Divorce Notes, 1882 from the Bellville Star

Richland Co., Ohio

Divorce Records

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Divorce Notices, 1882

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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Date shown is the publication date of the newspaper

** This is NOT a complete record of ALL divorce cases brought before the court - but, ones that were mentioned in the newspaper.

Parties Involved Pub. Date Notes
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Denzer 23 Nov. Eliza Ann Denzer, of Richland County, has been absent from her Philip more than three years, and Philip asks for separation papers.
Fox 09 Feb. The divorce case of Susan Fox vs. John Fox was continued until next term on the affidavit of the Plaintiff alleging absence of an important witness.
Hart 30 Nov. Charles Auten paid Miss Anna Hartman $300, and they called the marriage off.  Miss Anna's condition suggested a settlement of some sort, and as a money settlement she named $1000.  
Hettinger 27 July Elizabeth R. Hettinger has filed her petition for divorce from Asa E. Hettinger, alleging that for more than three years he failed to provide the plaintiff and two children with the necessaries of life.  She also asks for alimony and custody of the children.
Kaull 16 Nov. Effie Kaull, wife of Jonas A. Kaull, who a few years ago preached on the Bellville Circuit of the M.E. Church, has applied for a divorce from Jonas on the grounds of adultery.  Her petition alleges that said Jonas did, on or about the 15th. day of August, 1879, at Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio, commit adultery with one Anna Wheeler.  That from that time until the last day of March, 1880, at the said city of Mansfield, he committed adultery from day to day with said Anna Wheeler.  That from that time until a short time ago he lived in adultery with said Anna Wheeler at Cincinnati, Cummysville, Loveland and Carthage, all in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Anna Wheeler was a resident of Newville and a parishioner of Jonas.
Lewis 09 Feb. Jacob B. Lewis, of this county, has filed his petition for divorce against Clara E. Lewis, on the grounds of willful absence.
Moore 02 Mar. Maggie Moore has applied for a divorce from her husband, Archibald Moore.
Richardson 07 Sept. Leonidas Richardson wants a divorce from Mary E. Richardson, alleging willful absence on the part of the defendant and a refusal to live with him.
Ritchie 26 Oct. Mary Ritchie has filed her petition for divorce from Samuel Ritchie, on the grounds of adultery and cruelty.
Roberts 21 Dec. Bellville.  Amanda (Dyer) Roberts has obtained a divorce.
Stewart 17 Aug. Maggie A. Stewart has applied for divorce from James O. Stewart, alleging willful absence.  She also asks to be restored to her maiden name, Maggie A. Walters.
Venturi 23 Feb. Theresa Venturi has filed her petition for divorce from Ragameri Venturi on the grounds of adultery.

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