Local Happenings of 1899

Richland Co., Ohio


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Local Happenings of 1899


Source:  THE MANSFIELD NEWS:  31 December 1899


Submitted by Jean and Faye



Chronological Review of Local Happenings During the
Past Twelve Months-Events that Made the Home History.
Among the Data Here Given May be Some that Will Freshen
the Reader's Recollection of Occurrences that Brought Both
Pleasure and Pain-Necrology of the Year -Some References
for Scrap Books and Diaries.
1-Death of Mrs. Margaret McKenna.  Robbery at Lea-Baldwin's furniture store.  Fire at Emil Friesch's residence.
2-Mayor Henry's banquet to police at Vonhof.  Elks' open house.  Liedertafel social and dance.  Funeral of Mrs. W. B. Kimball.  K. of P. dance.  Our club dance.  George W. Zellner appointed infirmary director.  Mystic club open house.
3-Elks social session.  Public installation of Red Men.  Annual meeting Three Links club.  Robbery of Johnston & Bortz's store.
4-Merry Waltzers' dance.  Funeral of Mrs. Margaret McKenna.  Annual meeting Congregational Ladies' Aid society.
6-Prof. Rolfe's lecture.  Installation of officers I. O. O. F., No. 19.  "Shanty Town" at memorial.
7-Death of David Bloom.
8-Burglary of Yingling's grocery.
9-"What Happened to Junes" at Memorial.  Annual meeting of A. T. Benefit association.  Death of Mrs. J. H. Livingston.  Annual meeting of Mystic club.  Strike of molders at Humphryes Works.
10-M. E. Brotherhood meeting.  Poultry show begins.  Annual meeting Farmers' national bank.  Annual meeting Merchants and Manufacturers' Ins. Co.
11-R. of P. dance.  Death of Mrs. Barbara Stoinbacher.  Annual meeting Mohican club.  Joint installation of G. A. R. and W. R. C.
12-Mrs. J. L. Lauck entertains.
13-"Going to the Races" at Memorial.  Our club dance.  Social at residence of Philip Walters.  Death of Mrs. Margaret Anderson.  Death of Mrs. John S. Lash.
14-Circuit court decisions.  Lower part of city flooded by heavy rains.
16-Collision of street cars in which Motorman Scott's leg is broken.  Opening of public night school.
17-Annual meeting of N. P. W. C. T. U.  Venus lodge social.  Death of Mrs. Moses Marlow.  Death of Edward Morgan Jones.
18-Merry Waltzers' dance.  Shoplifters at Boston store.  Attempt to burn residence of P. J. Faust.  Hospital association elects trustees. 
19-"Short Acres" at memorial.  Death of Miss Eliza Matthes.
20-Fire at Office saloon.  Death of Mrs. Ellen Cunningham.
21-"Natural Gas" at Memorial.  Circuit court decisions.
22-Death of Mrs. William Fox.
23-Young Men's dance at Masonic Temple.  Death of Kittie Kyle.  Death of Mrs. Katharine Winters.  Mohawk encampment dance.
24-Death of Mrs. Rosella Sloane.  Death of Frederick Holeywell.  R. A. Arcanum installation.
25-K. of P. dance.  Mrs. J. A. McArthur's reception.  Dr. Fairfield's lecture on "Egypt and Pyramids."
26-"A Texas Steer" at Memorial.  Death of Johnston Talor.  Death of Mrs. I. J. Bonar.  Burglary at Ford's grocery.
27-Company M dance.  Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Ludwig.  Death of Henry Marks.  Coulter Bros. suit for $50,000 damages against D. L. Cockley filed.
28-Circuit court decisions.  Eli R. Ervin sustains broken leg.  Death of George Kiner.  "Maloney's Wedding" at Memorial.
29-Funeral of Mr. L. J. Bonar.
31-"The Next Door" at Memorial.  Prof. Evan's dance.  Catholic Knights social.  Evangelist McDonald's lecture at Christian church.
1-Tax cases against the Aultman-Taylor company filed in common pleas court.  Huntington Brown's candidacy for mayor announced.  Marshal Patton arrests a slot machine agent.  Merry Waltzers' annual masquerade dance.
2-Elks went to Marion
3-"The Little Dunkardess" at Memorial.  Boston symphony orchestra at Y.M.C.A.  A.- T. company's employes' meeting against tax inquisition.
4-A.- T. employees march in a body to court house.  Death of George Spencer.  Mrs. C. W. Upson's reception.  Death of T. J. Cromer.  Mrs. R. L. Avery entertains Tracy & Avery employes.
5-Death of Mrs. Hattie Schettler.  Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Linn.  Death of James Cody.
6-Meeting of business men against tax inquisition.
7-Citizens' meeting at opera house against tax inquisition.
8-K. of P. masquerade dance.  "The Real Widow Brown" at the Memorial  Mr. and Mrs. John Hunt entertain friends.
9-"By the Sad Sea Waves" at Memorial.  Fire destroys main buildings of Baxter stove plant.  Funeral of Joseph F. Herring.
10-Mrs. Julius Meves falls and breaks her knee cap.  Fred Ackerman falls and breaks his wrist.
11-Four County Teachers' association meeting.  "Last of His Race" at Memorial.  Fire at Paul Lacy's house.  Annual banquet of W. C. T. at Elk hall.
12-Death of Harry Roop at Massillon hospital.
13-Collision of B. & O. and P. F. train at water works.  Basket ball games at Y.M.C.A.
14-Mystic club dance.  Death of Albert C. Voegele.  Fire at First ward school house.  Death of Mrs. Dennis O'Brien.  Valentine social at Congregational church.
15-Conrad Kallmerton, Jr., killed by the cars.  Death of J. . Finney.
16-"Two Johns" at Memorial.  John Sarneske killed by the cars.
17-Death of Mrs. Minnie Caston.  Prof. Hawkins' reception.  Cyclone club prize fight at opera house.
18-Death of Miss Louise A. Wolfe.  Death of Thomas Coble.  Arthur Wayne injured at Park avenue east crossing.
19-Death of William Harmon at Kansas City.
20-Y.M.C.A. gym entertainment.  "A Night at the Circus" at opera house.  Judge Joel Myers buried.
21-Gen. Alger and party in city.  Elk dance.  Mrs. Charles Ozier entertains at bowling.
22-G. A. R. and W. R. C. entertainment at opera house.  Sorosis annual banquet.  Burial of Nancy Walters.  Mrs. S. Smith entertains Martha Washington club.  Y. M. C. A. entertainment.
23-Modieska at opera house.
24-Reception to Commander E. P. Wood at Mystic club.  Quarterly meeting of C. E. union.
25-"1492" at opera house.  Death of Susan Spayde.
27-Reception to Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Jourdon at Masonic Temple.  Bar association meeting.
28-Prof. Evans' dance.
1-"My Friend From India" at opera house.  Merry Waltzers' dance.  Eighty-first anniversary party for Mrs. James Barton.
2-Modern Knights' social.
3-"Roland Reed" at opera house.  Prof. Hawkins' reception.  Prof. Simpson stricken with apoplexy.
4-Republican primaries.  Death of Peter Berno. 
5-Death of Prof. John Simpson.  William Weigle shoots himself.
6-Funeral of Peter Berno.  Death of John Ricksecker.  Death of Adam Grimes.  Walte's Comic Opera company at opera house.
7-Funeral of Prof. Simpson.
8-"Passion Play" lecture at Y.M.C.A.  K. of P. dance.
9-Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Heppard.  Camp of Modern Woodmen of the World organized.  Cocking main at Poth's lake.
10-Nomads' tenth anniversary.  Prof. Spark's lecture.
11-Democratic primaries.  Madison Copus kills his wife and himself near Lucas.
12-Francis Willard commemoration meeting at Congregational church.
13-Surprise on Mr. and Mrs. J. Uhlich.
14-Prof. Herbert Snow's lecture on sewage at opera house.  Prof. Evan's reception.
15-Merry Waltzers' dance.  Re-organization of Company M.  "Pudd'n Head Wilson" at opera house.
16-First Elk meeting for street fair.
17-Prof. Hawkins' reception.  Barton & Rice, comedians at Memorial.  Elks' St. Patrick's day dance.  Death of Daniel Walburn.  Burglars at Charles Bird's residence.  Suicide of Frederick Holeywell.
18-Death of James N. Nease.
19-John Powers found dead on railroad tracks.
20-Madison township Sunday school convention.  "Jack and the Beanstalk" at opera house.  Mansfield-Lima basket ball game at Y.M.C.A.
21-Death of Henry McCuen.  Funeral of James N. Nease.  Interstate league meeting.
22-"Measuring social" at First Presbyterian church.  K. of P. dance.
23-Surprise party on Alfred Corts by Maxwells' clerks.
24-Prof. Sparks' lecture.
27-Boston Lyric Opera Co. at Memorial.  Surprise party on Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks.
28-Modern Woodmen social.  A. J. Scott surprised by H. L. Reed & Co.'s employes.  Boston Lyric Opera Co. at Memorial.
29-Ohio Business college commencement.
30-"Passion Play" at Memorial.
31-Martha Washington medal presentation at high school.
2-Attempted burglary of J. S. Marquis' residence.
3-Election day.  White Cross Co.'s mid-summer dance.  O. U. A. M. dance.
4-Young men's dance at Temple.  Prof. Evans' dance.  Annual banquet First Lutheran C. E. society.  Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ackerman entertain Presbyterian C. E. society.
5-"The Telephone Girl" at opera house.  Royal Foresters' dance.
6-"The Little Minister" at Memorial.  Mrs. Ruth McIlvaine's 85th anniversary.
7-Prof. Hawkins' reception.  Death of Nelson Abbott.  "Edith Smith," shoplifter, gets in her work.
8-Boxwell examinations.  Examination of city teachers.
9-Dedication of St. Paul's German Lutheran church.
10-Burglary at John Lanehart's.  Stofft-Matthes pool game at Mohican club.
11-Death of Hoyt McCombs at Gallipolis.  Burglary at the Rev. G. U. Preuss' residence.
12-Wedding of Dr. Thomas Oberlin and Ducy L. Wolff.  E. W. Kyle breaks his leg.  Funeral of Hoyt McCombs.  Funeral of Mrs. Sarah Smith.
14-Burglary at Deyarmon's store.  "The Geisha" at opera house.
15-"The Evil Eye" at Memorial.  Grand jury reports 11 indictments.  Robbery at M. F. Matz's.  Allen Jackson injured by runaway.
16-Burglary at Ozier's & Ozier's store.  Burglary at Lon Petit's saloon.
17-Re-organization of board of education.  Joseph Kleshynska injured by cars.
18-Robert Downing at opera house.
19-Death of Mrs. Ed C. Marshall.
20-Lewis Morrison at Memorial.  Death of Mrs. Samuel Saulisbury.
21-Literary and oratorical contest at high school.  Pathfinders social.  Bert Miller drops dead.
23-Death of Clarkson Jamison.
24-Loan exhibition opens.  Columbian Giants vs. Mansfield Base Ball club.
25-Columbian Giants exhibition game.
26-Mock trial at Y.M.C.A.  Prize fight.
27-Lorenz Howtz commits suicide.  "Other People's Money" at opera house.
28-School athlete exhibition at Memorial.
29-Arthur Bird attempts suicide.  "St. Plunkard" at opera house.
30-Attempted burglary at Dr. Francis'.
1-Opening of interstate league season.  Parlor musical at Mrs. Mary B. Harter's.
2-Re-organization of city council.  Z. S. Stocking died in Cleveland.  Death of Mrs. Noah McCullough.
3-Junior C. E. social at Lutheran church.
4-Baby show at the Loan.  Confirmation of 205 children at St. Peter's church.
5-Y.M.C.A. athletic carnival.  Mayor Brown holds first police court.
6-Burial of Z. S. Stocking.  Death of Jacob N. Stark.
8-Waite Opera company at Memorial.
9-K. of P. social.
10-Walters-White wedding.
12-Catholic church entertainment at opera house.
13-Boxwell examinations.  Loan closed.
15-Death of John Risser.  Surprise on the Rev. R. H. Edmonds.
16-"Drummer Boy" at opera house.
17-Lea-Sigler wedding.  Y.M.C.A. annual meeting.
18-Brown-Mell wedding.  Parsons-Rowland wedding at Columbus.  Charles F. Livelsberger shoots his father.
20-Ben Roop killed on the Erie.  Death of Thomas Barnet.  Y.M.C.A. 8th anniversary.
22-City board of equalization organizes.  K. O. T. M. reception.
23-Macabees state convention opens.  Senator and Mrs. Sherman return from Washington.
24-Death of Henry M. Sills.  Maccabees' ball.
26-Political Economy club organized.
27-Death of Mrs. A. A. Peck.
29-Opening of Casino.
30-Memorial day exercises.
31-Mrs. E. S. Nail entertains.  Reformed Presbyterian National Synod.
1-President Burrows' lecture at Congregational church.  Surprise on Mrs. Ed Lape.
2-Madison township school picnic.  annual meeting of Our club.  Bucyrus Rathbone Sisters visit Mansfield.  Death of Mrs. Jeannette Boehler.
3-Democratic primary election.  Junior "Water Day" at the "gym."
4-K. of P. Memorial day.
5-Democratic county convention.  Death of Samuel M. Morgan.  Sherman reception.
6-Death of Reuben Zeider.  Closing of the Reformed Presbyterian synod.
7-Grace church entertainment.
10-Boxwell graduation.  Pioneer and Historical society picnic at Casino.
11-Odd Fellows visit Ashland.
14-Field day for high school.  Dillam-Pinkley wedding.
15-Death of Mrs. P. J. Faust.
19-Big storm.  Death of Mrs. Louise Luther.
21-Keith-Miller wedding.  Mateer-Croft wedding.
22-Accident to Charles Roose.
23-Christian Sunday school picnic at park.  Miss Reba Baxter entertains.  Judge and Mrs. and Miss Brinkerhoff entertain.
25-Knights of Pythias visit Ashland.
26-John Oliver killed by cars at Perrysville.
27-Opening of the horse races.
28-Annual meeting of chamber of Commerce.
29-Woman's Guild lawn fete.  Natural gas franchise granted.  Athletic exhibition at Memorial.
30-Mrs. H. M. Weaver entertains young people.
2-Ordination of the Rev. Martha Bortle.
4-Fourth of July celebration at which Gen. Miles speaks.  Charles Hareolrode shot.
5-Hildum-Schambs wedding.
6-Frank Burd killed at Newark.  Death of Mrs. Magdalena Burkdoll.
11-Jacob Hilbert suffers a fractured skull.
12-Meeting to arrange for Elk fair parade.  Death of Jacob Cottner.  William Yoha sues Barnes Manufacturing company for $10,000 damages.
13-Elmer Shriver commits suicide by shooting himself.
14-George Martin sues the Baxter Stove company on a contract.
15-Mrs. Lewis Wagner suicides by jumping into a cistern.  Lieut. Col. Hayes visits the city.  Richland county Republican primaries.
16-Daniel Miller, of Lexington, robbed of $1,000 in money and bonds.
17-Municipal bonds sold.  Andrew Cromer severely injured.  City band concert.
20-Hall-Englebrecht wedding.
21-Samuel Eyerly injured.  Presbyterian Sunday school picnic. 
23-Mrs. Frances Bissman sues Peter Bissman for $25,000 damages.
25-Red men open a new wig wam in the Blecker block.
26-Prof. W. H. Pontius' concert.
27-Hal Winfield arrested as a deserter from the United States army.  Arrest of suspects in the Daniel Miller robbery case.  Miss May Sullivan entertains.
1-Robert Boyd falls down elevator shaft at Vonhof.  Buffalo Bill's Wild West.
2-Death of Simon Grove.  Gen. Alger in the city.
3-News Outing.
4-Co. 1, 16th O.V.I., camp fire.
5-Sale of Hicks-Brown mills.  Drowning of Clarence Rothrock.
8-Anniversary surprise party for T. Y. McCray.
9-Municipal league meeting.
11-Citizens meeting in the interest of the Bell Watch Case factory.
12-Death of Mrs. J. R. Richardson.
14-Interstate league meeting.
16-Lewis McCune and William T. Swaldner drowned at Lakevile.  Palmer family reunion.
17-Farmers' picnic at Holtz's grove.
19-Union Reform party convention.  Bodies of McCune and Swaldner recovered.  U. C. T. picnic at Casino.
20-Funerals of Lewis McCune and W. T. Swaldner.
21-Death of L. M. Alger.  Reformatory prisoners escape.  Henry Criezinger's saloon burglarized.
23-Miss Nellie Pattterson's bowling party.  C. B. Cray succeeds William Patton as policeman.  West's minstrels at Memorial.  Death of Mrs. E. W. Gans.
24-Annual reunion of the 102d O. V. I.  Death of Mrs. Hannah Drennan.
27-City E. E. union meeting at Congregational church.
28-Richland Teachers' institute.  Reception to Lutheran choir.
30-Sale of city bonds.
31-Death of Ward Smith.  Death of Mrs. Olive Danforth.  George Sims passes worthless check.
1-Grand Jury reported.
2-Peter Chronister injured at the race track.  Mrs. Jennie Weaver jailed for alleged perjury.  Train of the state commander of the G. A. R. starts for Philadelphia.
3-Baptism of Mrs. Eiter by the "Divine Healer."
4-Labor day.  J. P. Seward selected chairman of state Democratic committee.
5-Death of Mrs. Mary Kramer.  Dr. J. S. Stewart appointed assistant surgeon of the Eighth regiment.
6-Cairns-Rummel wedding.  "His Better Half" at Memorial.  Death of Edard Wolfarth.  Death of Mrs. Joseph Page.
9-"Uncle Josh Spruceby" at opera house.
11-Elk street fair opens.
14-Elin J. Errett sues the Erie Railroad Co. for $25,000 damages.  "Little Lord Fauntleroy" at opera house.  Boyd W. Fickes sentenced to the penitentiary.
17-Death of William A. Hutzelman.
18-Death of Mrs. Esther Shaw.
19-Barbers decide to close at night.  Drawing of Bell Watch Case company lots.
20-Angle-McClelland wedding.  Close of interstate league season.  Abram McDaniel killed by the cars near Bellville.
21-Robert Mantel at Memorial.  Death of William Kelsey.  Death of Mrs. Charles E. Martin.
22-Merry Waltzers' Dancing club re-organizes.
23-Death of Abbie Young.  Death of William T. Hyde.  "Pudd'nhead Wilson" at opera house.
25-The Mitchell reception.  Parsons-Wolff receptions.
26-Peck-McInarna wedding.
27-Bushnell-Ditwiler wedding.
28-Williams Setus assaults Officer Ferguson.
29-Prof. Hawkin's dance.  "A Trip to Chinatown."  Judge Ewing's lecture.
30-Edward Marsh killed near Lexington.
1-Prof. Sprks' lecture.
2-Mansfield Baptist association meets.
4-"A Child of the South" at Memorial.  Opening of Non-Partisan W. C. T. U. convention.
6-Elk street fair jubilee stag social.  Death of Albert Wolf.
8-Death of Herman Berault.
9-"Human Hearts" at opera house.  Annual meeting Humane society.
10-"Remember."  Death of Jane Campbell.  Death of Joseph Roth.
11-Wedding of Abraham Poindexter and Alice Staples.  Death of June Campbell.  Death of Bertha Spitler.
12-"The Danger Signal" at Memorial.  Death of R. J. Kuhl.  Mayor Sam Jones, of Toledo, in town.  German society supper and dance.  Retail clerks' stag social.
13-Attempted escape of prisoners from reformatory.  Mrs. Harry Johnson's "Thimble" party.  Conrad Schmidt almost asphyxiated.
14-Christian Schuttera shoots himself.  William Metcalf shooting affray.
16-Death of John P. Herring.  Institution of Nioma Home Guard lodge.
17-Women's orchestra at Y.M.C.A.
18-Maccabees' dance.  Merry Waltzers' dance.  Prof. Sparks' lecture.  Pollock-Whissemore wedding.  J. C. Welty's Democratic speech.
19-Andrews opera company at Memorial.
20-"The Telephone Girl" at opera house.
22-Anniversary of Matlock chapel.
23-Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Gaumer's 25th wedding anniversary.  Murray opera company at opera house.
24-Modern Woodmen's dance.  Y.M.C.A. association night.  Marriage of Harry Bowers and Nelle Pierson.
25-Findley-Carpenter wedding.  Carroll-Fox wedding.  Lape-Howenstein wedding.  Dr. Stuart's barn burned.  Knight of Pythias dance.  Death of Nellie Well, Swavelin-Auld wedding.
26-Shoplifters at Scattergood's.
27-Eggeri card party.  Kenyan-Mansfield foot ball game.  Prof. Evans' reception.  "The Fatal Error" at memorial.
29-National Union memorial services.
20-"The German Reformation" at opera house.
31-Nash-Douglass meeting at Memorial.  Redding-Campbell wedding.  Sperry's lecture at Y.M.C.A.  Pathfinders' dance.
1-Davis-Schroer wedding.  Mr. and Mrs. George F. Carpenter's reception.  Dr. Sperry's lecture.  Prof. Sparks' lecture on "Andrew Jackson."
2-Summerville-Coss card party.  Roston employes reception and dance.  W. S. Umbarger's residence near Ontario robbed by masked men.
3-Mrs. R. R. Smith entertains.  Mrs. S. M. Douglass' reception.  "The Hustler" at opera house.
4-Burglary at Lantz' grocery.
6-"The Limited Mail" at Memorial.
7-Election day.  Y.M.C.A. open house.
8-K. of P. dance.  Marquis-Laser reception.  Arrest of Kimmel brothers at Ontario, charged with robbery.  Lowery-Pryor wedding at Catholic church.
9-German society dance.  Death of Mrs. William Ritter.  William Basore found unconcious.
10-Elk dance.  Rose Mellville at Memorial.  Art reception at Mrs. J. C. Laser's.
13-Monarch Stove Co. incorporated.  Oscar Still scalded.  J. K. Emmet and Lottie Gibson at opera house.
14-Board of health meeting.  Death of Mrs. Catharine Dorion.  Red Men's dance.
15-Merry Waltzers' dance.  "The Last of His Race" at opera house.  Cook Baking Co. makes an assignment.  K. O. T. M. dance.  Prof. Sparks' lecture.
16-Judson E. Reynolds killed in Erie railroad yards.
17-Henry Frank sent to workhouse for 16 months for wife-beating.  Prof. Evans' reception.
20-Additional bridge bonds of $20,000 issued by commissioners.  "Don't Tell My Wife" at the opera house.
21-Elk anniversary dance.  Basket ball at Y.M.C.A.
22-K. of P. dance.  Madison township Sunday school convention.  "The Three Musketeers" at opera house.
23-Jubilee singers at Congregational church.
24-"The City of New York" at Memorial.  Strike at Bell Watch Case company's plant.
25-Fire at John Angle's grocery.   Ed Marshall injured in a foot ball game.  Surprise party on J. W. Wintrode.
26-First meeting of the Y.W.C.A.
27-Meeting in the interest of an emergency hospital.  Ezra Moore shoots Constable William Smith at Plymouth.
28-"The Bachelor's Baby" at Memorial.  Death of Mrs. Charles Brumbaugh.
29-Merry Waltzers' dance.  Prof. Sparks' lecture.  Reformatory prisoner escapes.
30-"The Purple Lady" at opera house.  Mystery social at Congregational church.  Athletic entertainment at Y.M.C.A.  Lodges and clubs keep open house.
1-Chamber of Commerce banquet.  Grand jury reports.
2-Richland county Agriculture society meeting.
3-Elks memorial services.
4-"The Middleman" at opera house.  Opening of night school.
5-E. M. Fineberg resigns.  "The Clemenceau Case" at opera house.
6-Charity club pedro party at Elks rooms.  St. Luke's Lutheran church reception.
7-"The Operator" at opera house.  Dr. Findley appointed assistant superintendent of Massillon hospital.  Annual meeting of the Congregational Sunday school.
8-Mystic club dance.  Prof Evans' reception.  K. & L. of S. dance.  "Cyrano de Bergerac" at Memorial.
9-Richland and Ashland County Teachers' association meeting.
11-Death of Commander Edward Parker Wood in Washington.  Cairn-Lash wedding.
12-Business Men's dinner at Y.M.C.A.  M. E. Brotherhood ladies' night.  Y.W.C.A. house warming.
13-"The Turtle" at opera house.  Fire at W. B. Hall's livery barn.
14-"The Little Minister" at opera house.  Liederinfel dance.  G.A.R. celebration of the centennial of Washington's death.  Annual roll call at Lutheran church.
15-Mohican club "smoker."
17-Installation of the Rev. O. D. Baltzley at St. Luke's church.
18-Sentencing prisoners.  U. R. of m. dance.  Eighth regiment officers' convention.
19-Red Men's dance.
20-Knight of Pythias dance.  Mrs. J. K. Coulter surprised.
22-Ohio Business college reception.  Christmas entertainment at Christian church.  "Heart of Maryland" at Memorial.
23-Eighth regiment O N. G. election.  Capt. Marquis elected major.  R. L. Harman seized with paralysis. 
24-Wedding of Walbridge Parsons and Katherine Whiteman in Cleveland.  Announcement of the sale of Heineman land near West park for building lots.
25-Salvation army dinner for the poor.
26-First Presbyterian church Christmas entertainment.  Elk dance. Knights of Pythias dance.  Mystic club "smoker."
27-Merry Wizltzers' "Midsummer" dance.  Anna Grabler sues the city of Mansfield for damages.  Christmas exercises at Methodist church, St. Paul's Lutheran church and the Congregational church.  Contracts awarded by the Reformatory board.
28-Miss Ordelin Ottinger entertains.  Young Men's dance at Masonic Temple.
30-Mystic club dance.

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