A. Schad, William Fuchs, Louis Freundlich, John Miller
Reception Joseph Zoller, chairman;  John Schantz, Conrad Kallmerten, Peter Biddinger, Peter Ott, George Ost, August Krebs, Conrad Sulzer, Jr., George Schuler
Decoration John Weaver, chairman;  Philip Wappner, Philip Krause, Henry Schaefer, Louis Wirtz, William Fuchs, Ludwig Wolf, Charles Ritter, Peter Ackerman, I. Shonfield
Dancing Edward Massa, chairman;  Adam Bickel, Louis Anderegg, Henry Goetz, Julius Knoth, William Heineking, Charles Schroer, Jr., Fritz Stecker, Carl Burggraf
Parade Peter Bissman, chairman;  Jacob Weil, Conrad Flockerzi, Andrew Kass, Henry Wappner, J.P. Herring, George Faulhaber, Peter Schmitt, Peter Schubkegel, Henry Weber, Martin Frank, John Hebler, C. Kaser, Charles Schroer, Sr., Paul Lex, Louis Weil, Charles W. Fritz, Albert F. Remy, Frank M. Remy, L. Hautzenroeder, A. Schad, William Stoodt, Fritz Wolff, Charles Huess, Jacob Wentz
Picnic Philip Wolf, chairman;  Peter Schnug, Adam Haag, Fritz Huck, Gus Flohr, Louis Wolf, George Stahlhaber, H. Hoppe, Angus Wehrmeyer, Henry Ewalt, John Falhaber, Henry Loesch, Henry Bruner, Fritz Stecker, Tobias Stahlheber, Andrew Kass, Henry Griesinger, Louis Wirtz, Jacob Klein, George Wagner, Adam Mitz

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