Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Township School No. 6 ... Center Grove

Teacher's Term Report - 11/26/1866 - 3/15/1867

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Adams J.F. 8751d
Aungst Calvin 8751a
Aungst Catherine 8751b
Aungst Elisa 8751b
Beal Asa 8751a
Beal Charles 8751a
Beal Harvey 8751a
Beal Jacob 8751a
Brown Thomas 8751a
Buzzard Presly 8751a
Collier Willie 8751a
Cotsemyre Mary 8751b
Cumrine Annie 8751b
Dennis Henrietta 8751b
Durbin Belle 8751b
Durbin Daw 8751a
Durbin George 8751a
Durbin James 8751a
Durbin Johnson 8751a
Durbin Samuel 8751a
Durbin Sarah 8751b
Garber Aaron 8751a
Garber Dennis 8751b
Garber Elihu 8751a
Garber Frank 8751a
Garber Martha 8751b
Hedges Austin 8751a
Hedges Moses ** 8751a
Kanaga Amos 8751a
Kanaga Elmina 8751b
Kanaga John 8751a
Kanaga Mary 8751b
Kanaga William 8751a
Leedy Alonzo 8751b
Leedy Casper 8751b
Leedy Della 8751b
Leedy Elijah 8751b
Leedy Harvy 8751a
Long Cassie 8751b
Long Edward 8751b
Long John 8751b
Mock Laurie 8751b
Mock Mary 8751b
Mock Oliver 8751b
Mock Sarah 8751b
Myres Alice 8751b
Myres Sherman 8751b
Myres William 8751b
Parker Maggie 8751b
Russel George 8751b
Russel James 8751b
Russell Emma 8751c
Smith Eli 8751b
Swank Catherine 8751c
Swank Christian 8751b
Swank Jacob 8751b
Swank James 8751b
Swank John 8751b
Yarger Elizabeth 8751c
Yarger Jessie 8751b
Yarger Mary 8751c

** Note:  Remark in margin about Moses Hedges death on 22 February 1867.

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, 12 March 2008


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8751a 8751b 8751c 8751d

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