Misc. Divorce Records, 1885

Richland Co., Ohio


Misc. Divorce Records, 1885


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A petition has been filed in the Common Pleas Court by William W. GEER for a divorce from his wife, Lydia GEER, on a charge of wilful neglect of marital duties.  He was married in August, 1874;  in December of the same year his wife abandoned him and since that time has refused to live with him.  [MANSFIELD DAILY NEWS, 08 April 1885]

Annie E. STEWART wants to be divorced from her husband -- James A. STEWART.  They were married in 1871, and have one offspring.  Mrs. Stewart's petition says that for the last three years James has refused to cohabit with her;  that he has repeatedly used extreme cruelty toward her, and that he has frequently threatened her with personal violence;  that she feared her life was in danger and that he neglected her and did not furnish her with the common necessities of life.  She asks that an injunction be granted during the pending of the case;  that he may not be able to encumber his estate and that a divorce be granted giving her custody of the one child.  [MANSFIELD DAILY NEWS, 08 April 1885]

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