Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Township School No. 6 ... Center Grove

Enumeration of Youth, 1893

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Andere Della 8730e
Bierly William 8730c
Buhecker C.M. 8730d
Cassell Dell 8730e
Cassell Sada 8730e
Divelbiss Clide 8730f
Divelbiss Dora 8730c
Divelbiss Franklin 8730f
Divelbiss Harry 8730c
Divelbiss Hattie 8730c
Garber E.L. 8730d
Garber Essie 8730d
Garber Rillie 8730d
Garber Winfield 8730d
Kirkpatrick Bernace 8730c
Kirkpatrick Bertha 8730c
Kirkpatrick Elmer 8730c
Leedy Blache 8730e
Leedy Earl 8730e
Leedy Florence 8730e
Leedy Guy 8730e
Leedy John 8730e
Leedy Lenna 8730e
Leedy Lennie 8730d
Leedy Melvin 8730d
Leedy Mina 8730d
Leedy Noah 8730d
Leedy Ray 8730e
Leedy Silas 8730d
Long Elsie 8730c
Long Harlon 8730c
Long Ida 8730c
McCuen Carry 8730c
McCuen Earrl 8730c
McCuen H.M. 8730b
McCuen John 8730c
McCuen Merlie 8730c
Robinson K.H. 8730b
Scott Frank 8730e
Shrader Miles 8730e
Shrader Nellie 8730e
Swank _ran 8730d
Swank Alonea 8730e
Swank Clide 8730e
Swank Edna 8730d
Swank Edward 8730d
Swank Effie 8730c
Swank Elzine 8730e
Swank Frona 8730d
Swank Harry 8730d
Swank J.B. 8730d
Swank John 8730e
Swank Linna 8730e
Swank Mertie 8730e
Swank Minna 8730e
Swank Sabra 8730d
Swank Tildon 8730d
Swank William 8730d
Swank Zachariah 8730d
Yarger Aeta 8730c
Yarger Ivy 8730c
Yarger Jes 8730c
Yarger Lloyd 8730c
Yarger Nevada 8730c

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, 22 February 2008


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