Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Township School No. 6 ... Center Grove

Enumeration of Youth, 6/18/1894

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Document
Andrews Della 8736c
Bierly Wm. 8736c
Cassell Sadie 8736b
Divelbiss Clyde 8736b
Divelbiss Dora 8736b
Divelbiss Frank 8736b
Divelbiss Harry 8736b
Divelbiss Hattie 8736b
Garber Essie 8736a
Garber Kittie 8736a
Garber Lenn 8736a
Garber Win 8736a
Kanaga Cora 8736a
Kanaga Ma__ 8736a
Kanaga Maud 8736a
Kanaga Reeta 8736a
Kanaga Waldo 8736a
Kiney Dora 8736b
Kiney Linn 8736b
Kiney Pearl 8736b
Kiney Verda 8736b
Kirkpatrick Bernice 8736b
Kirkpatrick Bertha 8736b
Lanehart Bessie 8736a
Lanehart Frank 8736a
Lanehart Lena 8736a
Lanehart Lervie 8736a
Lanehart Sabra 8736a
Leedy A.B. 8736a
Leedy Elmina 8736a
Leedy L.K. 8736a
Leedy Melvin 8736a
Leedy Noah 8736a
Leedy Silas 8736a
Long Elsie 8736b
Long Ha__ 8736b
Long Ida 8736b
McCuen Carie 8736b
McCuen Earl 8736b
McCuen Johnie 8736b
McCuen Orvell 8736b
Robinson K.H. 8736a
Shrader Nellie 8736c
Shrader Wm. 8736c
Swank Alden 8736b
Swank Alonzo 8736b
Swank Clyde 8736b
Swank Edna 8736b
Swank Effie 8736b
Swank Elzina 8736b
Swank Floyd 8736c
Swank Harry 8736b
Swank Jesse 8736b
Swank John 8736b
Swank Minie 8736b
Swank Minie 8736b
Swank Mirtie 8736b
Swank Oran 8736b
Swank R__ack 8736b
Swank Rona 8736b
Swank Sylva 8736b
Swank Wm. 8736b
Yarger _ora 8736c
Yarger Ada 8736c
Yarger Lloyd 8736c
Yarger Nevada 8736c

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, 03 March 2008


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8736a 8736b 8736c

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