Cupid's Capers Among the Pioneers of Richland County

Richland Co., Ohio


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Cupid's Capers

Among the Pioneers of Richland County


Source:  THE OHIO LIBERAL, 12 December 1883


CUPID’S CAPERS AMONG THE PIONEERS OF RICHLAND COUNTY –  Among the archives at the Court House is an old volume, the faded writing and musty appearance of which, give evidence that many years have passed since it was first called into use.  At the time of its manufacture, printing presses and book binderies were comparatively unknown, and this old book shows nothing of typographical art for on its pages appear no printed letters.  Its leaves are of thick, unruled paper, clumsily yet strongly bound.  This volume, though unattractive in appearance, has great historic value, and among all the records of the county, few if any, are more valuable or contain more interesting information.  

The first entry on its pages is as follows:  “I do hereby Certify that on the 26th. of October, 1813, I joined in Matrimony Andrew Coffinberry and Polly McClure, both of Richland County, Ohio.  Certified by me, October 27th., 1813.  James Scott, V.D.M."

The above is the first marriage solemnized in this county of which there in any record, and during the same year but one other marriage took place.  In those early days it seems that Justices of the Peace were more numerous than ministers of the gospel and the majority of the marriage ceremonies are certified by Justices.

Believing that a list of the residents of Richland county who embarked on the matrimonial ship long years ago, will prove interesting to our readers, and specially so to the older citizens of the county, we commence this week the publication of the early marriages in the county, beginning with the first on record, and shall continue the same so long as the record proves of interest.

I, scanning the list from 1813 to 1818 inclusive, which appears below, it will be noticed that in the days of our fathers, the good, old-fashioned names of John, James, Jacob, Samuel, William, Polly, Betsey, Rachel, Rebecca, Sarah, Mary, Catherine and the like, are greatly predominant, while there is a decided lack of aesthetic Claudes, FitzHughses, Beryls and Ethels.

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