Guardianships, 1903

Richland Co., Ohio

Probate Records

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Guardianships, 1903

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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01 Jan. Verna Burkholder, of Newville, appointed guardian of Isa B. Hay, a minor.  Bond $1,450.
08 Jan. Clara E. Heckert, of Shelby, appointed guardian of E. Helene Heckert, a minor.  Bond $200.
15 Jan. Mary Schmidt appointed guardian of Farona E. Miller, a minor.  Bond $150.
22 Jan. Ida Keltner appointed guardian of Malcom Hardy, a minor.  Bond $50.  
12 Feb. Robert E. Boals, of Kenton, O., appointed guardian of Arthur, Samuel and Rosa M. Boals, minors.  Bond $1,500.
05 Mar. Jerry Fisher appointed guardian of Rosella Fisher, a minor.  Bond $200.
16 July Martha Cline, of Shelby, appointed guardian of Frank M. Cline, an alleged imbecile and minor.  Bond $100.
28 Aug. Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Bixler, of Bellville, have adopted Cloyd Leonard, aged 6 years.  the lad's name will be Cloyd Leonard Bixler.  
09 Oct. Catherine E. Young appointed guardian of Loyd A.A. Whitmer, a minor.  Bond $720.
16 Oct. Albert G. Bard, appointed guardian of Frank E. Bard, minor.  Bond $400.
06 Nov. W.F. Cotsie appointed guardian of Henry P. Sheriff, an imbecile.  Bond $250.
" Application for the appointment of a guardian for Daniel Henry and Eva Henry, alleged imbeciles.
27 Nov. Emma B. Nail, appointed guardian of Samuel Nail, an imbecile.  Bond $1,200.
11 Dec. Riley Donnan, of Lexington, appointed guardian of Flossie Marie and Thomas Hunt, minors.

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