Richland's Waifs -- The Children's Home and Who Are There

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Richland's Waifs -- The Children's Home and Who Are There

OHIO LIBERAL:  06 June 1883, Vol. 11, No. 8 with additions (in red) from the issue of 18 July 1883, Vol. 11, No. 14.


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On last Thursday twenty-four children were removed from the County Infirmary to the new Children's Home, which since that time has been occupied for its intended use, and on Saturday this number was reinforced by seven or eight from the city, and many more are expected at the Home within a short time. As yet the furnishing of the Home has not been completed, and for the present little save the housing and feeding of the waifs can be done, and yet were nothing more than this ever done, it would be a glad day for many of the little ones, in which they were taken to their new home. Of the children now at he Home the majority are bright and intelligent in appearance and apparently contented and happy and under the influences which will there be brought to bear upon them will group up under a training which will fit them to become useful and honorable men and women. In age the children range from infancy to twelve years, and having attained the age of sixteen will no longer remain at the Home.

Rules and regulations for the government of the Home have not yet been made, but all of these matters will receive due attention. Provision will be made for the mental and spiritual instruction of the children, and in addition to the daily exercises, it is expected that religious services will be held at the Home every Sunday. It is the present intention to send such of the children as are of age to the Fourth Ward school building, although different arrangements for their instruction will necessarily be made should the number be too great for the capacity of the school.

The general supervision and management of the Home is entrusted to the Board of Trustees, consisting of Hiram R. Smith (3 year term), President, and Messrs. Levi Irwin (2 year term) and Barnard Sens (1 year term). A superintendent has not yet been chosen. Mrs. Alice Wright, the matron, is assisted by Mrs. Etta Folwell, governess of the boys, Miss V.L. Johnston, governess of the girls, and Miss Jennie Conway to whom the charge of the nursery is given.

While the Home is not furnished throughout enough has been done to show that the building is well adapted for its intended use and that when it is fully equipped the comfort of the inmates will be insured.  

The basement, which is well ventilated and lighted, contains a large kitchen, supplied with a range and complete outfit of furniture, the family dining room, cellars, store-rooms and a large play room for the girls.

On the first floor is the residence part of the building for the superintendent and matron, the office, reception room and general dining room. The dormitories, six in number, are on the second floor, the south wing of the building being for the boys and the north wing for the girls. In each dormitory are from eight to twelve single cot bedsteads furnished with a wire mattress, straw tick, and bed clothes suited to the weather. The dormitories are excellently ventilated and well-lighted and are connected with the rooms of the attendants. On the second floor are sleeping accommodations for seventy children. The nursery is also on this floor. The rooms, with high ceilings, from which fine views of the city can be had, will be used as a hospital. Exclusive of closets and bath rooms, of which there are an abundance, the building contains 49 rooms. East of the main building are the laundry and bake shop in a separate brick building where are also the boilers, generating heat for the building, the spring house, coal bins, &c.  

The daily fare served to the children consists of good wholesome food, such as is used in ordinary family life. The list of children now at the Home is as follows:

Name Age
-- --
Stephen Hartman 13
Isaac Hartman 7
Sherman Ollinbaugh 11
David W. Bell 9
Andrew J. Light 10
Clement Light 7
George Light 4
Shadrach Conkling 6
James Conkling 4
Otis Cline 10
Daniel Warner 6
Roy Blue 9
William Cahill 3
Christian Cahill 2
Christian L. Flynn 2
William Bishop infant
John Hogan 11
Cornelius Hogan 5
Patrick Hogan 4
Jacob Lambert 5
Albert Lambert 4
------ Calvert --
David Walcutt 10
Myrtle Kuntz 7
Maggie Craig 8
Ellen Hogan 7
Catherine Hogan 2
Jennie Hartman 6
Libbie Hartman 11
Jennie Cahill infant
Lalle Vaughn 10
Carie A. Ames 2
----- Calvert --

Building opened for inmates on May 31, 1883.  Located within the corporated limits of the City of Mansfield.  The grounds contain forty acres.

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